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1 The Tsuyoi Clan on Fri Nov 02, 2018 6:24 am

Hideki Tsuyoi



Clan Name: Tsuyoi (強い ~ Mighty)
Location: Scattered
Specialization: Taijutsu (Primary) *Required
Elements: No Restrictions

Clan History: Legends speak of their unparalleled skills in combat, their unshakeable pride, and their ferocious appetite for bloodshed.

The Tsuyoi began before the time of the Shinobi as nothing more than a bandit troupe under the leadership of Enmei Tsuyoi. Enmei was a fierce and powerful fighter, however he was a cruel man. Raiding village after village taking all they had as well as their women, claiming them as his own as well as taking the young  children to strengthen the size of his troupe. The boys were placed into barracks and trained in combat, while the girls were kept as slaves for cleaning and cooking and whatever else Enmei desired. Enmei believed that he was blessed by God and that his bloodline would inherit the earth, it was for this reason he would castrate his men, as well as the young boys that he took as his future soldiers so that they would not touch his women.

Enmei inspected each woman he captured to ensure that they were worthy of becoming the mother of his children, if he deemed one to be unfit he would hang her before disembowelling her. Those he took as wives were bathed in wine before mating with Enmei, those that did not get pregnant were killed and tossed aside while those that received the seed were allowed to live. These women lived lives of slaves rather than partners, meant only to mother his children and care for his men.

Enmei fathered countless children with the different women he took. At the birth of each child Enmei would say a prayer as he bathed the child in wine. On the eve of their third birthday, the children were stripped from their mother's and placed in a barracks away from the rest of the troupe.  From that day forward their only interaction with an adult was their father and a select group of his men. Over the next four years the children were trained in discipline and unity through brotherhood as well as basic survival training, combat training, as well as over coming any fears. The children were fed very little during this period of time, as Enmei believe that it would make them stronger and not be concerned about food during battle.

There were of course those that died from starvation during this timeframe,  Enmei believe that this was his God weeding out the weak and unworthy. The mother of that child would be beaten, and should a second fail she would be put to death. The next generation of children began this process just as the first generation finishes and moves towards the next steps.

At the age of 7 the children were taken out to secluded area in the wilderness and left on their own to use what they had learned  survive for months. As with the first stage there were deaths, and the same fate fell to the mother as before. Those that survive this spend the next six years training under the tutelage of Enmei as he trained them in Taijutsu as well as honor and loyality to the family above all else. They were kept to a strict regiment and there was no room for falling behind, children are often beaten and placed in small holes for days on end.

At the age of 13 those that survive were given their final test, thrown into a pit with the other children that was his friend, brother, or the very rare sister and forced to fight to the death. Only once they had killed one of the other children were they allowed to leave the pit, it was then that Enmei would name them. These children were given their own wives and began to continue the bloodline as they continue their training as well, and so it was that the Tsuyoi family came to be. With each generation there were fewer deaths than before and so the training would be intensified, including learning to control one's chakra, in order to continue strengthening the next generations. There were also less men taken as soldiers, instead the men were taken to be slaves to the female Tsuyoi as the outsider women were to the male Tsuyoi. If the man was deemed worthy they would be paired to a female Tsuyoi to father her children and should the child fail it would be the father that was punished rather than the mother.

As with Enmei before them the Tsuyoi believe themselves to be the best of the best, the chosen of God. They pride themselves on their physical abilities above everything else, and would sooner die than coward. Unlike most clans that have the heirachy of main family and branch families, the Tsuyoi have more of a pack mentality. Comparable to a pack of wolves, the strongest of the clan is the leader and stays as such until defeated in combat by another. At Enmei's death his firstborn fought for leadership and the tradition stands, should a leader be deemed to weak or unfit to lead they could be challenged at any time for leadership. This helped to ensure that the warrior was met with the highest of honors by dying in combat, and grant him honor and glory in the afterlife.

During the Warring States Period, the Tsuyoi Family was more than just mercenaries like most of the clans at the time, in fact they we're more of nuisance than help to anyone but themselves. They loved fighting and would do just about anything to do it, attacking random villages like bandits killing all that dared stand against them, however they still would sell their services to the highest bidder especially when it involved wiping out entire villages. They were a scourge on the land, agents of Chaos and they loved their way of life. When the great Shinobi villages began to rise the Tsuyoi could see the change it was causing to their way of life, however they refused to conform like the other families. The Tsuyoi continued to raid and pillage villages, though met with more resistance then before they still proved their superiority by defeating their opposition and the few times they were driven away they would return stronger than before.

It wasn't until the Five Great Kages United together in secret to address and deal with the threat to their new way of life that the tide was turned against the Tsuyoi. In the dead of night the Tsuyoi family was massacred by the Five Great Shinobi Villages, with the help of those the Tsuyoi were keeping as slaves and the very existence of their name erased from the pages of history. The Shinobi Villages believed they had dealt with all of the Tsuyoi, however there were those who survived. After the massacre most of those that survived went to ground to try to repopulate their ranks however there were those that did their best to assimilate into the new world. Despite them choosing different paths that they believed to be the best choice of survival they kept the memory and traditions of their family alive.

Over the generations the Tsuyoi family began to reclaim their numbers, some through breeding with other Tsuyoi something that had never before this time had ever happened. Those that married outside the family no longer took wives or husband's as slaves but as typically family maritals, despite those that survived continuing the bloodline they a still a mere fraction of what they once were. However despite being so far spread throughout the world now they are now more closely connected then they ever were before the massacre, living in the shadows of the world for so many generations they had to adapt and learn to survive without drawing attention. There are now many different families and minor clans of Tsuyoi spread throughout the world, while some have different names some have no family name. In the most recent years there are few that have come out and addressed themselves as Tsuyoi as there are none that know of the actions of the first five Kages left among the living. They have a secret language known only to those of the blood, even those from the outside that were chosen as mate's know nothing of this language, as well as secret markings that show the traveling Tsuyoi there are friends nearby should they be in need. The first Kages had sought to end the Tsuyoi but as with all things they only made them stronger.

Enmei Tsuyoi
Hideki Tsuyoi

Kekkei Genkai Name: Heitamashi (兵魂 ~ Warrior's Soul)
Kekkei Genkai Description:

Whether through selective breeding or simply through generations of fighting the Tsuyoi clan is a cut above the rest. Fighting is built into their very DNA, members of the Tsuyoi clan train themselves hard always pushing the limits of their abilities, as such members of the Tsuyoi clan have a Dense Musculature to help protect their vital organs from their constant fighting. Tsuyoi clan member's muscles are considered natural armor that act as light armor of equal rank to the Shinobi. The following is to be posted at the Top of the Character's Locker.

  • At Jounin Rank the Tsuyoi clan member may submit a 5k WC training thread (at a cost of 2.5k Ryo), in which they toughen themselves even further, allowing their natural armor to be considered heavy armor rather than light armor. Once Training is approved and paid for, their natural armor at the Top of their Locker can be replaced by the following.

Members may choose to start with the Major SC Ironclad, if they do they only have to balance it with 1 negative SC. (It still takes 2 of their positive SC slots)

Additionally members of the clan begin with the positive SC Strong-Will and do not have to balance it with a negative and it not counting against their positive SC limit.

Their selective breeding has also bore the fruit of giving the Tsuyoi more resistance to chemical warfare. All Poisons act at 1 Rank lower against the members of the clan, and are neligable if 2 or more Ranks lower than the Shinobi.

Members of the Tsuyoi gain a boost to 2 stats from Taijutsu rather than just 1 stat. Both stats increase as per normal based on Taijutsu guidelines. (+1 at Genin, +2 at special Jounin, +3 at S-Rank). This additional stat increase counts towards the maximum +3 that a player is allowed to have from SC's/Clan/Items. (If a character takes an SC that gives them a +1 to a stat then the second stat boosted by Taijutsu can only be increased by +2, etc.)

Drawbacks: The Tsuyoi Cannot wear Heavy Armor.

Their Dense muscular has it's down size, when they are submerged in water they sink to the bottom of the source and it takes twice as much effort for them to move. (Tsuyoi members have to use twice as much effort to move. STR, SPD, RT Are all reduced by a full Rank.) When using the supernatural walking practice technique above water they must pay 5 chakra every turn, instead every two turns.

The early generations were taught that pain was nothing more than a thought and they were trained to ignore it, however as the generations continued the Tsuyoi adapted past the thought of pain however though they believe this makes them stronger that is not always the case. Members must take the Negative SC Numb and cannot balance it with a positive.

Tsuyoi clan members have great pride in both their abilities and their clan and can tend to be over confident in their own abilities often leaning towards the arrogant side of things. They refuse to believe that someone might be better than them at anything, and will never back down from a challenge. All Clan Members begin with the Negative SC Foolhardy and cannot balance it with a positive.

Their resistance to negative influences in their body, such as poison, as well as their natural armor is caused by a rare chemical within their physiology. Members of this clan must take Pharmacophobia Negative SC and cannot balance it with a positive.

The Tsuyoi's focus on the physical aspects of the Shinobi life has left them venerable to the non physical. Genjutsu act as a Rank Higher against Tsuyoi clan members.

Due to the Tsuyoi's rude and sometimes even brutal nature it is not easy for them to find people outside of their family that like them. Tsuyoi members receive a 10% increase on All item purchases as well as a 10% reduction on all mission pay.

The Tsuyoi members begin with their primary spec at B-Rank and their Secondary spec at D-Rank. Additionally they start with only their primary Element, which begins at D-Rank, and cannot learn their second Element until Chuunin Rank.

The Tsuyoi suffer a 10% WC increase when training element's, spec's, and jutsu (except for Taijutsu and Taijutsu techniques)

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2 Re: The Tsuyoi Clan on Sat Nov 10, 2018 7:37 pm



Firstly, i really do like the clan, its really well written, but there are a few things that i'd like to go through with you about the balance, as, as it stands. This clan does a LOT. And its core mechanic in its muscles, i think may be a TAD too strong.

making all attacks negligable a rank lower than you is pretty intense, it would be 'by far' the strongest melee buff on site. I would recommend instead stating that their muscle makes that damage negligible, that its considered a type of light armor equal to their ninja rank. You'd get it for free, which is nice, and you could write in how it interacts if you're also wearing armor as multiple layers of defense.

the reduction in chakra is fine, but its going to require a pretty lofty drawback.

The most unique of all of their abilities is their ability to become stronger even when they suffer defeat. When in combat against a Character who is at least 1 Rank higher than the Tsuyoi, and the Tsuyoi's Lethal Threshold is reached, or their chakra pools falls below 10 and they survive the thread. All of the Tsuyoi's stats are increased by 1 tier as if trained without requiring word counts or Ryo, this can increase the Tsuyoi's stats to a maximum of 1 tier above the norm if All of their stats are maxed at the time. (i.e. genin with D-3 stats would be boosted to C-0 however would not be allowed to increase past this until ranking up.) However, if any stat is not maxed out then only the stat(s) that are not maxed receive this increase.

This is a really interesting idea, and its unfortunate, but with the stat reworks that will be coming out after the Chunin exams, it will be completely incompatible. which im really sorry to say. I do see what you're trying to do, its almost the Saiyan buff from dragon ball z, you lose or get near death and get stronger for it. What you could do, is say that in threads where you are pushed to your near death thresh-hold you get WC discounts to training stats / jutsu. Or, if you want to make it more targetted, you could say that you get +2 tiers in stats against opponents who have pushed you to that near death threshold (you'd get to decide / assign the stats at the beginning of the fight) But as this stands, and how stats are going to end up being limited soon per rank. It's probably not going to work.


swim speed nerf, its really niche, but cool. not sure what its balancing,

Numb/ foolhardy SC with no balance, cool. this would more than balance the armor

weakness to genjutsu, heeeeere we go, i like this weakness. This would balance your chakra reduction partially

Training reduction and ryo increase. These would balance out your training discount from losses, if you decide to change them to what i suggested.

not good at specs and elements it seems, not sure what these are balancing, i like the lack of element at genin though it would make up for the rest of your chakra reduction.

and another training debuff. Damn, lots of extra work.


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3 Re: The Tsuyoi Clan on Sun Nov 11, 2018 9:44 pm

Hideki Tsuyoi


First I would like to thank you for taking the time to look over my clan and give me the feedback on it.

Change log:

  • I changed the first ability to be counted as light armor as suggested, also added a condition in which it can be increased to be heavy armor at Jounin Rank.
  • Added the option for the clan member to be allowed to take the Ironclad major SC and only requiring 1 negative to balance it while still taking 2 of their positive slots.
  • As much as I would have liked to have it like a Saiyan I understand with the rule changes on stats how it will not mesh right. As such I scraped the idea and instead went for more focus with the Taijutsu, giving 2 stat bonus rather than 1.

I don't know if it's as balanced as it was before but if I need to make more changes just let me know.

4 Re: The Tsuyoi Clan on Thu Nov 15, 2018 3:34 am



(Attacks that go through regular armor and are weakened (reduced in rank) are weakened further by the natural armor of the Tsuyoi)
-how are they weakened further? Are they reduced to the minimum damage of that rank? by the same amount printed on the armour? How does this change when it counts as heavy armour? You're gonna need to specify. What happens if you're hit with a jutsu / something that would break an item of that rank? (there's a chance to get creative with a disadvantage here.)

With all these advantages you should definately remove the chakra reduction. SO much of this is SO powerful, a max +3 to stats, free armour which stacks with normal armour on some level. resistance to poisons and more. Chakra reductions do so much and are such large buffs. at this point you should likely just wait till jonin and get it on an item.

Dont forget to adjust your drawbacks accordingly


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5 Re: The Tsuyoi Clan on Thu Nov 15, 2018 11:23 pm

Hideki Tsuyoi


So I know it looks like I added a lot, but I am trying to be as discriptive as possible.

Change Log:

  1. Removed the chakra reduction as Suggested.
  2. Went into more details with the Armor, including how they would work when stacked with other armor.
  3. Added to poison resistance, if not acceptable I can change it.
  4. Went into more details with the Drawbacks as well as added to them to help with balance.

My Balance Chart:

  • Natural Armor = No wearing Heavy Armor, increase chakra cost when using SWT over water/reduced stats when submerged, Ryo increase on buying items/decrease for mission pay.
  • Ironclad and Strong-Will SC = Numb/Foolhardy
  • Poison Resistance = Pharmacphobia
  • Bonus Taijutsu Stat = Genjutsu weakness, WC Increase for non-Taijutsu, specs & elements start weak and harder to train.

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