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That Time Yoshi Became a Stalker [Closed/Kanro] Konoha10

Yoshihiro stood behind the lightpole as he watched his target move through the marketplace.

She was reading a book. What book was she reading???

The teen had been stalki- protectively observing Kanro as she went about her day in Konohagakure. It was one of the times he was thankful to be more of a wallflower than an active participant. He was miserable when it came to approaching people out in the streets like this. Unless there was an assigned event or mission in which mutual parties had agreed to meet, he felt awkward shouting out to someone on the street so abruptly. So, ever the indecisive young lad when it came to people, as well as girls, he stood behind his sole piece of cover, the lightpole that he had commandeered for his own personal use.

Yoshi poked his head out from behind the pole, eyes wide as saucers as he watched the figure move about the marketplace. He was trying to approach this as an intelligence gathering mission. What routines did she do, what habits did she have when it came to going about her business, what was she interested in? All of these questions were of vital importance, doubly so if Yoshi was going to make her and Ting his team partners, he had to be like the extra bit of sticky stuff that sticks to a person skin when they take off a bandaid. Of course, he couldn't be spotted, such a thing would surely be a nightmare and blow his cover- ruining his entire operation. No, he had to be cool, calm, and collected.

A purring sound from nearby caught the boy's eye. He saw a cat perk up, noticing him. Curses, he knew that cats always seemed to like him for some reason. With dreading anticipation, he watched the creature saunter over, tail in the air as it began to rub itself up against the child's clothed leg. On the one hand, wow, that was cute. On the other, this cat was seriously cramping his style! Yoshi tried to shake the thing away from him, but not matter what he did the stray seemed to have taken a liking to the child enough to climb up onto his back with its claws. The cat was out of the bag on this one unless he could act fast!

Yoshi stood up as straight as he could behind the pole, tilting his head out just enough so that he could keep track of Kanro as she went about her day in the marketplace. He squinted, still trying to figure out what book it was the girl was reading. Was it non-fiction? Was it a manual? Was it here secret list of the people she was going to assasinate with her bug powers? Yoshi squinted even harder, a thin black line forming where his eyes were supposed to be as he tried to ignore the young cat that had decided to lay down on the teen's broad shoulders and was nuzzling his neck gently.



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That Time Yoshi Became a Stalker [Closed/Kanro] Screen10

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