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⎾ 血統 ⏌

The sound of bark splitting beneath the pressure of a fist echoed through the woods. Even as leaves tumbled to the ground at the foot of the unfortunate tree others shivered with fright that they might be next. And they were. The tree let loose another loud groan as it was assaulted by an uncaring genin. Another strike followed, this one seemingly the last that the mighty survivors thick skin could handle. Bark fell from it's now gaping wound, exposing the light brown tints of its flesh. It had watched and survived countless battles  unscathed for hundreds of years yet now this lowly shinobi dealt it blows that would mar it forever. Had the tree been capable of harboring a sense of pride it certainly would have been shattered now.


Another blow sent a thin fracture skirting up the trees hide. Another left a thin coating of crimson almost seeming as though the tree itself had finally begun to bleed. This, of course, belonged to the poor floras assailant. Finally the tree had mount a counter attack of it's own. Though it could not defend itself it had managed to break the shinobis skin and draw blood. It and its brethren that watched on in horror would have to find solace in that small victory. Unfortunately, their foe didn't even notice.

The sun, once so high in the sky, now hung solemnly low just over the treetops. Soon it would dip beneath the horizon and the woods would be engulfed in an all encompassing darkness. Yet, this fact did not deter the teenaged shinobi from his purpose. Still, fists dug into the misfortune tree now digging out a crevice in its body. As quickly as night would come so too would the Chuunin Exams. There was no time to waste. He wasn't ready yet and that was unacceptable. His strength had not yet reached a level he could be proud of. Perhaps it never truly would.


The tree seemed to almost scream in agony as fists pounded toward its center, threatening to pierce it's very heart. Still, the cruel boy pressed on without care. There could be no mercy for in regards to his weakness, to the possibility of his failure in his coming test there would be no forgiveness. And so he continued, first over first, his body working on sheer muscle memory. Each punch came like a bolt of lightning, swift and precise. Could his father see him now the cruel man might have cracked a yellow toothed grin behind a thick cloud of cigarette smoke. His boy was shaping up to be a warrior the clan could be proud of. His taijutsu neared perfection each day and now with each punch.

   ...nine years ago.

”Useless,” The voice was raspy from years of smoking. ”utterly useless. I’m almost ashamed of him.”

”How can you say that? He’s your son.” She questioned, anger washing across her face.

”Can I be sure of that, Aiyame? He doesn’t seem to share my blood at all.” The words fell from his lips flatly. He had long suspected the boy to be a product of infidelity. What other reason could there have been for his having yet to show any signs that he truly was a Kaguya?

”How dare you, Seijin?” Aiyame snapped. ”How dare you even suggest the idea?”

”How dare you give birth to such filth?” The counter question broke her. Their argument had lasted for the better part of an hour but it was done now. He'd taken it too far. Aiyame turned from the man she'd once loved and slowly walked away. In truth Seijin regretted his words but he'd never admit to that. As far as he was concerned he was right. The boy she'd given him was something less than he'd hoped. He'd held out for seven years and still the boy showed no sign that he actually harbored the blood of a Kaguya. What's worse he was soft, always running to his mother at the slightest of problems. How could this boy possibly be born of him? He a great shinobi of the mist, a model for all Kaguya to shape themselves after. His father would be ashamed of what he'd produced. The man shook his head in disgust as he reached into his pocket to pull a pack of cigarettes out. He retrieved one and sat it between his lips. As he did so he started toward the door. He lit the thing and then reached for the doorknob. He swung the door open to find a small white haired boy standing there, tears in his eyes. How much had he heard, he wondered. Rather than reach out to console the youngster he instead pushed past him without a second thought. This only further confirmed the child's weakness in his eye.s.

The youngster watched as his father wandered off into the treeline around Kaguya Temple. The tears had stopped now. Perhaps, this was part of the reason his father didn’t love him. The boy turned around and entered the house. He’d originally only returned for a drink of water but the desire to play with the other children had gone. He crept through the house, his head hung low. It wasn’t long before his mother found him. She smiled at the boy, hiding her sadness from him.

”Hey there, baby boy.” She said as she pulled him close into a hug.

”Mommy?” Koryu started. ”does,” He paused almost afraid to ask the question. ”daddy hate me?”

His mother couldn’t answer the question. Or maybe she just wouldn’t answer. She’d hoped that he wasn’t aware of the way his father felt about him, that maybe just maybe he was too young to understand that his father was ashamed of him. So, instead of answering she hugged the boy tighter. After a moment she finally spoke; ”We both love you, baby. Remember that.” She knew she was lying to him, but somewhere deep down she believed that Seijin did love his son. How could he not?


Koryu’s fist pounded against the tree yet again, finally he had penetrated the old giants heart. Trails of crimson traced the hole that reached so deep into the beasts flesh. Pale hands dripped red liquid in the dirt beneath them. Still, the shinobi didn’t notice the damage he’d done to himself. His mind was elsewhere. Instinct fueled him at this point. Forms and techniques that had been literally beaten into him played again and again without thought while his mind traipsed across a landscape of memories he would have rather forgotten. His body could still feel beatings his father had given him in the name of strength and power. Beatings he’d received because he’d not been good enough, not been worthy of his name, of his fathers love. He’d never been strong enough, a fact that remained true even now.

Chakra flowed mindlessly toward the young Kaguya’s hands, each punch seeming to pump more chakra into the boys hands. When finally his hands were so full of chakra they began to feel like they might explode, the next punch that hit the drew exploded with chakra. The sudden burst of chakra tore out what was left of the trees flesh, leaving a large hole in its trunk. It was now that Koryu finally was drawn back into the present. His eyes rolled over the hole he’d left in the tree and a slight smirk slid across his face. This was the kind of power he was searching for. It still wasn’t enough, but it was a start. The pause in activity drew Koryu’s attention to his hands, which had been torn and battered by his assault on the old tree.

”Tch,” He sucked his teeth as he directed the flow of his chakra toward his hands once more. This chakra held a medicinal purpose and normally he’d have been required to hold his hands over the area he meant to heal, but being that it was his hands that needed the aid this was not a requirement. Or perhaps he had again inadvertently created a jutsu. The boy toyed with the idea. A smirked cross his face. He had indeed created a new technique, or at least discovered the concept for one. One that would be useful later after he took sometime to truly perfect it. For now, however, he’d use the basic healing technique his mother had taught him.

...six years ago.

”That’s it sweetheart,” Aiyame said behind a wide grin. Finally, Koryu was getting it. Chakra had manifested visibly around his hands. ”now hold your hands just a few inches over it.” She commanded him to hold his hands over the scrape on his knee and the boy did as he was told. Moments later the wound was completely healed and a toothy smile slipped across the boys face. ’Well done, baby boy. I’m so proud of you. You got that so quick.” It was the first jutsu she taught him and he’d managed to learn it in the course of a day. It had been a long day, to say the least but the boy had gotten it. Unfortunately this accomplishment wouldn’t be enough to impress the boys father but his mother was proud all the same.

”Woah,” Koryu chimed. ”It’s all gone.”

”Mmhm, that’s the wonders of medical jutsu. When you’re stronger you’ll be able to heal almost anything.” She had another purpose behind teaching the boy medical jutsu. She wanted him to be ready when the illness that plagued the Kaguya was ready to claim his life. She hoped that perhaps he’d achieve what she and so many others had not. Perhaps, if she instilled in him a love of the techniques he might find a way to cure himself and his clansmen.

The smell of smoke announced the arrival of Seijin, long before he’d actually appeared. Aiyame’s body tensed, worried that the man might have some cruel words for them as he often did. Though she hoped that he was in a good mood tonight. He wasn’t always a monster but one could never know. She hated him for making her fear him in this way. She hated him for making her fall so madly in love with him and then turning out to be such a beast. Yet, she still love the man. When he was in a good mood he often reminded her of the man she’d fallen in love with so long ago.
”What are you two doing?” Seijin asked behind a thick plume of smoke.

”Koryu scraped his knee earlier today, I was teaching him a healing technique.” Aiyame said proudly. She knew that Seijin might not appreciate what she’d done, but still she took pride in her and her sons accomplishment.

”Oh? And how did the boy do?’ Seijin asked as he knelt down next to the pair, whom were sitting on the floor in front of the living room couch.

”He’s learned it. It only took him a few hours too.” Aiyame answered with a wide smile. She prayed that Seijin would react positively.

”So, the boy can use jutsu. At least there’s that.” Seijin grasped Koryu’s leg, inspecting where he assumed the scrape had been having noticed a bit of dried blood. “If you’re going to be learning to heal, I suppose to ought to know how to defend yourself as well. It’s important that you both know how to deal damage and heal damage done. Duality, or something wise like that.” Seijin said with a light chuckle. Apparently, he’d been drinking and was in a good mood. ”Come, we’ll start tonight. I’ll teach you a martial art.” He continued as he stood back up.

Koryu, eager to please his father jumped up as well. Never before had he taken such an interest in the boy, much less offered to teach him anything aside from how to use an ability he’d yet to manifest. This, however, he could learn this. This would be the way he made his father proud of him. This would be the way he’d gain his fathers love. Aiyame frowned slightly but quickly smiled to mask her concern. She knew what Seijin was capable of. Still, she wouldn’t rob her son of this opportunity. While she feared for his safety she knew that this level of interest was uncommon from Seijin. Perhaps, finally he’d seen the error in his disgust with the boy. She could only hope that Koryu was ready for what his father would put him through. She watched silently as the pair left their home and the door closed behind them.

”So, you’ve learned a jutsu, eh? I bet you’re proud of yourself.” Seijin said as he and Koryu headed toward the treeline. He was going to take him into the woods, somewhere away from prying eyes lest they having something to say about what hellish training regime he had invented for his son.

”Mhm, it was so cool, daddy. I’m going to get as good as mommy at it one day.” Koryu said happily as he walked next to his father.

”I doubt it.” Seijin disagreed. ”You’re behind. The other kids your age have already begun at the academy and are far stronger than you. You can’t even use Shikotsumyaku, probably never will.” He continued. ”Your best bet is to strive to be mediocre, but at least you’ll be something as unfortunate as that is.” Seijin flicked his cigarette off to the side as the pair approached their destination. Once they had he motioned for Koryu to stay still while he took a few more steps, putting about 4 meters between them. He frowned when he turned back to Koryu. The boy had been hurt by his words and wore it visibly on his face. It was this weakness that made Seijin so angry. ”What is wrong with you?! If you can’t handle mere words, how dare you suggest you’ll be good at anything? You’re so goddamned weak, Koryu.” Seijin slid into a stance that Koryu did not recognize. ”It’s disgusting.” He said as he suddenly sprinted toward Koryu. The boys first lesson would be geared toward improvisation. He’d hoped that the boy might at least show signs that he had some natural talent in the area of taijutsu, as most Kaguya did. Yet, he was disappointed to find that the boy froze with fear. As punishment for this Seijin delivered a swift and decisive blow to the boys gut. Koryu dropped to his knees, clutching his stomach as he gasped for air in an attempt to fill his vacated lungs. ”Get up, boy.” Seijin commanded as he hooked his arm around Koryu’s and yanked him up. Once the boy was on his feet Seijin took a step back. ”Attack me.”

   Koryu gulped hard, but he dared not disobey his father. The boy charged forward at full speed. Once he was close enough he threw a right handed punch. Unfortunately, this was no where close to good enough. Seijin knocked the boys fist aside and delivered his own counter attack, a swift knee to the boys chest which sent him careening backward and onto his backside. The boy clearly had no natural talent, but at least he’d proven that he wouldn’t be deterred. Now it was time to see if that theory was in fact correct. Seijin commanded that the boy rise again and try once more. Again, Koryu did was he was told. He charged his father and tried yet another punch. The result was the same, however. The attack was blocked and Koryu felt the sting of his fathers fist against the side of his face, followed by the prick of sharp blades of grass. Again and again Seijin commanded that his son attack him and again and again he struck the boy down. Still, Koryu was never deterred no matter how much pain he was in, no matter how many times Seijin commanded that the boy attack him.

Seijin didn’t show it, but he was actually pleased with his son in this moment. For all the reasons he felt he had to despise the youngster at least he’d shown he had an admirable quality about him. Unfortunately, despite knowing the boy was completely untrained he was still disgusted by his sloppy attacks. When Seijin was his age he’d already begun utilizing the ability to manipulate bone of the Kaguya, he’d already began learning his first form of martial arts. Koryu was so far behind. He’d have to put him through the most rigorous of training before he’d even consider allowing him to attend the academy. This training would be a trial by fire.

...the present.

   Koryu stepped back from the old tree he’d been assailing. His hands were now for the most part completely healed. He’d been at it for hours and though he despised the thought of taking a break, he knew he’d reached his limit for the time being. He’d gain nothing by pushing himself further. He’d only exhaust himself and lose time in the long run. With that wisdom Koryu found a spot nearby at the foot of another tree that offered greater shade from the moonlight. Already he’d set aside a small meal and a canteen of water for just this eventuality. Once he’d settled he quickly went about unwrapping his small meal of shark steak. He’d come to have a greater taste for the meat after a meeting with Kaito, his former partner. His first bite brought back memories of the hunt he’d attended with Kaito and Yoshito.

   They’d fought alongside one another against a demonic beast that had been probing the defenses of Kirigakure. With them a Jounin by the name of Aiko Momochi, who truthfully had taken on the brunt of the work. It was during this quest that Koryu discovered his true love of battle. There had been nothing more thrilling than the threat of death. He’d truly learned his strength that night. Even still, he sought more power and ventured to the island of spiders in search of a legendary shinobi. This shinobi he found and was gifted something he still didn’t quite understand but he could feel in deep in his core. Something had changed since his meeting with Sero and he was sure he would continue to change with time.

Koryu smirked. While he was not yet satisfied with his strength he could feel the improvement. It wouldn’t be long before he was able to test his strength against a greater foe, perhaps the greatest foe of all; Kirigakure herself. Hundreds of years ago the Kaguya had come here in search of the truth of battle, in search of the ultimate test. They had found it and failed, horribly. Koryu would not make the same mistakes. He’d set right the history of the Kaguya and with that build a legacy of his own that would make his father proud. He’d build such a legacy that even the heavens would have to take note of the great Koryu.

The boy flexed his hands a few times before balling them into tight fists. He’d had his meal, it was time to return to his training. He needed to be prepared for the Chuunin Exams. He needed to prove himself first against his peers before he could truly consider his ultimate goal. If he couldn’t surpass even genin then how dare he claim himself worthy of doing battle against all of Kirigakure? The boy rose to his feet and returned to the tree he’d left a hole in. His fingers traipsed across the gaping wound. It wasn’t long ago he wouldn’t have even been capable of this much. He was proud of himself, but he still needed so much more.

Koryu squared up with the tree, the bone in his back already growing a tumor like growth just beneath the base of his neck. This rose out of his flesh and quickly forward into the shape of a hilt. Koryu then reached back and pulled the bit of bone from his body exposing a long blade. He was going to get stronger. Much stronger. The exams would be conquered and then when he was ready Kirigakure would know the bloodlust of the Kaguya Clan once more.

...last year.

”Listen Koryu,” Seijin said as he motioned for his son to step closer to his hospital bed. ”I know somewhere inside yourself, deep down or closer to the surface, you hate me. I also know that your soft, so when I’m gone you’re going to cry. You’re going to cry like a little bitch. You’ve always been soft that way.” The man chuckled, hard enough that it caused him to cough. When his fit was done he returned his gaze to his son. ”Don’t.” He said flatly. ”All you have to do now is get stronger, keep getting stronger until you’re the strongest there is.” The man rolled to his right and reached for a small book that rested on the small table next to his bed. ”Take this, it was my fathers.” He handed the book to Koryu. It was a small leather bound thing that had clearly seen better days. On its face it bore a single symbol; the kanji for power. ”Now get the hell out of here, stop wasting time watching me die. You can’t do anything for me. Go get stronger and maybe you’ll finally be something I can be proud of instead of this sniveling weakling I see before me.”

Koryu nodded and turned to leave the room. Once outside he opened the book. It was hand written, perhaps his grandfathers manifesto. The boy began reading a bit of it before closing it again. It would have to wait. Today was the first day of academy and he was going to be late.

Strength is truth and justice. Weakness is deceit and corruption. Through strength we know ourselves. Through weakness we know nothing. It is better to be a strong fool, than a weak genius. For the fool will always know who he is, the genius will forever question what he is. Know your strength, know yourself. Accept your weakness, you’re better off dead. Be strong, young Kaguya. Always be strong...

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