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Saga Rules

Saga Rules

Teaching and learning is an important aspect of a ninja’s life. There is just simply too much to learn in the world and more things to learn are invented every day. Because of this it’s important that people help each other out whenever and wherever they can. Of course learning from people that are better trained than others gives you a stronger bonus, on top of that training with more people at the same time is quite beneficial. Being able to give each other tips and tricks wherever needed during the learning process. The minimum requirements for being eligble as a teacher is being of at least B-Rank and having S-Rank in the appropriate element or specialization.

You can only be trained by ninja of a rank higher than yourself and in doing so you get a percentage word count reduction on your training. The word count reduction can be applied to training Jutsu, Specializations, Weapon Styles, Stats and Elements. Being trained by a B-rank ninja gives a flat 10% bonus, A-rank a flat 15% bonus and S-rank a flat 20% bonus. These bonuses can be increased further by having more people (Player Characters) train with you. An additional person adds another 5% increase, adding another person gives another 5% increase (maximum of 10% extra). This bonus is granted to all participants.

Finally when being taught something that is known by the teacher the ryo cost is also removed.


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