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1 No Spider without Silk [Invite] on Tue Nov 06, 2018 6:33 pm

Haka Osada


Special Jounin
Wearing her personal armour, Summoning contract attached to her belt, the whole covered by her black spidersilk cloak bearing the purple Unmei kamon, the Tyrannis sat upon the Clydesdale horse known as 'Tribute', watching the skittering masses of spiders and Unmei that were her sisters and brothers. Her right hand, Ameya the black widow, standing at her side, the horse kept a stable position though restless in spirit before the mass of devourers within the Spider Lands. It's dark eyes perceived the masses remaining at a distance before Haka that were kept at bay by her monstrous aura asserting her dominance and claim as their rightful ruler. The Aranean Queen, superseded only by the Spider Sage who created them and the Spider Sage Animal that had born them. Uniting them all under her banner yet under their will.

"Times will become lively soon, my brethren. That which the humans call the Chuunin Exams will draw attention away from our Islands and thus away from our watchful gaze. This may sound like moments of peace for us but it is at such times that most infiltration and power claims occur. Evolve further, grow stronger still and remain vigilant even then. We must preserve the integrity of our Creators."

Her gaze would glide over the massive darkness that formed the clan of Spiders, the large cavernous room harbouring the spiders that had covered ground, wall and ceiling with their presence. The Realm of Spiders, belonging to Momma before she had moved to live with Sero, was a ruthless land of darkness, countless tunnels creating an eternal maze without an exit, with very little to feed upon. While most spiders did not understand why Momma had left this area for a newfound hunting ground, Haka certainly could see its limitation. Even then, most of the greater powers lived here, watching and waiting until someone with Kuchiyose would dare to venture within their home realm.

"I will leave it to the brood mothers to shape you up but expect to be summoned as Unmei will move to extend our range of awareness. You better be prepared as I will not tolerate failure nor weakness."

Having shared the information and her expectations, she'd sign Ameya and nudge her horse to return home. At the very moment they vanished from sight, the swarm scattered from their gathering, a rush of skitters and hisses breaking lose to haunt the network of tunnels navigated by Haka and her right hand. Finding one of the few exits, the eternal night reigning over the Realm of Spiders would greet them. Moments after, Fuinjutsu Seals would form and bring them back to the Realm of Men - Spider Island.

~ ..:: ::..~

Back home, Tribute seemed to regain some of his comfort, the terror of Spider Island being nothing new to the horse considered pony. A test of courage for the horse - passed. Now a new test awaited a member expected yet to arrive - Kyutai.

Newfound powers were always a thrill but one's true nature grew old quickly. As quickly as survivalist tended to grow comfortable in a life of comfort. Kyutai might have earned his place among the Unmei, he had still a long path to walk before he'd be able to claim a position of power and demand authority and respect from the others within the Clan of Spiders. Though the road to domination was his to walk, Haka expected her clan to grow and evolve beyond mere men. Even the weakest among the masses was to become better than the weakest among other spider sorts living outside of Spider Island. Yes, her spiders would be nothing less than better. Better than spiders, and certainly better than humans. Kyutai would have to live up to those expectations just as much, even if he had come to consider Haka as his mother.

"You're training the fangless personally?"
"He will compete in the Chuunin Exams."
"You want him to win?"
"Victory is of no concern. He will be given a task."
"The fangless is a waste of time, Tyrannis."
"So is your unasked opinion, Ameya."

The black widow hissed in disdain, her petite figure - to the Unmei's giant spider standards. She still had a terrifying 7 ft in size  - did not do her vehemence credit, the natural assassin one of the more ruthless killers walking among the Spider Clan. She too had been trained by Haka personally, Ameya once having been not that much stronger than Kyutai himself, but such a time was gladly forgotten as it reminded the black widow of an undesired dependency on Haka.

Much like Ameya had become a tool with a specialised task, and much like the Nightmare Guard had been given life and purpose, so too did the assassin understand that Haka was about to shape 'fangless' Kyutai into a strategic pawn she deemed necessary for the benefit of the clan.

"Such is your right, but if he fails you i'll be ripping him to pieces."

Haka remained quiet, the wolf spider acknowledging the assassin's rights as the executioner of the clan. Together, they'd be waiting patiently for arrivals, time of no concern to spiders.


OOC: Blurred text is 'spider speech' - the native speech of Unmei.


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2 Re: No Spider without Silk [Invite] on Wed Nov 07, 2018 11:10 pm



Awaking in his humble abode, a hollowed tree redesigned through sheer effort to make something of a homestead from an old hollowed tree. The hollowed tree itself wasn't much to look at, it was simply something that Xiao had attributed to his home since awakening his abilities and the touches upon it had come from his need to feel 'human', a drawing force to be much more like that of his mother who had adopted the human ways far more than that of the spiders themselves though not a denial of his true identity it was certainly a constant in his decision making from his policy to never kill to his tendency to try and be a peacemaker in all situations he found himself in.

He had aspirations, to be a doctor or a healer but ever since awakening Sero's chakra within his blood he had found something was a miss. He couldn't form a basic jutsu any longer, nothing he once could do seemed to, well, work. Something had changed within him and this change had essentially forced his body to shift in even the ways that chakra flowed throughout his body. Day in and out he had felt that shift, felt that every time he had attempted to heal a fellow shinobi, or had attempted to even heal his own wounds he had found something just wasn't 'clicking' any longer.

It was already difficult to truly understand his nature, was he that of a spider or a man? It was difficult to know fully who he was but with his chakra just seeming to...not work made him doubt himself further. Could he even be a shinobi at this point? Was he just cursed entirely? it was hard to fully comprehend what these hindrances would do for him in the long term but regardless he wished to not only try to become a splendid shinobi despite this handicap but so too become something that brought honor to the Unmei themselves despite these hindrances. As he stumbled from his tree he made a mental checklist of what to do, he needed to ensure he reported to Haka today and perhaps as much as he could would try his best to ensure that each and every one of his friends was prepared for the upcoming test that would determine their fate and role in shinobi society.

Stumbling outward he 'ticked' off those he had visited, Sachihiro his friend of the leaf who he was sure one day would be Hokage, The Momochi of the steel body who always impressed him with his resolve, Kaito his would be older brother of sorts, Yoshito of the Ice Clan, Yoshihiro Joe his brother in arms, Samuru the wandering storm, all people he respected and even loved deeply enough to wish that they would excel even if right now he could barely muster creating a shadow clone of any form.

The walk to the manor was a long trek littered with hissing spiders that all cursed his name, his grasp of the language was loose and came more from a primitive understanding than any actual study or comprehension but he knew what these hissing meant whenever he heard it - you're not like us, we don't accept you, more motivation for Xiao to overcome there whispers of doubt.

He saw her from a distance and once again his heart skipped, it wasn't a romantic love he felt for Haka instead she was what held him together. He had been through so much these days, changed and lost everything he cared for, lost his abilities, lost his parents, his drive, his nindo and yet Haka was there to guide him and to give him purpose which allowed for Xiao to truly feel grounded. He had mourned, somewhat, he had struggled but he had found no matter how dark the night was in a way Haka was a light that guided him home. Though he was told time and time again to give his life for Sero and 'momma', to praise them above all and to give his loyalty to them the truth was that Xiao did not truly harbor these feelings, instead his motivation was solely based on the princess of the web instead, she was his guiding force and he would adhere and obey her command.

As he neared the complex he created a swift zip-line webbing to enable him to quickly cut the distance between the two and landed in a kneeling position infront of the spider princess "Hey ma, What do you need me to do?" Xiao stated with lowered head and kneeled posture.


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3 Re: No Spider without Silk [Invite] on Thu Nov 08, 2018 7:27 am

Haka Osada


Special Jounin
'Hey Ma'. The words alone made the black widow next to Haka roll her eyes.

"That's Tyrannis for you, fangless., she spat at him, feeling a need to remind him of his position compared to others of the clan. As far as she was concerned, there were only two names to give Haka, her title or her name. The wolf spider on the other hand said little, not caring for such trivialities. While correcting him in the fact she was not his mother was one thing to do, he showed more than sufficient respect on his account not to be bothered by it. Bowing, kneeling. Such things were not the sort Haka expected from the spiders as she considered them humane ridiculing of one's talents.

"Stand up.", she said calmly as she dismounted Tribute and tapped its back to hint it should return to the stable. As the horse returned to its resting place, Haka moved closer to Xiao until she stood meter before him. "You will be going to the Chuunin Exams."

The statement was not necessarily hinting at his own desire to join the event. The Chuunin Exams were upon them and whether he participated or not, he'd show up. The last time she had heard of its approach, half the shinobi troops were going frantic in excitement. A massive stream of people travelling to watch the events. Too young to understand the hype behind it at the time, the spider had changed quite a lot from then. Haka was of a mind a large gathering such as this left most Villages defenceless, and thus left Spider Island vulnerable as well. That said, Xiao was a genin. Joining the event and possibly rise up to chuunin laid within his possibilities making the arachnid wonder how far he would get. As far as she was aware, he had yet to master the use of the Unmei's natural abilities. Discovering he was one had only been the first stage.

"You need to be taught some of our clan's secrets before we move so your next lesson starts now.", she left her words hanging, giving him a brief moment to focus before she'd speak again. "Thanks to our natural form we are able to use web and venom without hand seals.", demonstrating her words, Haka molded chakra within her mouth and spit the web in Xiao's direction, watching whether or not he'd be alert enough to dodge the jutsu she had come to form.

If he failed to shield himself or dodge the web, he'd find himself knocked down and stuck against the ground, forced to find a way out of it. Though the technique was rather harmless, it would teach Xiao exactly how efficient it could be to trap a prey into a state of immobility but it would also give him the experience of dealing with a situation such as this. Haka would then observe what Xiao would do to get out of the sticky situation, only Ameya making her displeasure known about the fangless.

If he was successful at dodging the web or if he freed himself from the trap, she'd continue the training by saying, "While trapping a target leaves you with time to prepare or escape, it is not the only benefit of our webs.". Once again, she'd demonstrate what she meant by firing off a web at Xiao's direction. The technique taking shape in a thick needle-like strand of web. Again, it'd be up to him to protect himself or dodge it.

If he failed, the web would pierce his shoulder one inch deep and link him to Haka by doing so. The strand too sturdy for him to be destroyed by bare hands, he would again be tested in his ability to escape from such a situation. However, this time Haka would not wait an eternity for him to deal with it. He'd be given sufficient time to find a quick solution, nothing more. Then she'd reel him in with a single pull upon which her palm would strike his chest with sufficient force for him to have his breath be forced out of his lungs. A painful lesson in one of the many ways the technique could be used.

If he succeeded at avoiding the attack, the web would instead hit the ground nearby before Haka pulled herself closer towards him and combo'd in with a strike of her hand against his chest that'd knock him back two meters. While less painful than the strike offered when he'd fail to dodge it, the technique would nonetheless reveal how the jutsu could benefit his strategies.

"Simple but efficient ways of using a web. As expected from spiders.", she stated after having shown these techniques. "But not our greatest secret."

Total: 1681

OOC: Jutsu were pre Unmei revamp. Disregard any hand signs web jutsu may have.

C Rank - Trapped Prey:

Name: Oikomareta emono (Trapped prey - 追い込まれた獲物)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: 25 meters
Specialty: KKG, Ninjutsu
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 6 posts
Description: The spider nin can form chakra in their palm or mouth and mold the chakra into a solid web that they can then fire at 25 meters per second that is one meter tall by one meter wide. If a target is caught within the web they are bound to their surroundings for three posts. Any jutsu of equal rank can break out of this or a Katon jutsu of a rank lower can burn through it. Anyone with B rank strength can remove themselves from this instantly.
C Rank - Needle Web:

Name: Unmei Hiden - Needle Web
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Offensive/Supplementary
Element: None | Any
Range: 30m
Specialty: KKG, Ninjutsu.
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 3 posts
Giving shape to a more lethal form of webbing, the Unmei created a technique that would allow them to shoot out webs to various purposes even when taking on their natural spider form. The technique shapes chakra within their mouth or hands with the intention to shoot them out a grappling hook. The strand of webbing is able to reach targets up to 30m away, travelling at a speed of 15 m/s. The tip of the jutsu is as sharp as a senbon and as hard as diamond, allowing it to pierce up to 1 inch (2.54 cm) deep in any material it hits. Once anchored, the shinobi can then decide to pull the target closer or pull itself closer to the target - B+ rank strength is able to snap the line.

  • Non-Element: No changes.
  • Katon: The jutsu inflicts minor 1st degree burns at the point of impact and sets flammable object on fire within a 0.5 m radius.
  • Raiton: The jutsu travels at 25 m/s instead, and leaves a numbing sensation upon impact.
  • Fuuton: The jutsu becomes nigh-invisible to the naked eye, requiring B rank perception to be perceived.
  • Suiton: The jutsu is able to snake its way to its point of impact, bypassing obstacles in the process.
  • Doton: The jutsu pierces up to 1.5 inch (3.80 cm) instead.

Below jutsu isn't used but... useful when you're hands are stuck.
E Rank - Hand Seal Mastery:

Name: Hand Seal Mastery
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: E
Type: Supplementary
Element: -
Range: Self
Specialty: Any
Duration: 1 posts
Cooldown: 2 posts
Mastery of chakra molding is not an easy feat, but there are some who succeed nonetheless. The Hand Seal Master may eschew the need for hand seals stated in a jutsu of their choice and still execute the technique as normal. Though such a feat grants a certain benefit on a tactical level, it also comes with enhanced concentration and the need for chakra expenditure. For a single post, the shinobi may cast jutsu without the need for hand seals.

Starting the 2nd jutsu, an additional 5 chakra must be paid per jutsu


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4 Re: No Spider without Silk [Invite] on Fri Nov 09, 2018 6:24 am



Ima just keep working on this but posting what I got thus far and editing a bit later tonight as I'm going to learn all three in one post hopefully. Also breaking out of the web easily only due to it being a training topic

'He had forgotten himself one again, often times he had found himself in this situation in which he had lost sense of the care he was given. Haka loved him, he knew this, but out of his two mothers she was definitely the one who he needed to be far more careful and yet needed to be far more honest with. The reprimand was just, Haka was indeed royalty and she had shown him mercy by accepting the young spider and Xiao was all too aware of just this. He winced as he felt the spit upon his back much to his dissatisfaction but in truth it was a kindness. She had to be like this to command the spiders, Xiao knew this all too well and knew it was a reality he needed to face regardless of his desires. "We apologise, mistress tyrannis." he stated as she reminded him of his position, fangless an unmei term for worthless or weak which in their mind was much too similar. He froze as she reprimanded him he awaited the time to rise for his lady until the words were finally uttered and the young Spider did so almost automatically as if commanded by string...or rather web.

Slowly standing to full height, which was not much at all coming in at just below 5 foot tall, the little spider adopted an attentive pose akin to that he had seen Chigetsu adopt when listening to command. A military stance of respect with his hands posed behind his back at ease looking foreward and not at anything in particular but simply adhering the words that were spoken to him like that of a trained marionette adhering to the wires that connected him to the puppeteer of his destiny.  

As she stood before him stating he would go to the Chuunin Exams the young spider-nin gave a simple nod of confirmation both that he would do as told but also that he was aware of what was being said still his gaze fixed forward to avoid any signs of distraction he may have felt. She was a fair commander one who always had a just sense about her and though she often reminded him that she was not his mother he still felt that bond and connection with her regardless. It was an unspoken thing between the two lest the spiders of the island see her weakness and strike, Xiao was her secret project, the cherished card that was kept in the deck not for it's ability but for it's sentimental value.

He had a deep feeling in his chest of course, that of his inability at the present to time to fully utilise jutsu and the inadequacy that it made him feel but so too he knew perhaps Haka and he shared this idea without needing to say it out loud and soon Xiao's theory was proven quite correct as Haka began to speak once more to her pawn piece. Telling him he needed to be taught the ways of the clan secrets Xiao almost let a burst of his typical happy energy explode outward but instead found the way of suppressing it in clenching of his fist and holding his teeth together trying to hide his quite obvious smile beneath his deep blue mask. Of course Haka would know of the boys adoration for her and the happiness he would feel but both would know that to show such weakness would be faulty. Xiao instead continued to hold back that wave of emotion and focus on ensuring that Haka was obeyed, respected and feared by all those who gazed upon her.

As she let the words hang, loom rather over Xiao he met her gaze with a short nod and twinkling eyes of excitement to indicate wordlessly to her that he was truly looking forward to this. She explained the ability of the Unmei to utilise webbing, which Xiao was more than aware of as it did tend to be his main mode of transport but the others had admittedly eluded Xiao. He hadn't really thought about the other side of spiderdom, rather he had only interpreted the abilities of the arachnid through the eyes of a child - spiders make web, thus he made web but she was right there was so much more that they could do. Venom. That was a word that made Xiao smile, he was interested in poisons as a medical ninja and since losing the ability to aid others had worried that he may have lost the one offensive ability that he deemed important enough to focus his attention on. It was amazing that he could generate it himself, with his own body? Was his body even anatomically human when it was in this form? He felt he had all the 'apendages' and limbs in the correct places but one scarcely can count and arrange their organs on a whim nor know just how many one has. As he gazed upon Haka she proceeded to demonstrate her ability he couldn't help but raise an eyebrow not out of disgust or suspicion but rather in pure curiousity as she molded the chakra within her mouth Xiao continued to watch on assuming she would perform some technique to entertain him - in place he was met with a glob heading towards him, instinctively as he had learned the little spider proceeded to bend backwards extending his hand behind him and pressing on the floor with the tips of his fingers as the webbing flew over head as he watched it glisten in the air as it began to drop downward, unfortunately though his instinct was worthy and his speed was at it's peak he still was no match for the speed of the princess of the web and thus the glob descended on the attempting to dodge young spider would find himself ensnared "Guess I'm still too slow..." he muttered to himself as the top half of his body was encased in the webbing,

If he failed to shield himself or dodge the web, he'd find himself knocked down and stuck against the ground, forced to find a way out of it. Though the technique was rather harmless, it would teach Xiao exactly how efficient it could be to trap a prey into a state of immobility but it would also give him the experience of dealing with a situation such as this. Haka would then observe what Xiao would do to get out of the sticky situation, only Ameya making her displeasure known about the fangless.

If he was successful at dodging the web or if he freed himself from the trap, she'd continue the training by saying, "While trapping a target leaves you with time to prepare or escape, it is not the only benefit of our webs.". Once again, she'd demonstrate what she meant by firing off a web at Xiao's direction. The technique taking shape in a thick needle-like strand of web. Again, it'd be up to him to protect himself or dodge it.

If he failed, the web would pierce his shoulder one inch deep and link him to Haka by doing so. The strand too sturdy for him to be destroyed by bare hands, he would again be tested in his ability to escape from such a situation. However, this time Haka would not wait an eternity for him to deal with it. He'd be given sufficient time to find a quick solution, nothing more. Then she'd reel him in with a single pull upon which her palm would strike his chest with sufficient force for him to have his breath be forced out of his lungs. A painful lesson in one of the many ways the technique could be used. As his dodge had positioned himself in a strange way, in a way that had enabled himself to try and shift out of the technique. "This is great!...A real display of power of the spiders..." he stated as he looked to the webbing, positioning his feet for a moment

As he began to think of a way to try and escape he began to try and manuever his feet upwards into a yoga like pose, flexing and deflexing his muscles but unlike rope that could be shifted and warped web was far more flexible, adaptive and above all other things adhesive which in turn meant it stuck to the form it was present upon. Web was something Xiao was starting to comprehend fully, there was a true beauty in it and especially as an orb-weaver himself he had found the joys in the artistry of the web itself.

He honestly had no jutsu to break free of such a technique, that was one of his major issues and he knew that Haka must have known this. It was why she was testing him, because she wanted to show her care for him, her love for her adoptive son in her own way. Xiao proceeded to do as the princess had, sewing web chakra in his mouth as he examined the jagged designs of the railing. Looking for but a moment he used the greatest jutsu he tended to have and utilise fondly, his skill at improvisation and quick thinking, firing the web from his mouth Xiao forced himself upward with direct force. The impact would hurt deeply, but so too would it bring forth enough of a cutting force or tearing force to sever the webbing just enough that he could break free and thus show Haka - or more importantly the hordes of spiders watching - that though fangless he could still fight like an Unmei. Rocketing upward at a heightened velocity with the aid of a kick jump enforced with his taijutsu skill his body jolted forward to the hooked gothic designed steel rail that caught the tip of the webbing and began to slow Xiao, not slicing entirely through the web itself but enough to create a weakness in the thread - once a weakness appeared it could be exploited and thus Xiao would quickly begin working his arm through the roughly 10 inch cut down the side of both the webbing and his arm before finally splintering the web itself which burst outward in a flurry of strands as Xiao proceeded to stand on the railing looking down to Haka "I'm sorry for the dramatics, Lady Tyrannis. I merely saw an opportunity to survive and took it." Xiao stated bluntly as he utilised yet another webbing to aid himself slide down back to the floor level and from there would stand near Haka.

"If it is not too much trouble...I would like to try." he stated calmly, coldly and somewhat out of character for the happy go lucky bringer of mirth and good tidings that was the orb weaver spider himself. He felt the well of Chakra within his stomach swirling, letting it pool and ebb and flow with the venomous chakra of the Unmei as he focused in on manipulating it's power. On manipulating what little he could of the enormous black chakra of Sero. it moved so different to standard chakra, when training with Verdandi in the ways of traditional jutsu his chakra would move like that of water but Sero's own moved different, thicker and more deliberate like a thick syrup or honey moving through his veins and not the gasoline that came with the basics of ninjutsu. Harder to push, harder to manipulate and yet always the effort shown would bring greater results or so he assumed, it had to be in the same way lifting greater weights increased ones strength and reading 'heavier' knowledge did the same. Unsure of how one 'lifted' ones chakra to get stronger Xiao continued to try and muster the ability to move the sludge like chakra in his blood. Pushing it towards his throat and spinning it about his tongue the web began to form into a small ball roughly the size of a tennis ball as it formed the little spider began to focus hard, he didn't want to inadvertently hit Haka with the technique nor did he want to incur any further embarrassment infront of her and thus he aimed directly at the floor, spitting out the 'tennis ball' of web that greatly expanded upon oxygisation much to the delight of the little spider covering some of the floor with webbing. "Excuse me." he stated bluntly to try and hide his distaste, it didn't really taste all that unique or distinctive but that was the very reason why he found it so distasteful like chewing on carpet or rope that was dusted in sand. Not exactly something that was appetizing, he had a desire to perhaps only use this technique when he really needed to because there was something awful about this dry feeling in his mouth that made him feel he needed to down a bucket of water but he didn't allow it to alter his disposition. No, Haka needed to ensure that her student was at his peak potential not simply going to be disuaded by simple things and thus Xiao opted to instead stone himself to the affect and simply look forward.

"I hope...that was adequate, Lady Tyrannis..." he stated calmly before kneeling once more before her, lowering his head in a bow to the lady of the web. He knew it was probably not the best time to speak, probably it would be better if he kept silent but he knew he had to ask as he felt that syrup in his veins tensing them against his flesh with their dark energy. He had to ask her, if not for his own sake for his own curiosity but instead he opted not to engage in such trivialities. He wished to know the secrets of venom, that was true, but to ask such a thing may bring forth the wrath of Haka or be seen as disrespectful, to be seen as such would be to throw what he had just done in the trash and cement that he was nothing more than the fangless beast the Unmei whispered about. Instead he opted to simply utter the words that would soon become a staple of his dialogues with Haka. As he kneeled he breathed deeply through his mask, adjusting it to once again cover his face, his deep breathing slowing his heart as the words escaped "What is thy bidding, my master?" Xiao stated in a cold and deliberate way to ensure that Haka knew he was completely subserviant, completely under her thrall and completely devoted. Though he knew the princess may have much preferred that of a loyalty to Sero this was what Xiao could do. Xiao could pledge his body, spirit and mind to her and by proxy to Sero in a way.

Xiao, or rather Kyutai, was the Unmei's wild card now. Not knowing where he may be needed most nor whether he would be more than just a mascot but still honed and trained to the point in which he could wave the banner of the Unmei on high and bring a great honor to the clan whilst still being utilised as a scalpel effectively for Haka exclusively. Perhaps his old nindo, to become a great swordsmen and guardian of kirigakure was disgarded but now in his own way he had a new 'shield' he had taken up. A shield of family, of honor and of legacy.



2634/1000 - C Rank - Needle Web
1634/1000 - C Rank - Trapped Prey
634/500 - E Rank - Hand Seal Mastery

134 Continues


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5 Re: No Spider without Silk [Invite] on Fri Nov 09, 2018 9:21 am

Haka Osada


Special Jounin
"It'll do, Kyutai", Haka said calmly after she had observed how he had dealt with the web trap. It was not the most efficient way, the boy clearly lacking the ability to cut through the strands or burn them down, but he had dealt with it in his own way by going beyond his physical limitations and basically bursting through the web by sheer power. Indeed, the web of the Unmei was resilient and flexible. Therefore it was better not to work against it but along with it by cutting or burning it since that would give the least resistance. Of course, the chakra infusion mostly removed its natural weakness but even then... it was the most logical course of action.

The two spiders observing him, namely Ameya in her natural black widow form, and Haka in her human form, briefly shared a glance. Theatrics were of no concern to them, any means to survive being a good means. Law did not apply to those who survived, history written by those who lived. Simply truth. It was mostly his apologies that made the two wonder what he was going on about. Apologising because he saw a means to escape and survive almost felt like he had preferred to die. In the eyes of Ameya, who lacked humanity, Kyutai only revealed more weaknesses, and had she been in charge would probably have ripped open the boy's throat in disdain. Fortunately for him, the more humane spider of the clan understood the silly notion of apologies to some degree even if they remained an unfamiliar trait on Spider Island.

"Your predator won't apologise if they kill you, so you don't apologise when you survive."
"I've told you. He's a waste of your time.
"I will be the judge of that.", she replied to Ameya before bringing her attention back to Xiao. "There is no need to kneel before me, Kyutai. No Unmei should drop their guard to abide by such foolish humane courtesy. Anytime you lower your attention in submission, you allow weakness in and deny your own survival."

She'd wait for her words to sink in. Wild he may be in his approach, humane still in his heart, but the animalistic sense for survival was a concept that had to seep in every of his veins and every fibre of his being. A respectful bow or nod, if they had to, was more than enough. A warrior never dropped their guard. A spider never let go of their instinctive sense for danger. Not even when asleep.

"Neither should you drop the opportunity to discover the unknown.", she continued, both hinting at her awareness of his reluctance to ask her something as much as a reminder that the Spider Clan, being Sero's extension of will, also served as his eyes and ears wherever they went. It was not only their nature to be aware, it was also the clan's duty to do so. To Haka, a question never harmed as what should not be shared could simply be brushed off by stating it was not their business to know. Her apathy cared not if others shared truth or lies, her own willpower sufficient to deal with the consequences should lies lead to a trap, yet her animal nature only dealt in truth - she'd reveal knowledge or keep it to herself.

Expecting him to have risen to his feet by now, she'd force her chakra into her signature technique - The Arms of the Mighty - an ability she considered one of the Unmei's most versatile and terrifying secrets. While the blueprint of the ninjutsu could be copied by others, the essence would most likely be missed. The technique embodied the essence of the eight-legged spiders and their ruthless hunting instinct, increasing the amount of limbs in their human form the greater their mastery over the jutsu.

Haka's arms were cloaked in chakra, the visibility of the energy only made possibly by the sheer amount concentrated around her arms. Gradually, it'd bleed down to her legs until four limbs were covered in her chakra. Then, two more arms would grow out of her form, giving her six vicious limbs with the ability to shatter bones like they were twigs of dead wood.

"This hard to master technique ultimately allows us eight chakra limbs like our natural form has. For one such as you, focusing on close quarter combat it could offer potential towards assaults of varying angles or brutally overpower your target with numbers.", she'd explain the priced treasure of the Unmei. Haka herself had used the technique to dig through the underground, push herself up, assassinate a vast number of targets on a short notice and more. But she'd show even more than that to Xiao by pumping more chakra into the technique.

Before his eyes, the chakra limbs would grow taller and more flexible until one of them would slowly reach out to him and place a sharpened claw right under his chin. A trickle of blood would be drawn as the chakra pierced the upper layer of his body. A feint smile would creep up as her eyes flickered with dangerous intent. "And with just a little more effort, it won't even matter if your prey turns their back to you and tries to escape your grasp...", another of the chakra limbs would lash out to nearby tree standing at a 10 meter distance of them. Even though Haka's gaze was fixated on Xiao, in less than a second the tree's bark and a good chunk beyond was shred viciously by the claw, four deeply carved lines marking where it had struck. Then, the chakra limbs dissipated into nothingness, the jutsu cancelled.

"Any questions?"

Total: 2653

OOC: Arms of the Mighty requires 3500 wc as it a scaling jutsu with S-rank potential. Are there any other jutsu you want to learn while we're at it?

C-S Rank - Arms of the Mighty:

Name: Kyōdai no buki (Arms of the Mighty - 強大の武器)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C - S
Type: Offensive
Element: N/A
Range: Self
Specialty: KKG, Ninjutsu
Duration: Maintained
Cooldown: double duration
Description: When in human form the spider has the normal appendages of a person. Two legs, two arms and a head. However this jutsu forces the transformation further to produce more arms equal to their number of legs at max rank. Empowering them to jutsu levels. The user can choose to use less arms at will with the same power.

C rank - At C rank the individual doesn't grow any extra arms. Instead the two arms they currently have become empowered with energy flowing around their arms like a faint glow takin on the image of large clawed hands. On impact these hands can cause fractured bones.

B rank - At B rank the individual can utilize this technique on both their legs and arms as each limb gains a chakra glow around them like clawed hands of large size. On impact any of these hands/feet can cause broken bones and if they hit a vital spot can cause internal bleeding.

A rank - At A rank the individual can grow up to two more arms than before making a total of six limbs (Legs included). Each arm/leg coated in a nearly transparent chakra like large clawed hands. On impact any of these hands/feet can utterly shatter every bone in whatever body part they hit. If a direct hit is taken to the gut internal organs will rupture.

S rank - This is the final rank of the jutsu causing the final two arms to be able to be grown. Now with a total of eight arms/legs with three on either side of the torso each arm/leg glows dark with a clawed chakra over the hand/foot. Now direct blows from any hand/foot will tear completely through an enemy while glancing blows will turn bones to dust.
B Rank - Tactical Strike Coordinates:

Name: Tactical Strike Coordinates | 簀歩位打図 Supoidazu
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: B
Type: Supplementary
Element: -
Range: 50m
Specialty: KKG, Ninjutsu
Duration: Maintained, 5ch/post
Cooldown: Maintained + 2
Description: [Requires 'Arms of the Mighty' to be active]
Pumping even more chakra into the base KKG technique, the Unmei allows the chakra limbs to gain reach. This allows them to apply the damaging effects gained by 'Arms of the Mighty' up to 50 meters away from them as the chakra limbs now stretch and retract at a speed of 35 m/s if the Unmei so desires.


"Those born as monsters fear not becoming one."

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As I haven't got elements yet I may have to wait for Kiri and Mizu Maho which all look great but I'll most likely "cash" the thread in after I obtain the element. Would be happy to learn Kage Bunshin, Body Flicker and any venom based abilities if possible! :) As this is going to be a long post I'm going to 'chip' away at it throughout the day

He nodded at the confirmation of his actions by Haka, had he finally pleased her or rather appeased the nature of the Unmei themselves and their tendency to focus on the practical? It wasn't an easy virtue for one with a personality like Xiao to follow of course as he was inherently one of chaos presented in an orderly way like randomised results that had found a niche pattern like rain that spelt out a name or clouds that formed a distinctive shape. Xiao found it hard to focus but more over he found said focus to be single pathed only able to keep his mind focused on one aspect with all of his passion and right now that was to appease Haka, his anchor in life. He was worried, obviously, that he had let her down once more. The never ceasing failure that he brought no matter his effort weighed heavy on his heart but was countered with the ability to grow that was offered to him like eating an extra hot curry the pleasure was mixed with an inevitable pain.

Her spider followed her, a spider that Xiao had something of a distaste for in the way it whispered to his lady. He couldn't understand the language just yet but the way she would look in disdain to Xiao, the way they would whisper reminded him of his time in academy as something of an outcast for his foreign heritage. Though many would view Xiao as purely Unmei the reason why he opted for the role of a guardian of good fortune, inspiration and prosperity did stem from something most Unmei did not hold - his youth growing up as a human and of course the fact that his father was that of a differing culture entirely. It had always caused him issues with some of the students, even his name being of his father's homeland made the young spider always stick out like a sore thumb. He wasn't like the Kirigakure shinobi around, not even back then, where all had those flaxen white or blonde hair on pale beautiful bodies it was Xiao that stood there slightly tinged with a cappucino like color with wild brown hair with flecks of red that accented more prominently on his eyebrows with dark eyes that still held that hazel design that held no emptiness or mystery but instead an honesty and worry about them where he could wear his compassion on his sleeve for all to see and see they did. The other students in Kirigakure had that typical heir about them of his generation, wild and out to prove themselves, vicious and blood thirsty but at the time all Xiao wanted to do - truly - was sit there with his playing cards or kick a ball around, he had no desire to be a war machine and though a patriot it stemmed more from his sense of guilt than it ever did from a sense of ego if he even had such a thing. The attention was enough he found though to cause others to notice him, cease harm towards him or even look out for him and in his brain that dopamine drive became his miracle drug always looking for the best way to entertain others, to make them smile but even in the academy there were still those who would meet his gaze with stone faces and mocking faces. He played it off, he joked and disregarded but this disdain really was something that hung within his heart for quite  a time, sticking like a ball of tape that he just could not shake the feeling and this look was the same as Haka's own. The same emotionless yet judgemental gaze but unlike the strangers or students that would do it she was his anchor, his guiding force and thus the weight of that look struck Xiao harder than a great hammer against a flimsy wooden shield and the shield at this point had been so beaten down that Xiao could scarcely wonder if it'd hold much more. He persisted though, awaiting the command of Lady Osada and her venomous ally.

Haka informed him of his tendency to apologise being incorrect, he made note and almost wanted to apologise for apologising but felt perhaps that would be something of a contradiction in itself and thus opted to keep his mouth closed. Perhaps, though hard as it may be, silence truly was his best ally in that of the land of spiders and the dark manor that he knew to be there home, a reason in part why he opted instead to live out in the forests so that he may be his wild and humorous self and not bring irritation to that of Haka though he knew some of the spiders may speak of he the food he offered those in his area were satiated enough to adhere his word though even then it would only need a simple command of the princess of the web to shatter that brittle bond based on naught but bribery. The little shinobi was further chastised for his kneeling, a human characteristic to be sure and exactly what she stated it would be, it was a literal lowering of defense and a sign of weakness of course a spider -a predator - would not respect it. Xiao was still young but he did make a note of it, he was a spider but he had never actually studied spiders let alone the psychology of predatory animals and thus all of this would be far more easy if he actually took the initiative and went to discover it for himself. Perhaps a hard study session could indeed help his desires to fully understand the Unmei or rather his 'other self' that he kept so repressed trying his best not to allow it overtake his body and become a force that held him by the throat. A side that he had only let loose once before under Haka's orders and still had no recollection of that time himself.

Slowly rising up from the floor and standing at full attention with his hands behind his back and his expression filled eyes aimed forward the little shinobi of the webs simply looked straight forward giving a sharp nod of acknowledgement learning that apologising was not the unmei way it was all he could offer despite his mind wishing to break down into an apology cycle that never end. Perhaps the option of studying over the habits and psychology of the arachnids were definitely something he needed to focus in on. Something that he most definitely needed to experience in a way that made him have that extra edge over his arachnid siblings. Sero Osada has blessed him with the dark chakra and he was grateful of course, though he was still an outsider and had never even met the father that was Sero himself. It was like hearing the preaching of a land he had never seen or a food never tasted, he had a concept of Sero especially in his dreams but nothing so tangible as if he had truly met him. Xiao wondered if he'd even like the crimson arachnid, he wasn't exactly the most Unmei like in his personality despite the airs he put on for Haka and he knew that just like Haka Sero would most likely see through his act of stoicism to ensure the spiderlings were kept at bay. He stood there emotionless, unmoving and statue like simply listening to Haka and nodding when appropriate but attempting to remain as still as he possibly could as if a wild beast was snarling in his face and if he dare move it would gobble him up.  Never stop fighting seemed to be the tenant or rather always be prepared, It was a reality Xiao was somewhat aware of being an outsider himself but also being one of the weaker of his generation, when he finally 'arrived' as it were and grew into his skin perhaps then he would be able to truly stun his former schoolmates and foreign friends but as it was now he was still learning, still adapting to the life of a shinobi and trying to merely catch up to those he once studied alongside.

His mind drifted to Kaito and his smug yet cold demeanor chewing his bubblegum and drinking his horrid soda looking down with bokken in hand preparing to strike out towards Xiao as he laughed taunting him with the knowledge that he was Haka's chosen. That of Sachihiro making it to Hokage himself and Xiao informing him that he had finally passed the chuunin exams. That of Yoshito who would have become Verdandi's champion of Yukigakure and her new apprentice. Samuru becoming the lord Oyabun of his own criminal organisation and laughing at Xiao's own efforts to finally form a shadow clone. He had to become stronger, she was right, not out of spite or out of unrealistic goals but because Xiao needed to be that. Sero was a sage, Haka was an assassin but in their little family perhaps Xiao could be the diplomat that spoke for Spider Island but to do so he would in fact need to work harder than both of his predecessors, he would need to work far harder than the two of them to ensure that he was there to be a shining embodiment of the Unmei's name - Fate. To be steered entirely by the webs of fate that connected all life. His life, his destiny was his own though, he was an orb weaver and even his name given to him truly embodied his future role as ambassador or diplomat. Though he was a child now, wild and carefree already he could feel the venom within his blood that was making him more bitter, making him far more detached from this reality. When he was a child something was found similar within his mother Doku, she called it "the Venom" a blackened toxin that infected those with kind hearts in hopes that it would destroy their morality and code of law so that they would succumb to the venom for a life of pleasure and self satisfaction. Though it was tempting to enter this symbiosis with the inner 'venom' all men had, Xiao heeded his mother's dying words in his heart and held them like a shield of light against the dark thoughts that infected his mind and kept his hope alive. With great power came great responsibility and Xiao would adhere to that code no matter the cost, knowing always that the stronger he got the more good he would have to do with that power never for his own, never self seeking and more importantly always for the betterment of the whole in place of the individual or self.

"Neither should you drop the opportunity to discover the unknown." Haka stated with a cold tone but her words held a weight that was part of their coded understanding. He smiled softly as he heard this, hidden under his mask of course and away from prying eyes but it allowed him to know that despite her scolding it did indeed come from a place of understanding of the young spider and his desires. Standing at full height, which wasn't much at all, he was proud in a sense that Haka was so wise beyond her supposed years. It was hard to know with the Unmei, some were 4 years old but looked 60, others like Xiao had a more fluctuating age that seemed to correspond with the age he 'felt' whilst others were ancient and yet held the appearance of children much like Orb-Tom in the forest who Xiao had spent some time with learning the artistry of creating a perfect web and the beauty that came with perfecting the art as well as the reasoning of it's importance and beauty to ensure it was unique. Many of the spiders in the forest were mere spiders though, never shifting or changing or merely hoarding into piles of spiders themselves much to Xiao's surprise whenever he assumed a shadow of a large figure had appeared only to find the shadow scatter as he investigated. He always thought it may be a handy to develop some combination techniques with his spiderling brothers and sisters, perhaps something similar to the aburame style. One thing he knew was inevitable in every shinobi fight was the use of Taijutsu thus creating something to interfere with those basic techniques would certainly be something that Xiao could find use for. His mind was always bursting with these concepts, and he knew he may annoy quite a lot of his friends with his constant chatter about them often in his own world before blurting out some obscure or strange remark that was always met with a dismissive or confused answer before being reminded of the actual topic they were referring to often leaving Xiao embarassed but also entering his unfocused dream state once more. If he was to be useful not only to Haka or Sero but to the Clan as an entity itself perhaps he would need to do more than just read up on arachnids but live some more time as 'The Other'...if only he knew how to activate the transformation as the last time had only been managed to be introduced through the use of letting his emotions out after surpressing them for so long, for obvious reasons doing this infront of Haka would prove difficult if not utterly moronic, no instead he would actually need to focus in on trying to be at one with his other half within his own mind, within the well of chakra as opposed to breaking the conditioning of stoicism that he had found himself wearing like a sturdy shield about his body as tightly as an arachnids own exoskeleton. He could be thankful at least he was always honest with Haka and the clan, they truly were his family both figuratively and literally when it came to DNA and adapting to their way of life would be a necessity with hiding ones true power or motives being utterly fruitless for those who would be your home, escape and place of refuge. Though the spiders were predators that lived only to survive, eat, mate and sire Xiao found that each still did hold something of an individual personality though only slightly as if the difference between off white and eggshell white, it was a very small shift that one would not notice if not observing and Xiao did have a habit of observing. Some spiders like Orb-Tom and himself were orb spiders, more docile and tended to take pride in their webs as well as experimentation, if Orb-Tom was a human himself perhaps he would have been this world grand scientist supreme but he was bound to that basic nature of all survival instincts and the large arachnid body that bound him to his neck of Spider Island, trapdoors would scurry away and incredibly territorial but if you were there friend always tended to keep an eye on you and ensure you had eaten, bird eaters were gluttons and jumping spiders were energetic, widows were terrifying and huntsmen were the kindest he had met despite their horrific design. He had found that each, just like Kirigakure, had their own place in the horde that was the Unmei Clan though if one was to just assume they were beasts they would too easily dismiss them.

He truly held a love for each of them and he knew that as time went on perhaps he would find more reason to love them and more reason to fight for them. As he stood at attention the little spider shinobi stood at attention as she began to do...something. He wasn't sure what it was exactly, nor the capabilities but if it was anything like the web he had encountered moments before he would most definitely need to ensure that he would need to be ready with a way out lest he disappoint the princess of the web yet again or more importantly become the target of her friends ridicule that would simply pump more of the 'venom' through his body and admittedly he wished to avoid that at all costs as it was. Watching his master

What technique would it be? It was hard to fully grasp, Xiao was new to combat in the first place let alone the ability to identify techniques as well as others but as the feint glow appeared over the spider princesses arms the little spider nin could determine it may have been something linked to physical prowess which was a blessing for Xiao who had been attempting to perfect his own style of physical combat seeing the frequency it was used in combat between shinobis, actually hoping to create something of a unique style that utilised the body of the Unmei and it's unique philosophy but so too the tennants of the Unmei itself he had called the Prototype the Ether Fist a pun as it both meant an alcoholic chemical that could be seen as a mirror to the usage of venom and the loose style it held being based on drunken fist but so too that it could mean ethereal or spirit, attached to the Unmei's own otherworldly appearance and attitudes Xiao's technique would be based of course on flair, extremes and ensuring that his fight 'looked' amazing though he suspected if something was to be birthed from Haka that the term flashy would be more than a little alien and thus expected to see something that much more effectively mirrored the spider assassin. Something deadly, swift, versatile and above all other things efficient to a fault.

Grand glowing chakra like arms would begin to sprout from Haka's own dainty and slender pale flesh arms that would create quite a fearful look like looking at one of the bijuu of old. Could that be what Momma was? The thought crossed Xiao's mind but he soon disregarded it, no, the bijuu hadn't been seen in over five hundred years or so. Haka's arms emitted the thin waves of chakra that perfectly embodied the word ethereal to which Xiao made a personal note for his own Ether Fist style for the roots of the jutsu perhaps being useful as he proceeded to watch the princess of the web but as he assumed it had finished as the chakra cloak engulfed he almost prepared to speak before ...Arms!? Arms had sprouted from her! It was astounding and quite literally shocking to see but simply put was something that Xiao was very interested in learning and this could most definitely be seen on his face as his eyes shined like diamonds at the site of Haka doing just this. It was exactly what he had been looking for, exactly what he was hoping to achieve and there it was right in front of him. The technique of his clan must have been linked to his very DNA as his desires always seemed to satiated through it's constant amazement.

The princess of the web stated the fundamentals of the technique, something Xiao took special care to mentally jot down as she looked to her in pure amazement "If I may Lady Tyrannis...This technique will be a great boon to me and I thank you." he stated as proceeded to try as he began to attempt to formulate a similar stance to Haka herself though only slightly trying to discover the exact positioning his tenketsu would need to be alligned to achieve such a technique. It was here though that she herself would , grant him a further greater boon an enhancement to the already bountiful technique that would most likely allow Xiao to move from the underclass that he currently found himself in. With this he could truly become one of Kirigakure's greatest Taijutsu users.

As the limbs grew still Xiao couldn't help but rub his hands together in excitement, a small amount of emotion let loose sheerly by the energy radiating off of Haka. As she reached out to him he did not flinch, nor wince as the cut was made instead accepting it as one of Haka's indulgences to which he couldn't help but smile back to her "This technique is truly remarkable. Elegant I'd even say" he remarked as he stared in awe of the beauty of chakra manipulation.

He was caught off guard when the claw would thrust outward without a moments notice and shatter a tree, not simply cutting it but shattering it like it had been hit by the hammer of the gods itself. Xiao was...not frightened though he felt deep within his body a shaking that he kept at bay that of pure adrenaline as he mused over the uses he could find for such a technique. Perhaps this would make the chuunin exams go along swimmingly, perhaps it would be enough to push him over the edge as a shinobi.  He was stunned but excited as he watched Haka's gaze not even flinch as he destroyed the tree itself. Merely imagining the sheer might that Haka must have had hidden away was enough to cause Xiao's mind to drift to the possibility, the very real possibility that he may have to use this very technique on a human, perhaps even one of his current friends that may defy Kirigakure in the future. That was the cost of being a human weapon with super powers he supposed, the government had full say on your actions and decisions no matter the time or cost. The venom would whisper to him often of the possibility of an eradication of these systems but when it came down to it the process was far to great for a little lucky spider who dreamed bigger than his body.  As she cancelled the jutsu Xiao snapped back to reality being asked if he had any questions concerning the jutsu though he interpreted in a more general sense.

Taking on the same pose as she had done moments ago to summon forth the chakra the little spider began to feel the well of chakra in his body spin and whirl in the bason of his stomach that swirled with the thickened bile like substance of venom chakra, perhaps learning suiton wasn't a bad idea if he was to truly balance the acidic like chakra he felt coursing through his veins, regaining that ability may give him a soothing feeling compared to the constant heat and stinging that came from the overuse of the black chakra. "I have a few." he stated bluntly trying to emulate a spider's mentality of black and white as he began to mold the chakra about his body trying to manipulate it in the same way he had discovered how to utilize the webbing itself now trying to focus instead on the acidic chakra itself pushing it through his pours as he focused in on allowing it to take a loose form "This technique is strong...Is it of your own design?" he asked trying to maintain his blunt disposition as he forced the chakra through his tenketsu feeling it seep forward, stinging and warm as it came forth in it's strange emerald coloration slightly dwindling and warping as he attempted to 'balance it' with his wrist in a way before finally stabilising into a form one of the technique itself "Like this? Correct?" he stated focusing intently on the chakra release of his body. Though possibly unable to push it further the little Xiao prepared to jab somewhat feeling that it certainly hadn't changed his weight which was beneficial indeed. Weight and movement was a large part of taijutsu and if too heavy it may have caused a discomfort and distortion to his fighting ability that may have in turn caused a detriment to his other techniques.

"The second question I have is on the nature of techniques, you say we can use venom which I feel would also be of great benefit to my fighting style. May I learn of these techniques? I feel it would be best to learn of some ways to disable my enemies without risking detection."

He held the technique for a moment as he felt the chakra from his skin bubble over as he proceeded to allow it cover his body forming several combination forms of attack ranging from the different wushu forms he preferred over that of the traditional Taijutsu forms. The crane for defense, the mantis for speed, the tiger for strength, the ape for trickery, the dance of the 8 immortals, the push and pull technique, the glass shattering fist, all were becoming second nature to him as he performed small sequences from each style but this? This was unique. This could truly help him develop his own technique. His own style. Dissipating the technique itself the little ninja looked to Haka with a falsified expressionless face though deep inside he truly was ecstatic to learn this new technique he knew that Haka knew he dare not show that weakness further. "I think this will be a strong asset." he stated bluntly as he thought for a moment whether asking his third question would be worth it at all but opted to heed Haka's words.

"My final question may be above my level but I will heed your words and ask it freely. My friends tend to have contracts with beasts of the world. Though I have found family in the spiders I am yet to fully grasp this concept of summoning. Is it that of Ninjutsu or is it more connected to the strange calligraphy I have seen you use once before?" he asked calmly before gesturing to the judgemental ally of Haka's "For example, Our sister here, is she an organic spider, a hybrid like myself or a mystically created entity? What defines these 'summoned' animals?" he asked genuinely to Haka with his hands now firmly placed behind his back and not daring to utter another word attempting his best to look as stoic as possible.


S-Rank Jutsu (Somewhat) - Arms of the Mighty - 4500/3500
B-Rank Jutsu - Tactical Strike Coordination - 500/1500 train later

500 spare + 134

634 continues on.

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Haka Osada


Special Jounin
Questions would come. The first one relating to the Arms of the Mighty themselves. Naturally, considering the abundance of excitement he had shown prior to being given the time to try it out for himself. Haka would shake her head as it was not her own. As she explained before, the technique was a secret of the Unmei and thus, in the nature of its existence did not belong to just one single Unmei. Who had been the first one mattered not to them. What mattered was that it expressed the arachnid's vicious nature and power even in human form, for no Unmei could and would ever fully be able to hide what they truly were.

"The Arms of the Mighty belong to all Unmei. It rests in the heart of our nature. But you will find that I am the only one capable of stretching the arms to strike distant targets. That, yes, is my evolution. One day you may find yours too.", she'd answer his first question as she observed his attempt to recreate the technique. Emerald hues would envelop his form, the technique manifesting similarly yet differently around him. An early form much like her own when she had unlocked hers. Its early stage was weak in comparison to what she had now, yet the spider would not disregard the technique. It had served her well during her genin period. It would serve him just as well while he was searching for his own identity. She'd nod briefly at his search for confirmation about the technique. Yes, that was the way to go. It didn't boast mastery just yet but for a first attempt he was well on his way to figuring out how the technique came to be and how he could use it exactly. A matter of practise which, as usual, would be his own responsibility to carry.

When he asked to know more about venoms, Haka was reminded of the fact she had never bothered to mingle her own venom with chakra to a point where she'd use it for combat purpose. The aranean queen had mostly relied on every little bit of power she had - kunai mixed with the puppeting technique, webs, aquamancy and other menial tricks. As time had grown, her focus had slipped more towards ninjutsu stealth techniques and fuinjutsu denying scriptures. Though still an assassin by instinct, she had grown into a role of impactful strategist that mitigated the weaknesses of her squad and allowed their strengths to bloom even more than they did already. This has especially been the case with Chigetsu during large scale battles where his giant form performed the broad strokes of destruction while she took care of the detailed precision strikes. Verdandi, on the other hand, seemed to dance between the two opposing approaches. This triangle of powers was an oddly common perspective when it came to the abilities and approaches of the members of Ahoban.

"I have not yet felt the need to mold chakra with venom. These are techniques you'll have to discover for yourself, to make them your own identity. That being said, I use my venom to burn through ropes and chain alike, or soften up my prey once captured."

To demonstrate, she'd mold chakra within her glands until a soft hiss would escape her mouth upon which she'd spit out the venom much like she did with the web. As it hit a bundle of dead leaves in the distance, the leaves would slowly shrivel up until nothing remained and the venom died out naturally. With that little demonstration revealing exactly how potent her natural venom could be, Xiao's imagination would not need much more to understand that Unmei venom could become far worse when combined with chakra. To add even more ideas, she'd open her mouth to reveal two sharpened canine teeth before sinking them into her own arm, injecting her blood stream with her own venom. Black little rings would form around the indentured wounds before a dark liquid would slowly taint the blueish colour of the veins under her skin. The two colours then mingled and the venom vanished, leaving only the two little bite marks in her arm.

"The effects of spider venom upon caught prey should not be unfamiliar to you. As you can see, Unmei venom can be injected or spit and if you so wishes you could turn your own blood venomous or resistant to foreign venoms. A matter of evolution."

All the while, Xiao would be dancing around as he revealed a multitude of taijutsu stances and strikes that were not to be categoried as the basic unarmed combat taught by Sero. Some of them seemed vaguely familiar, their strikes reminding her of certain animals like some bird and a mantis appearance, but being no taijutsu specialist the girl held little interest to know the intricacies behind it. All she did was register Xiao's fluid movements with them, the revelation of his selected specialisation, his evolution, already different than hers. When he stated the Arms of the Mighty were a strong asset, she'd nod in confirmation of his words. She too could see the Unmei's secret revealed to him evolve into something less crude, more fluent, yet equally powerful despite the difference with her own approach.


The Unmei needed to evolve beyond their base existence. Haka would not allow them to grow stagnant like the Human race, who relied on crafted tools to bypass the limits of their own weakness rather than to seek evolution so as to outgrow their shortcomings. Survival and evolution. Two philosophies that walked hand in hand with each other.

Xiao would not cease there. While his personal evolution of the clan's secret technique could be read within his eyes, he finally came to overstep the border of human 'politeness' and stepped into that of the Unmei shinobi seeking to collect information and develop his understanding. As she listened to his question, the arachnid would run a hand through her long white hair, closing her eyes briefly as she sought to find the proper answer for him. A few seconds would pass before she opened her eyes again and shifted her gaze to Ameya.

"Summoning is a complex construct of ninjutsu and fuinjutsu, Kyutai. Without these two skills it is pointless to continue your search.", the spider opened her answer, taking the black book that hung at a chain around her belt. The eight beady eyes that were placed within the darkly dyed human skin cover frantically darted around to see what was about to happen until she opened it. Within the bleak parchment of the book - the physical manifestation of the Spider Contract in her possession - a symbol created by a myriad of strange symbols created the technique known as 'Kuchiyose no Jutsu', otherwise known as the 'Summoning Technique'. "Ninjutsu serves as the base to draw forth the Summon you have a contract with and anchor its existence within our world, whereas fuinjutsu creates the gate between their and our world. it embodies the signed contract or the sealed confirmation between Summoner and Summons, if you will.", she'd close the grimoire again and link it to her belt, watching how he gestured to Ameya and questioned Haka about the nature of the 'ally' next to her - if such a word even fit Ameya.

In response, Ameya would hiss at threat at him, You'll know how real I am when I my venom burns your pathetic life to a heap of goo, fangless.", while Haka simply crossed her arms. "All Summons relate to Sage Animals, no matter what creature they are. Earn the respect of a Sage Animal and you may earn yourself a Contract with which you'll be able to summon members of the Sage Animal's flock. In Ameya's case, she is a child of Momma much like every other member of the Spider clan, including the Unmei. What separates the Unmei from the Spider clan is that Sero's demonic chakra allowed us to evolve."

While great the benefits of Sero's chakra, its corruption removed one peculiar aspect of the Unmei. They could not be summoned, the 'humane' or demonic essence of Sero deluding the pure 'senjutsu essence' they once held. The only option to restore this Sage essence to some degree was something Haka had yet to reach out for. A nature or form inherent to that of the Creator Sero, who was known as the Spider Sage. In time, Haka would reclaim what had once been hers by birth right, reclaim a power and essence she had lost during the evolution. If not to take one step closer towards Momma, then to merely complete and enforce her right and claim as the Tyrannis of the clan. A pure form to show she made considered Spider Clan and Unmei equal despite the evolution - all were sons and daughters of Momma and Sero.

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The ending is a little off only because I couldn't work out a way to exit respectably as well as had to rush it for approvals/CE so sorry about that! I made some assumptions!

Haka answered his question to a satisfactory level as he nodded gently thinking on what she said. The concept of the clan each pulling their own weight meant quite a lot to Xiao, the concept of the web of fate was a concept that had brought Xiao quite a lot of comfort, the idea that all over the island, all over the island united under the banner of the web of fate. Sero's web. Xiao had never met the man, when he truly thought on it, he was something of an anomaly to Haka and an irritation to the other Unmei that was for certain but how would the literal creator of the clan view him? Would it be a moment of painful beating filled with naught but suffering or a reunion of sorts greeting the hybrid with open arms? Most likely not the later as Xiao had learned the spider clan didn't tend to offer hugs and warm welcomes without a strict reasoning.

Giving a nod as Haka spoke which caused Xiao to feel...satisfied. Not prideful or ecstatic but simply in a state of perpetual contentment feeling as though when it came down to it the little spider was feeling as if his body was not his own especially with the ethereal green hue of the technique surrounding him "Of course, My goal is to become a great tool for the Unmei after all." Xiao stated more for the spider watching the two than Haka, but in a way perhaps it would be a way to win more favor with the princess of the web herself.

As Haka confessed she did not hold many venom based jutsu herself the young Unmei simply nodded with a sound of confirmation. It was nice to know of the diversity of use the venom itself had atleast, something that Xiao could certainly take comfort in. He wanted to specialize in the field, the idea of manipulating his and others biology through the use of salves and potions was something highly appealing especially knowing now that his body was an organic brewery of these substances. "A shame admittedly, I think due to my..." he tried to search for a word that wouldn't bring offense though he didn't mean any but it was obvious to any observer that Xiao was quite different from Haka and the other more emotionless Unmei with Xiao having quite a number of connected individuals in his web of fate already "Friendly disposition, I think I could serve the clan well as something of an envoy and any good diplomat needs control of poisons." Xiao stated quite bluntly and to the point, wavering his hand though in with a smile to say as though it was no issue "No matter though, I have time to train and train I will" he stated bluntly as Haka explained that she did in fact utilize the venom for escape purposes leading Xiao to murmur in intrigue, it was quite interesting to him to consider using the toxins in such a way.

If it was anything like molding the web then Xiao could adapt quite quickly, the physical aspects of his body were not only a mystery to him but something of a playground he truly loved exploring the capabilities of the spider blood running through his veins though it may have once been a hindrance to what he once knew the new possibilities were certainly worth it. As the web princess molded the chakra much to the delight of the young spider he watched in awe at the demonstration especially the rapid production of altering effects to her own biology much to Xiao's interest who peered at the puncture wounds with intrique "Fascinating." he said calmly as he looked to the wound thinking maybe it was producing a necrotic effect? He may not have had the access to it any longer but Xiao was indeed a trained medical ninja before his transformation and with it came a wealth of knowledge of anatomy though admittedly Xiao had no true idea of what his own body looked like since the transformation and whether the assumption of where the human organs were in an average body remained in the same positions.

"It's useful to say the least. I'll make a note to start to expand on it, if it's an area you haven't focused on then allow me to fill the gap as needed." Xiao stated examining the wound at length as Haka then explained the usage of summoning jutsu. Fuuinjutsu was the second part of the puzzle it seemed, a part that Xiao would need to discover "Ah, then I must learn that art to truly emulate yourself and Lord Sero then I suppose..." Xiao stated making a note of the art itself. He wondered if he could ever summon the likes of a spider such as Ameya himself. Perhaps one day, though he felt perhaps the spiders that would come to his aid may differ from the typical unmei's if spiders were those who accepted him as a contract owner in the first place it was. "...I will add it to my list. I assure you of that." he stated bluntly after the explanation of what a summonable animal is and how they deserved utter respect much to Xiao's agreement "Worry not Lady Tyrannis, I will bring the utmost respect to these creatures. I must ask before I retire..." Xiao stated as he looked to the mistress of the manor he wanted to ask knowing that the training was coming to a close for the day at least preparing to start once more the next. "Lord Sero...Will I ever get to meet him?" Xiao stated curiously, he did want to add that he had reservations worrying that perhaps he would not make a good gift at the current time but held this back purely out of the knowledge that such concerns would only be met with a reminder of his weakness, instead opting to remain silent.

As he would listen to whatever answer lay he gave a nod for the day to Haka acknowledging her "I thank you for today Lady Tyrannis. I promise to serve you to the best of my ability in the Chuunin Exams. You honor me." he stated with a deep bow to his lady before departing back to his hollowed tree where he may rest before training would start again.

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Haka Osada


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"We are no diplomats.", Haka replied to Xiao's suggestion of an envoy or diplomat. "We hold no grasp on Konoha, neither do we have any business there. We will merely observe and collect information as the Exams unfold. How you do this is your decision for as long as you speak only in your own name."

Whether it was to remind him he was but a genin in the eyes of Kirigakure's forces or a spiderling in the eyes of the clan mattered none. Haka would not send him to speak in her stead, she would send him to observe the gathering forces. Names, skills, strengths and weaknesses. The Unmei's reach was vast within Spider Island, acceptable within Kirigakure as the extension of Sero's will but poor within other countries where few spiders had set foot. Though Haka's grip on the clan was solid, the swarm had yet to settle into a single lair that would do them credit. They were currently spread out over the island, the key figures of the Unmei living there where there they could hold a footing. Too far to form a proper line of defence should the manor be attacked.

"You are free to evolve your venom if you believe it will benefit your skills.", she said in confirmation to his wishes. Not that he truly needed it as Haka had already state he was free to do as he wished for as long as it brought no harm to the clan or could maintain a solid footing against those who would oppose him. If he proved strong, he was entitled to claim his part. Who knew. Perhaps his evolution in the Unmei venom would become an art worth cultivating. Perhaps he'd become a teacher in his own right, teaching the next generation of Unmei or other members seeking an audience with Sero. Perhaps he'd become a force to be reckoned with and a worthy avenger or assassin. Whichever strand of fate woven, Kyutai would ultimately be the one fulfilling his own destiny within the web of the clan.

"You will meet Sero when fate decides as such."

The question remained: who will be the one to spin the strand that leads towards a meeting? Sero himself as he beckoned Kyutai to him or Kyutai as he stepped up and sought out the Lord's presence for his own plans? As an Unmei himself, Sero was, after all, his Creator. No matter which father or mother Kyutai once believed to have, all of that mattered no longer - Momma and Sero were the true Creators of the Unmei. No one else.


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