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Kaori Yuki

Kaori Yuki

Kaori knew he wasn't the strongest guy ever. He knew he wasn't even that strong. Stronger than the average civilian, yes... but weaker than almost all of his comrades. He could blame his weak body, his inability to see and hear on one side, or any number of reasons. But he refused to blame anything but himself. He wasn't strong enough because he has failed thus far. Not because of any other reason. Anybody who tried to make him feel better about It, he would brutally shut down in mere moments. It was his fault, and he was perfectly content with blaming himself for not training hard enough. And so he had come to train. He wasn't focusing on jutsu just yet, he wanted to train his body to be stronger before even daring learn more than the few he already knew. He was determined, but he was no idiot. He'd only make backwards progress by training jutsu before his own physical strength and endurance.

He started with simply running laps around the training grounds, a basic warm-up excercise he always did before training. It was a good way to get himself used to moving around. One, two, three laps later, he found himself in a clear space near the edge of the grounds and doing pushups. He could only do a limited number in a row, but he would do them for as long as he could. He pushed himself to do more pushups, run faster, hit harder. Anything he could think of to help his physical endurance and strength especially. He was already plenty fast, but he needed to back up speed with the ability to take a hit or he'd be in big trouble on a real mission. There were plenty of people who could outrun a short guy like him.

Run a lap. Do 10 pushups. Do sit-ups, squats, planks, throw punches at a training dummy. Practice accounting for his blind side and making up for that weakness. Rinse, repeat. That was what he was doing, for as long as possible. He was sweating like it was 100 degrees, like he was in the middle of a desert, and his limbs were visibly shaking by the time he decided to take a break. Sighing, the short boy reluctantly sunk to the ground and laid there, sprawled on his back with his limbs splayed like a starfish.

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Another day off for the genin meant only one thing, a day full of training. Since applying for his transfer from the hospital to field service, the young medical ninja had already managed to tone up his body, becoming faster and stronger, as one would expect of his rank. More than just that though, Kaito had managed to learn plenty of jutsu he would have never learned in a medical research lab or helping patients. He had seen the impressed glances on the faces of his peers and superiors in equal measure. His work ethic was achieving the results he desired, and Kaito was actually starting to enjoy the missions he was sent on. Killing people held it's thrill to be certain, but Kaito didn't really enjoy the act of it, which made sense considering he was a medical-nin, but there was something to be said to bringing justice to the enemies of Kirigakure no Sato and Mizu no Kunai as a whole.

Like so many days off spent training, Kaito had begun the day with a four hour run first thing in the morning, returning home just after sunrise to get a shower, some food, and then to the training grounds. Kaito always wore his uniform when training, afterall it was what he'd be wearing on a mission, so it made sense to wear it while training so his body could get use to it. Making his way to his favorite set of training grounds, the small forest over near the beach where he could still hear the crashing of the waves on the sand. Of course, no matter where you were in the village you would smell the salt in the air, but Kaito prefered to live close to the beach so he could hear the call of the ocean. A few of his comrades had asked him why he lived in such a small shack in one of the poorest neighborhoods in the Hidden Mist, despite being able to afford something larger or more central within the city, but Kaito loved his little shack, and he loved this training ground for the same reason.

Upon breaking into the clearing in the small grove of trees, Kaito noticed a younger ninja doing their best to push themselves forward. The boy was doing his best to beat a practice dummy into submission while sweating bullets, seemed to Kaito he'd been at it for a while. It was a shinobi Kaito had never met before, so the prospect of adding a training partner to his list of friends got the better of him. Making his way over, the younger genin finally gave up and splayed themselves in the grass. "Here, you should keep hydrated when training." Kaito said while tossing the boy a spare bottle of water he had brought with him. "Osoroshī, Kaito by the way, and if you need more water just ask." Kaito offered with a grin as he sat down next to the boy. Kaito would wait for the boy to recover a bit before suggesting some more training, a friendly spar would always be interesting, but there was also Kaito's own training regimen, though that had been fairly tough even for Kaito.

"You done training for the day, or just getting started?" The silver haired shinobi would ask before stretching his legs out so he could get a proper warm up in before doing anything. He didn't really need to train today, so if this shinobi was done for the day, Kaito would be more than happy to hang out, after all who didn't nee more friends? It was also good to relax a bit as well, Kaito hadn't been to the local hot spring in a while either, so that was always a potential option to have a good time.

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