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Welcome to the Chunin Exams! MhEKDH3

Since the events at Inabayama, tensions have risen across the world, and nations strengthen their borders against unknown threats. In spite of this, the tradition of the Chunin Exams must continue, and with the world on the precipice of upheaval, the Land of Fire has volunteered to host the Exams. Dignitaries from minor and major nations alike descend upon the Hidden Leaf in droves, competitors and the representatives of their countries gather in Shinwato for the opening ceremony. Welcomed by the Hi no Kuni Daimyo and the Hokage, Rippa Chi, contestants are invited to enjoy all that Fire Country, and Konohagakure has to offer as they prepare for the exams.

The Land of Fire is abuzz with pomp and fanfare; banners hang throughout the townships surrounding the Hidden Leaf bearing the iconography of the nation and welcoming travelers from across the world. In Shinwato, parades herald the arrival of foreign Kage, and competitors are treated to the finest that the Leaf has to offer ahead of the imminent exams. Welcome to the Konohagakure Chunin Exams, enjoy the ceremony, soon the battle will begin and reveal the strongest Genin in the world, and those most deserving of promotion to the rank of Chunin.

Battle rounds begin on Monday the 12th of November and brackets will be revealed then. The cut-off for redeeming training and purchasing items for the Exam contestants is 2359 EST the night of Sunday the 11th of November.


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