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1 Poopin' on Parties [Mission | Xiao] on Wed Nov 07, 2018 11:02 pm



Mission name: Every Party Needs a Pooper....
Mission rank: D.
Objective: Bounce.
Location: Konohagakure -> Construction Site or Shushaya Pub
Reward: 150 Ryo +1 EP.
Mission Description: That's why they invited you. Festivities can get a little wild when spirits are high and...spirits are flowing. Be sure to keep people from disturbing the other guests too much and escort any of those who incur property damage or start fights off the premises.
Mission Details: There's bound to be an incident or two, from some poor ninja uncontrollably emptying their stomachs from too much sake to shinobi duking it out over a bet that got personal. Luckily, they're rarely belligerent enough to require actual combat. You might be tasked to help clean up the place after hours, though.


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The place was beautiful. From rainy skies to the sun brightly burning and one might think Yoshito had never seen the sun from the way he was acting. There were hundreds if not thousands of people in the streets. Yoshi had a tough time passing through politely there were so many. Some had headbands on signifying either Konoha and some signifying other villages. Murmurings about betting on certain people from certain villages as well as how much they’re gonna drink broke Yoshi’s gazing at his surroundings. The boy couldn’t help but to overhear these people and their indulging. Yoshi sighed at the competitiveness. Not only that, though, his first day in a new land full to the brim with people, a true melting pot, and he was tasked with a mission. Cleaning up, keeping peace, that sort of thing. It wasn’t going to be a hard mission at all but he was hoping for time to wander and gawk at the Leaf Village instead of doing a mission. But in truth, it was the least the boy could do. These people were graciously hosting the Chunin Exams and welcoming various people within their home for absolutely nothing.

“Welp, guess I gotta do some work, I sure wish-”

Yoshi’s voice was cut short as he saw a familiar face. It was Xiao! One of his closest friends from the village he was settling in. Little spider boy himself. Yoshi’s eyes lit up as he made his way toward Xiao. The boy’s arms ushering people out of his way making room for safe passage to his friend. When he got close enough and there was a small opening within the groups Yoshi would raise his hand and open his mouth greeting Xiao. “Hey man, long time no see how ya been?” Yoshi’s mouth curled into a smile as he spoke, his gloomy tone erased as he spoke. A gentle breeze blew past the boy allowing his purple hair to fall behind his body as he moved forward making talking with one another easier than shouting through a crowd that may be walking past. Before Xiao had time to respond to Yoshito he spoke again, “Man they got me on a mission already, I just got here too. I really wanted to look around.” Yoshi wanted to be sad about it but in reality he doesn’t mind helping out as much as he can.

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Crowds were something Xiao enjoyed, it reminded him of his homeland and the new country he had adopted namely the assortment of arachnids that bunched so close together they would often resemble large shadows in the forest only for it to be a congregation of spiders huddled as one. The Chuunin exams truly drew out the best and brightest of all the shinobi isles had to offer but when it came to positioning them in turn came those enormous crowds - and those who wished to gain a monopoly on the rubes and new targets that they may line their pockets with. Xiao often found this to be a fun sight, having grown with something of a father with a tendency for swindling not out of spite but out of intellect the little spider had picked up some tricks of the trade on his own and held respect for the classic techniques such as the boiling oil pot trick, the magic shells or the paralysis techniques he knew all to well that often left him with a smile. Today was not a day to do such things though, no today was a day in which he was sent to regulate those who would enter and exit festivities surrounding the chuunin exams upcoming dates as they were.

“Welp, guess I gotta do some work, I sure wish-” he heard from a distance, so his partner was none other than his cool as ice brother in arms. Xiao sauntered towards the ice shinobi with a grin slightly obscured of course by the mask that adorned his face as his threw his hands skyward "Iceman!" Xiao stated with a cheerful tone as he walked towards Yoshito who asked him of how he was, Xiao proceeded to pat his frosty friend upon the shoulder with a cheerful grin "I'm well, I'm well, looks like we are on the same mission then. Bouncing right? Not exactly an akatsuki hunt or fighting a bijuu but i'll take it!" Xiao stated with a hearty laugh as he looked about the establishment with curious eyes "How have you been feeling about the exams coming up anyway? you know all of these folks are here just for that, eh? We got to make sure we put on a big show"


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Yoshito curled up a fist as Xiao greeted him with yet another nickname and hoped Xiao would do the same so the two could perform the legendary fist bump of justice. Yoshito’s shoulder was patted as X had stated that this was a relatively easy mission just as Yoshi said earlier. A cake walk really, but he wouldn’t complain. Ryo is ryo after all and it’s always so useful. “All of em, huh? Well I hope we give em something to watch right?” Yoshi laughed as he said with a cheerful tone responding to Xiao’s naturally happy energy. “I don’t know how I feel about the exams. It’s nice to get out of that rain though and stretch my legs. All this travel reminds me of how me and my family used to live. It’s exilerating actually.”The boy said as he too looked around with Xiao at the decent sized crowds that fluttered the area as they spoke. They greeted each other in a relatively open area but as they talked more and more people flooded in and the streets were getting crowded and he soon realized why this mission was requested. There was trash everywhere. He couldn’t help but notice all these people meant more trash, some people weren’t as considerate to the Leaf Village as others and that meant the streets would become the new trash can.

At the sight of the littered trash Yoshi frowned. “Welp, guess we’ll start here and pick up some trash.” The boy let out a sigh as he bent over picking up some chip bags and some cans moving them over to a nearby trash can trying to make his way past the crowds. After throwing them away he turned back to Xiao and bumped into someone on accident. Yoshi threw his hands up in an attempt to apologize but the man wasn’t having it. He towered over the boy and his voice was coarse almost as if he’d been drinking already even this early in the morning. The man yelled at Yoshi and he wanted to retaliate but he was a visitor in this village and didn’t want to break any rules he wasn’t meant to. Yoshi apologized and frantically explained what he was doing and tried to explain why he was in a rush to get it done but the man wasn’t having that either. His drunken state made him irritable and irrational. He scoffed at the boy and threw down his soda can as he began to walk away. The can fell on Yoshi’s feet. “I guess that’s assault. Time to defend myself.” The boy said emotionlessly and the tall man turned back to Yoshi to ask him what he said.

But before the man could get the words out Yoshi was within half a foot of the man with his fist curled and arm extended. He clenched the empty soda can tightly with his fist and as he hit the man in his stomach he would let go of the can. The tall man stumbled back slightly and the can fell on the man’s feet. “No littering!” Yoshi hollered to the man and anyone near enough to listen. The crowd immediately around them stopped their movements and whispered about. He didn’t know exactly what they were saying but he could make out bits and pieces. They were noticing his headband and what village he was from, ‘he must be part of the Chunin Exams’, ‘How rude’ were some of the comments. Yoshi couldn’t help but feel embarrassed but these people didn’t see how the man treated him. Some of the whispers that were closest to Yoshi would say things like ‘that man is such an asshole’ as he could only assume they were talking about the older gentleman who was indeed being an asshole in his drunken state. Yoshi couldn’t help but to smile at the thought of people from a village he’s never been to would have his back even if it was in this small notation.

Yoshi watched the older man and readied himself for any retaliation he might have for the boy.
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As the fist connected with his own Xiao made a delightful 'whirr' like sound in excitement to be bashing fists with another shinobi, it may have looked foolish but to a shinobi it was a way to 'share' a bond much like the ninja of old. Work was work and cash was cash, as long as it was something to occupy his time Xiao Guan was content with doing just that. The chuunin exams seemed like a dream, something he was just passing through and taking his sweet time enjoying every hiccup that came about purely because it was all he could do. Sure he was the weakest of his generation, the smallest and the meekest but what he lacked in physical ability he made up for in personality and he truly did wish to ensure that each and every one of his generation was going to soar in these exams. “All of em, huh? Well I hope we give em something to watch right?” Yoshito stated to Xiao who proceeded to chuckle back "Hey if it's too boring we can just fight amongst ourselves" he jested as he allowed Yoshito continue his reflection on the exams themselves. Xiao proceeded to tap his chin as he listened to Yoshito stating the travel was the part he truly focused on. Perhaps Xiao wasn't alone in his thoughts of simply letting fate decide how all things would turn out, he was simply going with the flow and if Yoshito was to do the same he couldn't blame him at all. "What were your folks like anyway? We never really got to talk about that before. For me uhh, My Dad was a Knight of Gelel. Foreigner, y'know and My ma...was, well, a spider. No idea how they made me." he stated with a laugh as he followed Yoshito's lead with the growing crowd. As Yoshito eyed the trash Xiao nodded slowly with a flat expression as the Ice shinobi stated it was possibly best to begin cleaning here.

Xiao had a more optimal strategy, utilising web on one hand to create a 'ball' of trash and webbings to pull them towards him lightning fast. Gathering them into heaps and wearing each beer bottle on each finger before disposing them as the crowds past on by. Xiao found the task menotonous sure but it was a necessary task and one though he didn't take pride in found that it was a duty that all shinobi should have to simply maintain their village. The Mizukage was...a terrifying beauty, the god of shinobi they called her and though Xiao had heard stories of whacky Kage from his stories that would interact with the populace and go about aiding genin and weaving legends in their current era he had realised he had never even truly seen one of the kage so their name may have given power to being literal shadows so he supposed. As he dropped off his latest hoard he heard a small yelp as his eyes darted to Yoshito who seemed to have disturbed a civilian.  Tourists. They never cared for the temporary spaces they interacted with and though each land had it's own value of personal space with leaf shinobi being the most likely to touch you and Kirigakure being the least likely, Xiao knew this was more than a mere bump and apology.  If the man wasn't sober, then he was bound to make more rash decisions and Xiao was most definitely the type of boy to ensure that his friend would be taken care of but all at once the shinobi wished to see how it would play out. Of course he would never actually let harm befall Yoshito but if he was not needed Xiao would not attempt to 'beat' or 'best' the drunk in concern that he would steal the limelight from his ice blooded friend. The two went back and forth until finally Yoshito was about to strike back causing Xiao's eyes to widen with intrigue, something that could certainly amuse him from a night he thought would be simply picking up garbage and basic labor. Would Yoshito really layeth the smacketh down right before the chuunin exams? It was hard to know but if he did so Xiao would surely have something to take his mind off the garbage.
It was soon that the crowd began to side with Yoshito, Xiao opting to join in somewhat as he proceeded to begin small chants for Yoshito's vigilance and gentle heart as well as how good the youth was for trying to help. Xiao was proud of the ice user to say the least and he would show his support by cheering him on, a mirror to what was coming in the soon to be performed matches of the first round. Xiao saw the older man begin to loom forward, the crowd was divided and it was time for Xiao to step in, he couldn't let Kirigakure be seen as the type to pick fights not that Yoshito initiated it or anything but public relations was the little spiders specialty.

As the hulking oaf in a drunken stupor prepared to open his mouth to taunt Yoshito once more the sound of a 'fwip' of web shot forward from Xiao Guan's wrist onto his mouth ceasing his speech as the Spider-Nin walked forward clapping "Ladies and gentlemen you see before you but a humble street cleaner, my brother here Yoshito, harassed by none other than the constant infestation that plagues our fair cities whenever we dare to show our kindness." Xiao stated as he began to adjust his jacket, The oaf still eyeing Yoshito but Xiao attempting his best to 'lawyer up' and defend his friend through word not fists. "The hidden villages, now isn't that a funny word? Hidden? It means protected. It means away from public eye and yet we shinobi allow these..." he tried to falsely 'look' for a word to show an air of humbleness, he knew what he needed to say of course but the pause and act of thinking and stumbling on his words gave him the look of a more common man, something that could be used to steer the collective mobs as any diplomat did tend to find the collective IQ tended to drop with the more entities introduced. "...unsavory types. Now he is not like you humble civilians, no, not like you humble folk who do the simple task of throwing away your trash and seeking a break from your hard lives, instead a man like this is the type to simply throw his trash on to your streets because he is so far removed from you, he is not a hard worker for what type of hard working man would reject the five steps to throw away trash knowing that another hard working member of the village would pick up his labor? None! In this village, nay, in this world, we shoulder our brothers burdens under one united banner. Not that of leaf or water or even lightning but as humans. So what are we to say of a grown man, who has obviously been drinking since his eyes could bare the sun, harassing a young innocent genin who has an exam of all things upcoming? Do we treat him with respect? I say thee nay! We remove him!" the spider-nin stated with a triumphant roar but soon began to hush the crowd who murmured and chatted as he approached the oaf with clasped hands "Now now, I could 'remove' you, but as I said we are humans are we not? Civil men in a civil what say you of this, eh? You go get a bottle of wine - I will not shame you for your merriment - my treat, you go back to your hotel and you show these people you are not the disrespectful person you act as now, but instead the boy your mother raise- no! That this world raised. What do you say?" Xiao stated to the man offering him a way out of the clash.


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As the man loomed over Yoshito and was about to speak a webbing of sorts landed forcefully on his mouth effectively silencing him. Yoshi was caught off guard by this for almost no reason as he knew what Xiao was but he didn’t just assume that he would come to his aid so quickly for some reason. They were best friends though and the quick actions of the little spider boy had been more than appropriate to nullify the situation. Yoshito was going to defend himself against this man if it had not been for Xiao’s quick thinking. Yoshito stumbled back slightly and someone from the crowd helped him keep his balance. The boy turned to thank him but was cut off by the sound of clapping hands. Suddenly Xiao had made his way into the opening where Yoshito and the tall man were, he was about to make a speech. Yoshi’s eyes squinted looking at the little spider boy listening to him speaking almost as if he was trying to recognize his friend. It was different for Xiao to speak up like this in front of crowds given what Yoshi has seen. It wasn’t all that long ago when Xiao cleared a street so the two could complete a mission but that mission was going to for sure involve violence and so it made sense. This mission was a simple clean up crew mission. It seemed that Xiao was adaptive to his surroundings and that was a very good thing in the line of work that Shinobi took.

Brother? I mean yea I’m cool with being his brother. Yoshito thought as he listened to Xiao stating they were brothers. He wasn’t sure if he meant by blood to gain sympothy from the crowd or speaking metaphorically referring to how close the two had grown with their interactions. Either way it didn’t bother Yoshito to claim Xiao as his brother. Yoshito wanted to speak up and yell out ‘Yea!’ in a most childish manner. He was a child, after all, but it wasn’t the time to be so. The boy just nodded in agreement with Xiao when he stated that Yoshi was harassed by this drunken bully. Xiao was good at this whole speaking thing, he wondered why he didn’t do this more often. He made it look so easy to grab the crowd’s attention and put them on his side of the conversation. It wasn’t long before the crowd started chanting against the older gentleman whose mouth was still webbed up. Yoshi glanced over to the man as he was clawing at the web, the poor man in his drunken stuper wasn’t able to take off the web and it made Yoshito feel bad. Had this man not be a shinobi Yoshito could have killed him for the disrespect he was showing not to him but to his own village by throwing the trash down. Yoshito looked back to Xiao and then instinctively looked back to the man like he had his own spider sense.

The man was trying to escape through the crowd but Xiao’s speech had the people so motivated for some reason that they wouldn’t allow him to leave. They weren’t violent about making sure he would serve justice but they wouldn’t allow the man to make an exit just yet, the people would just push the man back into the ring. Xiao turned to the man who was just pushed into the ring, his body was pushed in such a way that when Xiao had looked onto the man they were less than two feet apart. It was obvious before that this man was tall but Xiao was much shorter than Yoshito and seeing the giant standing over Xiao just was almost comical. He looked really pissed off. It might have been the drunkenness mixed with feelings of embarrassment of being called out in front of his countrymen or whatever else it may have been but he was indeed upset, it showed by the man taking obvious short quick breaths, his face was flushed red and veins popped from his forearm as he was still trying to scrape away the webbing from his mouth. As Xiao finished his final part of his speech the man would finally free his mouth from the webbing. He took a deep breath as his chest depressed and rose again with force. The man spoke now finally after being silenced for so long, everything he once knew about this situation as a whole had changed with Xiao’s speech.

The man seemingly calmed down as he turned to Yoshito once more after all this time and extended his arm out with his hand opened and forced a smile. Yoshito grabbed his hand and shook it as the man said he was sorry. Now, it could have been the anticipation from the crowd but the peaceful solution made the crowd burst out into roars of cheering that led to Yoshito and Xiao being grabbed and put into the air as if they were crowd surfing. Yoshito tried to resist at first but then just let it happen, he never got this sort of treatment. Big uncontrollable smiles were all around and Yoshito was no exception.

After a few moments the two were put down back onto the street and Yoshito looked to Xiao. “Whoa dude what the fuck!” The boy said laughing at same time he said the word ‘fuck’ making it even more funny, “That was intense! Where did you learn to talk like that I mean I never would have thought of something like that. If our situations were reversed and that man had come after you, I would have just beat the hell out of him that was crazy!” Yoshito said so fast he didn’t breath. His heart was racing uncontrollably in response to what just happened he just couldn’t believe it. The boy couldn’t take the smile from his face, he began turning in circles bouncing up and down slightly with all the energy he just got from the crowd and Xiao’s speech. He just simply couldn’t control himself.

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As he wandered with Yoshito with his hands in his pockets he smiled as Yoshito commented on his speech making. He wasn't really using any specialised skill or jutsu, rather he was just using what he knew or rather emulating what he saw. Haka was a strict teacher, extremely strict and when it came to debate she was ruthlessly logical. Though at times it annoyed Xiao that no matter what he did he was never good enough in the eyes of the web princess but at the same time he found her lectures and corrections somewhat helpful. He was grateful for struggle, it was a blessing in the long run though a burden in the short and the little spider knew it all too well from the Unmei who watched over him. As Yoshito exclaimed Xiao began to laugh, bent over and slapping his knee in excitement.

He had never seen Yoshito so excited and yet here he was, Xiao was pretty happy for the moment of praise despite feeling he hadn't done much at all "Haha...It's nothing, really nothing, My mother - the spider y'know - she's uhh" Xiao tried to think of a decent description of Haka though it did prove somewhat difficult as when it came to Haka. He was always honest with her of course but she commanded a lot of respect and to speak so plainly about her caused Xiao's heart to slightly palpitate in the thought of his boot against his neck once more "Strict. So, y'know, I'm kinda used to hearing her give these long rants, I figured hey if it works on others when they're poisoned should work on a drunk" Xiao stated shrugging with a slight cheeky grin painted upon his face.

Xiao laughed as Yoshito's excitement reached it's peak as Xiao joined in, slightly leaping and laughing in conjunction with the ice born shinobi before after sometime simmering down as he kept his eye out for any transgressions. Security jobs, unfortunately, were about eighty percent waiting around and doing nothing and thus provided quite a lot of filler room to think or act. Xiao had taken most of the guardsmen roles as time to study or time to read up on his techniques, but as of now he hadn't much to do in terms of entertainment. That was until the grog began to spill aplenty, it was a typical thing for security personnel to note that once you saw everyone getting their drinks that in an hour or so after this was the time to be on alert and it appeared that as time progressed the story rang true. The truth of the matter was that despite their splatherings of make up and deliberately planned poise and elegance the women tended to be the worse transgressors when caught. Whilst a man would offer to fight you, appealing to their honor was usually enough to have one make their way out and if not it was as simple of settling the matter through sheer force. For a woman it was a different story with countless memories of kunoichi screaming not to tell them what to do and mocking the spider-nin while insisting that he could not strike them in retaliation, not that he wanted to but the fact that they felt entitled to be above the law simply for this rule often drove Xiao to thinking that more kunoichi should most definitely get into the security job.

The terror was coming, the terror of belligerent and entitled rich tourists and with them would come a wave of emotional combat that most shinobi had not much prepared for. "...Arm me with harmony..." Xiao stated as he looked to Yoshito "Steel yourself...beasts worse than bijuu come" Xiao stated as in the distance it could be heard. A shrill, high pitch screech like that of an inhuman demon from Orochimaru's lab himself.



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The two were finally just hanging out, there was much more trash now scattered around but they were relatively alone compared to before. Yoshito sighed after being so ecstatic with Xiao it was a little embarrassing but his friend always had a way to make Yoshi feel normal no matter what was going on around them. The boy moved to get some more trash, he had a few things crumpled into the balls of his fists and tossed them in the trash. All while listening to Xiao talk about his mother. “Strict huh? Well, I think that just means she cares y’know?” Yoshi said as he put the trash in the trash can. Yoshi then shrugged at his own comment not knowing exactly what else to say. A moment would pass allowing the boy to think back to his own parents. They were roamers fleeing from Takigakure. It truth, Yoshito had no idea what his mother had done to put them on the rogue ninja list, he also didn’t know if he was allowed back there or his father maybe. They might not have any record of Yoshito but his father definitely would be on that list seeing as how each village takes their security very seriously. His finger scratched his chin as he pondered at the thoughts of what his mother could have done to piss them off so severely. Could she have killed someone? She was always to comforting and warm with advice if he needed it, so that couldn’t be it. Could she have stolen information and sold it to Kiri? Maybe that’s why they welcomed refugees in with open arms no questions asked. That is a possibility, ninjas are taught to be stealthy but that part was his father’s specialty so probably not.

“You know you asked about my folks before, I’m not really sure. They seem great when they’re around me but I haven’t seen them in a while. Maybe I should visit them after the Exams.” Yoshito shrugged once more after speaking. “My dad tells me he’s pretty good at being stealthy, like all shinobi should be but apparently he specializes in the arts.” Yoshi scratched his chin again before speaking of his mother, “You know now that you mention it I really don’t know what my mother does. She’s not allowed back in Takigakure if I remember correctly but I don’t know why. It wasn’t ever talked about in front of me… Must not have been that bad.” Yoshi was opening up to Xiao, they were friends and the trust level between the two were sky high as far as Yoshito was concerned. And it was true, he didn’t know why they were excommunicated, er, hunted by Takigakure. He wasn’t born in the village, he was born on the run and so he had no memories of the Waterfall Village. A slight gust of wind brushed passed the two as Yoshito took a moment before bending back down to some more trash littered around him. He grabbed three soda cans before crushing them and throwing them into a nearby trash can like a basketball into a goal. He sunk them all, must have been all the training he was doing lately to prepare for the exams.

While bent down for another piece of garbage almost having the street cleared is when Xiao spoke again. He spoke again with refined words or at least in better formation that Yoshi could put together on a quick whim. He stated that beasts worse than bijuu were on the horizon and Yoshi couldn’t feel it, maybe he was some sort of sensory ninja. Yoshi shook his head standing tall with trash in hand. He moved to the trash can once more feeling some rumbling beneath his feet. And then he heard it. A voice rang out entering the boy’s ears. His eyes widened as he dropped a piece of trash, looking in the direction of the voice. He could see what looked like a shadow of a rather large group of people coming their way. It looked like the stampede from Lion King. He didn’t know what to do. “Should we try and stop this or get the hell out of here? Xiao? Xiao!!?” Yoshito was panicking and that was never a good thing for anyone. He was honestly scared of these people, they have been so crazy so far for as long as he’s been in the village. He didn’t even know if any of these people were shinobi but feet were feet and if they were stomping on your body it would hurt either way.

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As the continue continued to pick up trash, piece by piece one by one and conversed openly on their past Xiao enjoyed the change from the typical battle heavy world of the shinobi. He'd been fighting far too frequently as of late and admittedly it was tiring to constantly be reminded as his place as the underclassmen of the generation of Mist Shinobi he found himself in when compared to the might of his friends. Shorter, weaker, frailer and all around just not like the others, even his own family, Xiao did feel isolated quite a lot though it was his primary motivator for being the outspoken and energetic shinobi that the world knew him as. If he could keep others entertained, if he could keep joking then there was no time for self reflection nor was there time to truly evaluate whether he was even worthy of being a shinobi. “Strict huh? Well, I think that just means she cares y’know?” commented on Haka's nature, if only he knew the terrors of the spider clan "Yeah it's true, but she is my grandfather...Sero Osada's daughter y'know?" he stated sharing the name without a second thought not knowing that Yoshi was aware of the spider sage and had noped him some time ago. Xiao himself had never even met his grandfather, he had assumed him to possibly be a myth or if alive a large spider of some form much like those that populated the deeper levels of Spider Island.

Taking the trash and placing it back as he could he found the task dull of course but regardless it needed to be done. Yoshito would share his own, saying his parents weren't really well known to him which in a way was odd to Xiao. Though Xiao's true parents had perished, he had swiftly been adopted into the Osada and the concept of not having anyone care was quite daunting to the shinobi. "You guys aren't close?" he stated with a genuine compassionate tone, he may have been an honest shinobi who tended to be a little too direct but when it came to others his empathy was far greater than most. Truly concerned for his friends well being, knowing all too well the pain of isolation.

"Your dad an artist? Like, Ninjutsu or a singer? That's pretty wild" Xiao remarked as Yoshi revealed information on his stealthy father who Xiao imagined to be a much larger Yoshito with a beard or some matter.  "Right yeah you're from Takigakure, right? Jeez whatever it must have been must have been fairly serious. I don't know many waterfall ninja but you should look up Mistress Verdandi, She's from Yukigakure and super nice." Xiao stated as he continued his labor dropping trash into a pile as he spoke to Yoshi not directly looking to him but merely incidentally speaking.

"If it helps any, my Dad was a Gelel Knight. He left his land as well, never told me why but I know the feeling of being put into a situation without really knowing why you have to be there. I think a lot of us new generation are a bit different than our masters and mentors y'know but a lot of us are also really similar in our bizarreness."

As Yoshito panicked Xiao attempted to steel himself brandishing the web glove he had utilised for trash as he looked onward "Abandon all hope ye who enter." Xiao stated staring onward as the worst fear of a newly dubbed genin male approached. Drunk christmas cakes, women who were on the prowl and desperate to use up the vacation time alotted to them since joining a strict career path. Drunkenly shuffling in all their defiance like a zombie horde, wooing at random intervals and of course harassing vendor and patron alike with their obnoxious yelling. Dressed pressed and wrinkled from the nights on, make up on like war paint to attract a mate who was far beyond their grasp. It was terrifying like staring into the abyss of peak black pill psychology. "By god..." Xiao stated as a group of the women harassed a street vendor selling his food on a stick "YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO, ITS MY BIRTHDAY, HA! WHAT TYPE OF WOMAN WANTS A POOR VENDOR LIKE YOU" she claimed shaming the man for his humble work. Xiao was about to react when yet another began throwing up on the street guided by her friend holding her hair shooing men away "GET AWAYYYY SHES GOT A BOYFRIEND" she crowed whilst yet another proceeded to try and swindle locals into letting her into the club and establishments swearing she was not drunk.

Xiao didn't know which way to go, which one to begin with, instead he was met with the feeling of pure dread - sharp and painful upon his shoulder and as he turned he saw it, a woman with redenned nose and auburn hair laughing "Are you seriouuuusly the security? Woww, you're like 6, wow are you even a graduate? wow" she stated to Xiao to which a friend of hers with blonde hair proceeded to join in "SHHH SHHH, HE'S NICE, HE'S JUST A LITTLE BOY, DONT BOTHER HIM" she stated slapping her friends arm as Xiao was stunned. Though the spider-nin had aided Yoshito before with his silver tongue between the way Haka had trained him and the brutality of women he had met Xiao was utterly defenceless. It was now Yoshito's turn to save the little Spider.


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“We used to be close, before we settled in the Mist Village, but then they got busy.” Yoshito stated with a lowered bead. “It happens…” The boy tossed some trash into a nearby trash can. It saddened him that his family wasn’t as close as they used to be but it was true that they were all pretty busy ever since coming into Kirigakure, they were all shinobi representing the Mist. With that title came every day duties they had to do in the name of Kirigakure and it was a blessing as well as a curse. Not being close could be part of the reason Yoshito could get as strong as he had become, he didn’t have someone over his shoulder all the time wondering if he was okay or had eaten enough blah blah. Someone coddling him basically. But in truth, as a boy, he wanted things to be the way they were when him and his family were on the run from the Waterfall Village. They didn’t have a stable home but they were together and that was an important part of a boy’s childhood.

His solemn thoughts were ended with cheer when Xiao asked that his dad was a artist. It struck Yoshi as odd at first due to what he had said but then he thought of when he said that his dad specialized in the arts, Xiao was making a pun on the word and it worked for some reason. Yoshi muffled a laugh in response. “Verdandi, huh, I’ll have to look her up.” Yoshito said as he threw another piece of trash into a nearby trash can. He let out a yawn and stretched out his arms taking in a deep breath before exhaling. The boy just nodded to Xiao when he talked about his own father’s origins not knowing exactly what to say. Yoshi just agreed with Xiao with a smile and a nod.

It was then that the stampede of drunk people and random acts of unkindness occured. The earth rattled at the steps of the crowds that flooded the area. Why were they here? It was most likely that they had gotten kicked out of somewhere and decided to just occupy the streets that Yoshi and Xiao were cleaning up. Yoshi was terrified. At first he thought he was scared at the sheer numbers of the people but in truth, he was mostly terrified at the thought of how dirty the street was going to be after the groups of people stomped through the area. Insults and random shittiness were thrown around at one another as they ran through the area. Yoshito’s body was tangled in between someone who wanted to order food and another person who was so drunk he was spilling his drink all over the place with some dropping on Yoshito. He couldn’t see Xiao anymore at this time and he wanted to find him. There were lots of voices thrown around and not nearly enough of them were kind words. It made Yoshi feel uncomfortable to be in this huge crowd of people.

Yoshi pushed himself out of the crowd into another part a little less dense with people. As soon as the boy got free of the crowd’s shackles he was almost immediately bombarded by another wave of people. Yoshi’s body moved elaborately dodging the people running through the street. “What the hell, we gotta get out of here Xiao.” Yoshi said as he looked around for Xiao, they weren’t together. Last he saw his friend they were only on two different halves of the street but at the moment he couldn’t see him. Yoshi decided to walk down the street acting as if he was part of the crowd, stealing a beer from someone who was way too drunk to notice his beer was stolen. The boy took a sip but couldn’t deal with the bitter sour taste of the drink, he spit it out and let out an audible, “Yuck” overtop the crowd. As he continued his walking he saw some women gathered into their own separate crowd. It piqued his interest as one of the women said that he was just a kid and that he was nice. He could only think of one person she was talking about and with that thought, Yoshito pushed his way through the small group of females gathered around the rude girl and Xiao.

He didn’t know exactly what to do in these types of situations and so Yoshi just took hold of Xiao and put him on his back, the young boy could easily fit on his back with his legs curled around Yoshi’s belly and his arms tucked under Yoshi’s neck. “Hold on tight buddy!” Yoshi exclaimed before leaping to the top of the small business they were gathered in front of. The boy bent down and let Xiao step down from his back knowing it couldn’t have felt too comfortable for Xiao as it wasn’t all that comfortable for Yoshito. Yoshi would then head to the edge of the rooftop and sit down, seeing that the drunk women found their attention grabbed elsewhere. The boy let out a sigh allowing his legs to dangle off the edge and as he looked at Xiao he would say, “Well, I think we did all we could for this trash Xiao. What say you we go and collect our money, huh?”

↠ [923 | 3,879 TWC] ↞

  • Mission Completion w/Max Ryo: -1350

    • 2,529

  • Training Ninja Art: Chained Signing [E-Rank] | -500

    • 2,029

  • Training Ashesive Fist [D-Rank] | -750

    • 1,279

  • Training Glacial Grasp [D-Rank] | -750

    • Saving 529 Words


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Xiao couldn't help but nod in agreement with Yoshito, though his own true parents were executed by Kirigakure and he did harbor a great grudge even at that time it felt as if his graduation was a push into isolation rather than a transition. He was rebuilding his social life, of course, but there was a large empty hole in which he desired nothing more than to be with another warm human who cared for him. His mind was focused on the chuunin exams of course but he had a strong feeling, deep inside that he really did need to overcome this isolation and issues that were holding him back from the happiness he could obtain in his life. He didn't want to become a burden in the future nor did he want to become that of an entity that mirrored Sero's own darkness but rather lead the Unmei into a world of light and prosperity that would bring hope to others. A web of hope, not one of misery, that was his ultimate desire. The venom in his blood, the 'darkness' that came with his bloodline was something Xiao saw as something overcome rather than one to ensure power, what was the point of power to a spider who just wanted to make friends? "Hey don't tell the Mizukage but I think it comes with them making us do this stuff so young...We never get time to be kids, it's a life of killing from the double digits" he admitted, the first time he had explicitly spoke outloud about his dislike of the shinobi system as a whole, a secret he normally kept to himself but as with Sachihiro he could say that Yoshito was a man he could call a close friend and knew he would be a trustworthy ally in years to come.  

Xiao was careful when speaking, for good reason too, he wasn't a huge fan of the shinobi system but if he was flagged as a possible radical at a future time it could bring quite a lot of trouble for him namely if his own clan found out as they were known for their ruthless approach to those who did not mirror their own ideology.

Xiao may have loved attention from others but this type of attention simply terrified him not being a very sexual being mostly due to his youth but also due to his hormones being slightly different from that of a human being meant that whilst he could control his pheromones and said glands could be manipulated far easier than that of a human who could not manually operate their pheromone discharges the spiders certainly could whether to shift emotion or even entice but Xiao had never even thought of such things. He was lonely, that was for sure and he admired beauty in the likes of Verdandi and even Haka but when it came to these sort of thoughts he tended to opt to stay away from such concepts. He was quite average looking, short and frail and always figured that these traits made him whilst not ugly certainly a low priority male and a sub 8 thus making him take the ultimate blackpill.

Lost and surrounded by the drunk harpies Xiao didn't know what to do with their harassment, pinching his cheeks and ruffling his hair and noting how adorable he was. Shaking in fear the little spider decided to merely hold on for dear life attempting not to show his utter fear of the older women as stated prior the only women he knew were quite terrifying with the god of shinobi and her authoritarian regime in Kirigakure, Haka Osada and her threats to devour him or Verdandi and her mind trickery each whilst beautiful and powerful in their own rite had left a certain impression of femininity on Xiao namely that the other gender was one to be utterly feared.

He wasn't sure what to do and began to panic but was soon put at ease with Yoshito's call of command causing Xiao's eyes to light up "Help!" he stated slapping hands away from his little spider booty as he awaited his savior holding tight to Yoshito's back as the two managed to swoop out of the danger landing a top a small business that the gathering of the populace tended to be in front. Leaping down Xiao wiped his brow "Thanks Iceman, You're a life saver" he stated in relief with a deep exhaustive sigh as he looked to Yoshito with a smile "Yeah you're right..." Xiao stated as he swung his legs for a moment thinking and reflecting for a moment Hey Yoshito listen. These exams, we both know I'm not getting through but I want you to know I'm not worried or sad about that. I'm just here to cheer on you and the others...y'know, because you might not know it but you've got a bright future ahead of you and any doubts you got right now? You'll overcome them. I've got faith in you. Just be the best you can be." he stated getting to his feet starting to walk off slowly looking over his shoulder back to Yoshito "Just remember me when you become one of the Seven, promise?" he stated with a laugh generating a web to a higher building and swinging away in a large arc, then repeating the process as he swung away from the area through the art of webslinging "LATER YOSHITO"



Total Word count: 4,318

Total Thread WC: 8175

Mission complete 4318/750
+1 EP
+150 Ryo

8175 TWC - +1 EP

3568/1500 - D to C Ninjutsu
2068/750 - Wind Release: Stream (Fūton: Nagare ~ 風遁・流れ)
1000/1500 - (Banked) Fuuinjutsu Tertiary Spec Training


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