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1 Preparations [Spar | Chigetsu] on Thu Nov 08, 2018 12:10 am



The time had come, the exams were here. The proverbial gong has rung and the boy had entered the Land of the Leaves. A rather soft name for a mighty village if someone asked Yoshito, but I digress. Yoshito was wearing a black compression shirt along with slightly baggy pants. He reached down to the pouch on his right leg and would feel for the impression of his three kunai and on the pouch on his left leg housed five shuriken. Yoshi made the necessary mental notes of these weapons should he need it and went about his business. Yoshito didn’t know exactly what to do while he was in this village other than wait for his battle to begin. He was never the type to go out of his way to train for something if he didn’t absolutely need something. But he would have to make an exception for these exams, everyone was making such a big fuss about it he decided he had to at least be a little prepared. He didn’t want to let down the village that gave him and his family refuge and safe harbor in their time of need.

Yoshito was always traveling with his family before settling down in Kirigakure so he was so familiar with being in a new village. The downpour that always cascaded the Village of the Mist would be nonexistent in this new country. Yoshito liked it much better. He wouldn’t be soaking wet by simply taking out the garbage or something, in fact, it hadn’t rained at all since he’s been here. The dry lands were alluring to the boy, it reminded him of when his family was out and about in search for a home, back to the good days of childish playing around just for the hell of it and not abiding by village rules.

As Yoshito walked the boy had come across a fenced in area with no signage explicitly stating what it was. His finger traced along the fence depressing into the holes of the many openings that a chain linked fence has. Yoshi’s eyes pierced the fence as he saw what was inside the open area. He could see trees and large boulders plunged into the earth scattered about randomly as well as some training dummies near the edge of the area. Is that…? Yoshi’s thoughts cut short as he came across an entrance into the area. The metal of the entrance clanged and scraped against the earth as he opened it. The sound once again reminding him that he wasn’t in Kirigakure anymore. In the Land of the Mist, the fence door would most assuredly be leaving indents into the muddy ground. Yoshito smiled as he entered the arena also inhaling deeply with a grand piano-sized smile. He made his way to the nearest boulder, in his mind Yoshito would stand here and train until the wheels fell off preparing for the exams. Flashes of a training montage would zoom past in his head as he was walking. Each stride planting firmly on the ground. He got to the boulder finally and punched it.

“Ow what the fuck why did I do that? I mean that’s a fucking rock god DAMMIT!”

Indeed, why did he do that?

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2 Re: Preparations [Spar | Chigetsu] on Wed Nov 14, 2018 10:43 pm

Chigetsu Hōzuki


This was not his first time in Konohagakure. It would likely not be his last. Still, he stood on guard. This was very much unlike his last experience at the Chunin Exams. He wasn’t able to get comfortable. He had been uncomfortable then, but for different reasons. Even though he was in what was technically an allied land, he stood donning his full armor. Of course it seemed hardly like armor to an onlooker. Silver regalia and ornaments, strewn across his body like art. His breastplate looked more like a decoration than anything with practical use. Silver was a silly metal to make an armor out of. It was too soft. He looked silly. In the humid jungles and forests of the Land of Fire metal armor was probably about as common as sweaters as well. That didn’t matter though. Ever since Sunagakure he couldn’t feel anything more than paranoid when outside of the Land of Water.

Even with his unease, Chigetsu would nearly break out into laughter once he saw the boy recoil away in shock from the boulder. His lips would be pressed into a fine line, bits of little giggles leaking out in puffs of air. “You’re supposed to jump on the boulders, not punch them!” He would call out across the arena to the boy who was now both in pain and likely very embarrassed. “They’re for you to keep your balance!”

He was keeping a close eye on the few genin from Kirigakure that had caught his eye. Yoshito Yuki had been one of them. They had been assigned together on a mission by happenstance, and in the process Chigetsu may have accidentally hit him with an A-Rank jutsu and sunk the ship that he had been on after allowing him to be kidnapped by pirates. Whoops. Little mistakes like that happen all the time. He surely couldn’t be blamed for it. That was just one of the dangers of fighting pirates. Even though it was obvious Chigetsu was completely in the right, he couldn’t help but feel a bit of responsibility for this boy now. Yoshito was a good one. He couldn’t help but want to make sure things turned out alright for him. Doing this by essentially stalking him probably wasn’t exactly the best method, but Chigetsu had his ways. His legs dangled down from the branch that he was sitting in, looking over the training arena that Yoshito had entered.

“Did you come here to train all alone, Yoshi? Don’t you have any friends to take with you?” He would smile as he teased the silly boy. “It’s no good to train alone, you know!” Following up what he said Chigetsu would drop down from his position on the tree branch. After landing gracefully down on his feet Chigetsu would hop forward towards Yoshito. “You’re not worried about the exams, are you?”



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3 Re: Preparations [Spar | Chigetsu] on Thu Nov 15, 2018 12:26 am



Yoshito’s head jerked upward as giggles flooded his ears. The boy’s cheeks flushed red with embarrassment. Did someone see that? Oh Hagoromo, that’s embarrassing He thought turning around looking for the person who witnessed the boy’s blunder. His hand throbbed at the pain reminding him of the stupidity the boy had just done, and right before the Chunin Exam too, that’s gonna hurt in the morning. The voice was familiar to Yoshito but he couldn’t exactly place it. But he could reduce the names on the list to only a few. “Yea, jump on them, got it.” Yoshito said as he reached for his kunai looking around the area at the same time. The boy put the kunai in front of his body, the blade facing the earth and the circular ended handle was pointing upward into the heavens. His feet were about shoulder width apart from one another and his knees bent slightly waiting for the voice to make it’s body physically visible to him. Just because he knew the voice was familiar doesn’t mean he couldn’t get ready just in case of some sort of ambush. He knew that, in the past, the Mist Village wasn’t at all known for their kindness toward their own but he also knew it was under new management and for the most part wasn’t like that anymore. At least, he could say that about the ones he has met so far.

Sero? No. This voice is much too bubbly to be that man, plus he didn’t insult me, couldn’t be Sero. Yoshito thought trying to narrow down the search for who this voice belonged to. Xiao? Definitely a possibility, that kid is wildly silly. Yoshito giggled himself after a second and placed the kunai back in his pouch allowing his legs to straighten and lean back onto the rock he had just punched with his bare fist. Yoshito crossed his arms at his breast as the corners of his mouth curled into a mischievous smile. He knew that if it was Xiao, whimsical actions were soon to follow. The voice then began to mock Yoshito only to further his suspicions of his little spider nin friend to be the true physical embodiment of the voice. The boy would only offer a laugh in response to his words. He must be asking if Yoshi had no friends because he could have been upset that Yoshi didn’t ask him to come train with him. In fact, he was going to train alone, he didn’t feel confident enough to ask one of his friends to come along with him and train by his side. Not for this mission, not for the end goal. Yoshito felt like they all needed to be on their own doing their own thing.

Then a body appeared. Well, a body would be kind of pushing it. This body could be more accurately compared to a piece of sheet metal standing strong in the wind. The sight actually kind of startled Yoshito, his hand twitched at the sight of someone appearing so quickly out of seemingly thin air. Yoshito’s own body sprung forward at the sight of this person also, due to being startled. It did a kind of jerking reaction before Yoshito laid it back on the side of the boulder nonchalantly hoping this person didn’t see his slight act of cowardice.

Yoshito turned his head off to the side in embarrassment to the man who entered his domain on this wonderful summer breeze of a day. “Pfft, worried about the exams? Me? Heeeeellllllll no.” Emphasizing the word hell to prove his point Yoshi then looked forward to see that the person who was intruding was Chigetsu. Flashbacks of their previous mission flew past his brain like a piece of paper in a tornado. “Chichi! I wasn’t expecting to see you here!” Yoshito went in to hug his self appointed sensei, hopefully he wouldn’t make it too awkward so that he would accept Yoshi’s hug with open arms and a light squeeze in return. “Wait, what are you doing here?” Yoshi pulled away before asking his friend. Last he remembered Chigetsu let loose a barrage of rampaging tentacles on a crew of poor pirates on their last endeavor. It was quite a sight to see, even the heavens flashed as if painting a picture for anyone near enough to take notice. After the hug and question Yoshi leaned back onto the boulder listening to Chigetsu’s answer as to exactly why he was here, the Chunin Exams were for genin after all. Chigetsu most definitely didn’t have to answer such a question but Yoshi was thoroughly confused and happy to see a higher ranking friend should he need someone powerful to stop his fight if it got out of hand.

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4 Re: Preparations [Spar | Chigetsu] on Mon Nov 19, 2018 11:20 pm

Chigetsu Hōzuki


Chigetsu would immediately giggle at Yoshito’s strong response. Somehow this boy always managed to have the cutest reactions. The hug as well was just completely adorable, he really wanted to justs pinch Yoshito’s cheeks like a grandma or something. The hug would be happily returned, Chigetsu squeezing his metal-coated arms around the boy. With the restricting armor it surely wouldn’t be that comfortable of a hug, but it was the thought that counted. Hugs weren’t something that were shared often in the world of shinobi. Little moments like this needed to be cherished. He would pat a hand down onto the boy’s head, affectionately ruffling up his hair with a grin. “You know, it’s perfectly fine to be worried about the exams! They’re a really big deal. You could be fighting in front of everyone in high intensity conditions. The people who win are sort of like celebrities! It’ll be the start of your professional ninja career.”

He would take a swaying step back as he was hit by that last question, feigning comically exaggerated shock. “What am I doing here? To see the Chunin Exams, of course! And furthermore, the great Chigetsu Hōzuki can go wherever he pleases! Whether it be Konoha, Kumo, or Suna!” Both arms would be crossed over his chest, and Chigetsu would stand proud and give a prideful puff through his nostrils down at the younger boy. “The entire world is open to me as a result of my magnificent power! Hahaha!” He would smirk down at Yoshito, who would obviously be awed by the majesty of the mighty Chigetsu. A lot of this bravado was something he could only manifest here, in front of Yoshito. It wasn’t just Yoshito specifically, but something about seeing these new innocent Genin gave him hope, and let him tap into a much less serious persona that enjoyed silly moments like these. It was almost therapeutic, allowing him to shove back the nervousness and depression that normally plagued him. “Although if you’re asking why I’m here specifically… As in why I’m right here where I’m standing… Well… Let’s just say...” He would pause for a moment, thinking about his answer. As he finally decided he would take a step closer and hush his breath, almost whispering what he was about to say. “This is hush hush, and all, but since it involves you I feel like you have a right to know… Some of the higher up, more important shinobi in Kirigakure have taken an interest in you. They think it would be good to watch your progress as you get closer to the exams.”

He would take a step back and smile, giving a knowing wink to the boy. At the same time he was holding back giggles though, his lips strained into a thin line. “Who are those important shinobi who are interested in you?” He would say, even though Yoshito hadn’t asked. “Why it’s the great Chigetsu Hōzuki, of course!” With that revealed he would dramatically point a finger at the boy and burst out into laughter. The dramatic tension of the moment broke loose like a balloon, popping into a joke that encapsulated Chigetsu’s strange sense of humor. “It was all a part of my master plan, to watch you before the exams! Mission success!” He was just being silly now.

“Buuuut… I see now that you look like you need some more help than I originally thought. You did so well in that mission we had together. I was really impressed, but seeing you now punch that rock like that…” He was obviously teasing the poor boy here, still intermixing bubbly giggles and laughter with his words. It was something he couldn’t help. “How are you going to get through the exams if that’s the sort of training you’ve been going through? You’ll be lucky to even get to the fighting portion if you spend your entire time beating up rocks, you know.”

“That’s why I’ve decided right now that the great Chigetsu Hōzuki,”
He would point a thumb back at himself, “is going to help prepare you for the exams! You’re going to be a top seed once I’m done with you, totally and completely prepared! We’ll do all sorts of fun training...” Devious thoughts rushed to his head.



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5 Re: Preparations [Spar | Chigetsu] Yesterday at 9:54 pm



Maybe it is okay to worry about the exams, if someone like Chigetsu could be worried, so can I. Yoshito thought as he listened to the grand Hozuki clan member. His pink hair was so vibrant now that there was no water pouring down atop his body. The armor he wore was beautifully shining in the sun shining down on the area. Chigetsu reached to Yoshito's head and ruffled up his hair to which Yoshi would flinch like a little brother to the man who stood before him. The hand quickly left the top of Yoshi's head as Chigetsu would take a step or two back allowing for full vision to the boy. He looked on his self-given sensei as he stated that he could go anywhere he wanted and he came here to view the Chunin exams for the village. Yoshi's mouth curled into a smile followed by laughter at Chi's statement. "Yea, I guess you're right Chi."

Yoshi's body was leaning on the boulder still as Chigetsu's statements were full of bellowing arrogance. It was refreshing for sure to see someone as high ranking as him have a good time. Yoshito's whole meaning for existence up until now was to make his friends and family laugh. Although he hasn't seen his family in quite some time he couldn't help but see Chigetsu as an older brother of sorts.

From his standing back stance, Chigetsu would then lean forward closer to Yoshito and lower his voice as if there were others around listening to them. It was a silly gesture but it was just Yoshi's style to have a little bit of fun when the time presented itself. Yoshi looked left to right and then lent his ear to Chigetsu listening intently because it seemed like what he was about to say would be important. Yoshito's eyes widened as he pondered to who would have their attention toward the young Yuki clan member. He didn't think he had done much to deserve a watchful eye yet Chigetsu was here saying the opposite, that some of the higher ranks within the Mist Village had their eyes set on the young boy and hoped he wouldn't let them down. Yoshi stepped back at the same time Chigetsu did, his body hitting the boulder and he put his thumb pointing to his chest region. "Me? Why me? I'm nothing special."  

Almost instinctive, Chigetsu would say it was him that was interested in watching Yoshito grow as a shinobi. Was all that a lie just then? Or was it his funnily clever way of saying that he was interested in Yoshito's progress? Either way, Yoshito would throw back his head laughing along with Chigetsu luckily enough not banging his head on the boulder that stood tall just behind him. "Mission success indeed Chichi" Yoshito said before Chi began speaking again. Even in a bubbly tone, Chigetsu's mocking stung only a little but it was true and he couldn't escape that fact. He had only truly trained with two people before these exams, granted he won the spars, he was nowhere near the level he should be representing the village that so gracefully took him and his family in.

Yoshito's head darted to the side with his lower lip above his top lip slightly, "Pfft, I don't need no help! But uh..." Yoshito paused for a moment hoping he didn't sway Chigetsu to think otherwise, "We can train if you wanna Chigetsu Sensei." Yoshi took his head to face Chigetsu again with a smile. He would then moved backward stomping over the boulder rather than the speedier moving around it for dramatic effect. Once he was directly behind the boulder he would grab a shuriken from his pouch on his thigh and launch it toward Chi, his new sensei. Yoshito then allowed one of his feet to find a hold on the boulder and launch himself at his new sensei, his body twisted for his back to be at Chigetsu as a burst of wind would exit his mouth propelling his body faster than before at Chi. As he was falling from the sky Yoshi grabbed a kunai from his pouch and because he decelerated he would bring it down on top of Chigetsu in a slashing motion.

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