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Clan Name: Hojouro
Location: Scattered
Specialization: Ninjutsu
Elements: N/A

Clan History: The Hojouro clan was founded shortly before the end of the Era of the Warring States by Seina Hojouro, a samurai trained in ninjutsu from the Land of Iron who was renowned not only for her swordsmanship but her kekkai genkai, the Kouingan, which she had passed on to her later descendants. Seina Hojouro's kekkai genkai, the Kouingan enabled her to negate and suppress her opponent's elemental chakra as well as see what element(s) her opponent possessed as well as the dojutsu enabling her to become an even more proficient swordswoman then compared to her peers' men and women alike. Seina having grown tired of the bloodshed and turmoil decided it was time for her newly found clan to seek a new home. Seina Hojouro worked actively towards the formation of Kusagakure and the new era of peace that was being ushered forth. The clan albeit small began to wander away from Kusagakure after Seina grew ill from a chakra virus and the persecution of bloodline users began started the scattering of the Hojouro across the elemental nations, where today some are not even aware they possess the bloodline of Hojouro, this is due to a large majority of the clan being hunted down to extinction for their clan's dojutsu.
Members: Seina Hojouro-(Founder)

Kekkei Genkai Name:Kouingan
Kekkei Genkai Description:

The Kouingan while powerful in its own right was never truly seen as an equal to the three great dojutsus. The Kouingan would never manifest unless the right amount of combat stress/trauma and chakra levels were met. The Kouingan grants the user incredible eyesight and larger visual field which enables them to see fast-moving objects allowing them to dodge and anticipate an opponent's movement, in addition, allows the user to see what element(s) the opposition is in possession of allowing them to counter with an appropriate response.

Fire = Red
Wind = Green
Earth = Brown
Water = Blue
Lightning = Yellow

C-rank: Requires 3000 WC and 500 ryo to unlock (can be learned as a D-rank). After activating the eyes power surges throughout the body of the wielder granting them a +1 boost to their reaction time and speed while active. Furthermore their vision is improved, granting them the ability to perceive the primary element of a person. This level requires 5 chakra per post to maintain.

B-rank: Requires 5000 wc and 1000 ryo to unlock (can be learned as a C-rank). The empowered version of the eye, bestowing more powers to the user, increasing their passive boosts to +2 in reaction time and speed while active. Furthermore their elemental affinity is boosted even further allowing them to see the primary and secondary element of a person. This level requires 5 chakra per post to maintain.

A-rank: Requires 7500 wc and 2000 ryo to unlock (can be learned as a B-rank). This is the final version of the eye. Granting the user the ultimate strength it holds. Granting the user +3 in reaction time and speed while active. Furthermore their elemental recognition has developed to such a point that they can see all elements a person holds, furthermore they can tell what element is being used when a jutsu is channeled. Finally upon reaching this level to eye unlocks its true power, the ability to negate other jutsu it can see. However these techniques may not be higher than the users own ninja rank and comes at the cost of the negated jutsu cost +10. This effect can only be used once every other post.


Genjutsu Frailty: The major flaw of the Kouingan is its inability to distinguish reality with genjutsu. The majority of the Hojouro clan are quite weak against genjutsu users and for the few who try and make an effort to counter this weakness still end up failing. Hojouro clan members are unable to use genjutsu and receive +2 damage from genjutsu

Elemental Genius: Due to each clan member possessing a varying in elemental affinities the user must have prior knowledge of the element (User must own the element) for it not to strain their eyes, for each jutsu negation of an element the user doesn't own the chakra cost is that of the jutsu being negated +20

Occular Tunnel: For the cost of seeing in so much detail and the speed granted by the clans doujustu they become rather linear in some instances of combat or training to the the point of tunnel vision. whichever the cause is from, -1 to perception from non-visual cues to anything not in the user's field of view.

Clan Scarceness: The clan's numbers have dwindled to near extinction, as the previous generation usually trains the next this is no longer the case. As such due to members not being able to train with previous users once they are able to activate their eyes they receive a permanent -1 to endurance.

Name: Hesitant (Element)
Type: Negative
Description: This person has a comfort zone that he/she doesn't like to venture out of. Learning a new field of techniques can be scary, and this ninja puts it off, ignores it, or lacks the affinity. This individual cannot have a fourth element.

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The entire clan needs a lot more concrete numbers. As an example, you can't say "The user receives reaction time and speed while active and chakra each post" instead it should be more something like "The user receives +2 reaction time and speed while the eyes are active". Also I'm quite unsure what you mean by the bit "chakra each post".

So in general, give more concrete numbers and then re-submit this in the clan modding request thread, found here:

If you have any questions, feel free to pm me.


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