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Mission Details:
Mission name: Of Oak and Pine, Part Two
Mission rank: C
Objective: Kill off the remaining Saboteurs and disperse their hideout.
Location: Kiri
Reward: 300 Ryo
Mission Description: Having successfully repelled the saboteurs, follow them and kill their leader, forcing the survivors to disband or die.
Mission Details: Track the criminals back to their hideout, kill the remaining four saboteurs, but specifically the gang's leader, a former Kiri shinobi. Be weary, she is was a chunin when she left Kirigakure.

Name: Ringleader
Age: 20-30
General Appearance: White haired woman, with a crossed out Kiri headband, wares a black kimono.
Personality: Strategist, Cruel
Motivations: Anarchy, Anti-Kiri
Fears: Death, Loss of Personal Power
Other: Carries a C rank katana, two dozen senbon, and three flash grenades. She has B rank Chakra Flow, C rank Medical Ninjutsu, and specializes in Water Release techniques. Her Speed and Reaction Time are C-2, the rest of her stats are D-3.

Name: Saboteur
Age: 20-30
General Appearance: Tall hooded men wearing brown cloaks and black clothes
Personality: Aggressive, Proud
Motivations: Anarchy, Anti-Kiri
Fears: Death, misery, pain, loss, death of friends and family
Other: C rank privateers, each carry a C rank blade and a Molotov Cocktail able to deal 3rd degree burns and coat an area in 4m squared of fire. Each have D-2 Stats.

Of Oak and Pine, Part Two (Private) Tumblr_static_filename_640_v2
~ Theme Song ~

Kaito wiped the blood from his hands onto the grass, even as the blood covering his face, neck, and chest had already dried. With multiple confirmed kills between him and Akiyama, they had already repelled the attack on the outpost, thus completing their mission in full. Yet still, both Kaito and Akiyama felt the need to hunt down the remaining saboteurs, rooting out the issue and putting an end to the criminals. In Mizu no Kunai the punishment for such crimes as the ones committed by the men the two shinobi were after only had one outcome, death. The two genin were more than authorized to execute anyone that posed a threat on their mission or commit such heinous crimes against the honest people of the Land of Waves.

Having just finished interrogating their former captive, you sat in the grass propped up against a tree trunk, dead from blood loss, Kaito had managed to get two very important pieces of information from the man. The group's leader was a former shinobi of Kirigakure no Sato, a chunin who had gone rogue. Fitting then, that she find her end at the hands of two Kiri-nin, as no one abandoned their duty to the people of Kirigakure and lived to brag about it for long. The second piece of information was the location of the gang's hideout, though the directions weren't entirely precise, as towards the end torturing the information out of the man had left him rather delirious. "Apologies if you have a weak stomach Akiyama, such things do tend to get messy." Kaito said, cleaning the senbon in his hand with the shirt of the man he'd just tore apart. Senbon might not so a ton of damage compared to swords or other weapons, but in the hands of a proper medical-nin, they were one of the most dangerous and deadly tools of a shinobi.

"He told me their hideout lie between two different groves, each on the other side of a river. Appernely one grove is made up of pine and the other is oak. Shouldn't be two difficult to find if we follow the river until we see the two types of trees on either side." From there, Kaito had little information to go on, as the captive had died to fast for Kaito to get him to tell the genin where the actual entrance to the hideout was located, or if it was even hidden. If it was in the open, all the better, but if hidden the two genin would have to snoop around and find it, though that would likely lead to their targets catching wind of their activities, either setting up an ambush or fleeing before Kaito and Akiyama could locate and kill the group's ringleader.

Whoever the woman was, Kaito was fairly certain that if she went down, so to would the gang follow suit. Afterall, cut of the head if you want to kill a snake. Kaito wasn't particularly interested in why these sabutorers were doing what they were, but the former chunin worried him slightly. How far had she gone to brainwash these men into following her? Was she just some fool that had run off to seek out a little corner of the world where she could play queen, or was there something else there, something deeper where she had intention, plans to make a move against Kirigakure no Sato? Firstly, Kaito and Akiyama would kill her, putting any such concerns to rest with the dead, but Kaito would also be interested in learning if the woman was actually working towards something larger than simply criminal activity.

"Ready to head out? The river is about ten minutes from here based on what the map of the island said, luckily we know the hideout will be further inland, so we know which direction to head in." Kaito spoke before collecting his various senbon, putting them back into his small satchel before moving in the direction of the river. So far Akiyama had done well, but the upcoming conflict was guaranteed to be more difficult than the blubbering idoits they had already faced. Surely there would be the rest of the sabuters to deal with, but the real threat was the ringleader. It was one thing to know she was a chunin, but that didn't do much in the way of letting either Kaito or Akiyama to know how much of a threat she could prove to be. Depending on how long she had been a chunin and how advanced her training had been would go miles toward helping the two genin formulate a plan, but all Kaito had manged to get from the captive before he died was that she preferred to wield a katana in combat.

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