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Mission name: Exhibition Match
Mission rank: D
Objective: Perform a spectacle of combat.
Location: Konohagakure no Sato -> Any Notable Location
Reward: 150 Ryo + 1 EP.
Mission Description: The festivities surrounding the exams are brought forth by a sportsmanship and drive to witness combat; new abilities or items and ingenious strategies. Keep the audience captive for the main event by stoking the flames of intrigue!
Mission Details: You can take this mission only at a rank equal to your own rank, and this mission must be taken alongside another player. The bout in question must qualify for the Guidelines' rules on combat, and thus must be at least 2 posts long. Do your best to exemplify your skills and execute creative maneuvers - it's all a show!

At the end of the mission, you and your opponent must decide who wins for the purposes of the mission; the winner puts Victory Count: 1 at the end of their exit post. The next time a victor takes this mission, they link their previous Exhibition Match to the first post of the next one.

For each Exhibition Match you win in a row, you gain one stacking extra EP from each successive match you win.

Example Exhibition Streaks wrote:Genin:

  • Victory 1: 1 EP
  • Victory 2: 2 EP
  • Victory 3: 3 EP
  • Victory 4: 4 EP
  • Loss: 1 EP

Special Jōnin:

  • Victory 1: 3 EP
  • Victory 2: 4 EP
  • Victory 3: 5 EP
  • Loss: 3 EP
  • Victory 1: 3 EP

If you take this mission and later choose not to use the WC towards the mission (thus failing it), you break your streak.

If you take this mission and later choose not to use the WC towards the mission (thus failing it), you break your streak.

Yoshi grinned as he stepped out onto the stage for the chuunin exams. The crowd up and above them went wild at the sight of the new fighters approaching. It had been a long day of festivities around Konohagakure, and with all of the tension that was rippling through the shinobi world, it was refreshing to see a harmless match like this take place a few days before the event began in earnest. The people who had travelled so far wanted to see a real match to sate their appetites, and by golly, it seemed like they were going to get one! It was under these circumstances and goals that Yoshi had been given the nod to appear before the audience to hype up the matches that would soon take place. It was a bit surreal for the teen. He didn't know how far he'd make it through the tournament, for all he knew he'd get smotched in the first round! The chance to settle his nerves through a harmless and good-intentioned match like this was appreciated.

This smaller side-arena wasn't as big as the location for the coming matches. It was fairly simple in comparison truth be told, intended for lesser and smaller-scale fights like this. The arena was a plain dirt pit that was circular with 30 meters from the middle to the outer walls which in turn ran roughly 15 meters up before reaching the stands where the observors sat and watched the fight. From one side of the circle, Yoshi had stepped out onto the dirt, walking forwards a tad as he took in the wall of sound around him. It certainly felt strange to have spent much of his life working by himself and living in a self-imposed isolation to suddenly be cheered this way. He wouldn't lie, it felt good. He managed a small wave to the people in attendance as he looked to his opponent who would walk out from the opposite side of the arena. Yoshi would come to a halt 15 meters from his opponent, stopping at an equal distance whilst the proctor blinked from seemingly nowhere to nod towards the two.

"This is an exhibition match. Put on a show, not a brawl to the death. Keep 'em happy and keep 'em buying more sake-fufu. Figure out which one of you'll be the 'victor' of the fight. I don't really care, I'm not getting paid enough for this stuff as it is-fufufu" the Special Jonin stated, looking first to Yoshi and then his opponent. Right, they would hold back to avoid any lethal damage. It was a bit of a relief to hear that, it would certainly be annoying to have be injured so close to the beginning of the exams. Yoshi nodded to the referee, and then to his opponent. They'd work to put on a good show for the crowd. The Genin raised a clenched fist out as if to do a fist-bump through the air, "I know we gotta pretend to beat each other up but I'm glad to meet you whilst fighting!" he stated, a sage'y 15 year old nod of approval ringing through his own ears. He would make the most out of this no matter what!

With that, following a moment for the other fighter to say his remarks, the Special Jonin raised his hand up above him before chopping the air in front of him. "Begin!" he shouted, stiring the mob into a frenzy. With that, the fight would begin!



Futon: S, Raiton: C ///// Ninjutsu: S, Chakra Flow: B

Yoshihiro Joe ~ Jutsu Reg ~ Jutsu List ~ Training Stats ~ Items ~ Plot and Threads



This truly wasn’t like me.

Festivals? I could partake just fine. It was the anonymity that a crowd provided  which led me to some semblance of comfort. When I found myself among them. The act of getting in front of a crowd and having my name announced perturbed me to no small degree. And I suppose that was why I was still in my hotel room even when the knowledge of the timeslot I had signed up for poked the back of my mind. The futon rolled against the the wall gave ample reminders that now was no time for rest. It was fresh in my mind, the lack of discretion in that burning building. The name I’d given and not taken away. That was my motivation for today - and for those to come. Fresh purpose drove me to put myself in a situation my body and mind reviled.

Getting up on a stage, and then having to engage in direct combat with no alternative due to the expectation of a match. Arms, legs, all the same they froze at the prospect. Revealing myself and doing something I both was bad at and generally disliked….no sort of easy day for me.

And, of course, at the scheduled time, my opponent had likely made their way to the fighting arena, which I’d inspected two nights ago to discover it was a plain elevated stone ring. Nothing would interfere with the combatants’ fight either practically or to divert attention away from them. They were the spectacles today, after all. It was my wish that he didn’t feel too odd standing there for a few moments, his opponent not anywhere in sight.

A sizable length of fabric drifted above the arena, let fly by an unknown person from an unknown location - it seemed to the onlookers to drift from the sky above, without source or reason. About to make contact with the stage, a form seemed to fill the space below the rags; not to the eye looking below, but simply as an outline over which it draped. Even mid-movement there was seemingly no one underneath. The figure rose from its low crouch after being completely covered, a body revealing itself from under the swath.

A wave of unease swept through the crowd - not fear, just confusion as to the competitor. My stance - my left foot pointed toward my opponent and my right slightly spaced away at a near-right angle - should have given him no illusions about what was happening here.

Yet it all was. I’d already been to the side of the stage to enter, to the west of both of us, on the left side compared to where he’d entered. I’d already marked it, memorized it. I had to be careful. Even my greatest abilities were nothing compared to what those in the Exams had thus far demonstrated, and it was either giving these people a show or K.O.'ing the kid. Not good for my rep if I do it....

Not that I'm under my own name. Last name Di, given name O was in the ring now, and he wouldn't care much. He wasn't even of my own appearance, his hair blond and wavy where mine was smoot and sable. He even had a bit more meat on his bones than I, not that it afforded any combat ability.

All I could do was prep my best countermeasures. I assailed him with everything I had, under the assumption he couldn't see any of it. Normally genin were beyond this sort of the moment he was within five meters, he'd be chock full of an energy he couldn't even detect.

And I'd wait for the right times to trigger it.



Name: Juxtaposition Technique | 並置の術 Heichi no Jutsu
Canon/Custom: Custom.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary | Nenjutsu
Range: Prepared location in the user's line of sight. Genjutsu range: All.
Specialty: Iryōjutsu | Genjutsu
Duration: 1 post preparation. Infinite postponement, Instant activation.
Cooldown: 6 posts after activation.
Description: Learning this technique replaces the necessity of, and prevents the user from knowing, the Kawarimi no Jutsu.

This technique requires that the user memorize the feel of the immediate surroundings within .5m of themselves; this costs 5 chakra, and must be done 1 post in advance. The user can pay this chakra multiple times to have multiple choices for destinations; once activated, however, all such preparation is lost (for the purposes of future use).

Activating this jutsu for another 5 chakra, the user energizes their muscles and moves at untraceable speed for just a moment. This acts as a trigger to a genjutsu on all those who can see the user's original position, causing the user to seem to have been hit by the attack. A physical assailant will even feel mass behind their supposed target, and the false image of the user will even show signs of natural impact, such as bleeding. After a short period, the user's double will evaporate or otherwise vanish, and the user will appear in their designated location, accompanied by audible sounds of movement, such as the swish of air rushing past them.

This technique causes the user to move at speeds untraceable to human perception, and therefore even the user cannot coordinate attacks during the movement, or activate any other jutsu. They, however, can maneuver near someone and then attack them after the fast-movement is finished.


Name: Lightning Release, Spasm Attacks | 雷遁・発作
Raiton - Hossa
Canon/Custom: Custom.
Rank: D.
Type: Supplementary | Nenjutsu
Element: Lightning.
Range: Orbs are created within 5m and reach the same distance.
Specialty: Iryōjutsu.
Duration: Orbs last up to 5 posts. Each spasm is Instantaneous-1 post.
Cooldown: Duration +2 posts.
Description: This technique involves the user creating 6"-diameter spherical projectiles within 1m of themselves; they can create and shoot up to 10 of these at 1m/s in an attempt to hit the targets. The orbs can stop in place and re-'fire' after one second.

These projectiles appear as round distortions in the air, are barely visible, and otherwise intangible and inaudible. They can't be detected except visually by C-1 Perception, or tier-3 Perception of the user's rank (whichever is lower).

After being struck by one of these spheres, the user can cause a victim's peripheral nervous system to begin randomly firing at their mental command. The resulting spasm can be as small as an opening and closing of the hand or a 1" shift of a limb, or as large as a complete swing or kick; it might last for a split moment or endure for multiple seconds. The user decides which body part (usually a limb) spasms and at which times (once per hit with an orb); the person on the receiving end gets to decide in what manner this technique affects them - how and how much within the stated parameters.

You can reduce two of the following to raise the remaining one.

The range can be reduced to 5m or increased to 40m.

The number of spheres created by the technique can be reduced to 2 or increased to 10.

The speed can be reduced to 1m/s or increased to 15m/s.




What was even happening right now?

Yoshi looked at the opposite side of the exhibition stage, narrowing his eyes as he looked for his opponent. The signal to start the battle had already been given, yet so far as the boy could tell his opponent hadn't so much as appeared to give a loud sneeze at the command. It was a tad frustrating really. The crowd seemingly was just as confused as the teen in the ring, looking around or grumbling about just what exactly this fight as meant to be if nobody showed up for the fight. Thankfully, the proctor saw clearly through the deception that the Chunin was using, though didn't so much as crack a smile as to give the maneuver away. Instead, he simply had a bored and tired look on his face, staring off into space ahead of him.

The sight of the cloth falling from the sky, appearing in Yoshi's line of sight suddenly, was seemingly benign. It gradually fluttered down to the arena, rippling gently with the cool autumn breeze, before coming to a stop by wrapping over the crouched form of an invisible man. Yoshi's eyes went wide at the sight. Was this some sort of genjutsu that he had been placed under from before the match? He was sure that he hadn't seen anyone standing there before, yet his eyes couldn't betray what he and the rest of the crowd saw: the figure of the enigmatic opponent who now stood before Yoshi.

The blond and musuclar figure took a fighting stance with his side facing Yoshi. Being a Genin, and thus posessing limited physical ability, the invisible balls of energy that the stranger sent towards YoJo were virtually undetected by the wind-nin. Instead, Yoshi would opt to both put on a show as well as launch into an offensive right off the bat. He didn't know what kind of a shinobi he was facing, but from the way he had entered, he surely had to have been some form of Genjutsu user. It wasn't that good for YoJo, he had always slept through those lessons at the Ninja Academy.

The boy rushed forwards with a burst of his natural speed, running at 9 m/s towards his opponent. A hand went down to grab at a kunai, throwing it forwards with a trace of his chakra at the strange ninja. The closing distance would cause the boy to run headlong into the invisible orbs of energy, unable to see them whatsoever. For now, he wanted to test what kind of a fighter his opponent might be. The kunai would be aimed at the shnobi's torso and hips, honing in on their center of gravity and moving at a somewhat awkward elevation. Should The other male either block or evade this first attack, Yoshi would activate the second part of this relatively simple jutsu, redirecting the projectile with a rush of wind that would shoot at the teen and aim to strike at him from a blind spot whilst focusing on YoJo.


- 9 m/s burst of speed due to D3 speed stat

Name: Wind Release: Fool's Gambit
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Offensive
Element: Futon
Range: 15m
Specialty: Chakra Control/Ninjutsu
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 3 posts
Description: The user imbues a projectile with a charge of Futon before throwing it. As the item, usually a shuriken or kunai, flies through the air, his ability can be activated again without requiring a hand signal. Upon activation, the charge of Futon will explode to life, instantly propelling the projectile in the desired direction at a speed of 15 m/s up to 15 meters. Regardless of the momentum or initial direction of the thrown object, it will always shoot at its maximum speed towards the target, allowing for some seemingly impossible angles and slight of hand tactics. The one major downside of this ability is that the user needs to have a visual of that it is they are trying to redirect the item towards before activating the charge of Futon, as doing so without it would make it nigh impossible to make an accurate shot.


Futon: S, Raiton: C ///// Ninjutsu: S, Chakra Flow: B

Yoshihiro Joe ~ Jutsu Reg ~ Jutsu List ~ Training Stats ~ Items ~ Plot and Threads



I somehow was getting into persona. A confident, straight-standing, chest-puffing icon who wanted to show what he was capable of.  It might have been that it was a coping mechanism, just something to get my mind off that I had to do it. Or perhaps fitting into the shoes of someone not entirely real was just the thing to amuse me after so many nights thinking of how none of this existed in the true sense either. A spectacle was expected, and their hopes would not be dashed. The young man dashed forward at the best of his ability, his black locks and loose garb fwipped hither and thither in rapid succession by the air currents which raced past. My recourses grew fewer as he approached, the ring offering me little respite in the way of actually dodging such a figure.

My ruse had passed without a hint of detection from neither the one who was to fall into it nor seemingly the one meant to oversee us. Was she simply trying to be impartial or disinterested enough to not notice subtle moves like these? His advance was punctuated in slight by an errant hand, reaching for that pouch every shinobi knew well. Just as he was within my range, the ten orbs converged upon him en masse; his limbs would not obey him, the normally trivial throw jerked off-target in one way or another. His legs were next, each of his lower limbs wobbling or flailing beneath him. If the initial few did not suffice, the spasms would continue until he crumpled to the floor. And yet, this move was not sudden, not un-telegraphed; a cloaked figure, much like the fabric that I had doffed upon my entrance, was interfering. The actual shawl, upon another’s inspection of my environs, would in fact be nowhere to be seen. The show began, my opponent becoming tangled in the snare set for him as I thought of my next move.

When he hit the ground, the jarring feeling would, with any hope, distract from the shiver up his spine. Strafing over to his right, I anticipated his brown eyes searching for me again, and when the movements of his torso and head gave me such an indication, I laid my next ability out for him - no bait necessary, he was already caught.

"Ho. Charge right at an opponent that fell from the sky? Please tell me you have a little more to offer."

My facsimile persona became slightly more flamboyant, an aura of menace sweeping around the arena as that cloaked figure hovered behind me, transparent to him and invisible to all the rest. This little exchange would not come without reciprocation, as whatever he felt his power to be, it would surely manifest in turn. I, however, could expect something like this. This battle was on my terms, and as long as it was, I had a chance of victory, even being a non-combat-type.

500 | 1140

Name: 100% False Positive | 負永ん中 Feinchu
Canon/Custom: Custom.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary | Nenjutsu
Range: Self - Detection.
Specialty: Iryōjutsu | Genjutsu
Duration: Instant.
Cooldown: 2 posts.
Description: This technique is a manipulation of the body's internal chakra flow. By taking a certain stance, making hand seals, or any other visible, obvious method available to mould chakra, this technique accelerates the body's internal chakra flow, causing a visible exuding to onlookers. To chakra sensors, the caster seems to be moulding and amassing enough chakra to cast a technique of 1 rank higher than their normal maximum for their rank, a byproduct of Genjutsu specifically targeted towards sensors. Even those in the general vicinity that can detect the caster can discern they're preparing something, and the user might even visibly emit chakra. This technique's chakra cost comes from the fact that moulding so much chakra isn't an entirely undo-able process; even though they can get away with recovering some of their energies, this technique is wasteful nonetheless, with no tangible direct result.

This jutsu can be used as an alternate trigger for techniques such as "Pastiche" that imitate jutsu, since its farce that the user is preparing a technique is a natural segue. When it does so, that technique can imitate jutsu of 1 rank higher than normal, can imitate any jutsu or even make new ones rather than those the user has seen, and can't be dispelled by pain.

Because the manipulation is transferred reflexively by bioelectricity upon detection, even though others can detect the user is molding chakra, they can't discern that those detecting the user are under a subtle Genjutsu.

Name: Absent Illusion, Captive Imagination | 非幻・脳囚 Higen - Nōshū
Canon/Custom: Custom.
Rank: D.
Type: Supplementary | Nenjutsu
Element: None.
Range: Up to 2 targets within 20m.
Specialty: Genjutsu | Iryōjutsu
Duration: Indefinite postponement. Up to 3 posts (cancel at-will).
Cooldown: Non-postponed duration +2 posts.
Description: Requires the "Telepathy" ability. This technique is activated by a direct emitting of the user's bioelectric field, allowing them to whisper into the target's subconscious; while below the notice of the conscious mind, it does cause a distinct tingling sensation down the backs of those affected. The user can wait any amount of time before engaging the true effect of this technique. It can be dispelled at any time via Kai, even during its postponement, should the target suspect they are under a Genjutsu.

The user envelops the victims in their bioelectric field to execute its effects. While this technique is triggered like most Genjutsu, because it uses bioelectric fields to influence a target's subconscious directly rather than controlling chakra, their chakra flow will not be disturbed as if under normal illusions.

Once activated, the target's eyes become cataleptically paralyzed as the subconscious mind believes it (and thus the victim) is unable to move them. They have full control over their eyelids, neck, and all other parts of their body, but their eyes cannot move; the user is free to selectively release and reimplement the paralysis on certain eye muscles, allowing them to dictate whether targets can't move their eyes, say, up, down, left or right. (The target is free to move their eyes in any direction the paralysis doesn't apply, however.)

Because one's extraocular muscles are relatively weak and can't be meaningfully strengthened, this jutsu has no method of resistance other than pain of C-rank or an appropriate use of Genjutsu Kai. (Its use undoes the spell by reassuring the victim that they're "free" of the illusion.)




The risk he took was calculated, but man, Joe was bad at math.

He was running, sprinting at the stranger, certain that he could close the gap quick enough to blitz him down before he could react or do much of anything. This wasn't an official match, and as his fight with Yasu had proved, playing on the defensive was a war or attrition that he'd lose sooner rather than later. He had to get used to fighting on the offensive, and even if he lost here, there was no harm in trying out new tactics that could help him in a fight. Experience was the greatest teacher and all that. He wanted to win, he wanted to throw all the marbles even if it meant risking having them roll into the gutter and getting laughed at by the schoolyard bullies pointing at him for being a dummy.

Unfortunately, it was the latter scenario that YoJo found hitting closest to home. Like a pathetic looking muppet flopping its legs around uncontrollably, the boy felt his lower body start pulsating wildly as he ran headlong towards his opponent. What in the world was happening? He didn't have any time to try and react, he had to keep himself balanced and focused. Yet, no matter his vigilance, his legs simply continued to give out underneath him. Had he been caught in a genjutsu? No, he couldn't have- he would've surely seen some sort of chakra pulse or some other form of projectile... Maybe this was just his body yelling at him to rest after the severe training he had put it through.

Regardless of the reason, YoJo was left falling forwards onto his chest, skidding along the ground with a loud, "OOF" before coming to a halt. Yikes, that wasn't the best start to this fight. He could hear the sounds of the other shinobi dashing about, remaining nearby as it circled behind him into his blindspot. Alarm bells were ringing in YoJo's head. This guy was using the same kind of tactical prowess and split-second decision-making that the Genin prided himself on, and was currently outclassing him rather noticeably.

YoJo exhaled what air was in his lungs in a rush, a sudden burst of Futon meeting the ground in front of him. The sudden stream of wind was powerful enough to hastily throw the teen back up onto his feet, spinning him on his left foot as he turned with his right side, arms raised in a guard, to look at the other man. Rule number one of being a crafty fighter, always have your eye on the cards... And right now, it was a rule that was coming back to bite YoJo as he felt his eyes lock in place upon laying his gaze on the other fighter. It didn't take long at all to deduce the trap that had been laid for him. There was no more hiding it now, "You're a genjutsu specialist, aren't you?" YoJo asked, the realization coming through in his voice.

This was bad news, his fighting style was naturally susceptible to genjutsu specialists- he hit hard and fast, from a medium to close range, and that was the right sweet spot for someone like Hika to keep a firm handle on him. YoJo wanted to end things quick, and so came up with his next plan of action on the spot. The opponent was already near him, close enough for the Genin to counterattack.

The Genin formed the bird hand-seal, causing a sudden puff of Futon to generate a trio of cartoonish looking birds that squaked and squeaked in the air. With a metal command, YoJo launched them forwards. One would fly towards Hika from his left side, one from his right, and one would charge him head on. Given the birds could move at a speed of 25 m/s, and the rather short distance between them both, YoJo would bet that the other shinobi would only have the time to destroy one of them before the other two knocked him airborne. Once that happened, the shinobi would be in the sky, right in the Genin's own element and where he could turn the tide. Standing at an angle though with his eyes fixed to looking right was difficult, but if he could land just one jutsu, he had confidence to weave the succeeding ones out of force of habit. He was a combo fighter, after all.



Futon: S, Raiton: C ///// Ninjutsu: S, Chakra Flow: B

Yoshihiro Joe ~ Jutsu Reg ~ Jutsu List ~ Training Stats ~ Items ~ Plot and Threads



I wasn’t going to screw this up. For once all eyes were on me and the attention was positive. This sort of experience was not a dime a dozen - savoring it was the least I could do to honor the crowd that had gathered here to spectate. And certainly no less respect to my opponent; he had made time and preparation for this moment as much as they did, though far more than myself. Perhaps it was only proper to give him a better fight than I had originally anticipated. This was already an effort, and motivation rarely crept up on me like this. It was time to pull out the big guns.

Exactly according to plan, as some might say. The imperceptibility of my ploy made it impossible for those similar to my own abilities, no matter how talented, to detect the nature or form of abilities I deployed. His confusion was evident as his body wouldn’t obey his demands, his opponent’s legs and even eyes rebelling as the realization came upon him. The odd stance he took to attempt maintenance of eye contact was conducive here - the lack of familiarity with this body positioning would be even more advantageous. However, I wouldn’t grace his query with a response, a smirk and a raised right brow marking my answer. As my friendly-foe whipped his hands together for a seal, he would find yet again that his body struggled - the last few of my orbs activated in his forearms and hands, delaying his formation of the Bird seal for but a moment. In that time, I could prepare myself. All three of the avian attackers hit me square-on, my body tossed to the winds - yet at the crest of my ascent, my body seemed to dissipate into wisps, blown into a delicate mist by the gusts above. My true self, as if never having moved, stood expectantly, yet moving an arm slowly from my side.

Lacking in offensive power myself, this was just supposed to be a spectacle.

You are missing something important. Learn now what that is.

My finger skyward, a point of light expanded from the open air above us; from it roared forth an orb of indescribable energy, large enough to cast a shadow over the whole stage should it have been of stone. The crackle of lightning, an aura like flame, and yet foreboding and without substance - Dark? Light? The entire illusion was pointless without some theatrics. And I would deliver.

Whether I actually wanted to end this match here was another story. I could have easily caused the pain to persist until he was actually cured of his suffering instead of the slowly fading illusory injuries. But this

Seeing his gaze lifting from my gesture and the spectacle, I took my chance. The moment he returned his line of sight to me, I was gone - a bellowing laughter resounded from above. As I descended from a height achieved by means unknown to my adversary, I took that orb with me; the entire stage would be obliterated if he didn't block or counter it. Or so he thought. I was, in fact, standing to the side, not hidden by normal means but by the simple mundaneness of my presence. There was something much bigger happening now.
Such wonders.

560 | 1700


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