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1 I Couldn't Think of a Pun [Exhibition/Hika] on Fri Nov 09, 2018 3:20 am



Mission name: Exhibition Match
Mission rank: D
Objective: Perform a spectacle of combat.
Location: Konohagakure no Sato -> Any Notable Location
Reward: 150 Ryo + 1 EP.
Mission Description: The festivities surrounding the exams are brought forth by a sportsmanship and drive to witness combat; new abilities or items and ingenious strategies. Keep the audience captive for the main event by stoking the flames of intrigue!
Mission Details: You can take this mission only at a rank equal to your own rank, and this mission must be taken alongside another player. The bout in question must qualify for the Guidelines' rules on combat, and thus must be at least 2 posts long. Do your best to exemplify your skills and execute creative maneuvers - it's all a show!

At the end of the mission, you and your opponent must decide who wins for the purposes of the mission; the winner puts Victory Count: 1 at the end of their exit post. The next time a victor takes this mission, they link their previous Exhibition Match to the first post of the next one.

For each Exhibition Match you win in a row, you gain one stacking extra EP from each successive match you win.

Example Exhibition Streaks wrote:Genin:

  • Victory 1: 1 EP
  • Victory 2: 2 EP
  • Victory 3: 3 EP
  • Victory 4: 4 EP
  • Loss: 1 EP

Special Jōnin:

  • Victory 1: 3 EP
  • Victory 2: 4 EP
  • Victory 3: 5 EP
  • Loss: 3 EP
  • Victory 1: 3 EP

If you take this mission and later choose not to use the WC towards the mission (thus failing it), you break your streak.

If you take this mission and later choose not to use the WC towards the mission (thus failing it), you break your streak.

Yoshi grinned as he stepped out onto the stage for the chuunin exams. The crowd up and above them went wild at the sight of the new fighters approaching. It had been a long day of festivities around Konohagakure, and with all of the tension that was rippling through the shinobi world, it was refreshing to see a harmless match like this take place a few days before the event began in earnest. The people who had travelled so far wanted to see a real match to sate their appetites, and by golly, it seemed like they were going to get one! It was under these circumstances and goals that Yoshi had been given the nod to appear before the audience to hype up the matches that would soon take place. It was a bit surreal for the teen. He didn't know how far he'd make it through the tournament, for all he knew he'd get smotched in the first round! The chance to settle his nerves through a harmless and good-intentioned match like this was appreciated.

This smaller side-arena wasn't as big as the location for the coming matches. It was fairly simple in comparison truth be told, intended for lesser and smaller-scale fights like this. The arena was a plain dirt pit that was circular with 30 meters from the middle to the outer walls which in turn ran roughly 15 meters up before reaching the stands where the observors sat and watched the fight. From one side of the circle, Yoshi had stepped out onto the dirt, walking forwards a tad as he took in the wall of sound around him. It certainly felt strange to have spent much of his life working by himself and living in a self-imposed isolation to suddenly be cheered this way. He wouldn't lie, it felt good. He managed a small wave to the people in attendance as he looked to his opponent who would walk out from the opposite side of the arena. Yoshi would come to a halt 15 meters from his opponent, stopping at an equal distance whilst the proctor blinked from seemingly nowhere to nod towards the two.

"This is an exhibition match. Put on a show, not a brawl to the death. Keep 'em happy and keep 'em buying more sake-fufu. Figure out which one of you'll be the 'victor' of the fight. I don't really care, I'm not getting paid enough for this stuff as it is-fufufu" the Special Jonin stated, looking first to Yoshi and then his opponent. Right, they would hold back to avoid any lethal damage. It was a bit of a relief to hear that, it would certainly be annoying to have be injured so close to the beginning of the exams. Yoshi nodded to the referee, and then to his opponent. They'd work to put on a good show for the crowd. The Genin raised a clenched fist out as if to do a fist-bump through the air, "I know we gotta pretend to beat each other up but I'm glad to meet you whilst fighting!" he stated, a sage'y 15 year old nod of approval ringing through his own ears. He would make the most out of this no matter what!

With that, following a moment for the other fighter to say his remarks, the Special Jonin raised his hand up above him before chopping the air in front of him. "Begin!" he shouted, stiring the mob into a frenzy. With that, the fight would begin!



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