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Garasumeka Clan FAHfQ33
Clan Name: Garasumeka (Literally meaning: Glass Makers)
Location: Sunagakure
Specialization: Ninjutsu (not required)
Elements: Futon, Doton, Irogarasu

Garasumeka Clan HhU72Pp
Clan History:
The Garasumeka clan has a long history as one of the most easily forgettable shinobi clan in Sunagakure. They were forgotten about by most of the public and even most ninja in Sunagakure, this is probably because a majority of the clan wasn't even ninja.

The clan was one of the first to join Sunagakure when it was created, but originally it didn't join as a ninja clan, it joined as a family of glassblowers who were so skilled in the art that their creations sold for large sums of money. Sunagakure allowed them to join because of the benefits that they family granted to their economy.

Skip ahead a few generations.

The family had evolved a Kekkai Genkai from their close proximity to the ninja arts and because many of the youth of the clan were training to become ninja instead of glassblowers. The clan discovered that through the usage of chakra it was able to create razor thin shards of glass to be used as weapons. The clan served quite well as assassins and soldiers due to their abilities to create weapons on a whim and their KKG's ability to drain the 'color' or life out of opponents.

After the destruction of Sunagakure, many of the clan scattered, trying to find a home in the other Hidden Villages. A few stayed faithful to the Land of Wind and helped with the rebuilding process.
Tohi Garasumeka, Founder

Kashiki Hattori, part of the family but shows no signs of the kekkai genkai

Garasumeka Clan Y4syLuV
Kekkei Genkai Name: Irogarasu, Color Glass Release
Kekkei Genkai Description:
The Garasumeka clan's Kekkai Genkai is an advanced nature release, using doton to crystallize silica in the ground and using futon to shape the silica as it is crystallized. The beautiful myriad of colors is created by the uses yin chakra and many members of the family say that the color of your glass is based on your personality. This is true in most cases, it is rare for a shy quite soul to have brilliant orange or red glass just as it is rare for a loud and straight forwards person to have mysterious purple or meek teal.

Color Glass Techniques are either formed in the air by pulling the silica into the air before crystallizing it or formed in or under the ground. The Color Glass techniques regularly use the tiger and bird hand seals as well as artistic hand motions to shape glass.

The Color Glass element's rank is always equal to the users lowest of the two elements make it up. (So, if a Garasumeka's Futon is S-rank and their Doton is C-rank, their Irogarasu is C-rank.) When they rank up their lowest element, their Irogarasu automatically ranks up with it.

Color Glass Techniques are able to draw the color and life out of whatever they strike. This makes them strong against Katon as they are able to drain the energy out of the fire. However the glass made by this KKG is brittle, and is weak to doton due to its hardy and solid nature.

The Color Glass release is special in that it is quite effective at protecting against energy based attacks and draining the strength and life out of those it hits, leaving them brittle colorless husks of what they once were. The down side is that Color Glass techniques are extremely weak to physical damage due to their brittleness.

Upsides of Irogarasu

  • Strong Against Katon
  • Drains Life from targets hit, leaving them at -1 strength for 1 post after being hit by a Irogarasu Technique
  • Good at defending against energy based attacks, acts as a jutsu of +1 rank when facing attacks made entirely of energy (fire, lasers, light, etc)

Downsides of Irogarasu

  • Weak Against Doton
  • The vibrant colors make them easy to see, you cannot hide Irogarasu techniques in any way
  • Extremely brittle, defensive color glass techniques work as jutsu of -2 ranks versus physical attacks, including taijutsu and weapons. Offensive color glass techniques treat physical defense jutsu as if they were +1 rank stronger (this includes things like thickening your skin or making armor made of earth, but not auras or shields unless they are specified as being tangible)

Like other Clans with Advanced Natures, members of this clan cannot have a fourth element and must take the Hesitant (Specialization) SC.

Due to the artistic nature of the clan and the focus on shaping their techniques, members of this clan suffer from -1 reaction time and -1 perception


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oookay, couple things here. You're going to have to do a lot more than just say that it's good against energy based attacks. They're going to need a clear definition and defining features. I would assume lightning and fire are energies, is just raw chakra? Senjutsu? If its just a jutsu that's not solid does suiton count? or fuuton? Chakra in itself is a spiritual energy. I hope you see where im going with this :)

Also, as for the katon strength, does this stack with this strength against energy? (i would simply combine them)

Your drawbacks seem fine ~


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