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Adjunct Teacher:

Mission name: Adjunct Teacher: Academy.
Mission rank: D.
Objective: Teach academy students in one area of ninja knowledge.
Location: Iwagakure no Sato.
Reward: 150 ryo.

Mission Description: There’s an academy instructor that’s out on a mission for today, act as a substitute and just teach them what you know best.  

Mission Details: What you teach doesn’t have to be anything complex. There are bound to be troublemakers as well, deal with them without severely injuring them and continue your curriculum.

Makoto was assisting with one of the academy's special classes today, the group was four troublemakers who needed to get extra lessons for missing too many lessons, but with the teacher being out on a mission it was up to  some genin to help with the lessons for this day. Makoto entered the class with the small pup on top of his head as he entered they were four crazy kids running all over the place who were maybe older then he was as he took a sigh as they seemed to be ignoring him and throwing shuriken, books and other things all over the place.

"Hi, let's go outside for today's lesson", they all looked at him with a grin on their face. One boy said that Makoto looked like a little baby, while the one girl said he looked cute and that his little wolf looked even cuter. The one boy just glared and scowled at Makoto while the last boy was just staring out the window all the time which is why he offered to take them outside so that he could re-educate them. As soon as they got outside the boy who had been glaring at him jumped for him while the one looking outside seemed to be running off. The girl just stared at Makoto while the other boy who commented just went to start walking after the boy who was running. Ashe ran off and chased down the running boy as they were both equally slow with the wolf pup just having better initiative guiding the boy back into Makoto's range. Meanwhile the student who attacked makoto with a close range kunai stab, he just patted it away by hitting him on the wrist gently then following with the temporary paralysis technique as these academy students were not even genin, the glaring boy could not move as he was not even a shinobi yet. The girl was just full of hearts in her eyes and the boy who was chased into his range stopped moving and then Makoto performed the dog hand seal and a small pool of water formed beneath his feet as the other boy who had came back just watched carefully, then Makoto focused more and out from the pond water tentacles sprouted snaring everyone as the girl just made a kya sound, the boy who had come back was just like whatever, the boy who attacked him began struggling and making animal sounds while the finally boy who had been running tried to run out of it and kept falling as he finally relaxed having bound them each with his water tentacle technique he sat down.

"First lesson, what do you do when someone stronger then you catches you?", the boy who did not care just answered first, "Just wait for help, this is so troublesome". The girl shouted out, "Cry for help from some cute boy", the other boy who was still running said, "Run away and do not get, oomf" as the boy seemed too full of energy as the wolf pup actually felt curious about what Makoto meant as well.

The wild boy who had attacked makoto then gritted his teeth with his intense glare. "You can break out of it with  your will power, strength and aaaarrrggghhh!!!!!" as the flailing around was getting a bit dangerous he decided to just focus the two tentacles from the girl and the boy who did not seem to care making it three just to bind the two arms and the one that originally caught on now called over both legs as the movements were more restricted on top of the temporary paralysis technique. The other tentacle had to remain on the run away boy as Makoto gave a signal and his wolf pup ashe pounced on top of the running boy who made another oomf sound and a response. "Wow, this little puppy is so heavy", as makoto did not feel like saying it was a wolf pup or cub. Either way the lesson was meant to get their responses and of them the best answer was actually given by the lazy boy. If you know they are more powerful and you are captured then doing nothing is the best thing you can do, if he had said someone who you were unsure of then it would have been possible for the answers of the others, the girl's answer was not completely wrong however in many cases it would just get her killed or used as a hostage and attract unwanted attention. For now Makoto was going to continue his lesson as it seemed that Ashe would also learn something today.

Makoto decided to wrap up the lesson as he did not want to be stuck outside all day and then said, "When facing someone stronger after being captured, the best thing to do is wait. If you scream out for help they will either use you as a hostage or kill you so please do not do that. If you try running away from someone stronger then you they will out run you and catch you again or kill you or they might just stab you in the leg and then capture you again. Also if you going to try and over power someone who is stronger then you, then that means you did not listen to a word I said. Anyways let's all get inside, if you want to learn something important like I don't know the replacement technique?"

The stubborn boy decided to just follow on as the other three made no attempts to escape as they all learned something that day. He would proceed with the basics of the replacement technique since it was the best defense most genin had to begin with, not that they could not do with the rope escape technique that he had mastered.

Words = 991

Exit Thread

Mission Complete

Mission Words = 750
Extra Mission Words = (100x2) = 200
Total Words = 950

Ashe Rank Up Mission 1/2

Mission Pay = 150 + 50(25 x2 Extra Pay) = 200


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