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1 Shopping Trip [Open] on Wed Jan 09, 2013 4:03 pm



There was... little reason to be there; honestly. Or rather, in that district. He likely should be investing in a weapon or two; maybe some tools for tending to his summons. Senbon worked wonders for picking parasites and such from Riko's flowers with minimal damage; a flat kunai was good for digging at rocks. More likely he needed to just get a proper set of shovels and some hand tools; but he hated using heavy implements, and while not perfect, the ninja tools where lighter. He should just idle on over to the tools and greenhouses... yeah. That might be fun... find Riko a friend...

No. Focus. Find the fruit stalls. Find the stalls that sold the right candied fruits. That. He was out, and he'd eventually need to eat something. Not that he ever wanted to; but meeeh. He'd realized that he was going to need actual energy to keep up with his life now; so more then a berry a week was needed; which was why he was already back at the market. He was up to what had been a month's supply of food gone in less then two weeks; and it was only getting worse. His body was NOT amused; nor was his tongue. He hated the way food tasted; hated the way it felt in his mouth, and absolutely hated the way anything but dried fruits rebelled in his gut. Although he would have been happy if he could live off of the pears that grew on Riko; but he knew from experience he couldn't. They lacked the fats and some of the vitamins he needed to live. Too bad; those pears where actually kinda nice.

There was just enough ryo in his pockets to get his usual orders; and for once he worried that it might not be enough. Maybe he should have doubled up... the way the weather was changing; it could be a while before he would be able to make it out to the markets again; and he couldn't afford to slip into a malnourished fugue anymore. Naota might just kill him if he did.


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