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Mission Details:
Mission name: Exhibition Match
Mission rank: D-S
Objective: Perform a spectacle of combat.
Location: Konohagakure no Sato -> Any Notable Location
Reward: 150/300/500/1000/2000 Ryo + 1/2/3/4/5 EP.
Mission Description: The festivities surrounding the exams are brought forth by a sportsmanship and drive to witness combat; new abilities or items and ingenious strategies. Keep the audience captive for the main event by stoking the flames of intrigue!
Mission Details: You can take this mission only at a rank equal to your own rank, and this mission must be taken alongside another player. The bout in question must qualify for the Guidelines' rules on combat, and thus must be at least 2 posts long. Do your best to exemplify your skills and execute creative maneuvers - it's all a show!

At the end of the mission, you and your opponent must decide who wins for the purposes of the mission; the winner puts Victory Count: 1 at the end of their exit post. The next time a victor takes this mission, they link their previous Exhibition Match to the first post of the next one.

For each Exhibition Match you win in a row, you gain one stacking extra EP from each successive match you win.

Example Exhibition Streaks wrote:Genin:

  • Victory 1: 1 EP
  • Victory 2: 2 EP
  • Victory 3: 3 EP
  • Victory 4: 4 EP
  • Loss: 1 EP

Special Jōnin:

  • Victory 1: 3 EP
  • Victory 2: 4 EP
  • Victory 3: 5 EP
  • Loss: 3 EP
  • Victory 1: 3 EP

If you take this mission and later choose not to use the WC towards the mission (thus failing it), you break your streak.

If you take this mission and later choose not to use the WC towards the mission (thus failing it), you break your streak.

Hyuga, Xiang vs Osoroshī, Kaito

Spectator Sport (Xiang vs Kaito) A2cf55077995c57df687900665ceb3f1c58e5968_00
~ Theme Song ~

The cheers from the crowds could be heard echoing down into the small tunnel Kaito would use to enter the arena. He wasn't much one to enjoy violence for sport, but when the nice lady had told him he could get paid for any extra matches he fought, Kaito figured it'd be the perfect opportunity to get some last minute training in, warm himself up for the big effent, and possibility learn a thing or two about his possible opponents. All in all, getting paid to fight might have seemed like a fickle thing to the young Kiri-nin, but he couldn't deny the other benefits these exhibition matches entailed. Even should he or his opponent lose, they would both still be paid in full since this was just meant to entertain the crowd.

Stepping up to the exit of the small tunnel, Kaito could see into the arena, Circular, with a small stage raised about a foot from the ground in the center, a thin sheen of water across the outer circlet. To bad he didn't know Ice Release, such a set up would have been rather beneficial if that had been the case. Kaito wore his typical Kiri uniform, as well as his white medical coat with a big red cross on the back, signifying him as a medical ninja. He'd already registered with the local authorities overseeing the chunin exams, so that he would be allowed to aid the medical teams if needed.

The announcer was getting ready to call the contestants forward, Kaito still didn't know who he'd be fighting, there had been plenty of shinobi in the waiting area, all waiting their turn in one of the arenas, but out of them all, Kaito was hoping to face one of the ninja from the Hidden Leaf village, having only ever seen one such ninja in combat before meant the Kiri-nin was looking to learn more about the way the Leaf shinobi fought and thought about combat. Kaito had grown up being told about the soft hearted nature of Konoha and their shinobi, he just hoped should he face one now, or in the chunin exams, that his opponent had more bite than bark, Kaito really hated it when people would try and talk during combat.

Kaito didn't have to wait for long, soon enough the announcer, a tall woman he'd guess to be in her mid twenties, sporting a Konoha headband called forth Kaito and another contestant by the name of Hyuga, Xiang. Kaito had already been told it was his turn in the ring behind stage, but they hadn't told him who he'd be fighting for obvious reasons. This news was good, since Kaito knew of the Hyuga clan. They were Konoha-nin bred and raised, one of the finest clans ever produced by the Hidden Leaf, so Kaito had big hopes for his contestant, since he wanted to test himself against a proper opponent.

The Hidden Leaf and the Hidden Mist had a long standing tradition of holding a friendly rivalry, so hopefully that tradition would continue today. As Kaito made his way forward towards the small stage area where the announcer stood, he caught his first glimpse of his opponent. Long silvery white hair, similar in color to Kaito's own, and a nearly breathtaking beauty. If Kaito had been into women, this kunoichi in front of him was what he'd assume his type might have been.

"Alright you two, I want you both to shake hands and then at the sound of the whistle, begin. Just try and remember this is an exhibition match, it's meant to be fun and holds no weight on the chunin exams. Since your both participating in the exams, I'd prefer no long term injuries. Sound fair?" The announcer spoke softly in an almost whisper, earning a slight nod from Kaito as he reach forward and offered Xiang his hand. Once the two of them had agreed to the terms, the announcer ordered them to opposite sides of the stage, they were allowed to use the eternity of the arena, but would start the match roughly twenty meters apart. The arena was only about sixty meters in radius, so one hundred and twenty meters from one side to the other. With both contests in place, the announcer left the arena before a whistle blew a few seconds later.

WC: 747

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