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Mission Details:
Mission name: Far from the Tree.
Mission rank: C.
Objective: Protect the groves!
Location: Deep Forest.
Reward: 300 Ryo +2 EP.
Mission Description: The Sarutobi have somehow pushed the high brass of the summoning monkeys off-kilter in their clan leader's absence, leading relations to be less than amicable. The primates need a lesson on unacceptable behavior, or the orchard will be ruined! Yakiniku Q is spreading flyers to end the apes' rage and protect their precious smoking wood.
Mission Details: This faction of summon-monkeys only travel in ninja-like squads to avoid detection, and thus you'll likely only encounter three or four at a time. These monkeys are Taijutsu masters, adept in physical combat with two stats each of C-3 and C-2, but are universally a bit dull, with Perception of D-2. They all have access to the standard Katon libraries for ninjutsu, as well as being proficient users of the Transformation Technique, which they use to ambush those they detect coming after them.

Being rather single-minded, blunt, and obviously peeved, these primates won't cool off until defeated in battle. They are no splinter group, so even if you defeat this batch it's unlikely the arbor-arson in the area will cease....Nonetheless, turning them over to the Sarutobi clan's acting head is a requirement for mission completion. Additionally, you can fail this mission by injudiciously using techniques that burn or otherwise destroy the wood beyond use for smoking. (While no collateral damage whatsoever is appreciated, cutting techniques at least make it easier on the laborers.)

The mission board was fuller then normal, the exams brought on new needs that needed to be met and the people that came to village were always seeming to cause trouble. Kashiki looked through the missions, reading the requests. These were some of the coolest missions that had graced the board; proctoring matches for the exams, putting on a show in an arena fight, rescuing shinobi that were kidnapped by cultists. Most of those were much to high a rank for the lowly genin, instead the missions he could select from were of a much smaller selection and were much more boring. He thought about his options; cleaning up after parties and making sure no one got into any drunken brawls, sort fruit (Kashiki almost fell asleep at the thought of that one), maybe he could prepare an exam arena. Kashiki grabbed the flyer, looking at the small print.

Exam entrants cannot take this mission! Pursuant to the terms of entry, proven foreknowledge of the exams' conditions can get you immediately disqualified!

That solved that. Kashiki pinned the flyer back to the board and looked at the next. This one was interesting. Deal with some rampaging monkeys that were threatening one of the orchards. Kashiki spoke up to the other people at the mission board. "Anyone wanna deal with some monkeys with me? We can split the rewards." Kashiki said as he turned to leave, if someone wanted to do the mission with him they'd have to follow him.

Whether or not anyone followed him, Kashiki grabbed the flyer and set off, headed to the orchard that was described on the flyer. If someone followed him he would introduce himself. "I'm Kashiki Hattori, and you are?" While they walked he would make small talk, inquiring about how their day was going and if they planned to be in the chunin exams.

He and anyone that joined him on the mission would arrived after a short walk and upon arrival Kashiki would begin searching around for any traces of the primates that were threatening the orchard.

WC: 345

OOC: soz its short


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It had been awhile since he last stepped foot in Konoha. Last here was here he was walking aimlessly. Samuru had spent quite a lot of time in Kiri trying to figure out what he should do next. There was quite a few things that he wanted to accomplish, but his main priority was to make it through the chuunin exams. The exams hadn’t quite started yet, but there was still things for everyone of all nations and paths could take part in. Konoha seemed to go to extra lengths to make sure the village was suitable for the exams. Most of what the village did didn’t interest him in any way, shape, or form. What did interest him was making ryo. Samuru needed to build up funds for him to continue his travels. The village did offer missions to shinobi of all ranks. It was the perfect time for him to waste time and build funds before the exams officially kicked off.

As he looked through boards, he didn’t really find anything that stuck out to him. There were missions to help out with setting up the exam stages, but he would have been disqualified. It wasn’t that he didn’t care about getting disqualified. Taking on the mission wouldn’t allow him to show his true strength to the world. That would be the only reason he wouldn’t take on that mission. There was one flyer that specified dealing with monkeys and breaking them back to the Sarutobi clan. He wondered was this just a common occurrence. When he was younger, he slightly remembered something like happening some time ago. That was ages ago and he would need to focus on the present.

A boy that looked to be younger than him started talking, "Anyone wanna deal with some monkeys with me? We can split the rewards."

Samuru hadn’t noticed him before, but decided to follow him. He wouldn’t mind taking on some monkeys. The boy introduced himself as Kashiki Hattori. To which he responded, “Perun.” Samuru hadn’t met too many Hattori in his day. The boy named Kashiiki tried to start some small talk as the man who called himself Perun stayed mostly silent. He wasn’t the one for small talk. Samuru did responded that he would be participating in the exams and only representing himself.

They arrived at the orchard as his now partner began looking for the little savage beasts. Samuru drew his bow, Necrosis, from its leather sheath. He formed the Bird and Ox hand seals as he released small static from his body. He was at least now able to sense any movement he would get close to them. Not soon after, he was able to sense the movements. The movement he sensed in the distance from what he could tell there were at least four. Samuru would speak up to the younger shinobi of their presence.

“Kashiki. There are at least three about 15m North within the trees.”

Samuru was ready to capture some monkeys as he finally drew an arrow from its quiver. He wasn’t sure how the Sarutobi clan wanted them, but he would leave them alive. Samuru thought that killing them would just be a bad idea. Anything that would lessen his pay definitely was a deterrent. The monkeys would need to be punished for their actions.

“What do you want to do, Kashiki?” he inquired.



Name: Raiton: Static Sense
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Supplementary
Element: Raiton
Range: 20m
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Maintained (-5 chakra per post)
Cooldown: Duration +5
Description: Similar to that of the Earth Release: Tremor Sense, this technique is used to sense vibrations, but within the air and ground when the user is touching it when active. The user expels static from their body that is invisible to the naked eye after completing two hand seals (Bird > Ox). The amount of static is not enough to give away one’s location. The user and the object that is being sensed must be within range of the user. The user must be making contact with the ground to sense vibrations underneath him. The range of sensing the vibrations of the technique only is able to reach within 2m underground. If used within liquid or on the surface of a body of water, the user is able to sense within its normal range due to liquid conducting raiton.

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A stranger followed Kashiki as he left the mission board, most likely interested in his offer of working with someone on this mission to stop the rampaging apes destroying the orchard. "I'm Kashiki Hattori, and you are?" Kashiki would introduce himself, the boy replied by introducing himself as Perun. The two continued walking down the cobbled stone road, Kashiki running his mouth making small talk and asking questions while the one who was called Perun stayed quite. His silence only lasted so long however and at Kashiki's inquiry about the chunin exams he spoke once more, answering that he would in fact be participating and would only be representing himself, no village or people. "Well, good luck. Maybe we'll have to face each other in our matches." Kashiki would offer before going silent for a bit.

They arrived at the orchard not to long after, the leaves of the trees rustled and tossed in the wind reminding Kashiki of the days he had spent training in the small southern forest. Kashiki began looking around, searching for tracks or hair or anything else that would help the two find these arsonist apes. His partner drew a bow and made some hand seals, Bird then Ox, before... nothing? The 'jutsu' that his fellow ape hunter had used seemed to have no effect, was it invisible? A moment later the man named Perun would speak. “Kashiki. There are at least three about 15m North within the trees.” he would say, how did he know? Was that technique he used sensory of some kind? Kashiki had a sensory technique of his own, one that forced his chakra in minuscule amounts into the air around him, sensing any disturbances in a wide radius, however it didn't seem like it would be needed as his partner had already founds the rambunctious apes. Kashiki nodded, showing he understood what the man had said. His partner drew an arrow from his quiver and Kashiki drew his blade. Killing the apes probably wasn't the greatest idea, but they might be quite strong so the more force the better if they wanted to subdue them that way.

“What do you want to do, Kashiki?” The man called Perun asked. "It would probably be best not to kill them.." Kashiki said, speaking what was running through both of their minds. "...they might them back in one piece y'know. That isn't gonna stop me from roughing them up a bit though, I'm raring for a good fight and these dumb apes aren't likely to listen to words of reason." The boy finished, a grin spreading on his face as he readied his blade. "Keep me posted on their positions until they show themselves and be careful, if what people say about monkeys is true then they're probably a tricky bunch of misfits." Kashiki would continue, probably talking way to much for his no nonsense partner, not that he really cared or had even thought about it.

Kashiki stepped towards where the apes were said to be, his sword ready for any ambushes or sudden attacks. What he hadn't expected was the idea that a monkey could use ninjutsu. While this was a large error on Kashiki's part it just hadn't occurred to him that these might be specially trained monkeys or something, hell, he hadn't even thought about how they were burning down the orchard and that was how, ninjutsu. Ten basketball sized orbs of fire flew in Kashiki's direction, aimed right at him. Kashiki recognized this as the Phoenix Flower Jutsu, a signature of the Village Hidden in the Leaves which was known by many of it's katon users. The spheres weren't overly fast, only traveling at ten meters a second, and because of this Kashiki was able to dodge them quite easily with a single burst of speed to the side.

"You tried to kill me!!" Kashiki yelled at the monkeys, both surprised and furious at both the monkeys and his own lack of thinking or reasoning capabilities. His hand dove into his pocket, fishing out a shuriken and tossing it in the direction of the monkeys. The shuriken didn't hit anything, but it served almost as a challenge. "Come and get me you dumb apes!" Kashiki would yell, taunting the monkeys. In a much softer voice he would address his partner "I'm pretty sure I don't need to tell you this but... If they come out of hiding and you have a shot take it." Kashiki turned away from his partner and raised his sword once more, this was going to be fun.

WC: +764, 1109 total (me), 1686 total (both)
1500 for mission, +1200 for max extra ryo. 5000 total wc for max EP


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