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Ryo was officially at the point where missions did not do anything except annoy him. They have become a nuisance, and they seemed to be one that never went away. That nuisance used to be Aikiko, but now all of these different missions seemed to have taken her place. Ryo, despite how much he hated to admit, heavily preferred Aikiko’s presence over the responsibility of missions. Even the one that he went on with Kejido several months ago made him irritated, despite his mega super crush on the militaristic, handsome man. Ryo was, unfortunately, not up to par with his idiotic crush, who seemed to leave him behind once he had the opportunity to be promoted to Chuunin. That was all in the past, though, and Ryo just had to accept his role as a normal, average, and not so special Genin who went through every day of his life not accomplishing anything. Even when he had to go to a war zone such as the wind country, he did not achieve anything great. He went on a few missions that involved some militaristic and strategic goals, but they never allowed him to go to the status of officially famous like the ones involved in the Siege of Inabayama. The only real thing that Ryo could recall that he felt good about doing was rescuing the girl from rock henge by giving her some food and water. His actions seemed so small at the time, but he probably saved that girl’s life. Another thing worth mentioning was his failure of a squad, which never produced the results that were hypothesized by the up and coming Squad X and only resulted in all of its members disbanding and going their separate ways. Ryo did not really desire fame despite the fact that he thought about it regularly. He only thought of it to think about what he could be, not because he wanted it. It was just his imagination, really.

Today was another day to do a mission that was forced on Ryo once again. Ever since his success at capturing the thief that stole that emerald necklace despite having no real evidence to track him down, his foster parents have been pushing for him to take another mission ever since. And so, that was what he ended up doing. This particular mission was a lot less stressful than Detective Fujita’s last case and only required Ryo to take a shift of gate duty at the village’s entrance. He would then fill the role that was similar to your average toll booth or checkpoint, meaning that he was responsible for checking people’s credentials and allowing their entry into the village. It seemed like a safe and calming job that would have a chance to be extremely repetitive, so Ryo decided on this one. He considered himself to be rather intelligent, so he doubted that he would let the wrong people in, but there was no real way to know that.

Ryo woke up that morning with purpose. He had a mission to do today, unlike other days where he was free to do whatever he wanted, be it play chess in the park or read a book next to a waterfall. Shirtless and in his shorts, he got out of his bed, not bothering to make the bed, and made his way to the bathroom that was a short distance away from his room. Over the last few days, Ryo has begun waking up before everyone else in the foster home. This allowed his mornings to seem calmer than usual, lacking the regular kids that enjoyed shouting and running through the halls for no other reason than to annoy Ryo, or that was at least what it felt like. By waking up before everyone else, no one else was out of their room to annoy the young man, allowing him to walk to the bathroom without any obstacles. When he made his way into the bathroom and locked the door, he pulled his shorts past his waist, allowing them to fall the rest of the way to the floor which allowed him to step out of them. He then went to the shower, turning the temperature handles to achieve the desired ratio of seventy five percent hot water and twenty five percent cold water. Ryo personally preferred hot showers over cold ones, as they seemed much more relaxing than the painful colder, allowing him to truly calm down and think about certain things. When he achieved his desired ration, he got into the shower.

After some time had passed and Ryo got himself good and cleaned, he exited the shower. Grabbing a nearby towel he would quickly dry himself off with it before wrapping it around his waist. Once he picked up the file on the counter, he opened the door to the bathroom and made his way back to his room. Since it was still very early in the morning, the kids that also lived in the foster home were still asleep. Ryo's foster parents were also still in bed, but their alarm would be coming soon. Ryo wanted to get out of the house before that happened. When he reached his room, he would open his door and step inside, letting the towel around his waist fall to the floor once the door clicked shut behind him. His room was one of the few places in the large house that he felt comfortable. His room, as messy as it may seem at times, was his sanctuary. He is free when he is inside of it, able to relax as the weights are removed from his shoulders. Ryo, now completely uncovered, would make his way to his dresser. After dragging his feet through the junk on the floor, which included (probably) dirty clothes and books, he would finally reach it, opening the first drawer and pulling out a pair of briefs. After sliding those on, he would close the first drawer and pull open the third, pulling out his standard black slacks. Smoothing sliding his legs through the pants, he would refrain from buttoning the waistband until he opened the second drawer and put on a white button-up. When he looked into the mirror on his wall, this outfit was no different from his usual one, made even more clear as he put on his brown loafers. He then grabbed his head band off of his night stand and tied it around his forehead so he would proudly represent his village throughout the day. He did not wear his head band often, believing that it warranted unneeded reactions as he walked through the streets. Next, he grabbed a wireless radio that was provided for this specific mission, putting the earpiece in his right ear and positioning the mic near his mouth. And with that, he left the foster home and made his way to the village entrance to begin his mission.

When he made it to the village entrance, he reported to the man who seemed to be in charge. After reporting, he was greeted pretty nicely although he stuck out like a sore thumb compared to everyone else who seemed to be wearing a uniform. Ryo did not recall that memo being part of the mission, but there was a chance that he also just overlooked it. The man in charge gave the young genin a rundown of exactly what he had to do. He had to look over people’s credential and determine if they are or are not a threat to the village’s security. If he encountered anything suspicious, he was to immediately report and ask for back up through the provided wireless radio, which the man in charge made sure was on the right channel. After that, Ryo got to work. His shift was not for that long compared to employees that worked here day after day. He only had to be here for about six hours, which, after that was over, would allow him to leave at around two o’clock. This was pretty much what was desired by Ryo, seeing how it left his the second half of his day to do what ever he wanted. Ryo made his way about twenty feet from the large village gate. This position allowed him to intercept any visitors, letting him review their credentials before they were in range to be perceived as a threat to the village.

The job was rather slow. Since his shift started at six in the morning, not many visitors showed at the start. About an hour and a half in, however, Ryo got his first visitors. They were your average elderly couple, who seemed to be around sixty or seventy years old. The man looked extremely well for his age, with his posture and clothing making him seem extremely manly. Ryo imagined how handsome the man might have been when he was his age. The woman did not look as well as her husband, with wrinkles making her face seem rather undesirable. Her posture did not help either, causing her to be bent forward most of the time. When Ryo stopped them and asked for their credentials, they provided them without much hassle. Ryo did not really find anything suspicious, so he sent them on through.

Most of the people that came to visit the village could be compared to the first pair. The village hidden in stone was not exactly the most popular but it still had its fair share of visitors or tourists. Although, all of the people that Ryo talked to so far were all overly average. He did not really know what to say about them besides the fact that they were just normal people that did not wish to cause any harm to anyone. He encountered the elderly couple, which was pretty nice to him. Next, he encountered your average family that included a father, mother, two sons, and a sister. They just wanted to find somewhere to stay in the village, so Ryo let them through as well. Next, he encountered a rather large wagon that was pulled by two horse and seemed exceedingly elegant on the outside, which made Ryo assume that the inside matched what was display. The driver of the wagon, who was dressed in a fancy black and white suit, claimed that the man inside the wagon was some noble that Ryo did not know of. After the driver provided his information and the passengers, Ryo allowed them to enter the village. Ryo also had few people who did not have the necessary paper work, but none of them had any ill intent. The missing paper work seemed to just be an oversight or a simple accident. Ryo finally understood why so many shinobi in the village chose gate duty over other responsibilities they could have, and also realized that he could relate to them to an extent. This type of work, that involved socializing with regular people that wanted to enter the village, was uneventful. That was what made it desired by so many. There were many lower ranking shinobi in the village that did not wish to risk their lives to do their duties, so they chose what seemed to be the safest option: gate duty. Especially with a village like Iwagakure, there was almost no chance for something bad to happen. Or at least that was what Ryo thought.

The next people that came up to Ryo was a rather large group of men that seemed to have a cart pulled by two horses that was filled with various vegetation. The men seemed kind of suspicious. They appeared to be rather tough, with most of them having the ideal body type for someone their age, which they all seemed to be in their mid twenties. Another thing that seemed off was the number of them. Eight people, one cart. It seemed unnecessary, especially considering that the noble earlier only had one other person with him who was his driver.

“Can I see your paperwork?” Ryo asked calmly. He did not really know what to think about this group, but he decided to hold off on calling them in as suspicious. They might just be your average country farmers who were just experienced farmers. That explanation would explain their tough appearance. Ryo did not wish for this group to be undesired visitors, because that would just leave him right in the middle of a potential conflict. He definitely could not defend himself against this amount of people, so he just prayed that this whole thing would go smoothly.

“Absolutely.” One of them said, which prompted all eight of them to come forward at once. All eight of them were now next to Ryo, reach into their pockets and pulling out their passes. It took Ryo some time to get through all eight, checking each and every detail, but when he finished he concluded the all eight of them were okay to enter. There was just one more thing that he had to do before they were all clear to go on ahead.

“Do you mind if I examine your cargo?” Ryo asked. Immediately, Ryo noticed that this particular question made all of the eight men around him to stir uncomfortably. This is where Ryo should have stopped, but he wanted to make sure before calling in something that did not need to be called in. The men glanced at each other several times, with all of them making eye contact with each other. Ryo could tell that there was some sort of silent conversation going on with their facial features.

“Not at all,” the same one that spoke earlier said calmly, but with a hint of intimidation. Ryo then walked to the side of the wagon and lifted up on of the many buckets of vegetables. That was when he saw it. The floor of the wagon was covered with paper bombs, and Ryo finally figured out what the group's goal was. His face showed an unhealthy amount of fear, but he knew it was wrong to immediately call them out. So, he calmly put the bucket back where it belonged, and stepped back from the wagon. He waved them past, and only a short second later turned on the mic to his wireless radio on.

“This wagon is lined with paper bombs,” the young genin said frantically, “They’re going to attack the village!” When Ryo turned to look at the wagon’s progress toward the gate, he was greeted with an angry glare that belonged to the same tough looking man who spoke earlier.

“What was that?” the man asked, but Ryo knew he was not looking for an answer. Just like that, Ryo felt a fist contact his face, knocking him back. This was something that he never really felt before. Before he could recover from the punch, he felt hands grab him from behind and throw him on to the ground. He looked up and saw the majority of the men that were accompanied the wagon above him. All he could see was a mess of legs, feet, and fists that were all flying towards him. He did not know what to do. These new experience hurt so much, and each new hit caused him to react wildly. He could not get his hands together to perform hand seals and he especially could not over powered his attackers to find a way to stand up. A hit to his stomach, his chest, and everywhere else on his body. He felt his bones begin to fracture, some of them possibly breaking as the men furiously pummeled him in to the ground. As he opened his eyes, he noticed the blood that was filling his vision. He did not expect to have that much time left until his threshold was reached. He tried to peer through the mess of limbs that were flying at him and hitting him, trying to find a glimpse of the village gate. Finally, he saw it, but he also saw the wagon speeding towards the open doors. This was really all of Ryo’s fault. All he had to do was call this in much, much sooner and none of this would have happened. Now, because of his incompetence and ignorance, innocent people were going to die. He brought the unwanted eventful life to the people working at the gate. Had he not chosen to work here today, who knows what would have happened. This unfortunate event was definitely part of Ryo’s theorized curse. It was what he ultimately deserved.

Ryo expected an explosion, but instead, he watched as the wagon stopped dead in its tracks. Upon further examination, Ryo discovered that a large yellow cube surrounded the wagon, the horses, and the man piloting it. This could not be anything other than the one mythical thing that Ryo read about months and month ago. This was the infamous dust release. Ryo watched on despite his continued pummeling, watching as the spherical core in the cube like barrier exploded with a massive amount of energy. Despite being so close, Ryo felt nothing as the barrier contained every bit of it. After the core exploded, the barrier soon faded away, revealing that there was nothing left of the wagon. Ryo thanked what ever god was out there for eliminating this threat. Ryo’s attackers were stunned by this display of Jinton and decided to flee instead of beating Ryo until he was dead. Ryo only wished he could meet whoever saved the day, but his pain became too much as his vision faded to black.

To be continued.

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