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Yugen didn't like this new training.

Mori had just about given up on his usual try hard physical training and decided to give something else a try. It was.. different. It was what he called, "meditation." Basically it involved him sitting down, closing his eyes and daydreaming about random shit, or something like that.... He didn't really get how this was supposed to help him but Yūgen could always appreciate the down time. While it lasted. Yūgen had to explain to Mori that he had another conflict that day. His grandfather simply nodded before returning to his meditation. "Leave when you need to." Was all he said.

After about another thirty minutes of "meditating", Yūgen left the house and headed down to the shop district. A certain dread hanging about him as he thought about what special kind of hell this pervy shop keeper was going to put him through. They mentioned before that he used it for, less scientific activities. It was easy to put two and two together, and the revelation of what he meant made him want to rush home and bathe in boiling water.

Yūgen looked in front of him with disparity and exhaustion. This unassuming wooden house/shop/laboratory was going to be the death of him. The door read closed, with a sticky note on the side in barely legible handwriting, "Except for special appointments". Not ominous at all. Enthusiasm-lessly Yūgen pushed the door open and was greeted with a close up of raven hair and pale skin. A black umbrella leaning over the strange blacksmith's shoulder.

"Finally! I was wondering if you'd actually come. Good thing you did too, I was about to send Shouto to hunt you down." They said, welcoming him inside.

The interior was a typical ninja tool set up of aisles and wall decorations, lined up with all sorts of weaponry. All the nessecary things a ninja needed, like kunai and shuriken made an obvious appearance, though in some shelves the more personal oddities of the store owner’s own making were on display. Yugen thought it odd how they seemed to weaponize every day house hold items but he didn’t question it. The raven haired blacksmith would take them around back the clerk counter and down the stairs leading to his personal laboratory. At the bottom they made him cover his ears as he inputted the verbal code and pressed in the number code. After what seemed like three hours, the duo would enter the laboratory.

Last time he was here he didn’t have the state of mind to look around him ironically, but now that he was taking his time he could fully appreciate, just how freaking weird it is. Half built mechainical horses, something that looked like a Merry Go Round(?). The weird sign next to it saying, “Merry Go Round(?)”. Yugen was so confused about what he was actually supposed to be looking at that he started walking towards it. Two steps in and a sharp metallic tap on his shoulder brought his attention back. “Yeah… That’s the eighteen plus section, might wanna stay away from there.” Kisei shrugged, leading both of them to the back of the room to where Yugen was first caught by the umbrella man himself. It was now much more square than what what he remembered though, it was the same size as the semi-dome he first entered but different. In front of the two of them a strange door with a weird angelic something on it. It looked a bit of a person, or ghost maybe, with two wings to its side. He didn’t get too see much more before Kisei pressed a hand on his forehead, “Wait.”, and he proceeded to enter more code into the machine. A few quick strokes on the touch pad and the ‘door’ opened. A circular panel holding the picture sliding down, splitting the giant cube in two before a small door shaped space divided itself into existence. The mastermind behind the weird cube entered first, Yugen not too far off behind him.

Giving him a shock Kisei, screamed out into the vast empty cube. “Code: Delta! Rune namefile Kisei: Yugen diagonostics! Execute!” Yugen gave him a hard punch to the back of the head, although he was the person hurting with that hit. “Damnit! Don’t go screaming out of nowhere for nothing! Creep!” The white haired ninja cursed. All the raven haired on did was turn around with the most confused look on his face, “Dude, I’ve had harder hits from academy students than that.” Prompting another hit to the blacksmith’s  temple, and another bruise on Yugen’s hand to take care of. Suddenly then, the door space closed up behind them, leaving the two in complete darkness for a moment before dozens of flashes of blue and gray light popped out of the black space around them. Inside those flashes of light were dozens of variations of ones and zeros. Blinking out just as they appeared. The flashes grew brighter and larger, almost like they were dabbing color into the empty darkness around them, growing, like a painting, and drawing out a miraculous scene. In no time at all they were in the middle of a flowery meadow, a warm mid day sun eveloping them in its summer glow. A warm breeze blew by the two of them, and the umbrella man sighed for some reason.

“Alright, sit down, I’ll be explaining the test we’re going to do.” Yugen gave him a middle finger and a ‘screw off’ before lying down on the grass.

His ‘test supervisor’ explained. “Before you start on a real hard and gritty examination process you need to establish a couple of things first. One: An average. That is going to serve as a base line for our future experiments. Two: Maximum and minimum input values. Similar to the first requirement we all need to get an idea of your overall capabilities. Now from the notes you’ve sent me-”

“I didn’t send you any fucking notes-?!”

“From what your physical therapist has told me-”

“How did you get that?! That is suppose to be confidential information-!”

“From stalking you day and night for the last week-” Kisei shrugged, waiting for another interruption. “I’ve already gotten a good idea of what you’re physically capable of. Though running a minimum and then a maximum test will skew the results, we’ll be starting with “maximum” first.” The blacksmith reached outward with his empty hand and from nothing grabbed a giant pinwheel. Yugen rolled backwards into position. He isn’t actually going to-. The pinwheel blades started spinning, deadly-ly. Fuck. This wasn't just fan-freaking-tastic.





“Will you just give it a rest?! I’m not going to let you slice off my head with that stupid looking weapon!” Yugen screamed out.

“Of course not! Thats too bloody!” The umbrella, pinwheel wielding maniac shouted back. “I’ll just blast you instead, but first off, take down that bloody hamster ball!” The blacksmith swung his left arm in a wide horizontal arc, the pinwheel expanding forward so fast that it scraped against Yugen’s bubble shield, the impact throwing off the rotation a bit and pushing the integrity of the jutsu to its maximum. Though it seemed that this jutsu had some powerful chakra behind it, enough to completely shatter the barrier and dislodge Yugen from his previously zero gravity state. “You fu-!” He screamed falling, until Kisei had swiftly dashed in and caught his exhausted form in his arms. “Oh screw you.” That was a horrible mistake to say it like that knowing this pervy blacksmith’s tastes.

Thankfully. they didn’t say anything. But that smirk was more than telling of what went through his mind right then. “You did pretty good. Yugen, I was expecting a thirty minute fight at most, but you have some rather interesting jutsu at your disposal. Anyway that’s enough for this test, I can tell from how hard you’re breathing how much of a strech it is to be this close to cool little me.”

Yugen gave him the middle finger, which they simply laughed off.

After a short rest back at the starting point the umbrella man would hop off his umbrella and kick it up into his grasp as he dropped Yugen on the ground. “So this next test will be a bit more, relaxing. Sit up and close your eyes.” Still reeling from the hour long fight and his rough treatment Yugen groaned as he slowly sat up, hunched over and tired. “Don’t be like that, you actually might enjoy this next test. In fact its preferable if you did. Here.” The blacksmith joined him on the ground, sitting across from him. They took a cross legged position with the umbrella placed on his lap, hands on both ends, eyes closed. Despite the intensity of their battle, they looked completely fine. “So… is this supposed to be some type of meditation session.”

The blacksmith furrowed his brows, “If you want to think of it like that. The main point of this test it to establish your chakra levels at a relax-” Yugen stopped him right there, all these long explanations were starting to get on his nerves. “Alright! I got it, so calm and peaceful. Shouldn’t be too easy.” His ‘supervisor’ shrugged, “Try to imagine feeling one with the universe, like everything is part of one another, extend yourself into the world around you and merge with it, retaining a self of self.” Their guidance was annoying, but he couldn’t tell him to shut up when that was part of test instructions. It was a bit difficult to settle into a grove but as time passed Yugen noticed he was focusing really hard on keeping steady breathes. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. It was like what Kisei was saying. As his sense of sight was denied everything else seemed to come alive. Every stroke of the warm breeze passing by felt like an ocean of currents, even cloud a shadow across the land, the grass below him like a forest growing up around him. Even his supervisor’s breathing, slow and deliberate, though there was something there, deep and crawling around painfully. Like the stiffling of a child under the weight of a nightmare. As much as he hated it, and he hated it a lot, Yugen couldn’t help but feel sorry for this imagined past of the blacksmith. He could almost imagine them surrounded, by what he couldn’t see or imagine, but it was something, dark, and something hard to bear. He thought about their constant non-chalant attitude even as they laugh. Maybe, there’s more to this strange blacksmith that just moved into the Konohagakure.

The feeling of deep meditation was a weird one, he could feel everything around him, his spirit felt like it was floating. Almost like he was dead. Dead..

“HAHAHAHAHA!!! KHAHAHAHAHA!” Freakish laughter shot out from his mind, and the bone chilling terror of possible death shook him to the core. The memory’s of his childhood abduction way too real.

“NO!” Yugen screamed, sending all of his chakra out from him in a massive burst. He couldn’t go through that again! Never! No! A sudden pressure hit his head, and the calm darkness form before enveloped him. When he came to a certain worried blacksmith was looming over him. Yugen promptly slapped his face out of his sight. Or, he would have if he he wasn’t bound up with cloth. “Alright you-” Yugen coughed, and coughed, the involitary movements stopping after a while but suddenly his voice hurt. Kisei spoke up. “Look, Yugen, if I didn’t do something about you during that last test you would’ve exhausted your entire chakra supply, something every chakra user must be wary of. Not to mention the damage you were doing to everything around you.” Yugen nodded for him to continue. “Um.. somehow, you were able to break the virtual reality that the machine managed to construct, forcing the program into lockdown to protect the data we saved. But the way you did it with your chakra during your outburst, it was like your were ripping apart space itself. Probably just interference I didn’t account for when adjusting the machine to your chakra, but Yugen, I was worried about you there for a second.” The raven haired blacksmith admitted. “Look, since I have to repair the machine, you’ll be free for the next frew weeks. But please, take it easy.” With that said, Yugen was prompty untied and escorted back home. As they parted he was given one last look at the blacksmith, “And if you need to talk about it, feel free to drop by, we all got our issues, sharing might help you.”


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