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1 Supply Delivery[D-rank Mission] on Sun Nov 11, 2018 10:39 pm



Sprint for supplies D-rank:

Mission name: Sprint for Supplies.
Mission rank: D.
Objective: Deliver supplies.
Location: Tsuchi no Kuni.
Reward: 150 ryo.

Mission Description: It could be one of our training camps, scouting outposts, or traveler's checkpoint, we’re not sure. All we know is that they need food, water, kunai, or other supplies. It varies case from case. If we don’t get them what they need they might die of starvation or dehydration if we’re too late. Even a Genin can hold lives in their hands.

Mission Details: You’ll be given a rather heavy back filled with sealing scrolls that contain the needed supplies. Deliver it to whoever needs it in a quick fashion. They also take inventory, so don’t try anything funny.

Makoto was running along with ashe in on top of his head as they were in a hurry to get this mission done as Makoto felt a surging rush to do as many things as possible in order to prepare for the future he would need ryo and he would need to be prepared as he made his way towards the battle field of the mission which was to deliver supplies from a heavy backpack to another location as he looked towards Ashe he had this strange look on his face.

"Watch and be amazed", he performed the clone hand seal and now there were close to four or five Makoto's as they picked up the backpack as a team and then began running towards the location as Ashe felt a bit of confusion as they made their way towards the target location there was not enough time in the world to get everything done, but Makoto could not give up he had to go relentless into the night or the day or whenever and wherever he was needed as they were in a rush this time while the extra makoto's provided support to allow for their maximum pace to be kept up as they made their way towards their ultimate goal as Ashe knew she would have to become faster to keep up with her master and one day also become a jutsu caster. They were running so fast as the wind knocked Makoto's hair into his face and Ashe just looked on in amazement and wonder and curiosity though decided to just chill and relax enjoying the ride knowing their harsh training would begin again if Ashe did not learn anything, Ashe would learn to enjoy her sleep more often as they kept on making their way towards the target location for the mission.

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2 Re: Supply Delivery[D-rank Mission] on Mon Nov 12, 2018 12:01 am



Makoto did not know how long it would take but they had to hurry as he rushed as fast as he could to get the mission done as they kept on running towards the destination and location as he began to wonder if there were easier missions then this one as he felt like a delivery boy, however it was easier then mining rocks among other things that he had to do. He did his best to keep going in the hardships of this mission as he kept going he looked to Ashe feeling proud that she seemed to be more reliable and loyal now as they kept on going as it was time to prepare for the truth of the situation as they engaged in their battle with time. How much time was left and that was when he realized that if they did not go full speed they might fail so he went to top speed as Ashe kept up with him barely before realizing she could not and the makoto clones picked up Ashe again and so they made it to their destination handing in the parcel as the mission was now complete.

Makoto did not understand why he suddenly had this feeling of dread as they reached the target they took the parcel and gave him the proof that they received it as he looked to ashe as a part of him felt something strange about this mission as he went back with ashe following he had a regret as he did not know back then what it was, however perhaps one day Makoto and Ashe would learn to understand each other even more then they do now as they finally drew towards the final stretch of handing in this mission having completed the delivery he dispersed the clones as they became water falling to the ground Ashe fell as he realized the clones were carrying her as she managed to pull a cat move on Makoto and landed on her feet with feline finesse for a canine cub as they moved onwards he kept replaying the mission in his mind over and over again. Were D-rank missions always this straight forward and simple as he began to wonder if there was more to these low rank missions than what he first thought

It was not over yet, the struggle was not over. Makoto kept thinking to himself that he loved jutsu and he would always love jutsu and the world revolved around jutsu so did ashe really serve any purpose to him if he created a jutsu that could carry him would he need a wolf to carry him. However he realized he could not do something like that, to create a jutsu for something that you can already do is a waste to say the least. He would one day mount ashe and ride her into the battle against the winter's army. This was fate, this was destiny. So their mission came to an end for that day, but not the last mission.

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