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Aura Yukimenoko

Aura Yukimenoko

Two years have passed since she was first saved, then taken in by her Clan's compound.

The beginning of her time with Ayakashi, Kirigakure's Mizukage and head of the Yuki Clan, was definitely a brilliant moment in her rather poor life, that glimmer of gold within the confines of dust. Just like that gold, all it needed was a good polishing to shine again, as was her own existence. Nothing had ever gone right until she was finally freed from her foster parent's grasps, but now that she could decide what she wanted to do, she decided to become a Shinobi; not just to live her childhood dream of being able to do so, and fight with people, but she even has the dream of becoming Mizukage one day. Either that, or the leader of some nation; a place she can protect and love her people, and keep hooligans like her former family out of the houses those on the streets were more deserving of it. That being said, the young little woman had a long way to go before any of this could happen, so she bent herself on a much more reasonable goal for the time being...two, to be exact.

The first she had in mind was her dream since she could walk; explore the entire world. Of course, she couldn't have done that without training herself to be strong, so while she was in the confines of her clan's walls, she trained with her relatives within the clan, including Aya herself, in order to pass the Academy and become a fully fledged Genin. Now that all of this was over with, she could finally start with traversing the realm, and this started with going to Konoagakure. Sure, she had free reign to do so, considering the Chunin Exams were taking places, but what a better place to start than somewhere she can go without getting in trouble? Not to mention all her peers from around the world she'd be able to meet. Though she herself did not plan on joining in the competition, there was nothing wrong with commuting with everyone and making new friends. So that's exactly what she intended on doing.

Secondly, however, there was a more demented endeavor she had in make her fosters pay for what they had done to her. Of course, she wasn't willing to kill them; yet she at least admitted to herself it would be a mercy for them if she did. No, she wished to make them suffer, as they were the only people in the entire planet she truly despised. Not only had they forced her to go through eighteen years of complete isolation, abuse, and torment, but they had the audacity to mask her eighteenth birthday present as a way to conduct the kidnapping of her. If she wasn't saved then, she would have been harvested for her DNA, and most likely turned into a slave if she even survived. Sneaking up on her parents after surviving confirmed this, and it broke her loving heart, as until that point, she believed even they were worth caring for. No longer. They were going down, and she would claim everything they stole from her, all that was rightfully hers. Then she would subjugate them to a torture more horrendous than they had ever committed to her, and make sure that all of her people know what they did to a defenseless little girl for almost her entire life.

That goal, however, she was not ready to complete yet. She knew that she should at least get a bit stronger before going back to take them head on, so she spent more time on her own personal happiness instead of revenge. There's no living if you're hellbent on vengeance the whole time, right? Due to that, she currently rested on a giant, expansive hill of lavender and lily flowers, violet and white colors mixing and contrasting against the vibrant green of its blades of grass, all swaying in the light, cool wind that blew over her and the vegetation. She let herself relax, listening to all of nature and its whims, with the moonlight and vast number of stars twinkling all over her and the beautiful hill, all that lit up the world in the darkness of night. Her breath fogged both naturally and from her own cold body, with her little hands tucked behind her neck and the rest of her delicate body laid on the bed of flowers and grass, downed in a blue and white kimono with a red ribbon that tied it all together, and nothing else. As she stirred lightly, brushing her snow white hair out of the cloudy blue orbs that were her eyes, she sighed in content, loving the weather and her spot of rest. How else would this beautiful night be enriched?

Well, probably if she could see...that won't happen any time soon, though.

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Yoshi let out a huff as he lept down from the tree. He had been training all day, doing everything he could to get into peak shape before the start of exams the following morning. His body was shaking, his arms heavy. He had given everything he had today, all he could do was head back to his small apartment so that he could get some heavy sleep before the fight the next day. He slowly began walking along the trail out of Senju Park and back along the forested roads to the center of town. He wondered just what all the other Genin were thinking right now, or what they might be planning for their upcoming fights. He had only really fought Ting, and although he had won their spar, it hadn't been a traditional duel. Truthfully, he had no real idea whatsover what to expect for the following days, all he could be certain of was that it'd take every ounce of craftiness and power to win.

He entered a clearing in the treeline, the night sky giving him the chills somewhat. It was cold tonight, the seasons were changing to winter quickly. Yoshi looked up to the nearby hill, remembering the sight of its pretty flowers during the daytime, yet at seeing an unknown figure resting atop it he paused. Who was out here at this late of an hour? He tilted his head in thought, turning to fully look up at the stranger. Looking her over for a moment, he decided to approach her. His tired feet sluggishly walking along the grass up the hill to where the girl sat. As he approached finally, he noticed the appearance of the woman. Long white hair, pale skin, and a plain but elegant dress that seemed to radiate cold. She was certainly very pretty! "Are you lost? It's quite late out" he said, looking down at the stranger with a look of concern in his eyes. He was still somewhat on guard, one could never be sure what to think with how many foreigners had traveled from across the shinobi world to watch the exams.

He looked up at the full and clear moon out. Maybe it was a good omen for tommorow, or maybe it wasn't. His body had given all it could up until now, he didn't know if superstition would help him win his match or not at this point. "It is a very pretty night though" he stated, thinking to himself as he stood her a meter or so away from the woman. She was older than him, by how much he couldn't say, but he had certainly never seen her before around Konohagakure. He looked for a headband that he could use to identify her, but had no such luck at first. How very strange. "I'm Yoshihiro Joe" the Genin said, gesturing to himself in introduction as he took in the sight of the pearlescent figure sitting in front of him. His big hazel eyes tried to find hers to get a better idea of her mood, he had a knack for telling how people felt by holding eye contact with them along with conversing.



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