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Mission name: Apples to Oranges.
Mission rank: D.
Objective: Sort Doppelganger Fruits.
Location: Small South Forest.
Reward: 150 Ryo +1 EP.
Mission Description: The exams fell right during reaping season, and a great many autumnal Konoha delicacies require ripe, juicy fruit! Amaguriama is handing out open gigs for those that will help pick and sort the Burning Sky Harvest.
Mission Details: There's nothing out of the ordinary here at first, but it turns out not only the foliage is the varied colors of fire. Every single one of the fruits can be orange, yellow, crimson, or any color in-between! This is a tedious task that either takes a Konoha palate and nose, a Perception stat of D-3 to tell between the different types of fruit, or a sensory technique that lets one discern their interiors without damaging them.



His name was whatever the heck the dice said it was that day, it was the reality of being a shinobi whose past continued to shift. On one hand he was Xiao Guan, the notorious loud mouth, on the other Kyutai the spider clan's fangless shinobi and even further than that he was the Spider-Nin of Kirigakure who made bonds beyond borders with those he encountered. He had garnered a reputation already even in his youth as being the loud mouth shinobi who wasn't quite respected but certainly was known by those of the mist whether they liked it or not. It pained Xiao slightly to know that when it came down to it most people probably wished to see him dead and twitching on the floor but he couldn't help his personality, it was what he had and who he was and if people didn't like it there wasn't much he could really do about it besides molding into some amorphous human tofu that took on the attributes around him to please others which the very thought of disgusted Xiao who much preferred the freedom of individualism. Of the Kiri nin he knew there were few that enjoyed his company and many who had been more of an acquaintance but only one thus far he had seen as a pure rival, that of Kaito. Kaito was Haka's apprentice and though Kaito may not have viewed it as such Xiao deemed that if Haka was his 'mother', then Kaito was his 'brother' in some sense and thus family, notably his older brother. Xiao had a tendency to include others, but Kaito was someone he truly wished to impress and surpass sometime. He was his rival and that rivalry was not born from hatred but rather an understanding that both having trained with the web princess gave them a connection that many others would not understand.

Today though? Today was not a day of brandishing blades and bashing battleons but rather that of simple leisure and bonding, well within reason though for a shinobi slight labor was truly nothing more than a distraction. Picking Apples, Apple pickin' a classic time to be had by all and fun for the whole family. As soon as Xiao saw the flier he picked it up in an instant highlighting the words 'Fun for the Family' in his mind, though he wished he could do the event with Haka and Sero as well the concept of the dark lord picking apples or the princess of the web even entertaining a pointless act made Xiao know it was highly unlikely, rather he would opt to ask his brother. Kaito was located in his temporary residence that each of Kiri held and within said residence a letter was left attached to a web that allowed him to notice it upon walking in that was labeled "TOP SECRET MISSION" in an attempt to coax him in to aiding Xiao and spending some brotherly time. Though Xiao would act none the wiser, his scheme was to merely spend time with the shinobi and bond. As he waited at the fields of auburn and red he leaned upon a rickety old wooden fest that seemed gnawed by termite and wearied by weather over the years with a timber framing and sections of steel wire to make a makeshift cutting fence, prime for small animals and the like. The shinobi awaited his brother thinking over just how he would pull this one off.

Because whilst the mission may have been to pick apples, the true prize at the end of it all was friendship, communication and gosh darn it a little bit of understanding.


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