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Mission name: Books, Books everywhere!
Mission rank: D [Repeatable]
Objective: Work in the Iwagakure library, don’t get any of the books damaged.  
Location: Iwagakure
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: Attention: Librarian wanted for short-term position in the Iwagakure library. Please come to the Iwagakure library ASAP, help needed for shelving position.  
Mission details: Don’t damage any of the books or you won’t get paid.

With shaky legs she would slowly push up from the hospital bed to standing. Her left hand heavily bandaged and strapped to her chest securely, everything oddly clean and neat. She had been told that it had been three days since she had slipped into a slumber after her operation, yet, for the hours they had worked upon her until it was done right, the doctor had slept but a few hours, that night and even less since it would seem. Between checking other patients and returning to her bedside with each chance that arose. He had washed and kept her, not only her wounds but her, such care given, her body clean her position changed frequently and her hair washed. Yet at times he would drift into a small slumber in the chair beside her bed, and that was how she found him when she woke. Tucked and nestles carefully within the chair, in a position that couldn’t at all be classed as comfortable, but he seemed peaceful. Once she had risen she had found that she had been very well cared for, her clothes had been changed, a set of trousers she hadn’t seen before but soft and comfortable, a subtle pale grey in colour. Yet the hospital shirt she wore was far less comfortable yet she figured it was for easier access to tend to her wounds.  

As quietly as she could, she would sift through the small wardrobe she had here at the hospital, easily finding her old black jacket with a high collar and red rimming, all in all a comfortable boy’s jacket that she now it into snugly, yet she struggled silently to slip her right arm into the sleeve whilst attempting not to jolt her left arm at all. Only when her legs gave and her balance wavered did her rump find place on the bed once again, yet a hand had found its way to her left hip whilst another gripped her right arms bicep, guiding her carefully to the bed. She had accidentally woke the doctor yet was thankful he had caught her. Keeping to her right side he would assist her in slipping her arm in before draping the jacket over her left shoulder. “Where do you believe that you are going?” with his brow arched and his voice stern yet somewhat amused that she believed she would be able to do anything alone at the moment. And just as he was about to speak up again her lips would part, her voice dry and crokey in the process, ”I need to go to the library...” her head would tilt to look up at him, innocence in her features, the likes of which he had not before seen in her waking features and even then still somewhat elusive when she slept. The shock he felt presented quickly within his features before having to school them away. “The library? …" A rhetorical question of course but she would continue to speak as she slowly rose to her feet once more, “I have some research to do...”

The doctor would raise with her, yet would leave her to her own devices as she found one of her usual veils only to find her hair hung loose for the most part, save for the left side of her fringe that was neatly braided along with the odd hin plats within the left side of her hair, more strategically placed than she had realized, without the ability of her left hand too, how would she attach it. Yet as she were about to simply place the veil down and continue without it, the doctor would pick it right back up again before stepping to her. Though he had already thought about such apparently, carefully attaching the veil, however looser than Taeru would have usually had it. He would then step to the door to open it for her, speaking as he did so, “If you don’t mind, I shall accompany you, There are a few books I would like to check out and you will need a chaperone, lest you pass out in the street alone.” Giving a little snort she would take her time stepping through the door. Walking through the corridors to exit the hospital her right hand would grip at any and all aids to keep her balance only when they were outside would she lean into the doctor's arm as he casually loops his arm with hers to keep her steady and on her feet. And truth be told, with how slow her pace was, it was a long walk to the library just a couple of blocks away.

Stepping into the familiar surroundings she would inhale, filling her lungs to the brim with the scents the building held. Not just the mingling scents of new and old books, but the familiar scent of the librarian and the few other beings that lingered within the building. How long had it been since she was here checking in and out books about medicines and snakes, more closely, how to take care of a snake from it being an egg and then raising it. The topic had only taken her interest as a mission she had partaken in left her to find the only surviving egg within a nest, slightly damaged itself but she was determined to protect it as its mother had been at the time Taeru had been ordered to dispose of the creature. The tiny egg had become her responsibility, yet without such, she wouldn’t have had Nubari today.  

She would carefully maneuver about, taking her time and eaning when needed she would seek out any and all books on the tunnels beneath the city. Of course, closely watched by the doctor though he at least attempted to seem busy with other books. Though as she looked through the rows of books it could only urk her when books were placed within the wrong area’s, hindering further her speed in finding the pieces of information she needed. Carefully taking a small trolly with wheels she would slowly push down the corridors, not only picking out a pile of books for her to research within but also removing books that had been misplaced, rearranging and finding their proper homes within the shelves of the library. Hours passed and only when the movements became a little too much for the lack of blood pumping about within her system still would she settle herself into a seat to continue reading her last book, having read the pile of her books throughout placing the other books into the correct places. And as sod's law goes, it was the very last book she read that spilled forth the information she needed though it was in dier condition and falling apart. Though she had placed the decrepid book back she would make sure he had left her scent and trail on many books, just incase she had been followed or tracked even to this place. Now more than ever, her ability to recall things to nere perfection even as a child, this would save her the risk this time around. Having briefly spoken with the librarian as they left, the doctor would check out a couple of books, medical of course, about anatomy, apparently for the apprentices that would be tending to Taeru’s hand later on, he, she found, was a good lier. Though the Librarian had noticed Taeru and the doctor restoring the books to their places she had left them too it, having struggled with a faded memory of a polite young boy having arranged the shelves in an all too familiar way as to what the wounded young female had.

Exit thread.

Word count: 1296.

extra ryo: 500/500 (125ryo)


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