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The sound rang out in the arena’s open air
A battle he felt in the earth shake as you look at his hair.
The crowd was roaring as a boy sat on the earth.
He was nervous like a girl giving birth.

His arms felt heavy like spaghetti, exploding from his mouth to the floor
So sweaty, so calm, not ready for it anymore.
He had these feelings of breathing swelling his flat chest
You would be surprised to find he looked like a man with a breast

With his moaning sighs of relief
Exposing all of his pain and grief
Looking to the right as if he was lost.
Reflecting on the debt that it cost.

He felt his tools, kunai of three
Knowing that none of them would ever hit me
His shuriken of five
He will throw to stay alive.
and kusarigama or whatever
pronounce it out loud as in never

With one simple word of okay to pretend he was ready for the day
As it was now time for a battle to get underway.
The fear of stabbing himself
The fear of being beaten by a child of twelve

Yoshito steps to the edge and falls for the water
So muddy and wet, like a dirty daughter

Someone called out his name, and then the name of another
If they met at any other time, you could call him your brother
A brother in arms, or a rival to beat
His opponent stood before him as there was no room for defeat

Pumping himself up, trying to look big
The small little boy, might snap him like a skinny twig
Then in the words of an old pirate man he said, "get out me swamp"
As Makoto went into hiding and would start to camp



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The sound rang out in the arena’s open air. He could feel the earth underneath him shake from the crowd’s roaring. The boy sat on the earth in the corridor before entering the arena, he was nervous. His arms felt like spaghetti, his mom made him some spaghetti, but he vomited it already on the floor next to him. He’s calm and sweaty but on the surface he looks calm and ready. Yoshito’s chest swelled with a breath and depressed once more allowing the air to exhale out of his body letting out an audible sigh of relief. He looked to his right and could see the arena from the wide open corridor he was sitting in. “Okay.” One simple word defining his readiness to get his battle underway. Before leaving the corridor the boy felt around for his ninja tools in case he would need them, three kunai, five shuriken and the kusarigama strapped to his back. Each handle holstered with the kamis scythes pointed outward to avoid any accidental stabbing. That would be awkward.

Yoshito stepped to the edge of the cemented corridor and noticed the floor before all else. He could see water mixed with land and could deduce that the land would most likely be muddy. Yoshi stepped foot onto the nearest piece of land and could feel the unsteadiness of his planted foot on the ground. Yikes The boy thought, knowing there was no way to back out now he had to be ready. All the training before this would be put to test battling his opponent. Suddenly a loud voice seemingly over an intercom of some sort would ring out over the arena silencing the crowd after multiple hushes. “Round One, Yuki Yoshito vs. Makoto!!” The commanding voice ended with a static feedback. Makoto His opponents name rang out in his mind saying it over and over again. The voice in his head rose volume with each statement of the name to where it was almost matching the crowd. He was pumping himself up and hopefully it had some impact.

Yoshito took steps onto the arena feeling out the place before doing anything rash. When he stepped off of the muddy land his leg fell covering his leg up to his knee in the murky water. Yoshi was startled by that shown by him quickly jerking his leg back up from the depths and shaking his leg. He was finally out of Kirigakure and to Konoha, feeling the warm embrace of the sun and now here he was back in the water yet again. It was some cruel joke. “Get out me swamp.” Yoshi said as he looked around for his opponent as the crowd roared on for the fight to get started.

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