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1 I want a fruit pie, damnit[Mission - Amaya] on Thu Nov 15, 2018 12:11 pm



Apple to Oranges:

Mission name: Apples to Oranges.
Mission rank: D.
Objective: Sort Doppelganger Fruits.
Location: Small South Forest.
Reward: 150 Ryo +1 EP.
Mission Description: The exams fell right during reaping season, and a great many autumnal Konoha delicacies require ripe, juicy fruit! Amaguriama is handing out open gigs for those that will help pick and sort the Burning Sky Harvest.
Mission Details: There's nothing out of the ordinary here at first, but it turns out not only the foliage is the varied colors of fire. Every single one of the fruits can be orange, yellow, crimson, or any color in-between! This is a tedious task that either takes a Konoha palate and nose, a Perception stat of D-3 to tell between the different types of fruit, or a sensory technique that lets one discern their interiors without damaging them.

Eyes fluttered open as the morning sun rays began filtered in through the blinds, illuminating the otherwise dark room. It took a moment for the citrine colored orbs to adjust to the small source of light within the room as their owners slowly awaken from another dreamless slumber. Getting his bearings straight, it took a minute for him to recognized the unfamiliar room as that once belonging to Amaya, his slumbering wife. Not wanting to disturb her slumber, if she was sleep that is, he just laid in bed, enjoying the quietness permeating the room, that was only disturbed by the sudden low rumble of his stomach as a delicious aroma waft inside.

Taking a glance at Amaya, Daremo found himself brushing a random strand of hair from out of her face, his fingers lingering against her silky skin. “You are amazing.”, he whispered, lightly caressing her cheek, though hoping his actions does not wake her. Gazing at the woman, he thought about all the times he had been in love. In the past, he was known as a man-whore, someone who would sleep with anyone who caught his interest, and while he admits in having many lovers, he only actually love three people: Tei, Kaia-mai, and Amaya. One has disappeared, another died, and the final one remaining beside him. Out of everyone, those were the only three women who had stolen his heart and made him into a better person.

Yet, though it might be cruel to say it, Amaya had been the one who had changed him the most in such a small amount of time. While Tei taught him how to be a man, Kaia-mai making him a father, it was Amaya who taught him how to live. She was the one who taught him not to be afraid to show his emotions. To live life for what it is, and to not worry about the consequences. She was the one who had him accept every aspect of him. That he should not try to lock away or run away from what made him who he was.

Glancing at the clock, the red digital numbers reading 6 am, Daremo noted the scroll rested by the small clock. He remembers having picked up the mission scroll yesterday when he saw a sign asking for shinobi, or civilians, with a good eye to pick and sort out fruit at the Burning Harvest. Although he never been there himself, he did know where the pace was located, after asking for directions the day prior. He figured the small amount of money earned from doing the mission would do some good for them. There was never any harm in getting extra cash in case of emergency. Plus, maybe they could bring some of the fruit home for Uchiha’s mother to make a pie?

With the thought of food on his mind, Daremo gently kisses Amaya on the lips, “Wake up, my sweetheart. Seems like your mother has cooked breakfast, and if the sound of the giggling is any indication, the twins are up as well.”, he whispered, kissing the woman once more, urging her to wake up.




Amaya used to never sleep - or rather, when she could it was never for more than three or four hours a night if she was lucky. Some blamed her sickness for it, others simply assumed it was due to her long hours at the hospital and having trained her body to do such. The real reason was the lack of peace. While she had only spent a short amount of time getting to sleep next to her first love that time had made an impression on her so much so that there was an emptiness without it. She had tried sleeping on the other side of the bed at first, then got rid of the bed all together in favor for something smaller, and then had even taking to sleeping on the couch in her office at the hospital, but no matter what she tried to do to get rid of the empty feeling it continued to persist.

That had changed as of late. While she still loved Ashi and always would her heart had been claimed by another. Sleeping next to Daremo gave her the kind of peace she had had before, it slowly caused an adjustment in the horrible sleeping patterns she had had for years. While the shift had been subtle in the beginning she could now easily sleep eight to ten hours and think nothing of it. Her body of course was healthier than ever before - allowing her to train harder and push herself further than she ever thought possible. Her internal alarm that always had her up by three o’clock in the morning had also reset itself, which was why even as Daremo gently brushed a strand of hair from her face she didn’t stir: her breathing remaining slow and steady. Her sleep was dreamless and calm, a peaceful expression upon her face reflecting this.

In fact, it wouldn’t be until Daremo’s gentle kiss that she would begin to awaken, returning his second kiss as eyelashes fluttered open and she blinked into the darkness. In the distance she could hear the distinct sounds of the twins giggling, indicating it was at least six o’clock since while they were early rises they never awoke before five-thirty. ”Hmm?”, she would respond sleepily as her mind began to awaken further. As the scent of delicious food reached her nose she realized what Daremo had said and found herself stretching, far more willing to rise from her comfortable position on the bed if it meant good food: her mother was an excellent cook after all, better than Amaya, and she wasn’t afraid to admit it. ”Foooood!”, she groaned, tossing the covers off of herself. While normally she would have slept in the nude there was something about sleeping under her parents roof again while they were visiting Konohagakure that had caused her to change that particular habit, leaving her having slept in a pair of black leggings and a black tank top. Sitting up she would kiss Daremo gently before standing up and stretching towards the sky. ”Come on, love. Let’s go to get breakfast before she sends dad up to bang on the door.”, Amaya spoke sleepily, but jokingly.



Medical Ninjutsu: SS ☆ Ninjutsu:  SS ☆ Taijutsu (Striking | Speed | Kyusho-Jitsu): B ☆ Fuinjutsu: C
Katon: SS ☆ Raiton: SS ☆ Fūton: D


"Never get so caught up in learning from life that you forget death has lessons to teach you also."



Seeing her stir caused a smile to tug at Daremo’s lips that were pressed against Amaya’s in a gentle kiss. With her not waking from the first kiss, he wondered if she was just playing possum to get another kiss from him. Even if she was awake, and just wanted another kiss, as he suspected, he would oblige. The second kiss doing the trick, citrine eyes meeting the beautiful ones of Amayas as they came to view. The smile on his face was still present as he waited for her to get her bearings, and it would grow slightly at the joyous sounds of the twins laughter reached his ears.

Sitting up in bed, Daremo glanced over at Amaya, “Good morning, my love.”, the words coming out as sweet as honey, enough to give anyone diabetic shock. There were emotions placed in the words, emotions that not everyone was privileged to hear or feel from the silver-haired male. Love, the universal emotions and feeling were heavy in the four little words spoken by him. Daremo wholeheartedly loved the woman beside him. There was nothing perverse about the love either. It was pure and unconditional. The type of love that would drive a man insane, and have him to care less about the insanity.

As Amaya stretched, Daremo did not try to hide his eyes roaming the woman’s body, taking in every tantalizing piece exposed to him. Finding his lips dry, he licked them, “Did I ever tell you how beautiful you are?”, he suddenly said, leaning to kiss her on the cheek. Chuckling at her response to the delicious food being made, and returning the kiss. Getting out of bed with her, he more again found himself unabashedly staring at Amaya’s assets. While she was not nude, much to his displeasure, but something he understood considering where they were, she still gave him an incredible view, “Yeah, or let's not give them the wrong idea.”

Even though he said that Daremo closed the distance between the two, reaching out and grabbing her ass, “We need to get a hotel for a few days.”, giving her bottom a good squeeze, “I been dying to fuck you senseless since we arrived here.” He respected Amaya’s parents enough to not ruthless fuck their daughter under their roof. Sure, he could have done it, with enough convincing, but, he did not know if there were silent seals or not, and asking about them would be awkward to say the least. They would know exactly why he wanted to know about them, and while he is not shy about his intention, he respected them.

Quickly, Daremo slipped on a pair of black sweatpants, and a matching t-shirt with the guanyin symbol etched on the back. The shirt being something he had made out of boring. Sewing was one of his pastimes, something many either did not know or tend to forget. Now adequately dress, there being no way he could walk downstairs in just a pair of boxers, Daremo followed Amaya downstairs. The voices of the twins getting louder, as well as the sweet aroma of food, the closer they got to the last step.

“Momma/Daddy!” To adorable children exclaimed as they rocketed towards Daremo and Amaya respectively, giggling happily.


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