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Mission name: Extra Pair of Eyes.
Mission rank: A
Objective: Proctor a match for the Exams.
Reward: 1000 Ryo +4 EP.
Mission Description: There are hundreds of matches taking place for the Chūnin exams, and more overseers are needed than ever to ensure the safety and fairness of the bouts we host.
Mission Details: You are in charge of half a day’s worth of matches, about 5 or 6. They will mostly go without incident, but a few entrants are especially bloodthirsty; restraining them will require defensive and/or supplementary jutsu of at least B-rank. This is overall an easy or boring mission, but necessary enough that you receive pay regardless.

And yet, here he was again. Maikumaru found himself in Konohagakure once more. The constant traveling was beginning to get annoying, but it was necessary. It was a special event: the Chunin Exams. And he couldn’t miss out on the fights that were taking place. He was exclusively watching fights were the Iwagakure Ninjas were participating in. He watched intrigued as he saw Ryo, a young shinobi he remembered from Sunagakure, win a match. Maik nodded with approval. He saw a few other Iwagakure victories and losses. Stepping away from the TV screens that were in a window, he walked off, looking for something to eat. While on his way, he heard someone call for him. Not by name, but after a few shouts of “Hey, Big Iwa Ninja” he couldn’t help but to have his attention be caught. Turning around, Maikumaru raised an eyebrow, to find out who was the source. It was a Konohagakure shinobi. Maikumaru turned around and crossed his arms, and smiled. “Excuse me sir. You are a strong shinobi, right?” Feeling a swelling since of pride, Maikumaru tensed his muscles, visibly bulging them. “Well I like to think so.”

“Good. Because we are in dire need of procters. We didn’t expect this many to turn out. We need your help. Please.”

“Say no more. I will assist you in this matter.”

“Good. Thank you. We need you to head over to the forests. That’s where you and someone else will meet you. If we can’t find someone else...then….I guess you are going to have to proctor alone.”

“Tch. Don’t insult my ability.”

“C’mon. Its for safety purposes. Please, just head over to the large tree. You know the one I’m talking about, right? The biggest one? That’s where the match will happen.”

“Fine. I’ll do it. But you owe me Ryo.”

Maikumaru sat on a branch, sitting between the two Genin, one from Kirigakure and another from Kumo. His arms were crossed, and he was beginning to be impatient. His irritability was beginning to make the two young shinobi shift uncomfortably in their seats. The Kirigakure Ninja was the first to speak up. “So’re from Earth Country?”


“What’s it like?”


“Cool, cool.”

The young Kumo girl decided to try her hand with striking up a conversation. “So. How did you get so big?”

“Lot’s of protein for the overall size and lots of strength building exercise. It also runs in my family.”

“Are you an Akimichi?”

“No. I’m from Iwa, and those guys are fatasses.” They both bursted out in laughter. Their amusement lightened Maikumaru’s mood, and he laughed along with them. “So you two are going to duke it out, right?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well, instead of just sitting around, I recommend a light warm up.”  The two looked across from each other. They didn’t want to show each other what they could do before the fight even start it. The Kirigakure boy looked up at Maikumaru. “…”

“Move! Now!”

The two jumped from the branch and down to the ground. “Don’t use your jutsu. Only warm up exercises.” Maikumaru continued to watch them from his seat, waiting for his partner to arrive.

552 WC


Good Cop Bad Cop [Mission] 1200px-Earth_symbol_A.svg

Ninja Ability:

Name:Earthbound Brawler  
Concept: Maik’s fighting style has evolved as he has gained experience, but one thing has always remained the same: take blows and keep on rolling. SLowing him down might be easy. Stopping him is a different story.  
Description: All physical damage Maik takes is decreased by -1 rank.
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