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1 Hanging out. [Open.] on Fri Nov 16, 2018 4:41 pm

Kizmaru Uchiha


Well, Kizmaru had some time to kill. He wasn't sure what else he should be doing besides the chuunin exams. Maybe he'd go do some sight seeing or maybe he'd find a semi-comfortable place to just lounge his time away until this whole event was done. It was a bother, really. Not knowing his way around land he was expected to stay for a long period of time. Well, it's not like he was gonna automatically learn the layout of a place because he set foot in it. Maybe he will take up that woman's offer one sticking together. As strange as it sounds, he'd feel better knowing that another rock shinobi was gonna accompany him. With that, Kizmaru attempted to sought out the older woman in an attempt to get her company. He still wasn't entirely sure about this since it seems she had a very bad temper like he does but in the end, he probably shouldn't worry too much as it seems like she was also warming up to him, or so he assumed.

Walking around, Kizmaru had one thing on his mind, how to effectively win the chuunin exams. It's not like he had a large arsenal to work with but none the less, he had a few tricks up his sleeve. Still, it seems like an uphill battle from the way things are heading after checking out the competition. Well, regardless, pass or fail, he knew what he must do. Heck, he might do some training right now if he was in the mood but currently, he was not. After a few moments of walking around and daydreaming, Kizmaru decided to find a nearby patch of grass and lay in it. He figured he'd take a short break on walking before he got up and ended up, who knows where.

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