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Umeko Sencho

Umeko Sencho


Umeko Sencho

Ray Of Sunshine

OOC Remarks:
Alright boys and girls, this is an Observation post for the battle topic between Teiho and Hebiyachi. If you are currently participating in the exams you can't very well be observing now can you? So you don't get to post here unless you just decided to send a clone I guess whatever lmao. This will be an open topic, no posting order but you have to wait for at least one other person to post before you can post again to avoid double posting. The more the merrier so let's have fun you can sit where you want and watch as the battle unfolds which you can see Here.

Umeko nearly tripped and fell on her face trying to get the best seat that she could so that she could see her darling Teiho in action. Her arms were full to the brim with a large drink and various foods not to mention an obnoxious Iwagakure flag that she would be proudly waving to show her support for her fellow Iwagakure nin. She wasn't even the one doing the fighting but her heart was pounding with excitement and anxiety. The green haired stone shinobi eventually found herself parking her caboose down in a very comfortable position, one where she could see the arena clearly, a perfect shot of Teiho as he entered the arena looking as gorgeous as ever. It was only a few days ago that he was wearing dark clothes and hiding his figure, not knowing the power in them hips he possessed. Umeko had to admit that he was a work of art on his own and she could only imagine what horrors puberty would commit once it got to him. Shaking the thought from her head she placed her drink beside her and began shoving balls of fried octopus in her mouth. It was something called takoyaki that was sold in Konoha. It was something new to try while she was in Konoha and she liked it already. Her golden oculars scanned around looking for her fellow iwagakre nin to show up and take the seats next to her, especially  Ryuuketsu who she felt had the hots for Teiho. The sexual tension between those two were so thick sometimes she almost choked on it when they were in the same room.
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Chigetsu Hōzuki

Chigetsu Hōzuki

Rather than being content only watching one match in these exams, Chigetsu set forth to watch all of them. How was this possible? Water Clones. While they didn’t grant the creator memories when they poofed away those Water Clones could easily come back to the original and give a report on the match. That’s why each clone had been sent out with a notepad and pen. Note taking was important, especially if Chigetsu wanted to gain a comprehensive idea of the sort of genin that were partaking in this generation’s exams. This was a match that he put a certain priority on watching as well. There was a member of his home village, Kirigakure no Sato, participating. While he had never met the kid before, who seemed to be from some foreign clan, the nationalist inside of him more than obligated him to come here and root for the guy. How much rooting he did was questionable though, as the majority of the match was spent taking notes.  

He would write down an analysis of the genin from Kirigakure, the arena, but also the one from Iwagakure. It was a village he had never had much contact with. Relief forces in Suna from the village occasionally made contact with him, but never had he really gotten to know a member of its village. Here this little genin was though, cute as a button. Seiker, Taiho. The name didn’t ring a bell of any major clans, but he could just be ignorant of Iwagakure’s political situation. Chigetsu would write down the boy’s name, along with a general sketch of his body and other important information that revealed itself throughout the match.



Fight Of The Century [Open/Battle Observation Topic: Tei vs Hebiyachi] GSmttz8

Fight Of The Century [Open/Battle Observation Topic: Tei vs Hebiyachi] 2uLtLjA

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Just recently out of the depression from a few months prior when the squadmates she’d been assigned and herself were told they needed to start all the way over from zero, Kanamora had made her first public appearance in a very long while here in the chunin exams. The words of her last squad leader still cutting too deep for her to accept she’d be powerful enough to cut it for the chunin exams, she opted to instead watch them, learning what made these ninja strong. But also it’d been forever since she’d been outside of the village’s walls. Sightseeing did wonders for her just like the dirty, old man said.

It also seemed like Lord Hastur was focused on other matters at the time though too. Kana wasn’t really sure, but while she was travelling to Konoha she remembered seeing dozens of groups of some of Kumo’s priests make their way here as well. For a minute it felt like something big was going down, but the exams had been going on a while and there was no distinct sign that anything weird was afoot, a sure sign that Kanamora had definitely been over thinking things. Regardless of outside opinions of the God-like man though she always kept her Kumo headband on proud display even here at the matches themselves.

As Kanamora was returning to her seat there were a dozen gloved hands floating around her. All fourteen of her hands were filled. She had candies, sushi rolls, weird hotdogs with strange toppings, a few bowl of ramen that had fish paste sporting a previous kage’s face, popcorn, and a couple of novetly foods/ drinks like the aforementioned Madararamen and Naruto, she also had the Hashi- and Tobiramens, there was the Blackend Kimura Fish Takos, Inuzukas on a buns -served with a triangle of some red noodles in each bun, and a GetRippa’d fizzy energy drink.

She was on her way to her seat when she noticed another white haired person nearby scribbling away in a notebook. The white haired fellow seemed like he’d possibly be able to help her understand, so she’d sit down in an open seat in the row behind him peering over his shoulder as she ate began to dig into the over priced stand food. “So do you have an opinion on whose going to win.” She’d say as she in between slurps of ramen. “The adorable genin with the cool gauntlets or the stoic looking one with the sword. I think the sword has the advantage. Right?” As she spoke the two ninja’s weapons from down below would spawn in miniature in front of her. The gauntlets making two punches and the sword cutting through them before vanishing itself.

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