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Makoto's counter attack seemed successful as the three targets at close range were captured and killed rather easily, though this may have not been the usual water clone technique as he thought to himself to attempt learning this at a later stage. His last water tentacle was unable to reach his target as both him and his opponent were now maintaining a status quo of sorts, noticing his opponent moving towards another direction he made a light whistle before moving back to his original spot as Ashe got the message and ran to cling to the metal sound made near her location as she gripped hold of the kaginawa head. The kaginawa was reeled in as Makoto went back to focusing on other things as he planted his spear next to him to focus on his ninjutsu which was his main specialty for this fight, and so his pet would be made more attractive as she flies towards his location at around twenty meters per second.

In the process of the return it seems that ashe may have been spotted though the distance was still quite good for her to get away as the mist was still rather mixed with the light mist still available for one more surprise to say the least. The ice crystals seemed rather interesting to Makoto, although they were too weak to affect his defensive technique, there was a mild attempt at freezing for a moment that faded away as his mist defense was superior to this technique. However it gave him this chilling feeling and he had not encountered this kind of ninjutsu before as he decided to take note to be a bit more careful about facing it in the future. Though had the technique been stronger this battle could have come to an end here, he could not take that chance to allow his opponent to take control of the battle. Though he also had his trump card as well.

For some odd reason his opponent started to use talking, as he formed the dog seal and caused the water level to rise a bit more again as he created a pond of water. He was told that thing he tried to do was limited to about twenty meters or so, why state the obvious so either his opponent was wasting time or bringing about a distraction. Neither one mattered as Ashe went behind Makoto and climbed up his back to hide under his clothing snuggling in. Makoto felt ashe did a good job setting up the trap he had originally planned, though he found that technique would be too dangerous to do now as it was clear the blanket would be laying there in the water nearer to his target now, however it would be noticeable by his opponent as the shuriken lay on top of the blanket floating on the water's surface.

They were both lined up with the arena's wall to their one side and the vast expanse to their left, however even with his speed Makoto knew his strength was in his ninjutsu and his hidden mist style. To Makoto's left was the lame tentacle that missed its target at best it could only reach to cover his left side so it was not that ideal at this point while the other three were a bit close and could at least cover the front and left of him, though whether his opponent had fully grasped his water tentacle technique was still unclear, so it was best not to rely on it too much and just let it lay there for when needed.

It seems his opponent made a decision to attack as he was not going to let things go according to plan, or at least this strangely rash plan that was unfolding. As his opponent used the wall to gain a footing at first and was running at a speed his eyes could comprehend, he was glad to have gotten his contact lenses in time for this battle.

The moment his opponent weaved hand seals that was an opening he would not waste as his eyes were focused he waved his right hand to release the mist wall defense as his left hand raised up his shield as he whispered to ashe who managed to spit out some metsubishi since it became clear that his opponent was not hindered by the mist, though seeing in the mist did not necessarily mean his opponent could counter the other technique inherent to his mist style, it was not mean to hide him as it actually hid his other mist techniques.

There was a cyclone of wind that seemed to knock the further expanse of mist back about two meters, but the cyclone's assault would be stopped after that as it clashed with the hidden mist which blocked both of the jutsu as makoto picked up on his mist wall dissipating from the double impact, this offensive jutsu must have been rather strong in combination to have done this as his hidden mist would expand back to its original fifteen meter radius as the spectators had no idea what was going on in this battle.


Chakra Calculations
Pond Creation activated

Mist Vision maintenance
Mist Armor maintenance

Mist Creation used up
Mist Wall activated to cut off any offensive jutsu being used

Jutsu still active and used:

Name: Water Release: Mist Wall (Suiton: Kiri no Kabe)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Defensive
Element: Suiton
Range: 4m radius or the same as technique used
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 6 posts
Description: The user performs the ox>snake>ram hand seals and then takes the dab stance and releases a thick mist from his body or uses an exiting water source around him to create the mist. However the user may use a pre-existing mist as the base for this technique resulting it gaining the range of that technique and sharing its duration as well.

This is a variation on the hidden mist technique with similar hand seals with the only difference being the stance performed at the end. This jutsu is not visible when used within another hidden mist variation and when used on its own it does not block visibility much as it is mainly a defensive wall of mist and chakra.

The wall's strength can over come two techniques of equal rank, three of a rank lower and one of a rank higher. Furthermore, because the field of vision is maintained while defending, one can easily perform another technique without losing sight of the enemy, which is a great advantage.

This was originally meant to be used as a basic defensive technique, but later was found to merge well with variations of the hidden mist technique itself. This jutsu's duration can never be more then six posts, even if the mist used in its activation has a longer duration.


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