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1 Far from the Tree [Sachihiro] on Sat Nov 17, 2018 1:48 pm



Mission Details:

Mission name: Far from the Tree.
Mission rank: C.
Objective: Protect the groves!
Location: Deep Forest.
Reward: 300 Ryo +2 EP.
Mission Description: The Sarutobi have somehow pushed the high brass of the summoning monkeys off-kilter in their clan leader's absence, leading relations to be less than amicable. The primates need a lesson on unacceptable behavior, or the orchard will be ruined! Yakiniku Q is spreading flyers to end the apes' rage and protect their precious smoking wood.
Mission Details: This faction of summon-monkeys only travel in ninja-like squads to avoid detection, and thus you'll likely only encounter three or four at a time. These monkeys are Taijutsu masters, adept in physical combat with two stats each of C-3 and C-2, but are universally a bit dull, with Perception of D-2.  They all have access to the standard Katon libraries for ninjutsu, as well as being proficient users of the Transformation Technique, which they use to ambush those they detect coming after them.

Being rather single-minded, blunt, and obviously peeved, these primates won't cool off until defeated in battle. They are no splinter group, so even if you defeat this batch it's unlikely the arbor-arson in the area will cease....Nonetheless, turning them over to the Sarutobi clan's acting head is a requirement for mission completion. Additionally, you can fail this mission by injudiciously using techniques that burn or otherwise destroy the wood beyond use for smoking. (While no collateral damage whatsoever is appreciated, cutting techniques at least make it easier on the laborers.)
Mission Thread locked to Verdandi and Sachihiro
1500 WC for mission. 5000 TWC for double EP.
Total Payout of 300 Ryo and 4 EP possible.

Verdandi had agreed to help out with the exam for a week, considering that she had no name in the leaf and that she yet already had a lot of friends here, it seemed like a great opportunity to both, help the mist’s allies out with their intense workload as well as actually getting herself on the good side of the ones leading the exams, giving a sign that the mist in all its shapes and forms might be a grumpy brother sometimes, but always there when you’d need him to bail you out. This being said. Verdandi moved off from her rather, unsurprisingly luxurious accommodation at the Hokage mansion, down into the streets. Being part of Ayakashi’s convoy had its perks and Verd was never one to abandon the options of luxury whenever offered to her. She was in a good mood and was generally upbeat about being in Konoha for the first time. The large village of the leaf was pretty. The giant stone heads were impressive and so much history resided within these streets that she could almost find herself a bit jealous over the village of her friends. She would pass by a multitude of shops and was unable to just walk past some of the foody ones as the offered goods just were looking oh too delicious. So, when Verd appeared at the intended meeting spot and start for her mission she was already munching on some choco-flavored sweets and grinding the remaining toothpick against her teeth.

She opened the fuin gate seal to her ‘locker’ of vast goodness and pushed her arm into the space-time rip as she rummaged inside and tried to find the mission scroll for this one today. After a multitude of fail picks as she had like a dozen mission scrolls picked up in her sheer enthusiasm, Verd would find herself with the right one. Pulling it wide open and reading about the whole shmuck of monkeys gone nuts and smoking wood. She tilted her head. She had never tried smoking before. Now that she thought of it. She had seen multiple rich officials at home sucking at their pipes as if they had the very essence of life stored within these things. But her mum used to say that smoking is not good for a sporty young lady and Verdie was a good girl. Mostly. Almost mostly. Well let’s just say she liked to believe she was one, almost mostly. But before she had to go deeper on that thought, her partner for this one would show up. Verd had requested a Genin for every mission as to broaden their horizon about participating in missions with higher-ups as well as wanting to see the cute faces of the local Genin that were swarming around like bees during the exams. To her own surprise. The boy walking in on her at the gates of Konoha was none other than little turtle boy. Having not seen him for a while, Verdie waved at her cutie little student.



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