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1 Far from the Tree. [Makoto|Teiho|Kizmaru] on Sun Nov 18, 2018 5:59 pm

Kizmaru Uchiha



Mission name: Far from the Tree.
Mission rank: C.
Objective: Protect the groves!
Location: Deep Forest.
Reward: 300 Ryo +2 EP.
Mission Description: The Sarutobi have somehow pushed the high brass of the summoning monkeys off-kilter in their clan leader's absence, leading relations to be less than amicable. The primates need a lesson on unacceptable behavior, or the orchard will be ruined! Yakiniku Q is spreading flyers to end the apes' rage and protect their precious smoking wood.
Mission Details: This faction of summon-monkeys only travel in ninja-like squads to avoid detection, and thus you'll likely only encounter three or four at a time. These monkeys are Taijutsu masters, adept in physical combat with two stats each of C-3 and C-2, but are universally a bit dull, with Perception of D-2.  They all have access to the standard Katon libraries for ninjutsu, as well as being proficient users of the Transformation Technique, which they use to ambush those they detect coming after them.

Being rather single-minded, blunt, and obviously peeved, these primates won't cool off until defeated in battle. They are no splinter group, so even if you defeat this batch it's unlikely the arbor-arson in the area will cease....Nonetheless, turning them over to the Sarutobi clan's acting head is a requirement for mission completion. Additionally, you can fail this mission by injudiciously using techniques that burn or otherwise destroy the wood beyond use for smoking. (While no collateral damage whatsoever is appreciated, cutting techniques at least make it easier on the laborers.)

Today has been eventful so far giving all the things Kizmaru had done so far. From being a security guard to differentiating between fruits that look exactly the same but have different properties and taste. This time he wanted to try something a bit more stimulating. It was a good day to do so too. Kizmaru was wearing his usual attire of a yellow button down shirt with a black tie, dark navy blue dress pants and modified dress shoes that resemble ninja tabis. The sun was out shining brightly and vibrantly with just enough warmth to wearing either short sleeved or long sleeved clothing. He enjoyed days like this and felt like a lot better than normal. he wasn't sure why but it felt like the sun gave him energy to take on more things than he normally could. It was a nice feeling but he knew that wasn't the case. Still, the day aside, he was pretty eager to take on something that was actually considered dangerous and may require him to fight for dear life. Well, he didn't want to struggle too much but he wanted a decent workout. So, he decided to step his game up and go for a C-ranked mission this time around. This was a step up from the usual jobs he'd take but he was itching for something to do as well as better pay. Yeah, it was mainly the pay as he wanted to go and buy some supplies for combat. Maybe some shuriken here, some kunai there. Now then, with the request in mind, Kizmaru had taken the job and was sent to where the monkeys were last spotted. Apparently, they were ruining some kind of orchard wood that adults used for smoking.

The Sarutobi have somehow pushed the high brass of the summoning monkeys off-kilter in their clan leader's absence, leading relations to be less than amicable. The primates need a lesson on unacceptable behavior, or the orchard will be ruined or so he was told. Well, now of that really mattered in the long run, right? At least not Kizmaru anyways. Arriving at the orchard they were last seen at, he could definitely already tell that they were hear since it seems as if they had already tore this place apart. Still, it wasn't the orchard that he was suppose to protect but it was a nice clue on what would happen should they reach the orchard. He was hoping that this would provide more of a clue. Well, nothing he could do about it now. He'd hurry up and head towards his real destination of the orchard that was still around that he was suppose to protect. Upon arriving, Kizmaru immediately searched to see if the orchard had been damaged in any way. After a through, he didn't notice anything that looks damaged or out of the ordinary as far as he could tell. Well, that's good at least. Now, he heard he wasn't taking this job alone and would be expecting company. Well, he wasn't sure who he was getting so his best bet was to wait it out before seeking something he couldn't handle on his own.

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2 Re: Far from the Tree. [Makoto|Teiho|Kizmaru] on Thu Nov 22, 2018 2:58 am



"Ashe, we got to do it again, now lets go" as he performed the hand seals while his room at the village was full of mist as he was fortunately in a low cost venue so no one cared what nonsense was going on. His room was full of mist as he kept doing the technique and he looked around and then thought to himself how he could still see where Ashe was.

"Okay, one more time" as he performed the necessary hand seals again and again, over and over until he was just all spent as he fell back on the bed with Ashe next to him. "If only I was more talented in jutsu, right Ashe?" as she just whined and laid her head on his chest as they went to sleep since they needed to be up for the mission tomorrow.

Makoto felt tired as he entered this unknown village only a few days ago with Ashe sitting on his shoulder as he had his over cloak on hiding his various weapons as he yawned a bit sleepily as he finally got to his partner for this strange mission.

After arriving Makoto looked around and noticed someone and approached them since this was the meeting location.

"hi, are we all for this mission?"

As he seemed to have this sleepy lazy look in his eyes as if the life was sucked out of him, he did not manage to finish training his mist concealment technique and was still rather upset about it as he yawned a bit more. Ashe his pet wolf pup was also yawning as she was not even sure what was going on yet as they were up all night in bed perfecting his new jutsu, in order to conceal themselves within the mist only to fail over and over again, this was a disaster as Makoto just sighed before resting his head on top of his pillow last night. It was a hard enough night for them to not complete the jutsu as he began to wonder if he could get a bit of relief by doing this mission to relieve himself of his worries as soon the mission would be underway as Makoto did not want to waste much more time as it was his time to shine or at least his time to react to the future that was Makoto.

Hidden beneath Makoto's over cloak was various equipment from his shield with its hidden tanto blade to his spear which probably stood out attached to his back as it was so long in comparison to his small size and stature.

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Makoto's Melancholy

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