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Long, long ago in a distant past there was a war between two of the best of friends. They had started off meeting one another and training to beat each other each day, until eventually they discovered a secret. They were both enemies and their families and clans were at war with one another, killing each other for years gone by as time drew closer they were told to betray each other and in meeting they chose their friendships over their clan's. On this day however the eyes of the weaker of the two awoke to a new power and in the light of the dark this power would shine, in order to combat this the other side had developed more advanced techniques that could not even be perceived with the use of those magical eyes, but in the end those eyes too had a power with this back and forth coming to no end.

In the end the eyes who had the ability to read and understand all ninjutsu were indeed powerful, but those who faced them had always found new ways to innovate new jutsu and so the power of jutsu grew and it was through this that it was understood that war lead to the growth of ninjutsu and all other jutsu for the sake of the future, for the sake of winning the war and in the end when one wins peace reigns supreme. At least this is what they thought.

As Makoto was reading the book a girl came passed and took his book away as he looked up and glared at her. "You can not spend your whole life just reading books, why don't you go play outside or train like the other shinobi boys". He just pouted as he was actually not having a good day, he failed to master the new jutsu he was trying to create and he also managed to trap himself in his own tentacle jutsu which left him a bit disturbed to say the least, not that he even cared how much this would traumatize those he would face in the future. He just sat there pouting as the girl sighed, "You can get the book back again later, if you stay inside here too long you might lose sight of what is important"

Makoto just stretched his arms out as he got up and left the children's library, which actually had friendly stories which he was just reading to calm himself down more then anything else. Before he could leave the library the girl spoke out once more, "feel free to come back anytime". Makoto gave a slight "hmff" sound as he walked away thinking of the future in his eyes he saw only one future, the future of this school burning to the ground. This world was no place for children and fantasies, this was a place for ninjutsu to rule the world once more and bring about peace to the chaos, or at least Makoto was starting to think that as he then met up with an old taijutsu user who had beat him up back during his academy days.

"Hey Mak, you still getting beaten up as genin now too?" as the boy seemed to follow Makoto he just walked quietly along as it seemed this boy had become more talkative after the academy days passed. "So you got any new girlfriends, or are you still busy reading all those books on stupid ninjutsu. Did I strike a nerve, are you going to try and punch me, or you think you fast enough to use your ninjutsu from this close. Hey, can you respond at least, when did you become so boring, hey, are you still going to ignore me like that?"

The makoto he was speaking to vanished into a puff of smoke and it was at that time that the boy realized it was just a clone. "You bastard, wait till i get hold of you!!", as the boy started to laugh softly, "Still the same Makoto"

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Makoto got really upset, he was feeling bored and not feeling impressed at all as the Makoto was not amused he began speaking in a different tone when he went to the local inn. "Is there a library near by?", as the lady at the inn tilted her head slightly. "There is one down the street, and we have books in the corner over there if you want something to read". He gave a look towards the small book shelf in the corner and then looked back to the lady as she got nervous for her current customer today, since he was rather small and she began to wonder who his parents were.

"any of those books have jutsu in them?" as he tilted his head slightly, showing some curiosity though his facial expression looked rather timid and hard to determine as he did not seem interested in her at all. The girl felt a bit bothered since she had a decent figure and usually people were bashful or shy around her, but as timid as Makoto looked he did not even show the slightest sign of being uncomfortable, rather he looked disappointed and lifeless as she took a deep breathe.

"The library should have, but there are definitely a few jutsu in those books over there", the moment she said the word jutsu his eyes opened wider. He looked at her with that vacant expression as the vacant impression intensified its intensification as she got nervous herself as this boy was not cute at all, or maybe not being cute was his cute future. However the truth was that Makoto was really upset and hearing that a book may have jutsu in it made him excited, but he was still sad so he just felt a more or less neutral situation.

"okay, I will sleep here tonight", as he said that he showed his shinobi card and then got a book and asked her. "my room please...", she was a bit bothered that this boy was a shinobi with several missions under his belt, but in the end she guided him towards his room. Makoto entered the room and yawned a bit as he just dropped the book on the plain white bed sheet as he looked around for the blanket noticing a brown furry blanket that bothered him. He looked around and then sat down on the mattress and then leaned back and decided to take a nap as he laid down looking up at the ceiling.

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Sleeping peacefully in his new bed for now as he lay there his eyes closed, his hair laying across his face as the sun went down and the moon rose up. It was at this time that he would face his greatest challenge.

He did not have anything left to do but rest
Remembering all the days he took to prepare for his final test
Unlike the village of Konoha who had fun playing capture the bell
Or the village of Kiri who killed each other until the moment all blood fell

In the end what could he do
To become a genin like the others too
He was the weakest of his class
Tried his best just to barely pass

How could he ever get time to rest
When he had the weight of failure hanging on his chest
His heart beats, with endless defeats
As he meets, his ends as he fails all feats

Unable to please his sensei
Unable to realize his own way
As he worked hard as a weak little student
He still failed it all even though he was prudent

A boy who had no talent
A boy who never got told that his skills were excellent
To receive even the slightest of praise
He could not believe with eyebrow raised

Trying harder then anyone else at the time
All he could do was try to hang on while keeping in line
He could not get away from the feelings of hurt
All those times he tried and was kicked in the dirt

He felt this pain in his side
The feeling of pain that pierced deep inside
Like a wolf taking an arrow deep in its hide
as he fights to survive until the day he felt he died

Makoto could never understand why everyone was stronger than he was
He never understood what it was that he had that made a win a loss
All this time he had really tried
All those times he only cried
All the people he will never know
and all the insanity of people putting on a show

Makoto was a frail child at birth
He was born with no affinity for earth
His parents who loved to explore the earth and always discover
Were a pair who did not care to be a father and mother

All alone he would lay
All alone he would be everyday
All alone in class with no one to play
All alone by himself with nothing to say

Makoto was a child unblessed
He was a boy who did not play and always stressed
He stressed about life and the next new jutsu
He stressed about tests and about juice too

He could not be calm at any rate
He could not allow himself to be late
As he felt he made it for date
Only to be left alone to wait

Makoto was bored, makoto was unimpressed
Makoto was excited, because in truth he was blessed
In this world people can lie, cheat and steal
But with jutsu the truth you could reveal
Makoto a boy with his heart on his sleave
A non-believer with no choice but to believe

Makoto will learn all jutsu, learn all truth and know what it is that makes him feel so empty
As Makoto sleeps thinking only of that happy day by the sakura tree.

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Makoto was still asleep as the days seemed to pass him by, as the feelings deep down inside were now rising up bubbling in his eyes as they cry. Makoto did not understand how it came to be, that he would be awoken on that day as memories of the passed seemed to strike him harder then any before him. It was at this time that he finally understood the true meaning of what he had witnessed that day.

A woman was crying in the background holding her child in her hands, "Somebody help my child". As others were making deathly screams as he thought he heard foot steps as he began to remember a day he had long since forgotten. An angel had approached the battlefield walking through a storm of fire and darkness as he felt himself being uplifted into the heavens. She had long beautiful hair and the face of someone who had seen too much in her days living on this earth, however as strong and powerful as she appeared, she also seemed frail like a doll that would break from the lightest touch. He was not sure what words she said, or what she came to do. However he understood that she was his savior in this battle field where no one was safe, where animals flew away the birds falling from the sky like meteors burnt to a crisp.

When she left him he knew only one thing, that his love for jutsu may kill him. In the end his resolve was unclear and his feelings were misunderstood even by him as he tried to understand that which he could not. He felt a pain in his back and another pain in his side and just felt pain all around him as he did not know what was going on as the sand began to sting as he began to remember that which he had forgotten.

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