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1 Justu training on Thu Jan 10, 2013 1:08 pm



Special Jounin
Tenshi wandered out that day with only one thought going on in her mind, sword play, or more exactly training her sword play. Yes another rather boring day of training was her plan, honestly to her it was rather droll how she kept pushing her body to the breaking point each and every day just to crawl home to Shuiro for her to patch her up and fix her. With her new plans mapped out in her head she headed straight for the library, allowing her feet to guide her there. Once entering the library she gave a curt nod to the librarian whose name she had learned was Catherine, walking back towards the section on sword usage, finding the section she wanted she began to browse through the books before finding an interesting one entitled “New day Kenjustu” pulling it from its place on the shelf she began to browse through it without any real convection but upon finding a technique named “Vacuum Sword” she quickly stood and ran to Catherine’s desk. Standing in front of the woman with a light pant at her sudden sprint she smiled sheepishly before speaking. “May I borrow a pencil and have a piece of paper?” receiving an awkward look from the kind woman Tenshi shifted her weight from one foot to the other before she looked back down to h from the kind woman Tenshi shifted her weight from one foot to the other before she looked back down to her desk picking up a piece of paper and pencil and lifting her head and handing them to the awkwardly awaiting Tenshi. After greatly fully taking the paper and pencil Tenshi returned to her seat and began to slowly in neat script began to copy down the needed information, once she had everything she wanted written down she stood up with a smile, picking up the book she took it back to the shelf replacing it before turning around and walking to the desk, with a soft smile she set the pencil down on Catherine’s desk with a curt nod and walked straight out the doors. Now she just needed to find a good place to try this, it was an interesting justu, she needed not only chakra to do it but her prowess with swords as well, so she would need an open area. Looking around she assessed the mental map she had created of Konoha. The best seeming she could think of was the docks that contained the oceans between Kiri and Kumo and Konoha it’s self. Heading to the docks she noticed yet another change in the scenery from the deep green forest to the clear open oceanic view. Once she reached the open area she picked a spot that was open to the water, stepping out she felt the warm, soft sand underneath her feet and resisted the urge to wiggle her toes in the sand. Once she had reached an area she was satisfied with she slowly pulled out Heavenly Blade and slide into a fighting stance, now she knew she would need to channel the right amount of fuuton chakra into this swing. Testing the blade in her hand despite how well she knew it, she tested it carefully watching the way it worked in her hands. The moment she was satisfied with the way it felt in her hands and the swing it was giving she began to go to work. Swinging the sword in an upward motion she pulled the wind chakra out of her body to work with her blade, once the arch had finished the wind blew out, but the wrong way knocking the small girl backwards but not down luckily. With a growl she set her blade down on the ground carefully, and went to work detangling her hair and moving it away from her face. Once her face was clear of hair and her hair was finally back to its normal straight self, she pulled out the hair tie she always had and quickly tied her hair up high on her head so that that particular incident would not repeat it’s self again. After her new preparations were done she picked her sword back up carefully and slide back into an offensive stance, readying herself to be blown back again she swung again, watching as her sword went into a nice neat arch, with a small smile coming on her face she felt confident that she had mastered at least that part of the move. After six or seven more tries she felt battered and rather weak but she had to master this and here she was kneeling on the ground. Slowly she stood up only one more try then she’d take a break, once she was perfectly up right she swung the sword turning her body slightly and working the fuuton chakra up through her hands and into her sword. The second the swing was done she watched in amazement when the wind burst from her blade perfectly moving the leaves in the tree, while she knew it wouldn’t cause harm from what the book said but it would become helpful.

Word Count: 862/750


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