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It was an uneventful evening, not truly late in the night, but getting dark enough that it was no longer just later in the afternoon. Kizashi was quietly walking out of a bar, bottle of Fire Brand whiskey in hand. He waved lazily to the women he'd be consorting with for the night, letting himself be allowed a small grin, spurred on by the liquor in his system. He'd spent most of his day there and looked a bit rougher for it. His black tee shirt was tucked in to one side, but untucked on the other. His black pants had one leg somewhat rolled up, while one of his shoes had the laces untied. He wore the hitai-ate of the village hidden in the leaves upon his forehead, the metal shining in what little light there was. One could see it was slightly askew, but for the most part, straighter than the rest of his clothing. The young man chuckled to himself at some joke he thought of as he stumbled off into the night, stopping when he heard someone call out his name. He turned to find this young lass running up to him, holding some sort of bag. "You forgot your tool bag in the bar, Kiz. You need to take better care of your things!" The ninja chuckled again and took it from her hands, tying the pack around his right leg to keep it from being lost again, turning it to be positioned on the outside of his leg. "Ah, sorreh lass. Ah forgot Ah'd brought it in wiv' meh. Ah'll see ye tomorrah."

He waved to her and turned around, walking off towards the end of the Konohagakure market district. He didn't know exactly where he was going, but something told him he wanted to go out towards the exams area. Since the chuunin exams had come to the village, there was more of a hustle and bustle to the normal happenings of the leaf village. In the Shinwato district, he found this to be more true. Many spectators of the exams were gossiping about the hopefuls and the fights that had already finished. The winners, the losers, the current brackets. Some were gambling and placing bets on who would win it all, others were simply happy to see such life come to the city in light of events happening outside their safe walls. Kizashi hiccuped and made his way to sit upon a bench, watching people go to and fro, listening to what they were talking about. He laid his head back as he did so, watching the night sky, gleaning what he could from the conversations.

"Wot a lovely nigh'. So many good things."



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Piercing the Uchiha's vision, a thin film of liquid dripped from the pagoda of Shinwato's central temple, the Hokage's guards meandered back and forth in practiced rounds while Kirei, assigned through the ANBU to Rippa's security detail, watched from a distance. Kirei could see the first signs of a second rainfall coming from the clouds above, droplets in slow-motion sinking from the mouth of God and sky to swallow the world in slick reflection and let out a sigh. Peering across the courtyards, the operative let loose a disgruntled growl and took off across the rooftops, several days following the Hokage as he met with dignitaries and diplomats from foreign lands had left Kirei hungry for excitement and opportunity. As the Fire Shadow sequestered himself away, night falling around the compound, Kirei took his leave to roam the streets of Shinwato at his leisure, leaping through sheets of rainwater with black cloth flailing wildly in his wake, poncho, and hood shielding him from the majority of the rain. As the temple grounds fell solemnly into the backdrop, Kirei would remove his mask and breathe deeply, savoring the unique Fire Country air, still warm in the presence of a budding rainstorm.

Twin lives converged either side of the Uchiha's mentality, the ANBU corps to which he had been assigned left him with precious few moments to himself, and the errant Sharingan twitching in his eye sockets made escaping for sleep and solace all the rarer. Between his shifts at the Hokage's side, Kirei found himself with a slew of counter-intelligence operations slithering beneath the surface of the fanfare surrounding the exams, and it was one such missive that he sought to pursue as he slipped into the rainy night. Stalking rooftops by moonlight's guiding hand was only one method for the Uchiha's brand of information gathering, just as handy was wearing his real face, relying on the reputation of his lineage or handiwork throughout Konohagakure to develop a network of independent contacts, such were the many lives of ROOT operatives.

Dropping into the bustle of Shinwato's streets, still alive with the pomp and thrumming spectacle of the event's celebrations, Kirei lifted the hood from his brow and ducked beneath the shelter of an awning. The sudden rain had parted the crowds, leaving a deep trench of isolation between geminate rivers of those who sought reprieve from the cascade, and Kirei offered tribute in the form of fire dancing in the chakra around him. Not enough to ignite the air into a devouring blaze, the Uchiha's spiritual presence would heat the air to a softening temperature as he walked, a wave of heat would caress the skin of those nearest him to provide for them what little he could as he marched toward the township's edge. It would be a camp of traveling scholars that would become his eventual destination, but the road between life's passages, if nothing else, brought with them myriad distractions, and the Sharingan flickering frantically between faces and raindrops laid eyes, through the ocean of faces. There sat a man alone, at the edge of Shinwato's meditation gardens, who, though entirely unfamiliar, somehow rekindled the Uchiha's memories of a man he once had met in the Hidden Mist.

No secret made of his approach, Kizashi would be unlikely to miss the strange phenomenon of Kirei's diversion toward him, strengthened Katon chakra sending warm hands to wrap around him before the cold of rain's sudden onslaught became too much. More noteworthy than this would be Kirei's Sharingan, vibrant ancestral chakra scanning the man's tenketsu for a sign of familiarity as he spoke, timbre of the teen's soft-spoken cadence replying to a statement meant for no one.

"Shame about the rain. I heard delegates from the Hidden Mist arrived today, must have brought the weather with them."



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