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Round Two: Yasubei vs. Katsumi Kyūzō 8PoLbXm

A seemingly normal tiled stage, entered by combatants on each side. Walled in on all sides, this venue would appear at first glance to be completely untampered with. After 2 posts pass, or any contestant uses an earth-altering technique or attack, the earth beneath the arena will rumble - the very infrastructure is unstable! At the beginning of this change - on the post after it is triggered - the center 5m of tiles will drop into a pit far below the original floor. On the second round (after both combatants have posted), the gap will advance another 10m; on the third round the chasm will increase in width by a 15m radius. By the end of the fourth round, the entire fighting area of the stadium will be nothing but a pit, and contestants will be forced to use the Supernatural Walking Practice to avoid a fall.

1 - Yasubei
2 - Katsumi



Round Two: Yasubei vs. Katsumi Kyūzō Sagahikasig

2Round Two: Yasubei vs. Katsumi Kyūzō Empty Re: Round Two: Yasubei vs. Katsumi Kyūzō on Fri Nov 23, 2018 5:57 pm



The events of the last match were yet another loss on Yasubei’s resume. Even in these mock fights he still found himself getting embarrassed by, seemingly, every opponent. He’d contained his strength too much in the last fight and was declared the winner for failing to take hold of the tempo. So many times he could have grasped victory in that fight, yet he withheld and found himself unable to claim it in the end. Would this fight be any different? Was the lesson learned? In the time before the matches Yasu had done a lot of intensive research. Much of which could possibly get him labeled as a criminal in places like Kirigakure, the main reason he avoided using them. He had explored in the realms meant to be left untouched by humans. Dancing along the line that separated living and inanimate himself, Yasubei would simply apply the concepts acting on his body to those already departed for the Pure Land. That was the original concept at least.

Yasubei steeled himself to be vicious in this fight. There was little to no harm that he was capable of dealing that he was also incapable of healing. He walked calmly to the waiting area a proctor debriefing him as the genin shook his head when appropriate to acknowledge the proctor’s statements. He wondered about his next opponent and the secret techniques that they may hold. He knew that the world of ninja was vast and full of treacherous surprises. Case in point being the strange stages which the chunin exams took place on. Like the previous exam he participated in this one’s stages had tricky elements that simulated the unpredictable conditions of the real world. In one moment you’d think that you had someone on the ropes and a fraction of a second later an outside source turns an almost guaranteed victory into a total loss.

Knowing little of the traps or hidden mechanisms that were housed in the stage he was about enter, Yasubei was mildly pleased at the straight forward appearance of the battle field and the traditional stadium with stands filled to the last seat. The turn out here was significantly larger than it had been in his last fight. Even the loser's bracket seemed to have a large audience watching its fights. The snowy white hair that extended began to ripple with each step he took. Its majesty bouncing in the air effortlessly as even the lightest of movements seemingly gave his hair life as it slowly ebbed and flowed back and forth as if moved by an undetectable breeze. He gripped his fan with a relatively loose grip making his way forward slowly at a walking pace. When he reached about 30 meters he'd stop in place.

He'd simply hold up the seal of confrontation waiting for his opponent to mirror him as an orange aura grew around him, chakra pooling up to the surface of his skin. He was just as prepared as he was in his previous fight, the three scrolls hidden in his sleeves, kunai pouch at the back of his hip, and tied to his back like a backpack with its own tail was the Little Tiger. The little puppet was mostly secured by its massive furry tail of hair that now extended just short of Yasu's thighs After his opponent mirrored his seal Yasubei would reach back under his cloak revealing bare feet, off-black pants, and a thick opaque chain shirt. He'd grasp the circular center of his fuma shuriken that'd been sheathed at the small of his back beneath his cloak .

Yasu would take his first steps of the actual match as he raised the fuma shuriken just behind him. Slowly his steps would increase into a run as he'd infuse the shuriken with a negligible amount of chakra before he'd throw it at about 15 m/s second. Yasu was waiting for a block or a dodge which would normally lead to the shuriken to become lodged into the ground. This time he was going to close the distance instead of staying mid ranged. The crowd roared to life as the combat began. Them already knowing what to anticipate from the arena and excited to see how the genin would interact with it.

[WC= 691]

Chakra= 235/250:
Substitution with Fuma Shuriken -5 chakra:

Name: Substitution Technique (変わり身の術 ~ Kawarimi no Jutsu)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: One prepared item in the user's clear line of sight.
Speciality: Ninjutsu.
Duration: 1 post preparation. Infinite postponement, Instant activation.
Cooldown: 6 posts after activation.
Description: The Substitution Technique is an age-old skill which enables the user to evade the effects of an attack by switching with an item in the area. (The item---or substantial clone---used for a Substitute must be as large as the user's torso, and must be prepared at least 1 post in advance by infusing it with 5 chakra.) Activating this jutsu for another 5 chakra, the ninja moves at untraceable speed for just a moment, and the item does so as well to take the user's place; the ninja leaves behind a flickering after-image for a second, which, if damaged, releases the chakra which holds it in place in a small smoke cloud, revealing the nature of the technique and the item they have switched with. Higher-rank ninjas' afterimages are able to show some of the signs of natural impact as if it were an actual human, if only for a very short period, before 'poofing'. The user coming out of the technique creates a similar audio and visual cue with a small cloud of translucent smoke and a 'poofing' sound on appearance in the location of the item they Substituted with. This technique causes the user to move at speeds untraceable to human perception, and therefore even the user cannot coordinate attacks during the Kawarimi, or activate any other jutsu. They, however, can maneuver near someone and then attack them after the fast-movement is finished.
The Tonjutsu -10 chakra:
Name: Tonjutsu
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C-Rank
Type: Defensive
Element: None
Range: Self | 30 m
Specialty: Kugutsu (kkg) or Taijutsu & Kugutsu
Duration: 1 post preparation | Infinite postponement | 1 post duration
Cooldown: 2 posts
Description: This jutsu is the parent technique to variants like Tonjutsu: Tai-sabaki and Tonjutsu: Utsusemi Kō. During the preparation post Yasubei spends an extra five chakra creating a one inch thick, orangish-red mantle of chakra around himself. The creation of this mantle requires fine control over Yasubei’s chakra and thus alerts him to the presence of genjutsu acting on him, though not how many or how powerful.  
Once on any subsequent post Yasu can move up to 30 meters away at up to 20 m/s. For the remainder of that post Yasubei is able to block one Jutsu of B-Rank or lower or 2 of C-Rank. At the end of this post the jutsu dissipates. This technique was created out of cowardice and self-preservation, but has facilitated great courage.


All C-Rank Stats
Chakra = 250
Ammunition = 2/2
Current Puppet Body:

Riding Close Combat Form
Close Combat:
Name: Myself [Close Combat Form]
Rank: C-Rank
Primary Use: Offensive
Cost: 700 ryo
Description: This Puppet was modeled after Yasubei's on body. Though it doesn't have a chakra circulatory system that would make it viable for being a Human Puppet, it remains highly viable in specific situations. There is a three inch diameter hole in its chest that securely holds his chakra core. This body is barefoot with the words "Property of Semi" written on the bottom of his right foot, and "Return to owner promptly" on his left foot.

On the left side of the puppet’s face there is a helmet like protrusion that with a 12 inch bull like horn. The fingers and toes on this body end in sharp talon like claws that can rip or pierce 3/4 of an inch into flesh. The teeth in this bad boy’s maw are all pointed like that of a carnivore’s and can each pierce up to 1.5 inches into flesh.

This form is the same height and weight as Yasubei’s D-Rank puppet body. This forms other pigment based differences include his right eye, which has a black sclera and a yellow iris, as well as his hair which is the same alabaster as his skin.
Round Two: Yasubei vs. Katsumi Kyūzō Zanget12
Modifications and Weapons:

Name: Segaki no Tsuno | Horn of the Parched and Famished
Type Of Weapon: Pressurized Water Cutter
Rank: C
Elemental Alignment: None
Quantity: 1
Ability/Function: This weapon can hold up to 4 charges of ammunition. The ammunition used for this mod must be specifically made to be used with pressurized water cutters or water throwers.

This mod can takes up two separate slots. Each slot has a different function, but they use the same pool of ammunition.

  1. This function uses a charge of ammunition and launches a powerful 1/2 inch diameter stream that moves at 25 m/s per second up to 60 meters.

  2. This function uses a charge of ammunition and launches 4 senbon-like darts one after the other that each move at 35 m/s per second up to 40 meters.

Appearance: This ebony horn on top of Yasu's head is fitted with many contraptions that launch liquids at his enemies.
History: Yasu thought it was time to have a combat upgrade.
Ammunition 2/2:
Name: Compressed Chakra Infused Water
Type Of Weapon: Ammunition
Rank: C
Elemental Alignment: None
Quantity: 2
Cost: 700
Ability/Function: This ammunition is meant to be used with Myself [Close Combat Form]'s Segaki no Tsuno mod. The little orbs have no capability of being used to damage without being used as ammunition. A  bead that is crushed will produce 1 liter of regular, mundane water over the course of 1 post.

  1. When used through function 1 it causes messy 1.5 inch cuts at any point it contacts flesh.
  2. When used through function 2 it pierces 2.5 inch deep into flesh causing wounds of senbon size.

Appearance: It is a little blue gel bead about the size of a marble. It is filled with compressed water.
History: Yasu needed to make storage of liquids more convenient, so he conceived an aesthetic solution.

Name: Falling Petals
Type Of Weapon: Giant Fan [Requires Giant War Fan Sub-spec]
Rank: C-Rank
Elemental Alignment: None
Quantity: 1
Ability/Function: This item isn’t made to deal damage directly instead it blows powerful gusts of wind that smell faintly of camellias. These gusts are one meter in diameter spheres, with distortion that is easily visible to the eyes, and they can go up to 25 meters with the speed of the spheres depending on the user’s reaction time. These winds are capable of knocking away projectiles, thrown items, and people, and they are C-Rank projectiles (a D-Rank piece of heavy armor reduces this fan’s effect). Any armor that would reduce the impact/bludgeoning of a C-Rank weapon by any amount can reduce the effects of the wind (see below). Instead of doing damage on an impact, the impact does up to three meter knockback causing very light bruising.

The metal edges on the fan are bladed and capable of 3/4 inch cuts.

Drawback: This weapon requires at least D-3 strength to create projectiles with it.

This weapon is unable to inhibit or interrupt chakra enhanced projectiles.

If the target is able to get an anchor point (such as a wall, another shinobi, or a tree) they can ignore the effects of the projectiles used by this weapon if their Strength is equal to or higher than a projectiles interaction rate after any reductions from armor or jutsu ( Typically C-Rank or higher armor).
Appearance: This two meter long fan is effectively a rusty, once-golden iron bo-staff with a frame shaped like a gourd or a butterfly down most of length. At its widest it is a meter wide, and it is filled in with a thin sheet of metal.
Round Two: Yasubei vs. Katsumi Kyūzō D5969310
History: This fan is but a lingering mockery of the Mikaboshi’s Giant Folding Fans as it is incapable of comparing to them in any way shape or form, and this is mostly due to Yasu’s need to make it compatible with his puppets.
Little Tiger:
Name: Little Tiger
Rank: C-Rank
Primary Use: Support
Cost: 700 Ryo
Description: The little black bird-like bodies of this puppet stand at 16 inches tall. It has little red claws that can pierce 2.5 inches into flesh. It has an adorable skull for a head which vaguely resembles that of an antelope.
Round Two: Yasubei vs. Katsumi Kyūzō 24161f10
Modifications and Weapons:
Tiger’s Tail:
Name: Tiger’s Tail
Type Of Item: Supplementary
Rank: C
Elemental Alignment: None
Quantity: 1
Cost: 400 Ryo
Ability/Function: This short, stubby, prehensile tail is capable of stretch and contracting its length to a maximum from 40 m at a maximum speed of 20 m/s. It has a minimum length of .2 m.
Appearance: A shaggy black tail that fades to red at the end.
History: This tail is surprisingly useful.
Hidden in or Under His Cloak:

3 scrolls in his sleeves containing Ogre, Lamya's Fang, and Winter Rose
Folded fuma shuriken in a sheathe at the small of his back
A Kunai pouch with six senbon and a kunai


Round Two: Yasubei vs. Katsumi Kyūzō Siggy10
”Oh, Guest, will You show me something aesthetic?”

Completed Missions
D:3 | C:1 | B:0 | A:0 | S:1

3Round Two: Yasubei vs. Katsumi Kyūzō Empty Re: Round Two: Yasubei vs. Katsumi Kyūzō on Sat Nov 24, 2018 5:44 pm



Katsumi entered into the arena followed by the proctor, making the typical assumptions about the bout as he rattled on left Katsumi reeling within his own mind. Taking a quick glance down as he slowly walked in among the cheering of outsiders ready to watch him engorge himself in combat for their pleasure. His hands were wrapped in bandages from fingertip all the way up his arms, knowing those bandages continued onto his back and down his stomach. The miracle that medical ninjutsu was saved him the ability to use his body at normal capacity but that didn't stop the feeling that coincided within him. Pulsing throughout him as he faced another match, another chance to lose or succeed but it wasn't pain or a lingering feeling that it would come again. Instead, it was the regret of his naivety that pulsed throughout his body, and like a nauseating sickness, tore through his mind as he focused on breathing calmly and prepared his strategy.

He had analyzed his position well enough, and despite the injuries, he knew that he could out think and out maneuver most of his enemies with ease but he could not, under any circumstances, get caught off guard at the start of the fight again. As Katsumi would take his place in a similar fashion as his opponent, he would get a good luck and take one final deep breath as he affirmed his own abilities within his head. Katsumi would stop when he had traveled about 40 meters inward, leaving an extra 10 meters to the center of the arena and roughly 30 meters from his opponent.

With a pause, Katsumi would take it all in and focus his senses on his opponent who waited patiently for him to make the Seal of Confrontation in return, a gesture skipped in his last match as both he and his opponent charged in. This time though, Katsumi would be ready to make something of this bout and prove himself. His fist clenched tightly as his eyes focused on his opponents and he raised his hand quickly to form the seal in return, with discipline and angst sitting heavy within him. He was ready for the fight finally. His opponent had already made the first move, glowing orange from around his person, Katsumi would immediately shift into a readied stance, setting instantly to the balls of his feet and ready to react as he could. Katsumi would match Yasubei's readiness with his own, having three ninja pouches on his person, the one behind him to the left and behind him carrying an assortment of ninja tools while the pouch on his right side would carry simply clay in it, ready to be used for his own jutsu. On his right thigh would be two pouches for kunai, ready for quick access and on his back as well he would have two windmill shuriken of his own with one having 100 feet of wire and the other having 50 feet of wire tied to it. Beyond that, the Iwagakure forehead protector would be displayed proudly on his forehead as he was dressed in plain clothes, mostly lightweight meant to offer nothing more than a breathable fabric he could move around easily in.

His opponent made the first move, which Katsumi mimiced in turn with a slight delay, reaching to quickly grab his own windmill shuriken as his opponent revealed his own, the shuriken that had 100 feet of wire tied to it. As his opponent would take his first steps, Katsumi would bend into his stance and hold his arm out to begin to spin the shuriken away from his body, letting the blade almost begin to fan the air around him as he held his left hand in front of him in a sort of guarded position. With a familiar throw, Katsumi would instantly push himself off to the right and begin moving perpindicular to Yasubei's original path. Within the first few steps, when Katsumi was sure that the original trajectory of his opponents shuriken would miss and land behind him, he would throw out his own shuriken aimed directly for the center mass of his opponent, trying to keep the wire hidden all the same while holding on to one end of it with his right hand, inconspicuously at his side.

Immediately after releasing his own shuriken, Katsumi would capitalize on a mistake he had left last time in his match, and would weave together a series of handsigns (Monkey, Dog, Tiger, Snake) all using just his single left hand before activating a thin armor of Doton chakra on top of his body. Poised with protection now, and a trick up his sleeve, Katsumi was ready to engage his enemy directly, and would begin to step forward, following in the path of his shuriken as long as it remained on target. Following his first series of moves, Katsumi would take a chunk of clay in his right hand while it held onto the wire and place it in his palm as he would focus in on his quickly closing opponent.

Regardless of his first move, Katsumi's goal would be to surprise his enemy with quick bursts of speed to counter his first move. Striking well beyond the speed that a genin should be able to due to the latent chakra in his body, and using the clay in his hand to deliver a painful strike in counter to whatever his opponent had in mind.

[922 words]

190 or 200/215 Chakra:

-Clay Generation (3 charges available) (2 if Impact is used)
-15 Chakra for Armor (Maintained)
-10 Chakra for Impact (Possible)
-Movements Used for striking (+10 m/s to Impact's Striking Speed) (Possible)

Name: Explosion Release: Clay Generation [爆遁・粘土世代 - Bakuton: Nendo Sedai]
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: E-rank [Passive]
Type: Supplementary
Element: Bakuton
Range: Self
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Passive (-20 Chakra)
Cooldown: -
Description: Katsumi has trained his body to passive generate explosive clay he can use for his explosive techniques. Katsumi stores of a number of "charges" on his person at any given time in basically anywhere he can store clay. When Katsumi uses an explosive clay jutsu, he can expend one of these charges to reduce the activation cost of the technique by 5, as he no longer needs to expend chakra to form the explosive clay, and merely needs to prime and potentially animate it. Katsumi begins a thread with 3 charges, and generates a single charge each post up to a maximum of five.

Name: Earth Release: Armor [土遁・マイナー鎧 - Doton: Mainā Yoroi]
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C-rank
Type: Defensive
Element: Doton
Range: Self
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Maintainable
Cooldown: Time Maintained + 2 posts
Description: A simple technique after Katsumi weaves together a few quick handsigns (Monkey, Dog, Tiger, Snake) and begins to channel his chakra over his person. By doing so, a very thin layer of doton chakra of the top of his person. This thin layer of dirt isn't visible to the naked eye when forming and keeps his defense hidden. This armor acts as both a layer of protection from both physical and chakra attacks, able to defend against 1 B rank jutsu, 2 C rank jutsu, and 3 D rank jutsu as well as all basic attacks from items of A rank and lower.

Name: Explosion Release: Impact [爆遁・影響 - Bakuton: Eikyō]
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C-rank
Type: Offensive/Defensive
Element: Bakuton
Range: Touch
Specialty: Ninjutsu/Taijutsu
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 2 posts
Description: Katsumi forms of a ball of explosive clay in his hand (no hand seals required) and uses the chakra in his hand to cover his palm. The thrust itself does no more damage than a punch on its own would, but the explosive clay when it makes impact with a person or object, detonates causing major external bruising at the area of contact (from the punch and explosion) as well as major 1st degree external tissue damage for a 1/2 meter radius around the point of contact. In addition, should this jutsu hit any projectiles, it is able to knock them away without harm to Katsumi himself (any projectile(s) up to B-rank).

Name: Explosion Release: Movements [爆遁・動き - Bakuton: Ugoki]
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: E-rank [Passive]
Type: Supplementary
Element: Bakuton
Range: Self
Specialty: Ninjutsu/Taijutsu
Duration: Passive (-15 Chakra)
Cooldown: -
Description: Using the principles of the Landmine Fist Technique, the user is able to continuously charge their body with Bakuton chakra constantly. This allows them two different sets of movement when they choose to release this in small bursts. Firstly, the user can release the explosive chakra internally in their joints/body to grant quick bursts of point to point movement without having to worry about acceleration (can add up to 10 m/s to the users max movement speed). Secondly, the user can release the chakra at points outside their body, allowing them to maneuver in places that they might not be able to otherwise. Example, if the user is stuck in the air and about to be hit by a kunai, they can release an explosion from their hand to push them up to 5 meters away from that spot (moving at their normal movement speed).

There is no restriction on where or when the user can use this ability (ie, can release explosions from the feet as well as arms, etc...) but they are only able to use it once per post and of only one type in each post.

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4Round Two: Yasubei vs. Katsumi Kyūzō Empty Re: Round Two: Yasubei vs. Katsumi Kyūzō on Sun Nov 25, 2018 8:57 am



When Katsumi stepped onto the stage he had little on him that implied he was armed barring two pouches on either side of his hip. No clear indicatir of preference of left or right handedness. Yasubei couldn’t help but notice the bandages on his hands though. That was natural though, this was the loser’s bracket. The technique was expertly applied meaning one of a few things.

It most likely meant that his arms were injured in his last fight, the one he lost to get here and that he was treated by the on duty staff after his match, the most likely option. This would imply to Yasubei that his opponent wasn’t an iryonin, or at least not a good one, since Katsumi could’ve healed himself since then. Also maybe this might be implicative of a brash nature.

It could’ve been that the ninja was a taijutsu user though, as it wasn’t uncommon for close combat speacialists to bind there limbs to reduce damage to their limbs: bruising, swelling, split skin, and the like. If this ninja was a brawler Yasu would be in for his first close combat fight with a taijutsu specialist this match. He’d get to show of his new combat puppets in all of their glory.

The last option was that something devious lay in wait under those bandages. Even the most novice of puppeteers new all to well the threat of unseen weapons. He’d have to be wary of his opponents hands if that were the case. He wouldn’t know if there was a trap beneath the bandages until the jutsu was used though. They looked like regular, old medical bandages to Yasu he’d try to get a look beneath them if the oppurtunity arose, but for all he knew the bandages themselves could have been catalysts for a jutsu. He really just didn’t have enough information to make a conclusion.

This opponent too reciprocated the seal 30 meters, maybe 35 meters away from Yasubei himself. His focus was good, Yasu could feel weight Katsumi’s gaze. The way it trained on him might have sent chills down his spine, if he could have such sensations. His opponent rocked subtly onto the balls of his feet as the fight began, and the fuma shuriken flew towards. This was doubtlessly a taijutsu stance. It may have been something the ninja was taught in his village’s academy, as a wandering ninjafrom a land that no longer had a proper village Yasubei was unable to tell, but this definitively meant that his opponent had at least a modicum of knowledge of hand to hand self-defense. Katsumi gave Yasubei yet another reason not to hold back.

His fuma shuriken would fly just at a little over 15 m/s, thus closing the distance between the two nin in roughly 2 seconds. An amount of time Yasu acknowledged meant it would be realtively easy for his opponent to dodge though that was fine since it wasn’t his intention to hit with it, though it’d be a nice start to this bout. His opponent didn’t simply dodge though like he’d expected, he seemed familiar with the flight patterns of humble puppeteer’s weapon. Though it wasn’t easy to gauge distances at this range, he watched as the other fighter moved maybe two meters away from the shurikens trajectory. A fuma shuriken of his own whirring to life in his right hand was being prepared, there were very few genin that could effectively use a fuma shuriken. Yasubei could hear it, Katsumi may as well have spoke it to his face. “Don’t underestimate me. I’m not going to lose.”

Katsumi let the fuma shuriken loose, it reached the same speed as The Cicada’s own. This confirming, at least to Yasubei that his opponent was a tai specialist, meaning that there may be no wounds to exploit benaeth those bandages, but ninja were rarely one trick ponies. It’d take the same two seconds for Katsumi’s shuriken to get to Yasubei. Like his own this shuriken seemed to be a distraction as Katsumi initiated a series of hand seals. Yasu saw the other ninja’s hands fold into Monkey, Dog, Tiger, and then he noticed there was something trailing in the shadow of the shuriken that made his eyes dart away from his opponent for a fraction of a second. It was a wire. The ninja he was fighting was tricksy. Aesthetic. Quickly the ends of three scrolls would unfurl from Yasubei’s right sleeve. He missed the last sign, but the ninja was heading for him now following behind the fuma shuriken that was now for sure heading for his center of gravity.

Yasu slammed his fan into the ground, a slight rumble following shortly after. His opponent using his right hand again would reach into his pouch on his right hip pulling something from it and concealing it in his fist.  He’d have to deal with the shuriken first though as it was almost certainly going to get to him first. Yasubei would begin to arch backwards planting his hands firmly on the ground as he lower his center half a foot or so. Once the shuriken was within a meter of him it was well within his domain, his foot would rocket upwards, his chakra infused foot making contact with the shuriken. For the high perception spectators in the audience they watched as Yasu’s foot made contact with the first blade, skidded off, clipped the second, and angled the shuriken upwards. Everyone else would see Yasu kick the shuriken launching it with a slight flash of sparks, and send it upwards. This was not the end of the manuever though as Yasubei’s horned head would snap around over his back as he was flipping, his glorious, albino locks whipping in its wake. A beam of water would jet out his horn, cutting two and a half inches into the stone between him and Katsumi. The path of destruction created by his horn would go to the genin’s right leg slicing upwards through the genin’s left shoulde, slicing the wire attached to the fuma shuriken very purposefully in the process. The fuma shuriken would be launched directly upwards faster than it had closed in on Yasu lodging itself into the stone ceiling some thirty meters up. The genin would land a little more than a meter back from where he’d started still giving him about a second until Katsumi got to him.

As Katsumi crossed the midway point Yasu could see the ground behind the encroaching combatant crumble away into a pit in his wake. The sound of shattering stone undeniable as the massive slabs turned into dust on impact with the ground beneath. Yasu had his own impending impact to focus on though as the other genin closed in. Yasubei would defensively hold his open, left hand out in front of his face his arm imitating half of a boxing stance. Waiting for the first of his opponent’s strikes he sent chakra strings out of his back one to attach to Little Tiger and another two special ones unattached to anything at the moment as he empowered his chakra cloak  so that it would provide a sturdy, potent layer of protection for his body. He would choose not to use his movement so it wouldn’t give any signal that anything had changed. Not knowing the nature of the jutsu his opponent had used earlier.

Once Katsumi closed in though the punch was... explosive. Yasu’s eyes visibly widened as the gunshot like punch rocketed towards him. Definitively not what he expected. The punch he’d hoped to catch soaring past his defending arm into his now hair covered chest, and on contact another explosion. This time it was an actual explosion whatever was in the other nin’s hand bursting sending the hair protecting Yasu’s chest flying, but leaving him unscathed an ready to start his own assault. While he’d be unable to catch the nin’s arm mid-punch, he should be more than close enough to do so by the time Katsumi finished his swing. Yasu would grab firmly onto what he believed to be his opponent’s dominant wrist that had just impacted with his chest with his left hand. Using his right hip as a solid surface he’d slap two off the scrolls and summon two corpses for the chakra strings to attatch to.

The Little Tiger came to life a little before Katsumi closed into range. His command was relatively simple. As he came to life he unraveled from his backpack position, still clinging to Yasubei, and he would extend his tail out to grab Katumi’s right leg snaking past the outside of his master’s thigh to do so the was capable of extending at 20 m/s, it was a negligible amount of time for the little puppet to ravel around his opponent’s leg and take hold as Katsumi landed his punch, assuming nothing went wrong of course.

“Capture my opponent.” That would be all the first little beetle on a string would hear as it landed on the massive, 25 meter long snake, burrowing its way to its skull it had lead the chakra sting to its destination though and the summoned snake would roar to life though not yet under the parasite’s influence. The once, traitorous snake would lunge at the hopefully grappled target attempting to put the entire creature in its mouth leaving just the hopefully grappled arm out. Its hope was that it could keep the enemy nin in there for the remainder of the match eventually putting him to sleep as it slowly manuevered backwards away from the collapsing floor.

“Kill my opponent.” That would be all the second little beetle on a string would hear as it lead the chakra string to the nape of a tall woman in armor. Upon connecting the tall woman would grab a fan that once belonged to her ready to batter Katsumi with a barrage of wind projectiles should he escape the snake. The woman would slowly stay where she was avoidinbthe collapsing floor if necessary, but prioritizing the other nin with her wind blasts.

[WC= 1650/2341]
[TWC= 3263]

170/250 chakra:

Inspiration -5 chakra
Name: Suiton: Inspired Projectile Integration
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: E
Type: Offensive
Element: None
Range: Self or Self | 5 m
Specialty: Kugutsu (Kkg) or Taijutsu
Duration: Instantaneous
Cooldown: 2 posts
Description: This maneuver relies more or less on Yasubei’s skill. Yasubei kicks a thrown kunai, shuriken, arrow or other non-chakra enhanced projectile or an E-Rank projectile, and as long as his Reaction Time is equal to or higher than the Reaction Time it was thrown with the item then reroutes it as if he’d thrown it with this jutsu adding + 5 m/s. That being said this technique doesn’t protect him from the damage that weapon would do unless his reaction time surpasses the thrower’s by two tiers or more.

Additionally Yasubei can use this technique on a person. A person gets knocked back 5 m, and Yasu must still have a high enough Reaction Time to react to it.
A gif:
Round Two: Yasubei vs. Katsumi Kyūzō 95638c01fe53e927acad6e1512f6336b03a54348_hq

Butterfly Piercing Technique -15 chakra | blocked as if it was D-Rank b/c Doton
Butterfly Piercing:
Name: Floral Butterfly Piercing Technique
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Offensive
Element: Suiton
Range: Self
Specialty: Kugutsu
Duration: Instantaeous
Cooldown: 2 posts
Description: This technique requires Yasubei to be using a pressurized water cannon mod, such as his D-Rank water scalpel. This jutsu doesn’t have visual or audio cues that would give away its casting such as the need to speak the techniques name or use hand seals. Yasubei can use a water cannon mod he has equipped in conjunction with this technique increases the mods cutting or piercing power by up to an inch and its rate of movement by 20 m/s. The wounds made by this technique are messy and require C-Rank or higher Medical knowledge to repair or treat them. This jutsu provides its own ammunition and refills the ammunition of the water cannon used back to full.

In addition the water scalpel is treated as a C-Rank jutsu for the purposes of interacting with other jutsu.

Tonjutsu released to block up to one B-Rank jutsu | blocked landmine fist [no chakra consumed]

Puppeteering [multiple strings] and Generic Sealing [C-Rank x2] used -15 chakra

Cicada Possesion - 30 chakra | prep time finished
Cicada Possession:

Name: Yōton: Mizūmi ni suwatte
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D-Rank
Type: Supplementary
Element: Yōton (Yang Release)
Range: 5 meters
Specialty: Kugutsu & Iryoninjutsu
Duration: At least 1 post prep | 3 post duration
Cooldown: 5 posts
Catalyst: At least one corpse
Description: During the prep post, the user of this technique creates a chakra string before shaping it into the shape of a cicada nymph within 5 meters of themselves instilling it with one of the simple commands listed below or more intricate commands provided by other jutsu. This critter seperates itself from the chakra string ot originated from. It then comes to life burrowing itself into the ground towards, crawling to, or flying to a corpse within range at 10 m/s. The user can create additional cicadas for an fifteen chakra each on the initial post. Once a cicada enters a corpse the prep phase for that cicada ends (it may take multiple posts for the nymph to get to the corpse in extreme circumstances and the prep phase only ends after the required one post duration). The cicada is capable of burrowing through solid rock, concrete, sand, and other earthen materials.

On the post immediately after a corpse has been inhabited it rises as a puppet with the stats and loses all of its stats and gains tier zero stats equal to the catalyst item’s rank up to D-3. It capable of moving at up to 10 m/s and can deal 1/4 inch cuts/piercing or minor bruising with up to five meter knockback (whichever is more appropriate for their body). It executes its command to the best of its ability. Using basic taijutsu, and any weapons it may have on its person still.

The cicada hides burrowed at the base of the corpses skull directly on the bone. Any offensive jutsu targeting that spot specifically can be used to end the jutsu’s effects on a particular corpse. The cicada corpses last until the end of this jutsu’s duration.  

Below is a list of commands innately provided by this jutsu. Other commands can be issued with separate jutsu.
Available Commands:

  • Approach: The corpse moves within a meter of a target and will do its best to maintain that distance violently retaliating against those who would attempt to stop it
  • Follow: The corpse stalks a target over long distances defending itself if necessary never purposefully getting within 20 meters, but going out if its way to do as little harm as possible.
  • Kill: This command is simple. The corpse uses the entirety of its arsenal to destroy the target at any cost.
  • Protect: The corpse stays close to a target attacking any who approach within a 20 meters of it.
  • Fight: The corpse engages in combat with any and all targets who come within five meters of it.
  • Deliver: The corpse takes a target to a place the user is familiar with or has knowledge of. The user must be able to know how to more or less get there.
  • Sit: The corpse finds a spot that could be regarded as comfortable and mimics reading a book, eating, napping, or drinking.
  • Steal: The corpse attempts to grab a target and keep it at least 20 m from anyone it can see.
  • Hold: The corpse attempts to bind a target keeping it in place and preventing it from acting.


Round Two: Yasubei vs. Katsumi Kyūzō Siggy10
”Oh, Guest, will You show me something aesthetic?”

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Round Two: Yasubei vs. Katsumi Kyūzō Siggy10
”Oh, Guest, will You show me something aesthetic?”

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