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26 Re: Training (Zenchi or Invite) on Wed Jan 16, 2013 7:01 pm

Migoto Tenshi


The paralyzing chakra that residing in his muscles dissipated. Hearing his teacher praise them and make an immediate exit both excited him and terrified him. He said he wasn't feeling good, Migoto wondered what it could be, was it contagious? He would have to ask him next time they met as a team, maybe clear the air. Stretching his muscles he heard Makato depart with a goodbye.

He too, said his goodbye to Alessi and with a wave. He was gone.It was a nice team he was put in, they were nice and pushed him to his limit. This team would aspire to great things,he knew it.


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27 Re: Training (Zenchi or Invite) on Wed Jan 16, 2013 7:28 pm



Alessi slowly hopped up and stretched for a moment. Even though she was just paralyzed, it didn't mean she wasn't sore from it. As she did this, her sensei was giving them praise and gave them a few bits of information before vanishing completely. Alessi didn't really mind Zenchi leaving them. Her and her team would only last a little longer in the fight, but Zenchi ended it so... yeah. Looking over at her teammates, she grinned. They made quite the squad if she could say so herself. There was no other team she would rather have. Both Makato and Migoto said their farewells before heading off and doing whatever they needed to get done. As for Alessi, she didn't really have anything better to do. Her plan from the start was to train, but that quickly started up when she unknowingly found her whole squad. With a nod of her head and a small wave, she departed from the other two, hoping she would see them again soon.

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