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1 Call Me a Darn Barfly [Closed] on Thu Nov 22, 2018 11:08 am



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The nightlife around the village hidden in the leaves was one that was legendary for the diversity of what people would do as well as the diversity of those out and about at the time. This would be doubly true, thanks to the exams which had come to Konohagakure no Sato. Looking around would have one seeing ninja from the cloud, the mist, and even the rock. For obvious reasons, you would likely not see any ninja from the village hidden in the sand. Crowds would be walking down the Konoha streets, throngs of people keeping to their general groupings. Kizashi himself would be walking alone, his hands in the front pockets of his black jeans. His black shoes would hit the dirt with soft crunch sounds, his head turning this way and that to catch glimpses of the different people and to try gaining a bit of gossip about the previous rounds of fighting in the exams and who seemed to be a favorite. The Shinwato district had never seen such a large amount of people. It was designated as the hub for visitors and guests in the exams, but many people who lived in the village made the trip here to visit friends and family from other nations. That was somewhat like the reason Kizashi had chosen to approach the district, but moreso because he wanted to meet someone new, have a few new experiences. What better place for something like that than the designated spot for guests to the village?

Kizashi made sure his black shirt was buttoned up and his hitai-ate was straight upon his forehead before he entered the location he had stopped at: a small family run tavern that boasted some of the best delicacies you could find in the land of fire. Kizashi pushed open the door and walked in to be greeted by the aroma of smoked ham, roasted turkey, and beef stews. Many dishes that weren't exactly native to the land of fire, but were made in their own way. Kizashi waved to a few people who recognized him and made his way towards the centre of the bar, pulling out a chair. The Uchiha barely had time to sit before a young and beautiful waitress made her way over to him and handed him a menu and a drink menu. He sat and pulled his chair in, showing her a flirtatious smile before he spoke. "Well, hallo there lasseh! Ah'd love two bottles o' Fire Brand, donnae need a glass. Unless ye'd like to join meh." A wink here and he handed her back the drink menu, declining to order food just yet, as he wasn't sure what he was hungry for at this point in time. When she walked away, blushing, to get his drinks, his eyes scanned the place, hoping to find a familiar face. He hadn't been able to by the time she got back and decided to simply thank her and pull the cork out of a bottle with his teeth, spitting it onto the mahogany wood table. He took a good sized drink from it and smiled, leaning back in his chair happily. "Wot a great time ter be a ninja."


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The village hidden the leaf has started becoming more and stressful for Ryo. Ever since his first match in the exams, he has been internally conflicted in deciding how exactly he was going to move forward after what he had done. His opponent was a young kid who was not a day over twelve years old. The little spider from the Hidden Mist was so full of life during their fight together. He cheered Ryo, his clear opponent, on through all of it, encouraging him to use a strong technique in order to hype up the crowd. His opponent even made the decision to forgo the only advantage he seemed to have against Ryo, making the promise to stop using his webs that allowed him to hang and swing from the ceiling. And what did Ryo do to the kid that was so nice to him? Burnt him to a crisp. In the heat of the moment, he made the split-second decision to use the one technique in his arsenal that he was not entirely familiar with. After that, he was powerless as he watched his opponent’s costume melt into his skin before he rolled into the growing pit in the center of the arena. Ryo killed him, there was not really anything else to say about that. What troubled Ryo was the thought of what to do next. Should he withdraw, ending his climb and letting the young kid’s sacrifice go to waste? Or should he continue climbing one step at a time, making it so his sins were not in vain?

Whatever option Ryo chose, he could not do it without some liquid courage. It was not often that Ryo made the decision to head out and drink, but this situation made it justified.  Everywhere he walked he could hear them. The citizens of Konohagakure all around him who instantly recognized Ryo from the match he regretted. He caught things like ‘there he is…’ or ‘that guy’s dangerous’. The one that hurt the most was ‘did you see what he did to that boy?’ He doubted that he would ever be able to forget those short minutes in that arena, so he definitely did not need reminders from people who hated him, especially when he hated himself. And so, now was Ryo’s one time to relax. He found refuge in a small family tavern located in the depths of Konohagakure, near the same park that he played chess in nights before. He was seated at the very end of the bar, wearing his standard short-sleeved white button-up and black slacks that were paired with a black cap on his head, pulled down in a desperate attempt to hide his face from those that might recognize him.

Now several drinks later, he felt as if he was finally starting to relax as he began to forget about the kid in the spider costume. As temporary as this feeling maybe, he was glad that the alcohol began to take effect. Ryo’s feeling of relaxation was short-lived, however. Most of the people in this tavern were bearable to the quiet young man, with most conversations that he heard consisting of talk of the weather or people’s life at home. This changed as soon as a new arrival walked through the door. The man, who seemed to be a Konohagakure ninja with his Hitai-ate, was clearly someone that Ryo did not like. He was loud and obnoxious, yelling at the waitress while also flirting with her. While the young girl seemed to like what was said to her, Ryo could not help but scoff at the man’s words. Ryo’s eyes, seeming as if they were filled with unusual shock, stayed on the loud man for a bit. Finally, Ryo averted his gaze, choosing to not give the man any more attention. Ryo decided to focus on the drink in his hand, trying to make the strong beverage disappear so he could leave.

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The atmosphere of Konoha had changed the lights were up all night, and sounds blasting from all directions took way. As Masu had simply finished her duties in helping maintain the Chunnin Exams which were of tremendous help to the village, it was definitely weird for her to be helping the Chunnin Exams instead of being in it this time. Masu needed a break for a little bit, and what better place for her to go then the Shinwato district, although she was very much familiar with the area and what took place here she needed to just get away from the noise. But Masu quickly realised it was no better and looked around quickly she noticed a shop with a refreshing aroma of food, Ham, duck and type of meat you could think of you could smell it. Masu quickly entered the shop upon entry some people glanced at her then went back to their drinks, definitely a different feeling then being stared at by many strangers when she was in the previous exams. But Masu soon noticed a few things in this establishment. Firstly a man talking to a waitress asking for some more of the classic 'Fire Brand', the guy was clearly having a good time and much to his delight a few people seemed to rally behind him. "That guys probably a little bit of a regular" Masu thought to herself as he seemed to be going on about being a ninja and what a great time it had seemed to be.  

But Masu soon locked eyes on another boy, but it wasn't just Masu herself locking eyes on him a few of the other bar members had seemed to have his eyes on him as well. Masu hadn't recognised the face yet, but he had something about him she seemed to know. Masu slowly approached one of the other guys drinking a few tables away from the boy and asked about the guy which they both gazed at. Masu simply asked "Hiya that boy over there how come you guys seem to be staring at him?" she asked politely smiling and hoping for a non-hostile answer. The man looked at Masu and aggressively started speaking "Oh him he's the guy that's apart of the Chunin exams, and killed a kid in his fight, Im gonna have a word with him now! The man stood up very quickly. Masu jumped up at the same time holding onto the grip of her sword and whispered into his ear changing her sweet tone into a more sadistic pitch.  "Don't you dare try and start something in here keep it peaceful and all shall be fine" Masu chucked a few ryo at him in hopes he would just buy some food and calm down. He calmly sat down and she started to walk to the front of the tavern

That's when it all clicked for Masu, this was one of the boys arena's she had been tasked with to set up for she was pretty sure his name was Ryo but thats about all she knew. Masu waved at the waitress as she was ready to order. "Could I grab a green tea with a bit of lemon thank you! Masu looked over at the boy she could only assumed was named Ryo and asked "Would you like another drink and a little chat, Ryo is it?"

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It kept playing back in his mind after the fight, the disappointment in himself and the greater disappointment at his pet ashe. Everything went wrong and his opponent was worn out even though he never got to use all he had, he did not have a chance to show off his ultimate defense and in the end no one but the proctor actually had a good view of what happened as there was just mist everywhere at that point. All that could be heard was the swishing sounds of techniques and a watery blast that seemed to knock his opponent against the wall, it was unclear what the outcome was until the proctor ruled in favor of his opponent. Makoto could still move, he could still react, he still had so much more he could do, but the risk was considered too great as the blood flowing from Makoto could have lead to serious injuries or even death. While his opponent had physical exhaustion and chakra exhaustion to deal with, the ruling was based on him being closer to death then his opponent if that could be described in more details. He was furious and even Ashe knew that this was not a good day for her or for him as she was placed in medical care and told to rest up as much as she could, even though he was upset with her he still petted her as always, he might be strict at times but he was no monster. In the end it hung deep on his mind as he made his way to get some relaxation in the land of fire.

Makoto could not let it go, the look in his eyes like a dead fish as he made his way into the tavern by mistake or perhaps on purpose. He saw everyone drinking something so he figured this would be a good place to ask as he thought he recognized someone from his village as he passed by this boy. As he was making his way passed the tables in his dazed state with the bandage on his head, a bandage on his neck and a bandage on his hands and even an extra bandage around his ankle as well that had actually sprained slightly which is what he felt was contributing to his lack of ability in his fight that had passed.

He was feeling a bit lost and just went to go sit near the familiar face, he looked him in the eyes and then looked down and then again in the eyes not certain of where he saw that face or when. The face looked familiar, though it was not someone he knew or was it as his mind could not figure it out as his Iwa forehead protector was hanging around his neck. Makoto was about to speak when a girl came close and motioned for him to follow her and all he said was, "One water please" and then he looked to the boy again, "Do I know you?" as he stared with curiosity at the rather sad looking boy before him. The waitress was a bit worried, but decided to just get the water so long and hope nothing goes wrong. Others were calling him dangerous, but Makoto did not really have the awareness for that in a family tavern since apparently this village seemed a bit livelier then his own. Though it was perhaps the result of the chuunin exams that everyone was gathered here as he would wait for the reply and the water.

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Kaito Osoroshi


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After today's match, Kaito had been forced to make his way to the hospital so the good doctors of Konoha could make sure there was no serious damage to his brain. A minor concussion that had resulted in only a few seconds of unconsciousness. Enough to secure his opponent the victory, though Kaito took satisfaction from the knowledge that the injuries his opponent had suffered would make for a painful recovery process, and with the next round starting first thing in the morning, it was likely a rushed recovery, which meant more pain as the medical-nin mended torn flesh and pulled excess blood from bruises. None of that had been any consolidation prize though, because as soon as Kaito had been cleared, one of the medical-nin from Kiri had shared him the tragic news. A participant of the exams had accidentally been killed during their match, a Kiri shinobi no less. At the time, Kaito had been unable to learn more, and despite the sense of worry that he'd felt, he hadn't been prepared for what was to come.

The sense of loneliness as she walked the streets of Konoha tore through him like bad street served chow mein served. Kaito couldn't get over the feeling that perhaps he should have cried, it wasn't like he wouldn't mourn Xiao, but something felt off. Xiao was a friend yes, but he was more than that in a way. As a student of Lady Haka of the Osada, Kaito had met the Spider-nin on none other than Spider Island not to long ago, though with recent events it felt like an eternity ago, or at least it had. Now with Xiao gone, Kaito realized just how short of a time he and Xiao had gone from mere comrades to friends, and then to adoptive brothers. Xiao of course had started calling Kaito his older brother right away, with their strange connection through Haka Osada, it had seemed natural to Xiao to consider Kaito family, though at first Kaito had held reservations. In the end though, the two Kirigakure shinobi had found friendship, and then Kaito had made the mistake of letting himself desire a sense of family again.

He'd been alone since his mother died, a few years before that really, ever since he'd graduated from the academy his mother had run off on one mission or another, always for extended periods. She'd felt distance since Kaito's grandmother died, as if she'd been searching for something. It was an odd thing, to think that his mother might have been searching for something. His grandmother's murderer had never been found or caught, so perhaps his mother had sought him out and died before she could seek her vengeance. Kaito couldn't help but wonder if his own search for information on his own mother's sudden disappearance and assumed death might lead to a similar fate for himself one of these days. Who would be left to then search for him? No one, Kaito had no family left, and with the death of Xiao, Kaito felt like he never would know what it was to have family again.

Eventually, after wandering the streets mindlessly for hours until after sunset, Kaito's feet had followed the paths of the people around him until he found himself in the heart of Konoha's night life. The town seemed so alive, so full of light and magic, it almost made Kaito smile. Xiao would have loved this place, Kaito was sure of it. Eventually though, Kaito had spotted someone he'd hoped to run into. He'd made sure to look up everything he could get his hands on after hearing the news, and luckily, all participants of the exams had been required to submit a short record of themselves just for those that might have had an interest in such information. Nothing overly personal or sensitive, not much on skills or abilities either, simple things like a shinobi's rank, village, name and such. The basics. But the basics was all that Kaito had needed to spot and confirm that face in the crowd, he would have narrowed in on him from a mile away at this point.

Of course, withdrawing a senbon and exposing a few arteries to the night's air would be frowned upon, and Kaito had to remember this was not Kirigakure no Sato, those with the Hidden Leaf had weak hearts, unable to do what had to be done most of the time, always hiring Hunter-nin from the Hidden Mist to deal with Konoha's more delicate trash. If Kaito were to so much as attack another participants in the chunin exams, or at least do so in such an open location, he'd be banned from the village, assuming he wasn't executed once they returned home. Bloodshed wasn't an option, Kaito would have to keep that in mind, though in truth he felt no anger. He was running on empty, a steady pulsating numbness tempered with what he assumed he should be feeling. Kaito knew he was suppose to feel hatred, so he thought about killing the man responsible for the death of his little brother. Still though, Kaito more than understood that he would be in hot shit if he tried anything like that.

Once the man named Ryo stepped into the tavern, Kaito followed him inside, keeping track of the genin's location in his peripheral as he saw down diagonally from Ryo, ordering a cucumber tonic and a shot of lime juice. Kaito watched as not one, but two shinobi approached his target, dashing salt across his tongue before throwing back the shot of lime juice followed by the immediate swig of about half the tonic. His tongue both sour and sweet, Kaito picked up the slice of cucumber and ate it in one bite before watching the two shinobi closer as they approached Ryo. The young woman seemed to be more interested in stopping a confrontation as one of the civilians stood before being subdued by the genin. The other, an Iwagakure shinobi like Ryo, moved in as if he might know Kaito's target. Kaito didn't know what all he would do, but he wanted to have a word with Ryo before the night was through, he needed that much at least. To meet the man responsible for the death of a twelve year old boy from Kaito's home village, to say nothing of the fact that Xiao and he had chosen each other as kin.

Flagging down the waitress who seemed to be getting harrassed by another young shinobi, Kaito ordered another shot of lime juice for himself, as well as two cucumber tonics and shots of lime juice to have them delivered to the table with the two Iwa-nin. He'd instructed the waitress to point him out once she delivered the two drinks. Pulling a senbon from his pouch, Kaito began swirling it in his fingers, occasionally eyeing Ryo from across the room as the shot of lime juice was delivered to his first before the drinks made their way over to he two ninja from the Hidden Stone. If all remained civilized, Kaito would dash his tongue with salt, before taking the juice down and following it up with the last of his tonic. He'd make sure the two Stone shinobi would be able to see him, a subtle hint that they should do the same. If Ryo didn't immediately stand up and bolt at the sight of the Kiri headband on Kaito's forehead, Kaito would walk over there before ordering another round. All that needed to happen was a little chat.

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Things were starting to get a bit more interesting.

The Uchiha was enjoying himself, taking long drinks of the first bottle of Fire Brand, but those dull grey hues would take in the newcomers as they came. He wanted to be sure to be aware of what was going on around him, lest anything unbecoming of a shinobi take place.The first newcomer was a young man, not much younger than Kizashi, who had a head of unkempt brown hair and from what could be seen: green eyes. He didn't look familiar to the leaf shinobi, so it could be that he was visiting from a foreign land due to the exams going on. Many people did the same so it wasn't that uncommon. The next newcomer was a bit interesting, in that she drew the attention of many of those in the bar, but didn't seem too unaccustomed to the stares she received. She was attractive, but was that why they stared? Or was there something the Uchiha was missing about her that screamed danger? To be fair, he didn't know and didn't truly care. For the next newcomer drew his attention away from her stopping some man from attacking another in the bar. This young boy who came in, bandaged, looking beaten and confused. He strolled around, finding his place in a seat at a table with the first boy, they seemed to know each other.  He noticed that the girl had found her way to that table as well, and sat with him.

The uchiha was twirling the liquid in his first bottle, noticing it was half empty by this point and he went to take another drink before he noticed the last entrant to the bar. A rather serious looking silver haired boy. He had a look of hatred or anger in his eyes, it was possibly bloodlust. Kizashi couldn't be bothered to find out the difference. His eyes though, were trained on the first newcomer from the moment he entered, as though he had actually followed the young man into the establishment. He took a seat not too far from the trio and stared daggers at the former. He made an order and took his drink quickly, but seemed to ask the waitress for something special. It seemed he'd ordered the other young man a drink and asked her to do something, of what Kizashi was unsure. What he was sure about, was that the man had slid a senbon into his hand and was playing with it, eyes trained on the young man. This was when the Uchiha decided he would stand up, tilting his head and bottle back.

A few gulps would sound, his bottle being emptied quickly. Kizashi would set the empty one down, grabbing the new one, moseying over to the silver haired male's table. Without a word, he'd bit into the cork of his unopened drink, seating himself across from his new quarry, his silver hues finding eye contact with the other male. With a jerk the cork was freed from the bottle with the sound of suction, before being spit out onto the mahogany wood table. He smiled, and took a large gulp of the cinnamon scented, katon infused, smokey amber liquid. When the gulp was swallowed, the bottle was set upon the table, the young man letting out a soft burp, trying to be somewhat polite.

He spoke, just loud enough for his table mate to hear him over the tavern's ambient noise. "If'n Ah were ye, Ah'd let tha' needle go back ter m'pouch. Sends the wrong type o' message when yer visitin' a village an' ye brandish a wep'n. Ye catch m'drift?" While he hadn't awoke his sharingan just yet, the cold and calculating dull silver hues would watch his quarry, shining with a hint of unspoken ferocity. It wasn't by any means a threat to the other ninja, but more
a 'friendly' suggestion. He was deadly serious though, as brandishing weapons in a family establishment erected for the fun and comfort of those who entered was not something one should do. Regardless of any bad blood shared between exam contestants, rival villages, or shinobi themselves, places such as this were meant for the enjoyment of everyone. Anyone who decided to try and upset such enjoyment.. well they wouldn't be happy with the results. It's what he loved about taverns. The neutrality really meshed with the values set by his old teacher for the mercenary group he wanted to start. Such values would be carried on by Kizashi, and this seemed the best place to start.

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