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When it comes to Konohagakure there's a whole lot to do. From the grand sweeping history that ignited the very culture of shinobi and what it meant to be a warrior to the vast land scapes it well as all the, y'know, their shinobi almost destroying the world constantly. It does have some great historical figures though and today I'll be walking in their footsteps and it all starts with this...

Xiao stood outside the grand Chuunin exams head quarters, or rather the sports center when it was not in use. It was a simple building from first appearance with it's rounded edges and tan coloration which was a constant for buildings within the leaf village. Xiao as an appreciator of the arts...or rather his "art" which consisted mostly of the blatant and obvious avoiding such things as the abstract or avant garde had a distaste for the brownish drab buildings intermixed with the bright autumnal colors. It was a drain on village though Xiao knew well enough the earthy tones were entirely the point, a dulling effect to not overwhelm the senses and reflect the name 'Hidden in the Leaf'.

As he stood looking at the building thoughts of the grand heroes who must have started their journey here rang through his mind. Though perhaps not this building it was the ceremony that was vital to him and the spirit of the occasion. Did Mei Terumi feel this way before creating her revolution? Did Chojuro decide to carve the way for the mist's peaceful era as he walked through those halls? Unfortunately Xiao had no such ambition, he was quite literally only here to cheer on his friends and of course gain new allies and put on a good show. He had no ambition to win, nor did he have any passion to lead the charge for Kirigakure, he loved his village of course but when it came to him being the hero he knew it was nothing more than a pipedream and even then not a pipedream that was his own. He enjoyed being the second banana, the Mr Miyagi to their daniel, because Xiao certainly knew that his allies as of now were far greater than the little spider with all of three jutsu to his name.

The little spider folded his arms with a nod, this would be it, the arena where he got to see his friends finallly realise their paths and begin their steps to becoming grand shinobi with their own nindo to follow whilst Xiao would do whatever he could to support them. Standing outside the small selection of steps he opted to spend sometime, thinking for the most part about who his opponent may be but more importantly incase someone of interest would walk on by and happen to be adding to Xiao's "collection" of friends and his hopes to capture them all.

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Makoto was walking down the street with his niney's on, the niney's were this new running shoe he got that were made for times when you just had to do stuff. While testing them out as a sample shoe, he found they were not very practical as he was planning to just throw them away or make a new shoe out of them. Making his way around he felt like he was getting lost as he looked around after walking for a while, his hair swaying to the side, and people looking down at him as if he was some small child. He did not care about them, he cared about all the new jutsu he would be using in the future and even the jutsu he had not finished from the past.

While walking around not looking where he was going lost in thought he bumped into someone or was it something. He looked at the strange thin boy who looked way more thin then a thin thin boy was allowed to be thin. Makoto began thinking if it was possible that this boy had used some form of ninjutsu to thin out his body, perhaps by removing all the water inside your body you could become thin, but then you might dry out and become a paper towel then die.

This boy had a strange appearance that looked like it came out of a children's book and he was not sure how to respond to this mad design and was nearly on the verge of forgetting what he had done to this poor unfortunate boy he had bumped into. What if he injured him with his insane shinobi strength(E2) or imposed his will on the poor unsuspecting boy. Not that it mattered, but maybe it was best not to be too rude, Makoto was a good boy after all. As Makoto thought about it for a moment within a moment in time he stepped back slightly and bowed his head apologetically.

"gomen asai", speaking out his apology and hoping to be forgiven for his mistake of not seeing this strange standing out individual before him.

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As the shinobi hidden in the niney's collided with the young spiderling of the webs Xiao threw his hands wildly upwards in surprise and stumbled slightly backwards as he looked to the newly apologetic Makoto who appeared to be that of a puppy in human form - large eyes and flopping hair with the air of innocence surrounding his form. An interesting contrast to the allies and friends Xiao had made thus far who seemed apt to side with the darker regions of their jungian shadows and avoid falling into optimistic trappings much like Xiao himself. Aside form himself, Sachihiro and Yoshito the concept of the melancholy shinobi was a seemingly a constant in those he met and further cemented his ideology and understanding of the shinobi systems and his view on them.

"gomen asai", the words rang true and were obviously the language that most spoke here, the concept of language being a strange entity in the land of the shinobi with a collectively shared language but so too a diversity of land, culture and country that made this unified language quite an odd one. Even Xiao, who was not born in the shinobi lands, had been raised to speak the same language as his peers and though never questioned such a thing opted to understand it simply as an unquestioned aspect of the universe he may never have an answer to. Xiao simply dusted his shoulder as he looked to Makoto with a smile hidden below his thin spandex mask that obviously hid such shifts in his facial structure but the aura was still present. "Not to worry! Sorry about that, I guess I'm just a huge target" Xiao jested as he looked to Makoto up and down placing his hand upon his chin and finger lightly on his lower lip as he looked him over, once more his mouth obscured by his mask but regardless and made an assessment. It could be possible he was a genin, he was roughly the right age and the like but coming to a conclusion without much evidence wasn't Xiao's typical way of doing things, no instead friendliness and honesty to suss out information often seemed to be his best bet. "So, my clumsy comrade, what brings you to the land of leaves, fire and festivals?" he asked with a cheery tone to entice the young shinobi into sharing but a moment with the spider of the mist.

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Makoto felt a bit disturbed as if a giant drop of sweat was floating near his head due to the awkward nature of events that followed. Was this child going to be okay falling over so easily, it was unbelievable and at the same time made Makoto feel good. He was used to being the knocked over and not the knocking of overs. Makoto took a deep breathe and started speaking, though he was a bit nervous from the situation and was not able to let the words come out. The strange boy before him dusted off his shoulder and that strange spandexian mask that made this boy look more like an alien then a human being, was probably just some masked shinobi. They were not that rare, but the spandex seemed a bit wrong for some odd reason, just like those green jumpsuits he saw while roaming around the village as he began to wonder which way he would have to go later. The stranger seemed to apologize saying he was a huge target which made no sense since this spandexi boy was about as small as he was, or was there something more to this than meets the eye. Transformers were a natural thing, using the transformation jutsu as he knew that shinobi were more then meets the eye. Blinking a few times as Makoto kept looking with his eyes and with a few blinks the color in his contacts shifted from brown to green as he now had one green eye as he was still getting used to them for the upcoming exams.

"I am here..." as he froze because he forgot why he was here for a moment, he was here for the exams but not here for the exams if that made any sense at all as he took a yawn and a deep breathe before answering in a half sleepy tone. "I am here to exam" as he fell forward and collapsed as his stomach began to growl. He was lost so long he was starving, he felt like he could eat a horse or that he should become stronger and eat that horse as he looked at the boy in front of him who started looking like a horse in spandex as his hunger was eating away at him. "Onaka ga akimashita", which translated to 'I am hungry' as his eyes were barely staying open as he needed to feed.

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Looking over the little bundle of fluff and adorable shyness Xiao couldn't help but have a faint smile grow across his face. It was like the child hardly knew the world he was in, a world of war and angst and strife like a linkin park music video that never ceased to end with it's macabre background drops and eternal struggle. The little child began to take a deep breathe causing Xiao to nod in anticipation, was he really that intimidating? He was an average weight for his height and his height wasn't much but surely his height being so small would allow the child to feel more at ease than less. "You're here for the exam? Well then. That means I've got to eliminate you before we fight in the tournament!" Xiao stated getting into a makeshift Taijutsu pose resembling the style of a wing-chun fast punch before laughing and shaking his head "Kidding. Nah. You're like a literal puppy, I think even if we had a match I'd be eliminated due to animal rites protestors." Xiao stated as he looked to the little fluff ball.

His stomach began to growl, a feeling Xiao knew all too well having starved during his training on spider island but one thing Xiao did pride himself on was his ability to cook and his eternal hospitality. The boy once again spoke in his own tongue, which Xiao simply nodded at. It was obvious what the child needed - food. The eternal unifier of all lands, the satisfying of basic needs. The spider shinobi gave a swift nod as he gazed about "You're hungry huh? Well...We can remedy that..." Xiao stated gazing around as a vendor carrying skewers of fermented tofu and bbq vegetables passed by causing Xiao to raise his hand "Hey hey hey, I need those" he remarked as the vendor's eyes shined at the propsective customer and with a quick transition and a loss of 4 ryo Xiao held in his hands skewers of vegetable and tofu handing them to the little fluffball shinobi "Are you...y'know, feeling confident about the exams?"

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Makoto looked tired and then when his opponent suggested finishing him off right then and there he gave a glare that looked like he was going to kill him and from nearby a small little white wolf pup was waiting for the signal to protect her master. She got nervous as the guy called her master a little puppy, even though she was a puppy and when she thought about how big all the other humans were she realized her master was also a pup like her. She understood human language to some degree and knowing that she must not just randomly attack people she waited nearby watching the events unfold.

Makoto took the offering and began eating and feeling his stomach fill gave him more strength as he kept on chewing and then he gave an honest answer. "I don't know", as Makoto looked down with lifeless eyes as if all his confidence had left him, but in truth it was just that he had no idea what the exams were like, he did not understand how people would fight and that was when he remembered something important.

He remembered it starts with one thing he did not know why
It did not even matter how hard he tried
He kept that in mind as he felt the design of a rhyme in due time

All he knows is time is a valuable thing
Watching it fly by like a pendulum swings
Watching the count down til the end of the day
This clock ticks life away

It was so unreal, he did not look out below
Watch the time go, just like the flow
The flow of chakra kept inside
Even though he tried
All his jutsu would always fall apart
What it meant to him was a memory of a time he tried too hard

As Makoto began to look towards this new person and continued to chew for a bit more and then he looked up and asked. "Are you an alien?"

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Xiao gazed to the little fluff boy who seemed to be unaware of the world he lived in, it was an odd specimen to say the least but it's why Xiao certainly enjoyed the company of the fluff ball shinobi. As the small shinobi ate with lifeless eyes and distant emotions the spider shinobi became concerned. The boy was like a robot, or perhaps a victim that was utterly unhinged from reality, did something happen to him to cause him to be this way? Did something impact him so much that the mind of the little shinobi was coping through the nullifying of emotion? Was he abandoned by his family perhaps? Xiao was genuinely concerned not for the psyche of the boy - far from it - but that perhaps he had been abandoned or harmed in someway if he was this hungry and this alone in the world. Xiao knew he needed to change that in any way he could, to ensure the little one had a sense of safety in the land of leaves and plentiful food at that.

Regardless in the end it didn't really matter and Xiao was determined to break the habit of distancing oneself emotionally, he made a personal decision then and there to examine what had been done to Makoto and eradicate that emotional papercut that had left the boy with a cut beneath the skin and leaving him feeling so numb. Xiao would bleed that out, take it deeper and but never throw away the youth's need to be healed and hope to build a bond that could connect the new divide of emotion and help him find somewhere he belonged emotionally and psychologically speaking.

As the fluffball shinobi begged the question of whether Xiao was an alien the spider thought over it for a moment, technically between Kaguya and the space fairing ancient clans they could technically all be seen as such and Xiao's honest origin of being a literal spider that could turn into a human was not much of a difference in terms of oddity. "Honestly? I mean I guess? So uh, Indeed I am. My name is..." Xiao thought for a moment as he mused over things, he liked using cover names, liked endulging in aliases and espionage and figured he would keep the tradition "Ziggy Stardust. You can call me Kyutai though." Xiao stated stroking along his masked pointed chin "What about you my cottonball friend? Are you from here? You seem a little...lost."

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The strange masked figure said his name was Ziggy Stardust the alien that can be called Kyutai as he listened to this and felt he was being taken for a ride, but he got free food so maybe it did not matter. He was not sure why he was being called cotton ball and it was probably obvious he was not from around here and being lost was a bit subjective since he could just run all over the place till he found out where he had to go. For some reason all these things that Ziggy said to him was pushing him one step closer to the edge and he felt like he was going to break.

Makoto did not know what this strange weirdo expected of him, even though he understood he was lost under the surface. He felt anything he said would seem like another mistake that he could not take, he decided to take a deep breathe, take another bite and then he spoke once more.

"is this real?" as he looked sadder then before as he felt like he wanted to run away, like he wanted to make some noise. He thought he could hear angry voices, some of those words could never be true. Makoto then looked to the side and up and down and all around, lost in the soundless silence of no sound. Makoto did not understand how he got here in the first place and he lost track of his goal for the exams. In the end it did not even matter, he would have to fall to lose it all, but in the end did any of that matter.

Makoto seemed to step back as he had this invisible wall he put between himself as he held his clasped hand to his chest as a sign of fear or resolution. He was shielding himself inside a castle of glass, ready to break as he will try to pass. He felt like he was talking to himself, as he felt like he could just break down and cry. All this time was he living in a lie.

He wanted someone to tell him what to do.
As Ashe wondered what to do to get through too
The lights were on, but nobody was home
People say Makoto could not understand
Even though no one gave him a chance
When everyone left, where did they go.

All the walls that they keep building
All this time that he spent chasing
All the ways that he kept losing too

The truth is, he turned into someone else
He kept running like the sky was falling
He could whisper, he could yell
Even though, he would know, even though
He's just talking to himself

He admitted to mistakes
But they might cost him everything
Can't even hear the call to home?

Makoto kept seeming to lose himself in the music as he felt it was time to say goodbye.
However he could not find the words, this was not his december.
As he tried to remember, once upon a december.
The look in his eyes fading once more as he seemed to drift into loneliness
The sadness and sorrow, the grief of tomorrow, and the moment he had to grow
It was time to let it go, as the riven in his heart like his chakra will flow.

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"Is this...Real?" Xiao confirmed in confusion at the question Makoto asked. The phrase itself was odd and the little shinobi of the village hidden in the puppies continued to make Xiao wonder what exactly had happened to the shinobi "I mean, maybe." Xiao stated shrugging his shoulders not entirely sure if it was real entirely or not, it was hard to know when it came down to it. All the little spider knew was that it was easier to run in these situations but he was determined to break that habit to the best of his ability. Was it that the little shinobi felt Faint? He didn't want to simply turn his back on him or let him feel ignored but rather he was hoping that the feeling he had crawling in his skin did indeed have time to heal. Everyone needed somewhere they belonged and Xiao felt that Makoto tended to have a bit of a distance between he and others, perhaps a new divide or perhaps an old wound and he hoped he'd avoid pushing the little ninja one step closer to the edge.

"Hey, I've told you my name, what should I call you anyway? I want to know what you like to be called y'know?" Xiao stated genuinely with a smile looking to Makoto "Friendships always start with a decent introduction after all!" Xiao stated with a smile looking to Makoto through his mask. He figured the boy was a little awkward and without a place for his head may have easily been lost in the constant stimulation of the city "Are you worried about the exams? Heck I am too. Where are you from buddy?"

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Makoto was not sure what he was expecting of him, feeling so helpless lost under the surface. Tired of being what they want him to be, trying to find the right size for his shoes. Makoto was yawning again, and he was even yawning in his mind as he began to listen. He felt tired inside and deep down he kept it all in, but it all comes back to him in the end. Even though he tried it all fell apart, but what eventually would be a memory of a time he tried too hard.

This crazy hizzy or was it fizzy was talking about friendship, talking about names, talking about all the things she said. This was not about us, or about them, there is one thing he can trust. Makoto needed something to wake him up inside, something he had to hide, something he needed to save him from himself. He blinked a few times and then thought of an answer, "Just call me fluffy, not like you going to tell me your real name either" as he gave a pouted face as the pout was so pouty you would think he was really upset though his eyes did not seem to show the emotion of anger or annoyance, only a deep empty sadness that burrowed deep into your soul.

Makoto looked up at the sky as the sun refused to rise, or was that the moon as his head was feeling a bit sore again, and even though he had a snack his stomach hurt and maybe his palms were sweaty already. He forgot all about his mom's spaghetti as he felt it was over now as he snapped back to reality, as he felt like he lost gravity as he felt like he was floating, but he was starting to choke, under the pressure of being nervous too. Then shaking his head like a milkshake shakes and then he soon awakes to the reality real fantasy. Who was this strange masked weirdo anyways as he began to wonder whose life this was anyways.

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As the little sleepy koala shinobi yawned Xiao was endeared further to the shinobi of the stone. Though obviously unknowing that he was infact a shinobi of the stone, his antics were enough to make the spider shinobi feel although melancholy and quite innocent looking Xiao could do something to help the little shinobi in terms of confidence and his defiance in his words though usually would be met with a scoff or a turning up of the nose Xiao opted for a different route bursting out laughing and placing his hands on his knees "Careful with that edge there Uchiha-In-Training. I'll call you whatever you want me to. Fluffy though? Sure if you dig it, I'm happy for it! It's unique enough and between the amount of nicknames dished out over the years it's no different"

Xiao proceeded to examine the small shinobi behind his spandex mask, his eyes looking over for any hint of something to work with out of the norm. He couldn't really think of much beyond what had been said "Yeah..." Xiao stated not really knowing how to continue the conversation but searching for something until he clicked his fingers in excitement as he 'got' what to say "What about ambitions then? If I won't learn your real name, what about your real ambition? Are you hoping to be a....Kage? A Hunter Nin? An academy teacher? Oh! Wait ! I got it! Cooking Ninja?"

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Makoto was confused, this person just started laughing and told him to be careful as an Uchiha in training, it was then that he began to wonder about something. What was this edging of uchiha that he was speaking, was Uchiha a unique rank among shinobi of the spandexian clan. Was the clan as red as this mask or as red as his skull as he was not sure if he was suppose to be offended or avenge himself for what may be an insult that could make him angry.

It was some time that seemed to pass in Makoto's mind as he felt eyes gazing on him intentionally as he blinked a few times his contact lens switched colors making his one eye a glowing golden yellow on the left and a emerald green on the right, all this nonsense about cooking shinobi and become the next kage was madness as he tilted his head slightly as if questioning what was just said to him. He thought about it for a while and tilted his head the other side as his hair swung from the one end of his face to the other, the cross over was there as he began thinking back to why he had come here in the first place

Flashback Theme

Makoto remembered when he first joined the academy some of the kids greeted him, while others kept to themselves as his starting days seemed normal. He was really confused and disorientated that his parents abandoned him at the academy as this one girl would always try to be nice to him, even though he was oblivious to it all as the other boys began to hate him. There was one boy who tried to get along, but by the time he reached out his hand to help the other boys had marked him and being in his position instead of making friends he punched Makoto in the face breaking his nose and knocking him down as he laid on his back not sure what had happened.

This continued on as boys would hit him in secret as the girl kept trying to approach him, she kept trying to help him, but he kept to himself not letting his wall drop. The wall between him and the other students grew even more when they discovered during a training session that he was not just being bullied. He was the weakest of everyone always last when it came to running and getting through obstacles, he was the weakest at lifting weights and the most stupid when doing most written exams. He tried as hard as he could to become stronger not for them, not for his family, just for himself. He had once seen a beautiful jutsu and could not remove his fascination for them, but in the academy it was mostly the same academy techniques every day. He did the best he could to try and compete and try to catch up, but that time he thought he could he felt a crack and then pain as they discovered his body was frail.

He worked harder then anyone else, he tried harder then anyone else, but the entire world was against him as he thought to himself, when the world turns its back on him, he would turn his back on the world as the teachers at the academy worried about him. A hard worker with no talent who kept trying over and over again and again, trying to find somewhere he would belong. Then the day came when everyone was formed into groups, he would form part of group four and he was put together with the girl who was nice to him and the boy who bullied him, when it came time to do the test to become genin he got sick and while they wanted to help him, they were told they would have to take the test now or wait six months to do it with Makoto, as much as they wanted to their parents would not allow it as they took the tests without him, he woke up and with those two graduated and the rest of the class looking new as some new students joined the academy and everyone from his original class left him behind. He fortunately blended in with the younger class since he was so small, he had no friends and with out the girl and the boy to play with him he was now completely alone

Makoto blinked a few times as he looked back at the spandex boy, "I want to practice my jutsu", was the best answer he could come up with as it seemed to have some slight timid emotion to it, while at the same time also having some deep void of empty loneliness that would never go away.

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The melancholy boy's answer was short and to the point, something that Xiao was becoming acustom to which Xiao certainly found both odd and endearing. His point, or nindo, being the desire to practice his jutsu was something that whilst he may not be able to entirely resonate with could certainly empathise with. Kaito, his elder brother, was much the same in his ambitions to master the ancient arts of ninjutsu and so too had Xiao developed a desire to become something more than himself. The option of becoming a supreme Jutsu master was definitely a nindo worth striving for but with the shortened answer once more Xiao found himself filling in the gaps of the melancholy child's somewhat fearful disposition "That's a good answer my friend, a good answer! Why do you want to train them then?" Xiao stated reaching for something more complex

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Makoto tilted his head to the side as if he was asked a rather stupid question as the wind seemed to blow at that very moment, the hair flailing against his face and brushing his nose as his eye lids blinked two or three times at the absurdity of the question itself as if his entire life's work had been questioned. Makoto slowly began opening his mouth to reply as if the world was coming to the end the whirling of the wind and the flow of his hair as if it was alive and flowing everywhere as he said with a strange look on his face.

"Do I need a reason?"

As he seemed to be countering the argument as he was a boy of few words and an avatar for the expulsion of all jutsu as he began to have this empty look in his eyes, which had a glint of rage or perhaps a more intense emotion as his golden left eye began to glow even brighter as he blinked a few times before it seemed to disappear as he waited patiently there was something else that seemed to be tugging at his heart's sleeve as he began to wonder about something as he blinked a few times and tilted his hear the other way.

The unkempt mess that formed on his head as his eyes accommodated and became accustomed to the new look of confusion on his face as if something dubious occured to him as he finally found it in him to ask the question that needed to be asked, the one question he could no longer avoid with a straight and plain face as his heart was beating still like a still beating heart as he moved his lips ever so slowly as if the world was about to break with his soft voice as it escaped his lips in a gentle tone questioning this world in a way only Makoto could.

"Why you wearing such weird clothes?"

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His questions seemed to cause confusion in his new found friend but no matter, Xiao had a tendency to break through even the most stubborn of stoney hearts so a shinobi who wished nothing more than to excel in jutsu was not so drastically different than the wild bandits he had seen before. Makoto's blinking eyes made Xiao grin beneath his spandex mask, it was something that Xiao actually found incredibly endearing about the little lad. Everybody needed a motivation, a drive and something more than themselves least they fall into a state of zombie like NPC status...wait was that it? Was this why the little shinobi was so detached? Was it that he didn't have a drive? Xiao finally seemed to have everything click. "Well yeah of course...My fluffy friend how do I put this..." Xiao considered tapping his chin for a moment as he mused over how to get the message to the boy. In the small gap Makoto as he questioned his clothing choice, it wasn't that strange as he merely had a red flak jacket, blue under dressings and a typical assortment of shinobi designs aside of course from his 'face' "See that? That's a perfect question and answer!" Xiao stated with glee as he knew what he would do to explain nindo, motivation and in part himself.

Looking about he eyed a small assortment of street musicians to which he gestured, as the group made their way over assuming another customer would prove lucrative - especially one outside of the village, a tourist, a laowei ready to be taken advantage of. The group soon surrounded the spider masked shinobi who huddled them close, as a musician he knew how to communicate the basic outline of the plan, a simple chord structure to which the musicians seemed to agree - some enthusiastically and some reluctantly "My fluffy friend, Allow me to explain" Xiao stated as one of the guitar players gently strummed building a basic chord structure beneath the spider's words. The strumming would pick up as Xiao began to announce his lyrical motivation and nindo...

Throwing his arms wide as the band leaned in towards Makoto with wide grins beneath their shaded hats, the little spider began to clap along to the tones emitted from the guitar.

"Let's review the basics,
Of a shinobi's creed!
When you're making chuunin,
Jutsu's not all - you need!

Xiao proceeded to spin, shaking his spider webs to the beat of the song resembling older singers with his lack of style, even those from the Land of Noodles would be embarassed.

You're a blinking scared shinobi now - we can see that much is true!
Fluffy boy, I'll find a nindo just for youuuuu

Xiao began to wave his hands as the band began to mirror his actions as a crowd began to slowly form around Makoto and the Singing Spider who was far from turning off the dark at any stage.

You may have Suiton, Doton or Wind!
It's the bonds we create, not just if you win!
You're just growing now, and any how, there will be great struggles too,
But fluffy boy, I'll find a nindo just for you!

Xiao began to point to individuals in the forming crowd around him for examples of motivations and nindos starting with a young genin girl who perked up at the question. "Ladies and gentlemen, your nindo?"

I'm just avoidin' death!
Eradicate ninja who screw me!
I want to make a clan that siiiiings!
See grandchildren before my last breathe!
A jutsu that lets things pass right through me!
To commit an endless amount of siiiiiin

"Uh...Ignore some of those, fluffy....anyway!"

Find a creed!
Being as fast as the Yondaime!
Find a creed!
Unleash a Rasengan Typhoon!
Find a creed!
With all the angst of a raging Sasuke,
Mysterious as what the Hokage can actually do!

Xiao continued his singing and moving as the crowd soon began to form around Makoto, perhaps making him nervous but ensuring that the band would generate a grander amount of revenue.

Time is racing towards us, till we're old and grey!
Find the words within you, or build on what others say!
You've a lot to grow, a ways to show,
That you're tough and will make it through!
Fluffy Boy, Let's find a nindo just for you!

Xiao clapped his hands thrice them "Ladies and gentlemen you know the rest!" He stated as silence soon fell over the crowd, he and the musicians. One of the members of the musical group whispering to Xiao "So...Are we doing another song or...?" to which Xiao shook his head "What? No. That was a moral lesson. Get out of here." Xiao stated wavering his hands to 'shoo' them away to which the crowd began to murmur "What? This isn't free entertainment! This is shinobi business get out of here!" he remarked causing the crowd to slowly disperse as he crouched now looking to Makoto with a smile...once more hidden behind his mask and totally realising he hadn't even answered his question about clothing but the concern of being sued by the mouse clan was enough to stop him from continuing his constant ramblings. "So fluffy, let's find a nindo! Why do you need all those Jutsu, huh?"

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Makoto just raised an eye brow as he looked down a bit confused and a bit lost in all the madness that was kyutan as he tilted his head slightly and figured he might be in a rap battle of sorts so he took a deep breathe and thought it could not hurt. He stopped the music guys from leaving and spoke to them adamantly.

"Hi, music guys, something a bit slower please"

As he said that, the musicians just did not care and decided to play a rhythm that seemed to drop real low and slow and then finally it had a beat that seemed to usher the dawn of defeat. He let out the words inside the deepest reaches of his heart

"I don't care what you say"
"Jutsu is all I need anyway"
"I do not have friends, so I never get to play"
"I do not know this village, so I always lose my way"

"You look like an alien with your suit in red"
"If I wore that in my village, I would already be dead"
"I am not fluffy, no matter how scruffy"
"My hair is really not soft and fluffy"

"My creed is to learn all jutsu"
"To master all, unlike you"
"Why must I learn one jutsu alone"
"When the strongest jutsu are never done on their own"

"You hide your face, you may as well vanish like my mom and dad"
"I do not need you to tell me whether to be good or bad"
"My creed is jutsu and jutsu is my creed"
"If you question my jutsu then I will ask if you bleed"

As he felt a bit better seeming to have a flushed look of awe on his face, though the smile did not appear as he felt a bit relieved to let it out as they were starting to gather attention. This went from a single verse of bars to some basic insults to himself and his opponent as Makoto had a lot of issues, that in the end may require far too many tissues.

Words = 3171 + 350 = 3521


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As Makoto began to join in the fun the spider known as Kyutai to others began to feel a rising excitement in his system. He liked the little fluffball but more importantly the small fluffball had enabled him to further his artistic views much to his delights. Snapping his fingers he gave a smile "Ohhhh, I see what's happening here;" Xiao stated with a large grin stretching across his face as he looked to the little fluff balls with utter delight. Makoto got him whether the wide eyed fluffball knew it or not and to Xiao? That was heaven sent. Listening to his words he nodded along, folded arms with a beaming smile. Regardless of their ranking this genin? He got who Xiao was. "Alone huh? Well..."

Xiao cracked his knuckles and gestured to the band "One more mi amigos" he stated gesturing and clearing his throat as he expressed his desired "Keep it low" Xiao then turned to Makato with a large smile...obviously hidden by his smile.

"You fluffy? Well? You got a friend in me. You GOT a friend in me. When that road looks rough ahead? and you're miles and miles ahead from your nice warm bed, Just remember what you're ol' Xiao said - you got a friend in me. You got a friend in me. You got a friend in me. You got your troubles? Well hey I got 'em too. there isn't anything I wouldn't do for you, hey let's stick together, There ain't anything I wouldn't do for you. There may be some shinobi might be a little bit stronger than I? Rinnegan or Sharingan too. But when Maybe. But none o' them will love' em the way I do, Fluff. And as Years go by? Our frienship? well that won't ever die. You gonna see it's our destiny! You got a friend in me, Ohhhh Fluffy you got a friend in me. You got a friend in me." Xiao started with a shy looking honestly to the little shinobi who had Jutsu on his mind before clearing his throat - if this was a sing off, Xiao was going to pull out all stops.

"Listen Fluffball...Something must change within you...Something will shift from the same...Something will shift from someone elses games...Too late from second guessing and too late to go back to sleep...I think you need to try to defying gravity,...It's time to try defying gravity! Let noone pull you down!" Xiao stated gesturing and moving like a constant dancing fool as he sang-spoke to the small shinobi "Screw accepting limits! Nothing is the same! Don't play the shinobi lifestyle with someone elses game! Fluffy, just be you regardless, don't regret anything! You soar and be yourself no matter what the scene! I think you should try - defying gravity! Wish those goodbye, who would stop you defying gravity and screw those who would hold you down!" Xiao stated looking to Makoto with happiness and optimisn in his heart, soaring above all else.

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Makoto sighed as he realized he ended up entering something he should not have, but he was not going. He was not sure what to do and started humming something this one boy at the academy used to sing and then they understood the beat.

"Look, I was going to go easy on you to respect your feelings
But maybe this will be my last chance okay"

Makoto paused for a moment as something felt wrong as the one musician indicated they had to go in six muntes.

"Just this feeling I've got, like something's about to happen, but I don't know what"
If this means, what I think it means, you're in trouble, big trouble,
And if you are as bananas as you look, I'm not taking any chances
You were just what the doctor forgot

I'm beginning to feel like Jutsu God, Jutsu God
All my people from the front to the back nod, back nod
Now who thinks their arms are long enough to snap socks like a slap box?
They said I rap like a robot, so call me Rapbot
But for me to rap like a puppet must be in my genes
I got a tanto in my back pocket
My flash'll go off when I half-flick it
Got a fat knock from jutsu profit
Made a living and a killing off it
Ever since Hokage was still in office
With Maikumaru exploding on his a bomb-sack
I'm shinobi still as honest
But as cold and chilling as ass mist shyllables, mistaholic
This slickety, gibbedy, hibbedy jutsu"

Then some random guy with a shinobi cap turned backwards.
"Sorry let me take over"

The guy takes a breathe and the beat continues

"You don't really wanna get into a jutsu match with this rappidy brat
Packing a shield in the back of the Ac, backpack rap crap, yep, yackidy-yac
And at the exact same time he attempts these lyrical acrobat stunts while always practicing
That he'll still be able to break a motherfuckin' table
Over the back of a couple of kyutai's and crack it in half
Only realized it was ironic, he was signed to the exams after the fact
How could he not blow? All he do is drop J-bombs, feel his wrath of attack
Shinobi having a rough time period, here's a Maxipad
It's actually disastrously bad
For the wack while I'm masterfully constructing this masterpiece as
I'm beginning to feel like a Rap God, for this Jutsu God

All our people from the front to the back nod, back nod
Now who thinks their arms are long enough to snap locks, whip c...?"

Momentary pause.

"Oh sorry, forgot about the kids"

Goes back to the beat and turns back to the kid

"Let me show you maintaining jutsu ain't that hard"

as the random guy follows up with the words , "that hard"

Makoto continues...

"Everybody wants the key and the secret to Jutsu mastery like I have got
Well, to be truthful the secret's simply rage and truthful exuberance
Everybody loves the root of a nuisance
Hit the earth like an asteroid, did nothing but shoot for the moon since
Shinobi get taken to school with this jutsu
'Cause I use it as mobility to break the time
Now I lead a new school full of students
Me? I'm a product of Jutsu, Kenjutsu, Academy and...
-M.A, Maikumaru, Kejido, Mizuki and thank you, Taeru-nim
Inspired enough to one day grow up, blow up and be in a position
To meet forgotten bandits and induct them into the mom breaking Jutsu Wall the Fame
Even though I walk on water I burst in a ball of flames
Only Hall of Fame I be inducted in is the explosion of flame
On the wall of shame
You guys think it's all a game 'til I fly a flock of flames
Off of planking, tell me what in the world are you thinking?"

Other dude steps in to back up Xiao

"Hey, little midget kid boy
So small I can barely see you with a face looking straight at you boy
You witnessing a mass occur
Like you watching a punch gathering take place little boy
Oy vey, that boy's weak, that's all they say little boy
You get a thumbs up, pat on the back
And a "way to go" from your label everyday little boy
Hey, little boy, what you say little boy?
I got a "hell yeah" from May little boy
I'mma work for everything I have
Never ask nobody for shit, get outta my face little boy
Basically boy you're never gonna be capable
To keep up with the same pace little boy
'Cause I'm beginning to feel like Jutsu God and Rap God

Makoto gets hyped up and interrupts.

"All my people from the front to the back nod"

Guy backs him up with a follow up "back nod"

Makoto begins forming hand seals getting more into the mix

"The way I'm sealing around this track, call me Fastar than Hastur
The Kage of the hardest rock, the Mist Match God
Kneel before Hasturian God this land is Kumogak, no Konotard, Not Hard
So you be genin and I'll be Jounin, you rodent, I'm omnipotent
Let off then I'm reloading immediately with these bombs I'm totin'
And I should not be woken
I'm the walking dead, but I'm just a talking head, a puppet floating
But I got your mom crying and doting
I'm out of Ramen noodle, we have nothing in common, poodle
I'm a genius, pinch yourself in the arm and pay homage, pupil
It's me, my honesty's brutal
But it's honestly futile if I don't utilize what I do though
For good at least once in a while
So I wanna make sure somewhere in this chicken scratch I scribble and doodle
Enough jutsu to maybe try and help get some people through tough times
But I gotta keep a few jutsu just in case 'cause even you unsigned
Genin are hungry looking at me like it's lunchtime
I know there was a time where once I
Was king of the library, but I still train like I'm on my academy grind
So I crunch rhymes, but sometimes when you combine
Appeal with genin skill like mine
You get too big and here they come trying to
Censor you like that one time I used my mist armor from my jutsu list
Once when I tried to spit jutsu taking all my mist to combine
Put 'em all in a mist, add a shuriken jutsu, renzugan and a shoe of nine"
See if I get away with it now that I ain't as big as you guys, but I'm
Morphing' into an immortal coming through the portal
You're stuck in a time warp from the land forgotten sand though
And I don't know what the jut that you fight for
You're pointless as a Kage with raging cornrows
You fight normal, jut being normal
And I just bought a new Swordgun from the future
Just to come and shoot ya like when Tsuchikage made Raikage mad
'Cause Fab said he looked like a maggot with a maxipad"

Other guy takes over again
"Singin' to a man while they played piano
Man, oh man, that was a twenty four seven special on the sensory channel
So Kage went straight to the radio station the very next day
"Hey, Hastur, I'mma kill you"
Jutsu coming at you at supersonic speed
Uh, sama lamaa duma lamaa you assuming I'm a human
What I gotta do to get it through to you I'm superhuman
Innovative and I'm made of rubber
So that anything you say is ricocheting off of me and it'll glue to you
I'm devastating, more than ever demonstrating
How to give a motherfuckin' audience a feeling like it's levitating
Never fading, and I know that the haters are forever waiting
For the day that they can say I fell off, they'd be celebrating
'Cause I know the way to get 'em motivated
I make elevating jutsu, you make elevator jutsu
Oh, he's too mainstream
Well, that's what they do when they get jealous, they confuse it
It's not jutsu, it's shop, 'cause I found a hella way to fuse it
With rock, shock crap with stock
Go on Lose Yourself and make 'em lose it
You don't know how to make jutsu like that
You don't know what seals to use
Let me know when it occurs to you
While Iím ripping any one of these genin as diverse as you
Itís curtains, Iím inadvertently hurtin' you
How many genin I gotta murder to
Prove that if you were half as nice, your jutsu you can sacrifice chuunins too uh!"

Makoto steps in once more

"Academy flunkie, jutsu junky
But look at the accolades the skills brung me
Full of myself, but still hungry
I bully myself 'cause I make me do what I put my mind to
And I'm a million leagues above you, ill when I cast in tongues
But it's still tongue in cheek, just you
I'm drunk so Jutsatan take the missing wheel, I'm asleep in the front seat
Bumping Heavy Fists and the Boys, still chunky, but funky
But in my head there's something I can feel tugging and struggling
Angels fight with devils and, here's what they want from me
They asking me to eliminate some of the jutsu hate
But if you take into consideration the bitter hatred I have
Then you may be a little patient and more sympathetic to the situation
And understand the discrimination
But just it, life's handing you lemons, make lemonade then
But if I can't batter the eight gates how in jutsu am I supposed to make them jutsu then?
Don't mistake it for Satan
It's a fatal mistake if you think I need to be overseas
And take a vacation to trip a broad
And make you †fall on your face and don't be a narutard
Be a kid? Think not, why be a kid when you can be Jutsu God?"

As for some reason there was now a huge crowd and then people realized they must have lost themselves in the music as there was doctor dee and leminlen who both went back into hiding as the rap shinobi they were. Disappearing into the twelve mists of M12.

What had Kyutan started this day, as everything they knew seemed to break away as Makoto was losing himself in the music as he began to think other things as well.

Words =3521 + 1844 = 5365


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Xiao rubbed his hands together as Makoto proceeded to take things to the next level. Makoto, the little fluffboy, the little shinobi that's eyes widened and winced whenever the air would change with little words but please and thank yous had unleashed the fury. Throwing his hands skyward Xiao gave out a deep laugh as lyrical jabs were made, enough to make Xiao adore the effort put into some of the skillful changes but with his big breakout moment Xiao had cemented something that he had wished from his first meeting with Makoto. He had felt that he had already won, Xiao's goal was to get Makoto out of his shell, to ensure that the blinking shinobi would muster courage and there he had formed not only a crowd but so too back up singers. As the lyrical thrashing came forward Xiao couldn't help but enjoy it "Fastar than Hastur, totally using that Xiao stated with a hearty laugh, one of kindness and friendship not bile and animosity. As the mysterious Rappers disappeared Xiao's eyes sparkled throwing his hands skyward "AH what the hell, Let's keep it going!" Xiao stated feeling as he was finally getting to the little emotionless shinobi who was proving to be quite the challenger in terms of singing. Who said the chuunin rounds all had to be combat? "Though I should can using the Mouse Clans songs, they're a little touchy about their hiden techniques..."

Turning away for a moment, Xiao looked to his spider like fingers and began to whisper to himself "Arm me with harmony...." he spoke as he pointed to one of the lone guitarists "Dave, drop a load on them!" he spoke out as the guitarist cocked his head to the side in confusion "My name's not-" "Quiet Dave! Drop it!" causing the guitarist to shrug and began to noodle, not directly strumming or following melody but simply just beating and strumming as he could go along - such was the fate of the guitarist now named dave.

OCD What was I sayin' Did you see me displayin the skills that gets me killin'
those who ain't payin me,
oh i'm so good it's friggen scary, dealin' out here - one and only spider who hairy - huh!
Good thing you came across this particular web-weaver, whose full of information if you're eager,
like what i've endured to provide the audience with entertainment,
let me thusly explain it!

Xiao began to list on his fingers the moments of his life that had lead up to this particular point, this particular rap battle in time.

First my friend straight up and killed my dad, I was pretty pissed but now just sad,
Then my ma got a cap bust in her butt - by my elder sister, new mom or whatever the fu-,
So my plans got blown to shizz by Sero's omnisexual butt,
Sure I love the webs and fangs and all of that,
but then I found out I'd been fed a total load of crap!
My Dad's friends thought they could get away with it,
Like I'm some kinda chump who could be played or outwitted,
and then I met Yoshito and Kaito too,
A couple Joker but my brothers true,
Verdandi, Chigetsu, Yojo and Sachihiro,
All these boys now that you know -
So now do you know me?
(Yeah you know me)
I say do you know me?
(Yeah you know me)
I say do you know me?
(Yeah you know me)
Yeah you know me

Xiao gestured to the guitar player to then take it slower, tapping his foot to indicate the new shift in tone that would click back and forth slowly in time to allow for a greater understanding of the time signature desired.

"Make it rain,
Amounts so high I cannot do the math,
I got paid,
by my Dad's friends (Total Sociopaths)
Kinda lame,
That's why I blew their heads off,
Am I insaaane?
I need to find a new way to get off...

Xiao began to tap, his eye somewhat twitching as for a moment he lost himself. Touching his 'face'...his mask. Was he insane? No. It was the ninja that demanded he be normal that were the crazy ones. There was nothing strange about wearing a mask at all times and acting like a vigilante in a ninja world.

Come on brain...
Mental Strain...I'll be Kirigakure's Costumed Hero!
Is it pride, the greatest sin?
Here comes the pain,
We should go and kick Hastur's teeth in,
Am I vain?
Will I be slain?
Made to look good or like a fuggin' dork?
Spider's traiiin,
Goodbye Kirigakure, Hello Spider-Folk

Xiao continued, almost spilling his entire person, his entire legacy and history to this very moment, why? Because he could. If that was not a good enough reason some people then truly did not understand what it meant to be the masked shinobi whose mental state was declining rapidly as time went on.

Oh Haka Haka,
What I really want to know, is how can I be like you?
Am I crazy - just hurt - or alone?
Atleast let my try to,
Show thee,
What I want to be,
Tell me why do I have to eat human flesh?
Just because?
These mental wounds - they're killing me.
Am I dead - or alive finally?
Beat me up, Toss me aside
You don't want me - fiiiine,
I'll get my powers from moonshine!

Xiao stopped for a moment as he began contemplating his inner workings, his relationships, his allies, his brothers, was he selfish and vain? An insane time bomb ready to explode? It was hard to know really but through this strange battle and psychological counselling session he was getting out a lot of emotion that was hidden inside behind layers of comedy, though Makoto may not have known it, Xiao was truly showing his wounds - something he had opted to avoid at all costs in most situations.

Okay so maybe, I'm not the best shinobi in the end,
But I have a proposition, A blind Uchiha can see how this is going to end,
Just assume the position, Help me, I'm so god damn lonely,
Please tell me why I'm hallucinating is it just because-...

Xiao stopped singing for a moment as he began to mutter to himself, visions of the 'venom' inside, the voices that swirled even now in their premordial state unawakened by future events but still hidden beneath the surface "-because any more and I'm going to be seriously messed up man..." Xiao waited...looking to the silent crowd. Silence. His one true enemy "Uh, Nothing. Forget that...Uhh"

Pointing dramatically to Makoto he smiled "I'VE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY! I'm gonna blow your ass away! And who the hell am I supposed to be? I'm your new best friend! ADIOS HOMBRE! I'm goin' to your house to stay - an' we'll have a slumber party all day! Let's be lonely together...It's as good as it gets!" Xiao stated with a smile falling onto his knee with his arms wide open with a great beaming...though masked, face.
My loneliness is killing me,

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Makoto whispered something to the musicians as they gathered together and spoke with each other huddled up as Makoto stood there the audience waiting and watching to see if the cute little boy would embrace the friendship offered by the man of spiders as time stood still in the end there was only one thing he could do.

A sad violin started playing in the back ground and some really deep bass could be heard that reverberated with the souls of those there, as the tension in the air seemed to grow as performed the dog hand seal and a soft gentle white mist appeared as the sadness that began to flow, was one that no one could understand at the time as he kept his hand to his chest as if deciding whether to accept this offer.

The small boy slowly moved his lips to let the words flow as it was finally time for him to let it go.

"Long ago, I had a family
They are still alive, but they never see me
I may have once, had a friend
Friendship always dies, in the end

I worked as hard as I can to learn all the jutsu I can to build a list
I played in the water and I enjoyed the calm soothing mist
I made a friend who is nothing more then a tool
I made a wise choice still feeling like a fool

I did battle with a bug's life
I faced off against a man's wife
I got beaten by an army hidden in the leaf lands
I feel like an ocean losing to fleeting islands

Memories of motions and memorial emotions
I search the lands and all the oceans
Is this a feeling I feel
Is this a concealment I seal
Is this who I am now
Is this who I am then
Will I make it out some how
Or will I always be a child among men

I do not have a sharp tongue or impressive words
I can not swim like a fish of fly like a fluttering flock of birds
I am like a beggar who can do nothing but accept his impending doom
I am a flower that will never find my chance to bloom
As I feel the intensity of my feelings of gloom
That at any moment could explode with explosions boom

I am not your fluff ball
I am not yours to call
I am not anyone at all
I am lost, beneath the water fall

Your words hit my ears like hard rain so static
Those actions pierce my heart like threaded magic
But you fail because my life is not that tragic
Let me be alone with my own logic

I am the weakest shinobi I know
You are the dumbest shinobi I ever met
My powers continue to grow
until the day when I can take back my bet

I am Makoto of the Village hidden in the stone
A village with the strength to always stand alone
Feeling no pain when you stab deep into my bone
All on my own, alone with a clone, I change the tone."

Makoto formed the clone hand seal and then there were three Makoto's as things seemed to be heating up. The music picked up and completely with some piano in the back ground as the three stood as a trio

First Makoto in the middle speaks while raising his one hand in the air facing the palm of his hand up to the sky.
"How do I believe in myself when I my feels this feelings so"
Holding his fist around his chest as he looks down as if in pain as he continues the next line as the other two Makoto's both look down to their feet facing side ways away from him in opposite directions as he says the next line
"Wrapped around my heart like a hebi snake that will not let go"

The Makoto on the right takes over and says the next line while looking up to the sky as it looks like it might rain.
"Every time I feel this way the pain is just so broken"

The Makoto on the left keeps looking down and then says the next line in a sad tone
"I believe the worst pain is from the words that are spoken"

The middle makoto spreads out his arms to the sky and drops then down to both face outwards as the two makoto's step away solemnly as he seems to be asking a question to the world.
"Kagami where are you when you are not there"
As he then reaches his hand out towards the crowd as he remembers that time when he met someone

"I believe when I see your eyes so fair"
As he passes his hand in front of his eyes as his contact lenses become a paler lighter shade of green as the mist seems to pass over him more carefully.

"You may think you know, but should I even care", as Makoto looks down when saying those words closing his eyes as if he does not care.

"This world's not fair" Makoto's right and left both say this world's not fair

"So let go of my hair!!!", then all the Makoto's shout out loud as they picking up their voices stressing the last line as his pony tail breaks loose as one of the musicians wonders when the hair was even tied up in the first place.

"I do not believe in yoooouuu
I will not believe in yoooouuuu
I will believe in myself and my juuuutsuuu~uuuuu"

As the three Makoto's intensify with a chorus of all of them so loud and reverberating like they were on a stage

"Everytime I play
Everytime you want to stay
I will always tell yoooouuuu to just goooo awwwwaaaaaay!!!!"

As the Makoto's seem to intensify as they look up to the sky as they pick things up before Makoto looks down nodding his head forward as if about to do a solo as he starts his next lines while walking forward as the other two seem to fade into the background.

"I will tell you one more time the answer still stays the same"
"No matter what you have to say, I will take all of your blame"
"If you think you can find me, lost in my own shame"
"How can you believe in me, when I forget my name"

Then the next Makoto appears from out of the mist again

"My own family left me with nothing to do"

The last makoto appears again as the original fades
"That is why I know to trust in jutsu..."

"Jutsu is my way and that is always true"
"So let me be.....come a jutsu tooooo!!"

All three make it out loud again as they hold hands while projecting their voices more loudly and intensely as people could not leave the gathering as people gathered more and more.

Makoto runs his hand through his hair then swishes it as he faces his right hand to the right as the right makoto falls
"So just let go of my hair"

He then swishes his other arm to the left as the other Makoto falls as if he is breaking free
"Let me go everywhere"

Keeping this cocky t-pose with his arms lowered slightly as if powering up before he points out to the crowd for his next line.
"Let me do my jutsu all over here and there"

"So just leave me alone
Let me make jutsu of my own
Can you let me just be free so more of my jutsu can be shown......."

As waves of water seem to move from his feet as if he had done another jutsu in the middle of that line

The three Makoto's join up and begin their triple trio solo as they start singing out loud...

"You can go where ever you want to go
I will not chase you or don't you know
I am not okay so let me go today
I can not stand.... to see me lose my way...."

The breathing and intensity intensifies ever more as things go wild with them releasing the seal on their voices so to speak.

"This is my way my jutsu...."
"I will live by my jutsu...."
"I will not let it go this is what I... want... to do"

"Do you think its fair"
"Just to play with my own hair"
"When all I want to do is juuuutttsssuuuu here and everywheeeeeerrrrrrreeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

"This is my way my jutsu...."
"I will live by my jutsu...."
"I will not let it go this is what I... want... to do"

"Do you think its fair"
"Just to play with my own hair"
"When all I want to do is juuuutttsssuuuu here and everywheeeeeerrrrrrreeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

As they repeat it once more for emphasis before making loud cries of

As the sounds are so loud as Makoto nearly passes out as his two clones catch him as he nearly lost consciousness from the intensity of the situation that had gotten out of hand.


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Vegeta Voice : "I can't believe it, It's over Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinneeeeeeeee Thoooooouuuuuuuuuuusssssssaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnndddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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"Annnd scene!" Xiao stated with glee as he applauded walking towards Makoto and raising his hand. Xiao, in his own way, had achieved he had wanted to do, he'd got the little shinobi out of his shell. Though he had spilled his own heart, he also had made a connection and that connection to Xiao would be important. As the little boy wavered and staggered Xiao simply grinned behind his spandex mask. He had fought well, in his own way and in a way that surprised Xiao and possibly Makoto all at once had been surprised in his own abilities but who was to say? It was one of those moments where the masked Spider truly felt accomplished creating a new thread in the grand web of friendship. As he looked to Makoto, wavering there with in his exhaustion Xiao gave a thumbs up "Man, You've got some pipes on you my friend. I can't top that...well, without the lawyers coming for my head and believe you me, you do NOT want to screw with the mouse clan's lawyers..." Xiao stated with a grin rummaging through his fannypack tied about his leg and retrieving a pencil and paper in which he began to scribble something down quickly.

"Kyutai. That's my name. Hit me up if you're in Kirigakure okay?" Xiao stated with a spider-like sign as he generated a string shot of web skyward "I've gotta go now but you? You're gonna be great Makoto. Just try your best, you feel me?" Xiao stated as he grasped the zipline and launched himself skyward tossing the note to Makoto "I'll see you at the sleepover!" Xiao remarked as he made his way skyward, swinging as the note laid at Makoto's feet folded neatly as the spider-nin made his way through the sky.


"Told you we'd be buds.

Love, Xiao

[Calculating this monster xD]

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Makoto was not sure what was going on and as the people seemed to be gathered he got annoyed and vanished from view using his clones as a decoy as he escaped through the crowd as Ashe barked to distract them. Makoto was not sure what was going on and how to respond but something had awakened deep inside of him as he would now venture off into the dark abyss and went back to the inn where he would spend the rest of his night resting and recovering from the madness of song long gone.

Makoto began to wonder if it was all even real or if the entire trip was just him tripping through his imagination as he began to feel the light fade as the sun refuses to rise inside his mind's eye closing to the concept of the truth that is real right now. Makoto had nightmares that night, the mask appeared before him saying they should be friends, he had this dark feeling deep down inside as he felt the darkness wrap itself around. The dark shroud appearing from out of nowhere as he began to feel the darkness speak to him. A dark black venom that infected him deeply as he knew his time was coming and that he would have to decide who to follow as a man appeared. A man with an appearance of a God who opened his hand towards Makoto. However a woman behind him would look at him as her hair was flowing through the air as if asking him not to go as he drawn towards the promise of the man, he was feeling the weight of the call behind him asking him to stay. On this day his mind had become broken.

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