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Mikumi Senju

Mikumi Senju


Mission name: Exhibition Match
Mission rank: B (Repeatable)
Objective: Perform a spectacle of combat.
Location: Konohagakure no Sato -> Any Notable Location
Reward: 150/300/500/1000/2000 Ryo + 1/2/3/4/5 EP.
Mission Description: The festivities surrounding the exams are brought forth by a sportsmanship and drive to witness combat; new abilities or items and ingenious strategies. Keep the audience captive for the main event by stoking the flames of intrigue!
Mission Details: You can take this mission only at a rank equal to your own rank, and this mission must be taken alongside another player. The bout in question must qualify for the Guidelines' rules on combat, and thus must be at least 2 posts long. Do your best to exemplify your skills and execute creative maneuvers - it's all a show!

At the end of the mission, you and your opponent must decide who wins for the purposes of the mission; the winner puts Victory Count: 1 at the end of their exit post. The next time a victor takes this mission, they link their previous Exhibition Match to the first post of the next one.

For each Exhibition Match you win in a row, you gain one stacking extra EP from each successive match you win, up to 5.

Mikumi was thrilled as she walked at a steady pace pass a grove of blossoming Lilac flowers, their purple coloring and elegant white imbuing the flower with a regal look while the sweetened aroma mixed with the warmness of the sun only heightened her mood. But she wasn't just thrilled for no particular reason or even because of the beauty of the flowers, today she received the task of participating in the festivities of Konohagakure in particular, her duty was to ignite the crowd's passion for ninjas with a sparring match against a fellow shinobi.

Although she was thrilled about meeting another shinobi for the purpose of igniting a crowd through the art of combat she couldn't help wonder who it is she would be fighting against, the shinobi who assigned her this mission kept their identity a secret as one of the main reasons the crowd would be a lit with passion for the spectacle was that the two shinobi had no idea who they were fighting and thus had no way to prepare beforehand making any strategy they use during the fight new and original.

Mikumi however still had nearly two hours before her match would begin, there was no way to prepare for her match in particular but it's been a long time since she reviewed all five of the basic elements and how they interacted with each other and she was in need of a refresher course that would perhaps aid her somehow in her battle. She ran quickly towards the nearest library to not waste a second of the opportunity she was given and immediately grabbed a book explaining the nature of fire techniques.

Katon jutsu is able to ignite flammable material material, but can also come in the form of scolding ash, gel-like napalm, volatile gas or powders which can be ignited into potentially vast explosions with little more than a well placed spark and shares a relationship with Futon nature being that if it makes contact it fans the flames and if it doesn't inhibit the fire the burns if connected will only increase the severity. She then moved on to a Futon nature book and started learning that it has a large potential for reflecting the force of physical attacks, controlling and maintaining soundwaves, extending the range of attacks and is instrumental for flight and levitation techniques while it also acted as a natural insulator for Raiton nature techniques by preventing the electrical current from flowing properly.

Thirdly she moved on to a Raiton release book and realized while it was a separate element of its own it still had capabilities like being able to burn on contact as well as dabbling in paralysis, creating thunderous sounds vibrations and could interfere with nerves and muscles in the human body while also being able to conduct through metallic objects.

Ding-Dong Mikumi looked at the librarys clock and seen that she had spent an entire hour and fourty five minutes reading material of the five elements but only refreshed her knowledge of three, she wish she had more time but the last remaining two were her own and she had a pretty good idea on what they could do and how they interacted with the others by this point, Mikumi began to place the books back before immediately rushing towards the arena to finally be meant face to face with her assigned opponent.



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"My blade's flow with the blood of my enemies, will yours be next Guest?"

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Repeated History: Senju Vs Uchiha  Okh7kGa

Rhythmic knocking echoed in the otherwise barren chamber, the sound of anxious tapping toes against the wooden floor, Kirei's habit of overthinking had gotten the best of him again. Outside, blue skies followed an uncharacteristic shower the night before, leaving a sheen of shimmering water across the Hidden Leaf, and to the east, a multicolored arch hung high above Konohagakure's festivities, auspicious and grandiose to match the Exams. In the morning light, Kirei had awoken to the sound of bells ringing and firecrackers blasting scorched patches in the streets of the Uchiha compound, the children of foreign diplomats slipping away from their guardians before sunrise to play in the outskirts and ruins of the Hidden Leaf, left to their own devices. The smell of tea and popcorn permeated Kirei's homestead, halls filled with once decadent apparel left to gather dust under sheets, light shafts slicing through boarded windows illuminating the Uchiha sparsely as he walked cradling a bowl of fresh chamomile through the halls, peering briefly into empty rooms stacked high with forgotten things.

In the twilight, Kirei sighed.

Too young when last the Exams had begun in Kumogakure, the young Uchiha had longed for the chance to stand on that stage and prove his worth to the world, but in spite of his rush to graduate the academy and make his way with the others from his village, he had been left behind. Now, years later, the tradition had circled around the world and returned to the Hidden Leaf, and Kirei could see through the eyes of village leadership all of the fanfare surrounding such a promising occasion, but felt a pang of regret strum chords through his thoughts, echoing in the chamber of his head. Head filled with courage and smoke, the young Uchiha had made his intentions known, signing his name along with dozens of other shinobi as one who wished to participate in the festivities, exhibition spars produced by the exams to fill the arenas and bring money, excitement, and fame to the villages by showcasing their skills for all to see. Kirei felt nervous when first he had received the call from the Jonin council asking for him to fulfill this commitment, he would be taken from his ANBU duties for the day and thrust into the seat he once had longed to fill, bringing him back to a simpler time before his foray toward the Bloody Mist where he had learned what it meant to call himself shinobi. Today, the Uchiha saw his village through the eyes of a boy, trying to steady his hands and double, triple checking the myriad ninja tools strung beneath his poncho as he walked, tapping the tanto at his hip while reciting hand seal arrangements in his head.

Staring at the ground, Kirei did his best to hide the swirling pools of ancestral crimson which danced in his irises, senior shinobi from across the world peering in his direction and averting their gaze from the Sharingan by virtue of their instincts. The scout looked up through a haze of chakra to find the walls of his arena, checking the card in his hand, then checking again to make sure he arrived at the correct time before he would step forth into the stadium's gaping maw to navigate its bowels and find the hidden chambers where he was to wait. Above, Kirei listened to the sound of cheers and triumph as matches came and went, before finally, the thumping sound of metal against the door pulled him from the surreal daydream back to reality. Greeted by masked proctors, Kirei smiled nervously as he walked toward a gate which opened slowly with the gearous churn of metal and chain work, light pouring mercilessly into his vision before fading away to the shape of a dusty circle. The arena designated for the Exams' final rounds awaited him, fallow and devoid of hidden tricks or mechanisms, surrounded by tall stands built upon one another to trail high above, where spectators roared in harmony. A booming voice echoed from somewhere hidden, announcer regaling to the audience what was plainly written on their match card -

"Welcome patrons, the Konohagakure Chunin Exams has a special presentation for you today! In ages past, these venerable clans were called the founders of the Hidden Leaf! Two Konohagakure Jonin will go head to head in this exhibition match! Please welcome -"

"Senjuuuuuuuuuuu, Mikumi!"

"Annnnnnnd her opponent!"

"Uuuuuuuuuuchiha, Kiiiiiiiirei!"

Over the din of the crowd's rally, Kirei focused his eyes across the arena, Sharingan seeking out the shape of his opponent, wherever they may be, before raising his hand whenever they appeared. Konoha's Senju clan held great power, of this much Kirei was sure, but whatever mastery of nature was foretold by this announcement mattered little, the Uchiha would fight with honor and show the world what it meant to be a shinobi of Konohagakure.  The boy's first signal would come in the form of a tradition as old as the Hidden Leaf, performing the Seal of Confrontation as he had done before every spar of his youth, then, upon a response or lack thereof, Kirei would reach beneath his cloak to withdraw a Kunai and steady his feet wide apart, knife poised between him and whatever foe presented themselves. The young Uchiha had once missed his chance to represent the Hidden Leaf as a Genin, but would do his best to live up to name passed onto him.



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