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“Back at home” the boy sighed to himself having just gotten off the boat from his temporary stay in Kirigakure.

“Well, this is my stop kid. You enjoy your time back at home. Be sure to try some in the exams. I’ve got some things to take care of back at the island. I should be back by the time they’ve ended” the old turtle, Kameoi that had been accompanying near his ending weeks had finally spoken since they had left the boat.

“So soon? But you’ve still got more to teach me!” the boy yelled as the old turtle began slowly treading his way into the oceans.

“You’re good kid! I’ll be back! Don’t worry. I just need to discuss with my elders.” Looking back and motioning to the boy to move on forward “Plus, you’ve already made good headway with Lady Verdandi.”

“You’ve got elders?” the boy playfully jested as he watch his geriatric friend submerge in the seas.

Laughing as the old turtle shook his fist and waved his goodbyes. Soon disappearing under the abyss and making his back to his homelands. The boy got the cue and proceeded on his own, back to Konoha. The journey wasn’t too long as he enjoyed the sun setting just over the horizon. He whistled to himself, taking in the surround forests of the land of fire. He had been in the land of waves for the last six months and he had learned so much. Even finding a sensei that had helped him in learning the sealing arts along with his water release, in preparation for his partaking in the Chunin Exams.

Within’ the coming days he found time to join in on exhibition spars, one with a fellow friend he had made back in Kiri. Following this he was assigned into the brackets and went up against a psionic opponent. Finding himself forfeiting to the overwhelming strength of a particular jutsu, he figured it was the best choice. Seeing as a losing battle would be better off in a regulated match, no need to elongate the inevitable and come out further damaged than he would have. He made sure to be brave, but not stupid. Hard hardheadedness was unnecessary unless innocent lives would be at stake.

After the matches the boy spent more of his time with leisure walks around town. Much like how he had done just before leaving. He thought about his next match in the loser’s bracket. He thought new techniques he could develop. He thought about his old friend, Kameoi. Though he mostly thought about his recent loss. What he could have done differently and if it was even possible to even win against those techniques. Was it wise for him to forfeit like that? Should he have waited until the last minute and not have used his chakra so haphazardly. The boy pondered as he would get in line at a nearby food vendor. Paying no mind to the meal choices and simply ‘going with the crowd’ as he looked down at his hands, mockingly weaving the hand signs for his own technique. A bit disappointed at his lack of skill and foresight.

That was when a sudden crash and boom was heard just across the street. The boy instinctively grabbed a few customers and placed them just behind him. As if to block or protect them from the nearby potential threat. It wasn’t much but he soon found a group of delinquents storming through the food aisles with a bag full of claimed goods, properly thought to be stole as a neighboring vendor shouted for them.

“You damn kids! GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY"

The boy turned to the folks he had shoved behind him out of habit and bashfully apologized. Turning back to the criminals as they whizzed passed him, surprisingly fast for their assumed age, catching the Senju off guard for just a moment.

"That's ninja level speed" he thought to himself, coming to the realization that these weren't your ordinary delinquents.

The boy quickly gave chase to the group of five as they pushed aside any and everything that got in their way. Be it people, animals or crates.

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With the festivities of the Chunin Exams came increased responsibility, and even though Kirei had been deeply immersed in missions since his arrival back from Kirigakure, the nuances of working security throughout Konoha made him feel more useful than hunting down any number of pirates and killers abroad. A twinge of sadness sat at the rear of the Uchiha's mind, word was spreading of the young man with his Sharingan eternally shining, and elders throughout the Hidden Leaf had become suspicious of his motives, the Uchiha clan's predisposition to causing chaos and destruction permeating the village even hundreds of years after the worst of them lay slain. Man, as it was, inevitably builds upon the remains of man, pushing ruinous cities of memory beneath the current of time and distance in an effort to forget the tragedy of what once was, but the Hidden Leaf had found no expanse wide enough, no trench deep enough, to conceal the weight of Madara and his ilk, which festered at Fire Country's core.

On this night, Kirei found himself assigned to regular patrol routes through Konohagakure, prowling the rooftops in search of misdeeds throughout the Village Hidden in the Leaves, masked and cloaked as all his brothers in arms were to present themselves. Beneath the cat's facade hung tightly on his face, the ironic callsign of Songbird was his namesake, and from above he observed the celebrations with a quiet appraisal, light footfalls making no sound as he swept deftly through the maze of streets and towering buildings that made up his homeland. Through the dark, his Sharingan could spot others moving in sequence with him, the hidden paths above the village alight with heightened security, even tighter than had been present in the months following Inabayama, owed to the rumors of the Sixteenth's return from death. It made Kirei's heart sink to think that a man who once held the mantle of Hokage could wage war on Kirigakure in the deserts mere miles from where he had spirited refugees away to Konoha, and the tales they told of him reached further than the destruction he had caused there, inflaming tensions left buried beneath an Age of Peace. Though Kirei had come to disagree with the Mist's guiding philosophy, he felt an affinity with the Mizukage, in spite of her extreme methodology, that she, like him, sought only to alleviate suffering and see a world where the tragedy of war would touch fewer lives than ever before.

Snapped from his daydream, a taut rope cut by knives of clattering disarray, Kirei's Sharingan darted faster than his body, which twisted in its wake and diverted course toward a ruckus kicked up on the streets beneath. Trusting the pull of his eyes, the Uchiha lept toward a lower awning before the twitching dojutsu trailed the flow of chakra toward a group departing from a nearby grocery store, five in all scattering through the wide roads and pushing through crowds of costumed festival-goers, slipping between the throngs of patrons in an attempt to disappear. From the shop across the street, Kirei's eyes darted to the form of a shinobi giving chase, refined chakra signature marking him as a ninja, along with those he pursued. Moving his left hand into the shape of a seal, Kirei's chakra would burst out from his body, covering the area in signals he would use to map the streets and keep watch over the thieves as they departed the scene in hurried steps. Descending toward the road, the chaotic display would serve to part many onlookers who whipped their gazes to see the flourishing cloak and ANBU mask, cat's facade landing in the thinning mass of citizens. With the flair that he had learned in Kiri, during his days masquerading as a masked vigilante, Kirei's arrival brought with it a gravitas that lent weight to the ensuing capture. Bursting into a sprint, the Uchiha would already be forming hand seals with his right hand while sparing a glance toward the young Genin who had been on the scene during the inception of all this chaos.

"You're on the left! Chase them toward Akihage Fountain, I'll cut them off!"

Kirei spoke through the filter of his mask, trying to shave the youthful edge from his command to appear more assertive, mimicking the tone of ANBU captains he had trained with while filtering it all through the metallic twang of his mask's mechanisms. Making a judgment call, Kirei had constructed his conscription as if Sachihiro was a Konoha native, one who knew the streets as well as he did and could perform his duty while Kirei did his best to hide the hesitation which would be uncharacteristic of an ANBU operative.

"Doton! Doro Hōshi!"

At the Uchiha's command, the earth at his feet would break apart into the tip of a smooth shaft of stone, rising from the ground to carry him along its surface for several feet before breaking away from the surly bonds of gravity and lifting above the crowd. Followed a trio of dusty helixes, the Uchiha's chakra spread around him into a veil of sand and dirt, forming circular patterns in rapid orbits around Kirei's ascending silhouette. Carried by his platform of rock, Kirei could follow the chakra of the shinobi who fled from the scene, crimson eyes narrowing as the gravity of the situation dawned on him: what reason would trained ninja have to be robbing urban grocery stores in the middle of Konoha? If his time investigating the criminal elements of Hi no Kuni had taught Kirei anything at all, it was that where rogue ninja were involved, there was always somebody in the shadows, plucking at strings and chasing power enough to topple nations and ruin all that they had built.



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King Sloth

King Sloth

Tsuneo woke up hungry today, as he yawned walking into his kitchen his eyes scanned each cabinet and his fridge alike looking for any sort of food that might satisfy his rumbling tummy. Alas, no food would be brought to his attention. “Dammit.” One word escaped the young man’s lips just before a heavy sigh. He went into his room half clothed with only a pair of black loose fitting basketball shorts on that had a shuriken etched into the fabric covering his right leg, just under his knee. Tsuneo walked to the side of his bed and looked upon the night stand that stood faithfully each passing night as he reached for one of the two shelves. He was hoping for some ryo to go out and buy some groceries with, or at least some thing he could give to a merchant for some food or perhaps even something he could trade one of the civilians for some of their extra food should be so lucky. No such luck, both shelves were empty save for some loose buttons and batteries for various things scattered throughout his apartment. He rummaged through his dirty clothes and even his clean ones hoping that maybe there were shreds of ryo he could drum up for some food. But again, his hands were empty as he left his apartment before throwing on a white hoodie that blanketed a black compression shirt underneath. As he stood outside his door locking it before leaving the scene he looked blankly to his right where there was an opening, allowing for somewhat of a view for the ones residing in these apartments.

He noticed the lively streets first and his ears perked with noises from actions of various kinds, be it happy or angry people bumping each other, bystanders simply saying hello or the trains even heard from afar. The corner of his mouth curled into a smile as he finished looking and locked his door, perching himself on the ledge of his second floor apartment and jumped downward omitting the use of the stairs just behind him. With the sun out and the streets looking vibrant as ever, it was shaping to be a beautiful day. But his stomach was still growling. He didn’t make it far before noticing two people coupled together by themselves. Tsuneo, being the friendly chap that he is decided to go over and see who these fellows were. One was a tall bucko while the other was average height, around the same size as Tsuneo, both wore headbands as Tsuneo did, although their headbands were the more traditional unlike Tsuneo’s. Tsuneo’s headband looked more like Tobirama’s of legend but stretched down wrapping his jawline with the Konoha symbol engraved into the apex of his chin guard.

“Heya fellas. What’s goin on?”

He was a goofy kid, introducing himself to others was never his strong suit. Given his past he never really talked to people much, only stuck in the shadows until it was time for him to strike upon a poor unsuspecting victim of theft. They looked at him with grimacing faces and told him to Fuck off. Well that was just downright rude. Tsuneo didn’t like that one bit. They seemed to busy and had they been nicer about telling Tsuneo to mind his own business that might have been just what he would have done. However, they seemed to be naughty neighbors. Tsuneo rushed at them sweeping one in the leg knocking him down and before he could react the taller one threw a shot at Tsuneo. It connected to his jawline, his Leaf Headband absorbing a small bit of the impact but not enough to save his head from the brunt of the attack. Tsuneo shouldn’t have picked this fight, he hadn’t been training enough like he was told, he was trying to adjust to the people and how the village worked before forcing himself onto other genin within the borders. The one Tsuneo knocked down stood up quickly and was about to kick him in his stomach before the one who decked Tsuneo would stop the taller heathen with a single arm thrust between Tsuneo and him.

“I’m Akimo, and this is Belin. You got spunk kid.”

Calling Tsuneo a kid was abnormal as they seemed to be the same age as the young Konoha genin. Nevertheless, he stopped what would have been a clear beat down on Tsuneo so he decided to let him speak without interruption.

“We are gonna do something reckless. We need some food and ain’t got no money, you down to steal some from this old man just up the way? It’s an easy mark and if we get off with it, we just might split some with ya.”

Tsuneo didn’t even have to think about it. Akimo offered food to the starving young man and at the same time, his stomach started audibly growling for the group to hear. It was a clear yes. Tsuneo stood up and nodded to Akimo and Belin as they took Tsuneo to the store. It wasn’t what he was used to at all, stealing in broad daylight without so much as a lookout? Their plan was idiotic and he wanted to make it his own but he couldn’t, not while Akimo was calling the shots. He knew they would get caught without hesitation. But he decided should anything go down unexpectedly he could use the excess number of civilians in the streets to blanket his escape without being detected. As Tsuneo entered behind Akimo and Belin he put his white hood up that had the Konoha symbol on either side of his head so not to be easily detected should someone spot him on this daring mission. Tsuneo walked down a couple aisles and when he made sure he wouldn’t be noticed by the clerk or his compadres, he quickly wove two hand signs and with that, the palm of his right hand would suddenly have inscriptions on them with a kanji for “Hidden” being in the center of his palm. Using this, he would simply touch the food he felt looked good at the time and they would disappear into the void of the boy’s body, only to be retrieved when the deed was done and he was back at his home safe and sound. This way he made sure he couldn’t be cut out of the deal should Akimo and Belin back out of giving him some of the loot.

Suddenly Belin got spotted stealing some food and storing it inside his jacket. Rookie mistake not covering your every action of thievery but what did he expect from a couple of lowlife diginerates. Tsuneo sighed as he started running with the two shinobi passing what seemed like another shinobi who had some kid hidden behind his back in case there was danger. Tsuneo would never allow harm to come to a kid especially if he was a civilian. He ran with the two, Akimo shouting out some sort of directions or plans to make it out without being detained but Tsuneo knew better, they were in a village that was heavily populated that even now had added in numbers due to the events happening. He chose not to listen to Akimo or Belin as they fled to wherever they decided to go, Tsuneo instead opted to move into the decreasing number of the crowd and blend in. Although, that may be kind of hard if too many people were paying attention to what was happening moments before, they would know who he is and why he was running. But anyways, the young man ran inside a local ramen shop he grew quite fond of during his time in the Leaf Village so far and rushed to the bathroom quicker than he imagined he could. Hollering out ‘Excuse me!’ and ‘Coming through!’ as his legs guided his path. Once within a stall his hands clapped together forming the Tiger hand sign and with the molding of chakra, his body would change physically. The boy who once rocked brown hair and a Konoha headband now stood at the same height but with a double C cup breast size, long flowing dark red hair. Rocking a skin tight white shirt that read “Konoha Rocks!” with black leggings on it was clear she was a tourist in the Leaf Village. People looked at Tsuneo strange as he exited the men’s room and he wondered why for only a moment before remembering that he transformed into a woman.

Catch me now suckers.


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The boy gave way, not expecting much from the chase as he headed through the crowds. Weaving his way through pushed citizens and oncoming debris the boy did his best to not cause more damage than necessary, keeping mostly to the center of the five’s trail. As he was about to perform a set of hand signs ready to wing a half thought strategy, a cat masked figure came leaping next to him. Noticing the new body only when he had been spoken to, Sachihiro turned, astonished as he briefly met eyes with the red dimmed eyes just behind the feline mask.

His questions as to what and why he was here could barely be gathered. The young Senju suddenly felt the coming anxieties of his role in this. The possibility of these five in front of them being more than just hooligans brought a stunted and worried look to the boys face. However, these thoughts immediately subsided as the superior spoke. The words coming out of their filtered mouth, assertive and sure. The boy nodded eagerly, glad the responsibility of the situation had been taken over by the much more experienced individual.

“Yes sir” he responded as the cloaked anbu bolted ahead and launched himself upward with an earthen technique that the Senju couldn’t help but awe at.

The crowded streets now gasping in amazement and shock at the displays of jutsu before them, watching the young man leap into the air assisted with his dusty helixes. The boy looked back down at the five ahead of him. Their eyes fixated on the figure just above them, the Senju figured this was a proper chance. Snapping his fingers at his head, repeating to himself, trying to remember the location the ANBU had just told him of.

“The fountain the fountain… ummm….” the thoughts were escaping him, he had walked the streets of Konoha many a time, though the pressure of urgency wasn’t helping. Finally the thought snapped as he began mapping the streets ahead eventually leading to Akihage. It was a 10 minute walk on foot, but at their pace, no more than a minute if he directed them without fault.

“Got it!” hands clasping together and weaving his hand signs, the boy created a gang of six water clones, three on each side. Understanding the tactics present to them and quickly making their way to the groups flank.

Two leaping into the air, four gravitating to the their left and the original keeping to the middle. The threw their kunai almost in unison, trailing just ahead of them, having them take a quick pause in their tracks and moving to avoid any more kunai being thrown in that direction. The boy nodded at the red eyed ANBU, as he had directed to a street that would soon lead them down a street that would soon intertwine with more. Eventually leading them to the fountain

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Sharingan scanning crowded streets that the thieves ducked away between, weaving into the river of faces in an attempt to hide themselves, but the ANBU's gaze would not be thwarted, the Uchiha's ancestral observation followed its targets as they began to split and scatter through the streets. Clasping his hands together in a seal, a duo of additional Kireis would sprout from a flourish of chakra, nodding to the original Uchiha before descending toward the earth and taking positions in the crowd and continue their pursuit on foot. From his flying perch above the chaos, Kirei could clearly follow his clones as they maneuvered, causing citizens and tourists alike to part for the Leaf ANBU with forceful strokes of their arms and shoulders. With the luxury of conducting his orchestra in relative security, Kirei guided the breadth of his gaze to the mob of clones created by his impromptu deputy, paused for a moment before the masses of Suiton chakra burst forth to stalk the criminals and herd them somewhere they could be cornered and questioned.

The first of Kirei's shadow clones hit the ground running, kicking up motes of dust to dance through as harried exclamations of 'excuse me!' and 'coming through!' rang out through the sun-drenched streets. Still confused as to how these thugs had thought to get away with a robbery in broad daylight amongst a festival ground littered with people, the ANBU felt more perplexed than angry and sought to uncover what desperation led them to this place. Leaving notions of punitive matters in the dust, the clone barreled after the rightmost of the trio, leaving the other clone and Sachihiro's posse to deal with the remaining two. Crashing through a shoulder to shoulder sea of people, the doppelganger watched through the duplicated Sharingan, staying on the trail to pinpoint the source of delinquent chakra the heels of which he found himself enclosing in on. No matter his quickness, Kirei could tell the wealth of refined chakra and trained speed amounted to a skilled Genin, and it would only be a matter of moments before he could no longer outrun the ANBU on his trail.

Smashing the shop door wide open with his speed, Kirei's double would enter the ramen shop, already filled with confused patrons, only moments before the transformed target emerged from the men's bathroom. Eyes narrowed, and Kirei's voice rang out over the store with his best attempt at maintaining his commanding facade with as much will as he could muster, first to the customers, and then to his target with authoritative tempo.

"Get down!"

"You! Thief! Stop right there!"

From the Uchiha's fingers, chakra would swell, and his hand would rise to point in Tsuneo's direction, Sharingan piercing the veil of his Henge effortlessly as strings of energy erupted from his fingertips. The chakra strings would grip rolls of thread beneath his poncho, carrying with them a web of ninja wire to shoot toward his target and entrap him on both sides through the scattering crowd, or focus themselves in one direction to cut off whatever escape route the faux-woman chose. Simultaneously, the Uchiha's free hand would unleash another torrent of chakra strings to grip the door behind him and slam it shut in another attempt to limit the young thief's options for escape. Far from foolproof, the Uchiha's clone did its best to pin the other ninja down without endangering any of the onlookers, who cowered away from the chakra flare and soaring wires.

Meanwhile, the second of Kirei's creations made its way on the flank of Sachihiro's plan, ready to assist the young Leaf Ninja with any problems he encountered, but watching dutifully to glean for itself how well the Senju would fare. Ever eager to test the limits of his fellow soldiers, Kirei made his role subdued, only laying in wait for a moment of pure desperation while preparing the chakra necessary to execute a technique capable of detaining the thieves when the lot of them could be herded to Akihage fountain.



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King Sloth

King Sloth

He thought maybe he had gotten away, he had done this so many times but much better executed back in his home village of Otogakure. Back then, however, there were resources, back up, lookouts, men on the inside and they definitely weren’t looking to steal scraps to eat just to get by. He was born into a moral hole he quickly found was too hard to escape on his own. He knew how to do this, the young man was so used to this it was like instinct only second to something as automatic as breathing. Just to stay alive. That is, until he was taken in by The Nin and his henchmen, that’s when the real training began. But no matter what amount of training he had received he could never do the job alone, he always had some form of backup or escape plan, never would he ever have agreed to do this amateur job with a couple of lowly street punks if he didn’t need to. As Tsuneo stepped from the men’s bathroom wearing a woman’s body he was shocked at the yelling and screaming from the officer who had come to his capture. He spoke with much authority, his voice deep like rolling winds through mountains. His arm was already outstretched and his finger extended toward Tsuneo as their eyes met. The young man’s eyes widened as his ears sat perched along his head at the word he was called reminding him of his old days and old ways he was attempting to leave behind with the new start provided to him by Konohagakure.

Tsuneo’s body stiffened, noticing two officers looking the same, dressed in the same clothes with the same Neko Anbu mask on their face covering their face entirely save for their glowing red eyes. A Sharingan, something he hadn’t seen during his days in Otogakure. That must be how he was able to spot Tsuneo so quickly and flawlessly. The man and his clone wore dark cloaks that masked their body language and although he spoke with authority, Tsuneo could tell this didn’t happen often. His voice wasn’t shaky in the slightest but it was something about the way he carried himself matched with his voice but that didn’t matter much. Tsuneo was stunned and couldn’t possibly react to the man’s ways of ensnaring him. His arms lay flattened against his sides and his hands clenched tightly reacting to the move that the man pulled. His mind wondered at the possibilities of an escape route, Tsuneo’s head jerked back and forth trying to anchor his body out of the trap but it only made his body fall and the Transformation Technique he had active fell apart making his true self come to fruition. The young man looked around at the civilians laughing at him and his eyes closed tightly, the seal that held the food he stole opened up without his permission releasing its goodies onto the floor. It seemed the crowd’s laughter intensified at that moment but he wouldn’t open his eyes just yet. He couldn’t deal with the embarrassment of everyone pointing and laughing at his failures.

His body laid on the floor of the shop finally opening his eyes and staring into the ceiling as if it had the answers he was seeking. Why did he steal the food? He swore to himself to turn over a new leaf within the borders of Konohagakure, no more stealing, no more thuggery, no more evil deeds under the hand of another. His head turned on its cheek to look at the man who had got the better of him and Tsuneo’s eyes began to water slightly almost unable to see by the onlookers, but it was indeed happening. He was so upset and angry that his cheeks swelled and his eyes puffed as if he was going to cry. But he wasn’t mad nor did he hold any ill will to the man who had captured him, he was angry at himself. He sunk back to the code of thieves without even realizing it. Tsuneo took this job of stealing with Akimo and Bellin just so that he could eat for the day but it was no excuse, he shouldn’t have stolen anything in the first place. Without knowing it his moral code reversed and he couldn’t tell what was right or wrong, in his eyes he was merely trying to eat but in truth he should have just done a simple mission and earned his right to eat among the Leaf’s people rather than steal from them. The man who owned the store he stole from was most likely a family man only trying to get by not unlike Tsuneo. This, he hadn’t thought of when he agreed to steal from him.

The young man had enough of embarrassment. The people were growing tired of their own laughter and forcing shame upon him it seemed as they were starting to look away and the laughter seemed to die down. Tsuneo’s gaze never left the man who captured him, “I’m sorry.” Two simple words spilled from his mouth, he couldn’t muster a strong enough apology for his actions nor could he truly help with apprehending the other two people who were involved. All he knew were their names, not where they lived or where they were going after the robbery. Tsuneo was no help to anyone other than himself and maybe that’s why he was truly upset. The young man stood up, the ninja wire fell from his body as he stepped over the food he stole only to get closer to the man. This time, with his arm outward toward him and his and open as if to shake his hand. “I’m sorry.” Tsuneo repeated the two words, this time he sniffled just before saying them so that he could get the strength enough to say the words with meaning and make them more impactful showing his true intention. He wanted to shake the man’s hand as he had just made Tsuneo come to a conclusion about his life and where he wanted to go from here. He wanted to walk the straight and narrow as soon as he walked into the Leaf Village but he had a hard time adjusting. When he was out with Kashiki he stole and now this. The young man being captured with such ease made him rethink his outlook on life and for that, he was grateful.

“Let me help you catch them.”
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The six Senju in tow followed by the red eyed Anbu ran their way into the tighter allies of the town. Requiring much more graceful and premeditated movement, forcing the two criminals ahead of them into a paced run. No longer able to proceed as recklessly as they had been in the open streets, they would look to each other for support as they were chased down by the seven Konoha nin, the water clones and the anbu’s shadow. Weaving through the ever thinning aisles, the squad would seem to have found themselves in a small neighborhood park.

The two rogue ninja looked around frantically as the Senju quickly leaped ahead of them blocking them from their safest exit. Arms crossed, the boy did his best to exhibit confidence and narrowed his gaze at the two. The anbu’s clone had purposefully fallen behind a bit as if to give the boy a lead, and the young Genin took this as a chance to show his growth. Had things gone awry there was no doubt the red-eyed ally would step in but the scenario didn’t seem to call for such a high ranking officer into the mix. However curious his role in the matter, questions would need to wait for a later date would he ever have the chance to encounter him again. For now, the young boy’s objective was to stop and neutralize the delinquents before him.
“Alright you two! You’re outnumbered so there’s no need for you take make this fight messier than it has to be.” The boy called out as he two looked frantically for an easy escape route.

As their day came to a close, the bandits looked carefully at each of the Senju’s clone. As if to properly assess the boy’s skill. Half tempted to raise their firsts in protest before one caught a lucky glimpse of the masked man just a few meters away. His eyes ‘glaring’ at the party. The one who spotted him quickly slapped his partner on the shoulder as if to signal to him that the battle was lost. Realizing it too, the two put the hands up. Palms forward and bowed their head down. Forfeiting the already won battle, the had chosen not to make the situation worse than it had to be.

Had the red eyed ally not been there, perhaps a fight would broken out. However messy, one still wouldn’t be able to judge who would’ve one had it just been Sachi against the two.

The boy nodded his head, understanding their surrender and turned to the sharingan’d clone behind him. He stepped aside and motioned to the bandits as if to say “they’re all yours.” He couldn’t help but keep to his habitual smile. A bit unfitting to his profession but he was used to. He kept the rest of his clones up, being sure to keep any escape routes closed and keeping a close eye on the two ‘neutralized’ enemies.

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Without delay, the Uchiha's clone had cornered the thief that isolated himself from the group, catching him in the act of disguise waltzing calmly from the shop's bathroom only to be uncovered by the Sharingan's visual prowess. Kirei's eyes narrowed as the strings clutched at wires coiled on mechanisms beneath his wrists to launch them forward, watching the other boy visibly surrender to their clutches as the Kugutsu technique snaked around him, dragging the cables into a thorough binding. Tsuneo found himself unable to escape, cornered and subdued by the Jonin's plan before he could make enough room to avoid his new incarceration, and struggled briefly before giving up the futile effort and slumping down against the wall. Around the pair, jeering onlookers gave mocking giggles and began to laugh, supporting the ANBU's capture but causing Kirei to pause and stare at the boy whos eyes told him a different tale.

As the two locked eyes, Kirei took the chance to initiate a woven reality, one that Tsuneo would not notice crawling across the walls and floor, supplanting itself over the tangible with chakra so exceptional it remained indistinguishable from the real world. The Uchiha's favorite Genjutsu Farce would lock itself into place before the boy could start to cry, and to the observers on either side of them, the pair would seem to stand still in silence, staring at one another as the scene unfolded between them. As Tsuneo gazed heavenward, searching the ceiling for answers which may drop from the sky, Kirei felt a kinship with the boy that reached deep into his experiences in the Hidden Mist and the growing desperation of his recent work. The affinity he felt came from the ever-increasing sadness and realization behind the other boy's eyes, which reminded him of his own ash-colored gaze buried beneath the Sharingan, one he had not seen for years and was beginning to fade from view. After lingering moments this way, the boy stood and calmly removed the wires surrounding him, which Kirei allowed him to do, still within the bosom of his Genjutsu reality. As Tsuneo rose his hand and spoke, Kirei's eyes widened to normal from their narrowed state, and his stance loosened, beneath the mask he smiled warmly, but the other boy would have no way of seeing. Kirei spoke his next words without the filter of his mask, the older teenage voice revealing him for the kind-hearted shinobi he was beneath the ANBU facade he used in public.

"It's not your fault. I understand. The Leaf welcomes anyone who wants to follow the path of redemption!"

"Come with me!"

With his words, Kirei saw it fit to end the Genjutsu Farce, allowing it to melt away so Tsuneo would find himself at the far end of the shop again, as if he had never moved from the wall, spared any embarrassment of breaking down before the crowd, watching Kirei's clone turn toward the door. The Uchiha would save a moment to wink at the lad, alerting him to the intention Kirei had harbored to save him any unwarranted emotional duress in the public eye, and dart from the door to join the ANBU and his other clone.

Meanwhile, the second of Kirei's doppelgangers remained in hot pursuit, alongside the young Senju, monitoring the Konoha Genin's capacity for solving this problem on his own while providing any necessary backup. Slipping through the streets, the gang of clones made swift work of cornering the thieves as they burst into a wide area, at the center of which a fountain stood to mark the Senju's adherence to Kirei's instruction. As the duo of delinquents found themselves cornered by the troupe of water clones, yelling across the way to grab their attention and causing Kirei's spirits to lift as Sachihiro demanded their surrender. The Senju, it seemed, was cut from the same cloth as the Uchiha who guarded his flank, unwilling to partake in unnecessary violence where a submission would suffice, and given the relative pettiness of their crimes, beating the two boys senseless would have been of little use to the ANBU, Konoha, or the thieves themselves. Kirei had found, primarily through his journey in the Hidden Mist, that punitive action began the cycle of vengeance that he had fought his entire life to prove he could escape from. Kirei had gone as far as to make his ninja way the avoidance of this Curse of Hatred that was so embedded in the Uchiha heritage and was proud to see another Konoha shinobi with the resolve to walk the path of redemption.

"Don't be afraid."

Kirei's voice came again from the backlines, his boulder hovering over the rooftops and collapsing into dust as he dismounted it, dismissing the clones as he landed to the left of Sachihiro, with the clone leading Tsuneo departing the moment they entered the fountain area. Again, the Uchiha's ANBU mask concealed his voice, adding a mechanical quality and stripping the high timbre of his usual teenage cadence, replacing it with something sterner and more commanding.

"This is Konohagakure. We don't throw people in prison for petty theft. But from there I'm sure you can see these eyes of mine and know that the Sharingan will not forget you. Whatever desperation drove you to steal from these people, the Leaf will help you. And if you return what you've stolen, I'll provide you enough money to eat through the week. Find the mission office, you two are Genin level shinobi, Konoha will provide for you."

As a gesture of goodwill, Kirei produced a small leather satchel from beneath his cloak, tossing it at the feet of the pair, the leftmost of whom would bend to pick it up and discover the sum of Ryo within. Unless they chose to share words with Sachihiro or Tsuneo, Kirei would happily allow them to leave, and then afterward turn his attention to the two Genin at his side, beginning with Sachihiro.

"Thanks for the help, the festival is hectic enough even with the village's increased security. You did well, I'm glad the Leaf has genin like you to protect it."

Turning to Tsuneo, he would continue, taking a somewhat serious approach.

"And as for you, I'll give you what you need to eat and find somewhere to stay, and tomorrow I'll find you, and we'll begin our training. If you want to follow a new path, it starts now, is this what you wish?."



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King Sloth

King Sloth

The store’s patrons stared on the group that busted into the place breaking through their quiet evening. Their eyes wide as they weren’t sure exactly what they were witnessing, a boy entered a bathroom yet a female exited looking nothing like the one who occupied it moments before, and not long after that a group of three came running in arresting the boy who was a girl but is now a boy again utilizing strong ninja wire to capture him. These civilians definitely had a story to tell their friends should anyone ask how their day went. Tsuneo’s body was restricted but it didn’t stop his mind from wandering. His brown hair spread across the floor as the back of his head turned to meet the man’s gaze. The young genin’s eyes started to water no doubt gaining even more attention from the bystanders who had no idea what was going on other than this young teenager being arrested for stealing. Yet, there was no reaction from them. Tears flowed down his face as Tsuneo’s body betrayed his mind’s thoughts. The once thief turned shinobi turned thief again, what a story that would tell.

The world Tsuneo sat in had changed, all physical means fading out of existence being replaced by what was truly happening. Tsuneo’s back laid flat on the wall while he was staring into the ceiling hoping that some sort of answer would arrive in his mind. Some way out of the trouble he was in, or some saving grace. Thoughts raced through his mind when everything seemingly vibrated, the tears that once flowed down his cheeks dissolved into nothingness, almost evaporating before his eyes. Tsuneo’s hands rose eye level as if trying to catch the tears with his hands, the boy was in shock witnessing such a thing. Then he looked back at the man who captured him. Red eyes, the glaring sensation when he looked back to the man snapped Tsuneo into reality, remembering about the Sharingan and the Uchiha clan’s prowess of Genjutsu. It was a neat trick indeed, everything that had transpired was simply a Genjutsu, a trick of the mind, sleight of hand for geniuses. Was that all a Genjutsu? Tsuneo looked around him to see the shop was still intact and the onlookers were still present. The ninja wire that once was wrapped tightly constricting his movements laid at his feet. Some of it… but… my tears. Did he save me from embarrassment? Thoughts rang in the young man’s mind as he looked to him thankfully. The corner of his mouth curling into a half smile.

Tsuneo went to speak to the man, thanking him for what he had done. The people in the shop would have no idea exactly what had transpired but the young man would be grateful for what he did. The man seems to be a man who doesn’t require thanks. He didn’t allow Tsuneo to thank him, instead he simply offered the young man a place beside him as they would give chase to Bellin and Akimo, the other two people who had taken part in the thievery. People made way for the group to begin running toward their location. Apparently this man knew where exactly to go, the other shinobi from the very beginning most likely chased them into a corner and have them trapped with no feasible escape. It would be nice work indeed. As they traversed the land the groups of people split making for clean routes throughout the area until they came into contact with the other shinobi who was on the case. A young brown haired boy who looked much too young to be a shinobi. Looks can be deceiving though, as he single handedly had Akimo and Bellin just as Tsuneo suspected, trapped. With no escape in sight the two surrendered their escaping attempts. They looked onto the boy who put them in this situation with anger in their eyes, growling obscenities like any cornered animal would do. Luckily, Tsuneo kept his composure for the most part and didn’t act in this way, lest the man who captured him might not have spared him his embarrassment.

The man spoke using his mask as a buffer, sounding much different than when he took pity on Tsuneo, again he was sounding more commanding and in charge when telling the two not to be afraid. The three words that came from his lips were deep sounding yet compassionate, a true leader among young shinobi he seemed to be. Tsuneo looked at him, it seemed that this man wasn’t just the type to take pity on Tsuneo, he didn’t want to cause any harm to anyone. Had he been someone who didn’t hold the same regards for others within the village this day could have gone very differently. But, given how he handled the situation both times, he knew what he was doing, the man isn’t the type to give up on someone apparently, his speech made that viewpoint very clear. The sound of the man’s arms rummaging around in his ANBU cloak could be heard just before he swiftly threw a leather bag at Akimo’s feet. Inside was money, ryo to pay for bills, groceries and things that they needed. Tsuneo stood at the side of the man who caused a change in his heart as Akimo took Bellin and scampered off to wherever they came from, hopefully putting the money to good use. A hand out like that isn’t one to take lightly.

Tsuneo didn’t listen to what the man had said to the other genin, he only wished to introduce himself to the other genin. Before the man turned to Tsuneo, the young man would give a gentle wave to the small child with a smile, “I’m Tsuneo, nice to meet’cha.” teeth showing through his grin. Just after his rather short introduction, the man would turn to Tsuneo taking a serious tone of voice, pitch still changed most likely due to his mask. What he said shocked Tsuneo. Apparently the man had seen something within Tsuneo that the young man hadn’t seen in himself. Self-confidence is one thing the young man lacked, he had never known true family, the only family he knew was the ring of thieves that took him in when he was orphaned on the streets of Otogakure, and here this man was after catching Tsuneo stealing from his own village offering a fresh start. It made Tsuneo happy to hear these words that somehow felt more real than anything he’s ever felt. He could tell that the man was genuine in his words even if they were kind of demanding sounding as they graced Tsuneo’s ears.

“This…” Choked up a small bit Tsuneo needed to clear his throat after being offered such a thing. “I would be honored to follow you, Mr. . .?” He ended the sentence in a question format, as he still did not know the man’s name. He has caught Tsuneo stealing, stopped him, put him in a trance of Genjutsu, changed his whole way of thinking, and still Tsuneo never caught the man’s name. He hoped that he would answer and that Tsuneo could put the day behind him as one big mistake, except was it? It could be considered that the day was fated to happen, destiny unfolding, it would all depend on how Tsuneo could handle what would be inevitably thrown at him in his coming years.

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The boy gave the masked man a warm smile. Seemingly unbothered by the tomoed eyes that flickered under the dark depths of his mask. Watching him take so kindly to the criminals they had just stopped came to a surprise. He had assumed that level of charity was uncommon amongst the Anbu, believing that an unconscious enemy is better than a conscious one. Usually the kind to slit a throat and ask questions later, at least from his ‘sources’. Though once all this was said and done, Sachihiro finally got the chance to take a closer and more detailed look into the man or clone before him.

A rather thin build but deceptively muscular the figured ally before him was more than capable of taking on the delinquents on their own. Had he been wiser he would’ve caught on to the façade that the voice coming from the mask was not his own but a deeper alteration. He accepted the his deepened voice as the truth, however still tickled at the thought of “that voice did not match that body”

As the Anbu looked over at him and complimented the Senju on his nonviolent, Sachi was thrown back a bit. He wasn’t used to appraisal as much as he was into positive reinforcement. Nonetheless, it was nice. He cocked his back and brought his arms up, making his hands form a pair of finger guns to which he would poorly create sound affects for its two shots. An awkward kind of “right back at ya’” sort of movement that was quickly given up on as he realized the unprofessional vibe it had given off. Slowly putting his hands back down and just bearing his teeth… a nervous smile.

At the end of the little exchange he found that bowing his head was the best answer.

As the ordeals went their way, and the petty criminals left richer than expected the three shinobi had now found themselves gathered around Akihage Fountain. A Jonin accompanied by the two rallied Genin. The young Senju darted his head to the side as to catch the voice he was hearing. Somewhat familiar too. The boy pointed directly at Tsuneo’s face and gave out a little smirk as he snapped his finger, recalling a mission done not too long ago.

“Hey man!” the boy called out nonchalantly as if they had been friends for ages “You with him?” having not heard his friend’s inference he would turn back to the masked man. Adjusting himself to stand just beside Tsuneo. Whipping his arm out giddily for a handshake “I’m Sachihiro!”

Perhaps he was a bit too excited, the adrenaline rush from the chase had yet to filter out of his body and he had yet to catch his breath from the run “I-I-I’m not sure what to do here but thanks for the coverage. Ummmm” a bit too welcoming was he was in the invitation. Tho a recognizable face did bring a bought of courage in the boy to get out of a recently intense situation and offering a handshake to the obvious ally seemed a safe bet. Perhaps showing a bit too much naivety.

His clones still standing about as they waved off the ‘former’ criminals they would soon each put up a rat sign and revert back to water. Splashing down on the fountains surrounding gardens. Shortly after the exchange of the three shinobi would be done, just a few streets down they would be soon be hearing the beating drums and pulling of strings as the festivities began. People cheering in the distance as they celebrated the victories of their villages in the exams.

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