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The chunin exams had brought with them an enormous number of tourists to The Village Hidden in the Leaves. With such a large-scale competitive event taking place, it was no surprise at all that those who came to view a competition like this would come with an itch for gambling. Even worse, patriotism would be mixed within to create all sorts of malice. The nationalist viewpoints held by those who placed bets upon the representatives of their own village would turn volatile when a win or loss was recorded. With a round completed and several of the second round fights finishing up, it seemed that Konohagakure was doing particularly well, followed by Iwagakure. Alas, Kirigakure trailed. The once powerful Mist seemed to have lost its edge this time around. Either way, some felt the need to take it far more seriously than others. Boiling frustrations mingled about with triumphant laughter eventually reached to a boiling point as arguments broke out inside of a single bar directly along the main street leading toward and away from the many different arenas and stages. Only around ten minutes had passed since Ting delivered her knockout blow to Yoshito of Kirigakure. She did not hang around the stage for any longer than she had to, receiving a medical examination and mulling through a few forms to confirm her victory.

As she walked down the sidewalk toward the Kimura compound looking forward to another night of sleep, Ting would hear the commotion before she ever had a chance to see the source. Her body aches from exertion as she neared the sound of disgruntled men shouting obscenities back and forth at one another. As she rounded the corner she would see them. Leaf and Mist civilians stumbling out of a bar shoving one another, poking and prodding as well. There were antagonists and victims in both sides but the things they were saying all indicated the same root cause. It was her particular fight they had just finished viewing. The commotion was only growing as they made ͏w͏a͏y intk the crowded streets. Ting’s route home was blocked entirely as shouting and noise nearly drove her mad. That was when the first punch was thrown. A Hidden Mist citizen slammed his fist into a drunken Leaf villager’s cheek. The blue haired girl would gasp as she witnessed it, her body was weak and tired from the intensity of the earlier bout, but she couldn’t just stand by and watch the riot break loose in her village.





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Shinwato ; Bar
Interacting with Ting


Sencha rounded out the ryo she would need to pay for her meal and set it on the table. Growing up being allowed to only do certain things and go certain places left her ignorant of how lovely greasy food could be. She'd treated herself to a large pork bun in a dingy little bar near her home. She counted up the last of her ryo and slid the coins into a small pile by her finished plate.

The bar was dingy and loud. The sound of the tv resonated throughout as the patrons watched with bated breath before about half would erupt into thunderous cheer and the other half would curse loudly. More words than Sencha had thought there were to call someone. She sat silently observing the crowd as the currently sat wrapped up in the chunin exam fights. They watched as a Konoha contestant Ting faced off against Yoshito, a ninja from Kirigakure. It was obvious who won when the majority of the patron cheered in delight. They were in Konoha after all so the majority of the bar was rooting for Ting. Sencha was silently rooting for her as well but these people made it seem as though these exams were life or death.

The citizens of Kirigakure at the bar sat and grumbled throwing out curses, some directed at the Konoha residents and some at the victor herself. Sencha grimaced at the things they were proposing they would do to the victor while interjecting every so often with a whine about how the bloody mist was too soft on their genin.

"Don't be mad because you put a bunch of little bitches into the exams," One patron who was very obviously from Konoha sneered at the kiri group who had been making rude comments about the fight. The Kiri visitor stood up swaying just a bit and as he stood a plume of scent rose around him. The musty stink of alcohol burned Sencha's nose and she made a face of disgust as she regarded him.

He was a younger man with jet black hair and sharp features. He swayed slightly as he walked up to the Konoha man. They were so close to each other that one more step would make their noses touch. The air in the bar turned thick and every customer held their breath as they watched the two. Eyes were greedy for drama and Sencha couldn't deny her interest either as she locked her pale blue eyes on the pair.

"Say it again," The Kiri man spoke and Sencha briefly pitied the recipient. His stench nearly made her gag when he simply stood up but that close would have certainly knocked this man out. The Konoha man never wavered though and his unsteady posture led Sencha to realize he was drunk as well. A quick glance to the beer bottle in his hand further confirmed the fact.

"I said," He took the final swig of his bottle whilst keeping eye contact " Kiri nin are little bitches."

He smashed the bottle against the bar and shoved the broken glass into the black haired man's stomach making a bloody mess of the floor. Like a bubble had popped the crowd erupted into screams. Chairs were thrown, plates were broken, and chaos reigned in the bar as punches were thrown haphazardly. There seemed to be no discrimination about who was hit as long as the punches connected. Sencha let out a shrill shriek as a chair leg nearly collided with her head. This bar fight was now an all-out riot and if Sencha wanted to leave she certainly wouldn't do so unscathed. More importantly, as a ninja for Konoha, it was in her best interest to settle this now before more villagers got hurt unnecessarily.


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Night blending into the day, blending into the night, Kirei lept across his patrol route listlessly, propelling himself from power lines and awnings, Sharingan staring from beyond the facade of his ANBU mask as always, rushing between colors and faces which blurred into a sea of chakra and light. The young Uchiha's mind wandered, unable to focus between the weeks catching cat-naps for sparse hours of sleep and running himself ragged on security detail not only for the Hokage, but for the entire village. As one of the newest recruits in the Konohagakure ANBU corps, Kirei had been tasked with the unenviable job of constant peacekeeping and patrol work throughout the exams, such an event brought with it a tirade of tourists, and with tensions between nations nearing a tipping point, nationalism was a threat left unchecked.

The Uchiha's mind tore back to reality as the sound of voices spun over the silent streets, yelling and jeering followed by an uproar of cheering, and then the caterwaul of chaotic fighting following in its wake. Grimacing and growling through gritted teeth, Kirei spun his body as he landed on the tip of a power pole, routing his body toward the commotion, black trail of his cloak leaving a vicious streak in the air behind him as the rooftops rushed beneath his feet. Annoyance built to a crescendo as the Uchiha's horizon turned to discord, streets filling with traveling shinobi in the early stages of a brawl spilling out from a bar, littering the streets around a group exchanging blows and screaming profanities. Kirei's instincts piloted his sleepless body, leading him with a leash of protocol instilled in him during the ANBU training exercises he had undergone. Riot control procedures dictated that cessation of violence become the agent's top priority, but the subject matter lingering between the crowd of rioters meant, for Kirei, the chance of sparking an international incident remained at the forefront of his mind.

From his perch atop the roof, Kirei's right hand rose in a sequence of hand seals, the half-tiger pulled to his mouth with a deep inhale before he would ignite the molded chakra in his throat and breathe out. Black plumes of ash would spiral from the Uchiha's gullet, littered with amber flecks of glowing embers which spread across the ground, aimed at the epicenter of the brawl, where Fire and Water met with voracious fury, threatening to boil over into the neighboring streets and consume the district in violence and destruction. So came the swathe of burning ashes to engulf the first of them, a roar of spluttering coughs erupting as the blinding shoal washed over them, crowds dispersing rubbing their eyes and those at the genesis collapsing under the weight of thick, burning smog. Either side of the cloud, scrambling rioters burst through the seams of ash to hurry through the alleys, some looking up to catch the form of a cat-faced ANBU sending the haze upon them, Kiri and Konoha iconography glistening in the moonlight as they spread.

The young Uchiha felt in no mood to dally with the drunken brawl, so would turn his efforts toward swift dismissal, hoping the commotion would draw other Leaf Shinobi to help him keep the peace.


Name: 3 Tomoe Sharingan.

Name: 火遁: 猛灰群れ | Katon: Mōhaimure {Fire Style: Ash Burning Shoal)
Canon/Custom: Custom.
Rank: C-A.
Type: Offensive.
Element: Katon.
Range: 30m|50m|70m.
Specialty: Ninpō.
Duration: 1|1|3.
Cooldown: 3|4|5.
Description: Performed in a similar manner to many Katon breath techniques, the user performs a Tiger hand seal while inhaling, the user forms chakra into an exhalation which shoots forth from the mouth towards an intended target, projecting a cloud of embers and hot ash intended to choke and debilitate an opponent.

B-rank - The user projects an 8-meter wide/tall torrent of ash, traveling at a speed of 30-meters per second up to 50-meters. The ash is hot enough to cause minor 1st-degree burns as well as singe hair and clothing. The plume causes shinobi caught by it significant irritation and difficulty breathing, paralyzing those caught in it for a single post while they choke on and are blinded by the ashes.


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Only as the tired girl made her way forth, eyes fixed upon what unraveled before her, chaos would blossom in the center of the squabbling men. A plume of ash and then thick, dark smoke would overtake a large portion of the perpetrators in the centermost part of the would-be rioters. The response to this situation by whomever it was who clearly sought to disperse the crowd was extremely effective. Unfortunately, there were a number of stragglers who would flee into the numerous alleyways between the buildings of the nighttime market district. Seeking to escape the painful burns and lack of oxygen within the smokey hellscape, this mixed crowd of Leaf and Mist alike would push and shove one another as their anger intensified against the panic and pandemonium. Ting would wait no longer to insert herself.

She would rush through the alley nearest in order to circle back around and cut off the rampant swarm of degenerates. As she passed through the dark and uncomfortably moist alleyway she would sprout four red, muscular tendrils from the small of her back. With the concentrated power and added maneuverability of the extra limbs, she would would propel herself quickly around the side of the building, perfectly cutting-off the mob. As she slid softly across the ground and rose back to her feet, Ting would brush her bangs to the side, out of her eyes and face down the squabblers. The flint and gleam of several Kirigakure headbands met her view first, they were far outnumbering the shinobi of Konoha in this scenario. The hazel-eyed chunin-to-be made a mental note that she should do well not to bring noteworthy damage to any of them, no matter what was said or done. Some of them were civilians.

Stop. The Hidden Leaf will have none of this petty squabbling. Whether you’re of Leaf or Mist, you’ll only find great pain if you press any further with this nonsense.” Ting would say, palm outstretched in a halting gesture. Her tone was professional and without emotion other than grave seriousness. The dirtied faces upon which shocked expressions stared back would quickly shake away from the forerunner of the pack. Replaced with anger, he would point a finger at Ting, rather close to her face.

“You cost me a week of pay on that rancid dock, what gives you the right to—“ An anguished shriek would break loose as Ting bent backwards the man’s finger as he wagged it in her face. She would hold it, not allowing it to break but keeping it held in a state of limbo, any movement further in the opposite direction and it would surely fracture.

Shinobi should not be feared by those who do no wrong, but ought to be respected by those who they protect.” Ting would speak with some agitation toward the crowd which had fallen silent st te spectacle. With clenched teeth, she would allow loose the man’s hand. Not even a moment later the cold sting of an iron pipe slamming against the back of her head would cause a momentary dark spot in her vision as she struggled against a loss of consciousness. Victory. She shook off the blow despite a throbbing in her head and instinctively struck hard with all four of her tendrils, smashing her assailant against the brick building that composed the leftmost wall of the alleyway.

This was bad, she needed help to achieve this without harming anyone. The man in front of her gave a charge forward, attempting to strike Ting as a Leaf citizen further back in the crowd began to fight with a visiting, low-ranking mist genin. The genin possessed the same rank as Ting and those she had fought in the exams but had no proficiency. He was likely to remain a genin into late adulthood. He also apparently lacked the disposition of a shinobi, pulling out a kunai in anger at the Konohaian citizen. Ting would jeapordize herself by releasing the pipe wielding individual behind her from the wall in order to lash out her tendril at the lowly genin. Meanwhile she would catch the Kiri citizen’s fist mid-punch and use leverage to dislocate his arm.

She needed help.

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