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He did What?? [Private | Ryo] D464970c6ee0c1f2b838780e5f635a34

Yoshito Yuki | Joker of the Mist

A yawn could be heard. The morning light poured in through an open window as light orange hues danced their way into the Leaf Village. The sights of Konoha never ceased to amaze compared to Kirigakure. One hand was rose above Yoshito’s head as his yawn ceased letting the arm drop down next to his legs on the bed he rested upon. Yoshito scanned the room he was sitting in, the window had curtains that were pushed to the side, the window itself was unguarded without blinds. He could see the tops of other buildings nearby, most with reddish tints to the tiles most likely keeping with the color scheme of the village. The Fire that was held within each civilian and shinobi alike. He hadn’t met anyone from another village other than Kiri and Konoha, but he hadn’t seen bonds like the ones set within these borders. He sat for a moment without moving looking out the window taking in the beauty of the scene, birds were singing welcoming the morning sunlight. The orange highlight hues would disappear soon when the sun would make its destination up above the earth. Yoshito went to move and get out of bed but a sharp pain would shoot through his entire body originating from his stomach.

“Aaahhh! Fuck!”

The two words were enough to prompt a nurse or a doctor to come into the room. He hadn’t noticed that he was in a hospital room. He entered the room without warning or telling Yoshito his name, it was a strange thing indeed to see a stranger taking care of a foreigner within his village. From everything he had heard of Kirigakure, this type of thing just wouldn’t happen. No prisoners, no friendship, but that was all in the past. All of that ended when Ayakashi took over in her rightful seat as Kage of the Mist. Nevertheless, he was startled to say the least. The doctor asked if he could remember anything but Yoshito shortly shook his head no and wondered why he was being kept here. He could recall bits and pieces of what had happened but every flash that happened through his head felt like nothing more than a dream. The crowd’s roaring. Sliding underneath Ting’s legs. Smashed gut. It all was coming back to him as he stared at the doctor’s eyes. The doctor informed him that his gut was smashed in with brute force and it knocked him out, that what he was remembering was in fact his chunin exam match and that he lost. The doctor seemed a little too smug during his explanation, he must reside within the Leaf and rooting for his team. It only made sense.

“Ah shit. How long will this hurt?”

Yoshito attempted to move yet again but the pain was too much, as he twisted his torso the pain stretching throughout his body would almost be enough to paralyze him. The doctor handed Yoshito a cup of ice water and told him to take this pill and allow him to give Yoshi some medical ninjutsu to heal his liver a little faster. His hands shone with a light teal color as he hovered them above Yoshito’s stomach. The boy took a sip of the water and winced as he swallowed, at the same time the water entered his stomach. The shot must have been something fierce, usually the medical ninjutsu would heal quicker than normal but not this time. Whatever Ting had done must have done some true internal damage to the young Yuki clan member. After a couple of minutes he could feel the medical jutsu working within his body, it was strange feeling the bruises healing within his body. Nothing he could see but the unseen was nothing short of a miracle. He recalled that Kaito could do this kind of thing. He thought of his friends he had made back at home and remembered what they all had done before the exams started. He realized that they hadn’t seen each other since the matches started. It only made sense, sure, they were all busy training for the battles they inevitably had to take for the namesake of Kirigakure and so they wouldn’t have much free time for one another.

The birds stopped singing and the orangeish hues melted away as the sun rose farther into the sky making its true debut above the village. “Good to go.” The doc said smacking his hand together and rubbing them standing up away from Yoshito. The boy nodded and made his way out of his room, out of the hospital. What was he to do now? The sun was up, the streets were swarming with people and the day had just begun. He wanted to meet with some people, shinobi partaking in the Chunin Exams was the target. He wanted their input on their matches and how they went and compare them to his own. Although, nothing he has done has been exceptionally spectacular, he still wanted to see how his friends were doing with their own struggles hopefully making his failures not seem so bad. With any luck, his fellow shinobi had made it farther than he had with round three calling rather soon.

The doors slid open with a hiss and he took his first step outside. He hadn’t bothered to change from his hospital uniform other than his shirt. He put on his compact black shirt that was atop his light blue pants given to him by the hospital. Yoshito breathed in the morning air, judging by the sun’s position in the sky it was nearing ten o’clock in the morning. It was time to get some breakfast. The boy started walking down the street mixing himself within the crowds of people he was almost indistinguishable from all the foreigners walking down the street. He came across a restaurant that had a BBB rating of A+ and he decided to stop in for a pancake or two to regain his strength. As he walked in a waitress accompanied him swiftly and took care of the boy, probably due to him still being in half of his hospital pants and she realized he was hurting or had been hurt due to the matches. Undoubtedly all the people in the Leaf Village knows about the Chunin Exams whether they were participating or not. Yoshito took a seat at the edge of the restaurant and let his arm rest on his booth as he sat down, leaning toward the window as the woman asked what he would like to eat and drink. “Two chocolate pancakes and some sweet tea please!” Yoshito said in a chipper, childish tone catching the waitress off guard. She assumed Yoshito was hurt but to see him here looking all happy ordering chocolate pancakes and such. She grabbed the menu from him and said it would be right up delightfully.

Word Count: [1,167]


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