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Kaito Osoroshi

Kaito Osoroshi

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~ Theme Song ~

Leaves and trees, for all that one could see. Katio had seen forests before, but in Mizu no Kuni he had never been too far from the ocean. Only real difference was the lack of salt in the air. The inability to smell the ocean breeze left the Kiri-nin feeling off balanced somewhat, not that it had effected his senses or his ability to stay on top of the game, but Kaito acknowledged that he wasn't comfortable here, so far from home. Perhaps it was more the sudden realization that he had no family back home to anchor him there that gave him such an uneasy sensation, but the Hidden Mist shinobi could have sworn it was the lack of salt water nearby.

At least they were doing something Kaito was familiar with, honoring the dead, as in Kiri the village's war dead was a topic even the most criminal scum wouldn't transgress against. Konohagakure and Kirigakure had been allies for most of record history, though the two villages had had their ups and downs to be sure. Still, after the better part of three hundred years of peace with minor conflicts here and there, Kaito wanted to make sure to stop by the memorial honoring the dead of their long standing ally to pay his respects to their sacrifice. Just as the Kiri-nin held the utmost respect for those that had given their lives in service to Kirigakure and Mizu no Kuni, Kaito felt the same degree of respect for those that died in their service of their own people, it was a noble death, and a fate all shinobi had to face.

Luckily, Kaito wasn't alone, having recently traveled to Konohagakure for the first time, Kaito was excited to see the village, and for him, that started with this task. Both Yoshito and Kyutai had agreed to meet up with him once they made their way to Konoha, and now Kaito was preparing to make his way to the memorial itself. Kaito had stopped in at the local market to buy a few supplies before heading out though, a blue paper lantern to symbolize the Land of Water's passion, incense to evoke and sooth the spirits of the dead, and a bouquet of white chrysanthemum to place at the memorial. There was a poem inscribed along the lantern, supposedly written by the third Hokage, but the paper had gotten damp at some point and Kaito couldn't make out most of it.

Kaito couldn't help but wonder how many names would be on the memorial, if it was anything like the one in his own village, Kaito expected to see a great number of names. His mother had taken him to see the memorial many times, and Kaito had fond memories of going down the list with his mother, reading all the names, even finding a few of his own ancestors listed there. Kaito had been about eight when he and his mother had come to the memorial while new names were being added. Up until that day, Kaito had never fully understood what the names symbolized. Such memorials had nothing to do with honor or glory, they were the acknowledgement of sacrifice, a testament to a village's ability to endure suffering. Even if another village became his enemy, Kaito couldn't help but share his respect for those that sacrificed everything so their people could endure, especially when it came to Kaito himself taking a life. It was for this reason, traitors and missing-nin were detestable to the genin, as they were literal embodiments of cowardice and selfishness, the exact things shinobi were meant to stand against.

By showing his respects to the Konoha-nin who had given their lives to protect the ones they loved, Kaito was also carrying with him the hopes and dreams of those that had died protecting his own village. A subtle, silent acknowledgement of what both shinobi villages shared. Afterall, Konoha was an ally of the Hidden Mist, so showing their respect the the Hidden Leaf was paramount while within the walls of the Hidden Leaf village. Nothing of foul intent could be allowed to happen while they and their fellow Kiri-nin were within the walls of Konohagakure. Besides, Kaito wasn't a fool, with the Chunin Exams already underway, the security within the village exploded, going something reckless wasn't a good idea with all the ANBU around.

Finally making his way in to the small diner where they had planned to meet up, Kaito made his way to the bar to ask for a waiter before being seated at a booth across from the bar in the center part of the small diner styled restaurant. A glace of cucumber and lime juice was what hit the spot, so Kaito had three while he stat there waiting for his friends to arrive.

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Yoshito Yuki | Joker of the Mist

Streets were booming with activity when the young Yuki boy walked through crowds upon crowds making his way toward the final destination. A small diner that he had heard about, they supposedly had the best desserts in town and Yoshito thought that maybe the sweet taste would calm his nerves before his big fight in Round One of the Chunin Exams. He had just gotten in the village not long ago, just the day before his feet stood atop solid wood holding steady a ship that charted across the oceans. The large ship came from Kirigakure and made way to Konohagakure, from Mist to Leaf, the two villages were very different indeed not only in the way they looked but also in ways they did things throughout each respective village. As soon as Yoshito stepped food onto solid land it felt nice, he recalled back in Kirigakure the ground would almost always be soft and muddy, his feet would melt right through the surface with every step. But not here, no, in the Leaf Village his foot would stand on solid ground, the air was warm and almost dry as the sun glared down upon him. It felt nice not to try and dodge rain drops again. It reminded him of being on the run with his mother and father.

The people seemed much nicer here in comparison to the Mist Village, with every stranger he passed he would toss a wave their way and they would often reply with one of their own. Whereas in the Mist Village the people would just be rushing past you for the most part to get out of the rain and mud. Although, there were an abundance of people, no shortage of variety here during the events that were soon to unfold. The Chunin Exams brought in multiple people all from differing background and ethnicities, it was truly a melting pot of civilians and shinobi alike. Seeing two villages so different from one another coming together and respectfully facing off against one another to see who had what it took to progress in the ninja ranks. A tradition that has been happening long before his generation was born and will most likely keep happening long after the young boy would be six feet under.

While on the boat the young boy had time to ponder on the life of a shinobi. It seemed invaluable to him. He was incapable of true deep thought compared to those much older than him, unable to grasp the true concept of a shinobi. But he could still understand that dying in the line of fire for your village was the most respectful thing a shinobi could do for the ones they loved. He had heard tales of past Chunin Exams about fights breaking out and some people losing their lives in the crossfire and it frightened him a little bit. He didnít want to have to kill anyone nor watch those he loved die. Even if they were ones unknown to Yoshi, the boy didnít want to see anyone die for any reason. It would be a reason to learn Medical ninjutsu but he was focused on the fights at hand and making sure he lived to see his family another day. He knew that shinobi life was expendable and he had the choice to not become a shinobi, but he wanted to make his family proud, he wanted to be strong like they are and to see the approving smile from his mother and father is everything to a boy Yoshiís age and thatís all he wanted in becoming a shinobi. But, the upcoming months and years in his life going down the path of the shinobi would prove more difficult should he keep his mind set. The approval of others isnít whatís truly important but it is all he could focus on at the moment. He didnít want to die nor did he want others to die but in the life of a shinobi, death happened more than most and thatís something he had to get used to.

He had heard of the Memorial Place within Konohagakure, he knew there was one in Kiri as well but he hadnít had the time to visit it while in his short stay so far. He made his mind up to visit it once he arrived in the Leaf Village that he would visit this place and pay his respects while also reflecting on their losses and sacrifices for their kin. But first, he would make his way to the diner he had heard of. Yoshito made his way to the specific diner, upon making his appearance the boy hadnít noticed a sign titling the diner. He simply entered the place and was about to ask a waitress for a table when he noticed an old friend. He hadnít seen him on the boat Yoshi was on so he wanted to go say hello to his friend. ďHey Kaito!Ē Yoshi said with his hand raised, hoping to grab his attention and sit with him in the booth he was seated at.

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The life of a shinobi was one created in a crucible of naught but struggle and suffering and Xiao's life was no different. Though born to an average family that had no grander prospects in life this reality was soon shattered not by nefarious organizations or ancient bloodlines but simply due to the fact that his parents did not think in an approved way. Something that shaped Xiao entirely was this fact. His parents, his caregivers, were chosen to be snuffed out simply for their idealogy and this fact was the only determining factor in whether they lived or died. Xiao's detestment of the shinobi system had grown since that day though hidden deep in his core far beneath his unhinged nature and shovelled underneath layers of his assumed comedic persona. Though often viewed as the failure, the clown, the loser and he all lived to these quite well the truth about Xiao was he was a 12 year old boy who had lost his mother and father and was coping the best he could with his new reality. He was not some stoic genius or force of darkness, he wasn't some optimistic hero or rising legend he was simply an average child whose heart had been crushed and needed to escape from the trauma by relying on utter detachment from his reality but deep within his core there was a seed that germinated, a seed of disgust when it came to the world of combat and constant power scaling.

Another held a similar spirit and though lost to the sands of time, Xiao as a historian and fan of the ancient world did so too find that connection. His name was Obito Uchiha and he had a mission to bring peace to the world. Whilst others may have worshipped the likes of Jashin or the old gods of war, Obito was the closest Xiao could think of someone who he could look up to and admire though obviously buried such thoughts down in his mind to ensure they would be ignored through his childish acts and mannerisms. He had decided to pay his respects, though his name would never be marked as heroic nor would it ever receive tribute Xiao wished for himself atleast to extend an offer of prayer to the fallen shinobi who lead Xiao in a connected fate.

As he made his way to the small grave site he noted the two figures he had grown to love as his brothers, Kaito and Yoshito, two shinobi that seemed to be that of which he needed most right now in this world - family. Though he tried to hide his struggle and pain from the world and knew once more even when giving respects to those fallen he knew perhaps one day if he decided to deviate from the chosen path and road to leading a village then these two would be the ones to ensure he never ventured too far away from the light and he was truly thankful. Deciding it was time to hide away in his comedic antics once more Xiao decided to make his way forward towards the two, using a zip-line web to launch himself upwards followed by a landing some meters away in a three point stance "Hey." he said with a wave and a cheerful disposition hidden beneath his figurative and literal mask "The tour guide said this was a hotspot...I was assuming, y'know, food and hot springs but a grave? Yeah that works too..." Xiao stated calmly yet cheerfully showing his respect by ensuring he wasn't too loud as he placed his hands in his pockets.

Shaking his head he looked to the small stone. That was what all these shinobi that died got, a rock. A stupid rock with a letter attached. It was irritating to Xiao, so many lost and in return they received this? A rock in a forest? Was it symbolic of Konohagakure's hidden nature and the stone or 'stubbornness' that the village held or were the Hokage really just cheap? Xiao couldn't know, but what he did know was that when his own died he would not give them such a cheap ending "...My Mom and Dad died...Would have been 6 months ago." Xiao stated, honestly and somewhat melancholic as he spoke "...I guess that means I can eat candy whenever I want and stay up late..." Xiao remarked with a slight chuckle, falling back into his coping mechanisms as he looked to the stone.

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