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Chuunin -> Special Jounin

Threads 0/6

Missions 0/1 C-rank, 0/2 B-rank

Jutsu 4/2 C-rank, 0/2 B-rank

  • Chakra Anesthetic (D-rank)
  • Hovering Hands (D-rank)
  • Body Flicker Technique (D-rank)
  • Ninja Art: Tile Shuriken (D-rank)
  • Jiton Release: Sandstorm Sensory (D-rank)
  • Basic Recovery Method (C-rank)
  • Jiton Release: Prison Sphere (C-rank)
  • Jiton Release: Hidden Sand (C-rank)
  • Jiton Release: A Mother's Love (C-Rank)


  • Ace of Spades (B-rank)
  • Kunai x3 (E-rank)
  • Senbon x10 (E-rank)
  • Iwagakure Forehead Protector (E-rank)

Chuunin to Special Jounin requirements:

  • Obtain Kage approval after completing the other listed requirements. (Wanderers / Ronin and Nukenin require Administrator approval).
  • Must complete a total of nine [9] threads. Three of these must be missions (One [1] of at least C-Rank and two [2] of at least B-Rank). The remaining six [6] may be either missions or social threads, however must include at least one other character; each thread must elapse 2500 words per character and have at least four [4] posts from yourself and at least one other participant.
  • Displays prowess with jutsu (2 C and 2 B rank jutsu more than your minimum requirements for Chuunin). These requirements reduce by one [1] for each weapon owned of the required ranks.
  • Displays exceptional physical prowess (has two [2] stats trained up to C-3 and two [2] up to D-1), or is all-around a bit above-average in ninja ability (has all stats up to D-3)


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