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Clean Up at the Hospital:

Mission name: Clean Up at the Hospital (Repeatable)
Mission rank: D-rank
Objective: Help by doing some janitorial work at the hospital.
Location: Hospital
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission Description: You’ve been assigned to help out around the hospital by doing some janitorial work due to a shortage in staff. You will be assigned a janitors cart on wheels and assigned a specific area. Ensure that it’s clean, and any mishaps are promptly handled.
Mission Details: In the case of a group doing this mission together everyone is assigned to a different area (up to the mission taker to decide) however they will not be allowed in the more restricted areas of the hospital (such as the administration wing and so forth). What area that is chosen and the mess you clean up is up to you, however around halfway through your shift a young girl will spill something on the tile floor and you must act promptly before someone slips and falls, causing a lawsuit with the hospital.

Like her mother before her Aka had every intention of becoming a full fledged medic: she wanted to prove as much to herself as to the deceased woman that she could do it. When she was younger, and her mother still alive, she had never truly paid much attention the lessons her mother was trying to teach her, a fault she took on all to herself, and she wanted to make up for that now. Yet, like with everything in life you had to start from the bottom, and for Aka that meant janitorial work. She had to prove herself, to show that she knew how to properly sanitize a room, how to properly clean, and hoped that by doing so and applying herself she would be entrusted with more serious tasks. She knew she was still a long way from becoming a nurse or doctor, but she was more than willing to take baby steps to get there.

Her attire for today was simple enough, having given up her usual choice of clothing style in favor of the tan colored scrub-attire that the janitors wore, complete with a name badge that was clipped to her left shirt pocket. Her hair, shaved on the sides and back and long on top, was pulled back into a ponytail that had then been secured in some kind of bun to keep it well out of her way while she was cleaning - the last thing she wanted after all was to end up getting something in her hair. Just no, eww. Rings and necklaces were removed while she kept her piercings in simply because removing them proved to be too much trouble. The night prior she had packed herself a lunch for today, making sure her lunchbox was well marked with her name so that no one could claim they accidentally had got into it.

After bidding those she passed at the orphanage goodbye, and checking in with Doukeshi before leaving, Aka headed out to the hospital with a bit of a skip in her step: unlike some people Aka found herself always looking forward to work, then again she had a goal to save for and was doing her best to do just that. There were items and supplies to be bought, an apartment to save for, plus a variety of jutsu she wished to learn, all of which would cost her ryo in some form or another so the more jobs she took on the faster she would get there - or at least that’s how she saw it. Of course, she had to make sure she didn’t burn herself out, but that’s where her best friend and lover came in at: ensuring she took time for herself to rest and enjoy the things she liked to do in life instead of pushing herself for too hard or too long.

Reaching the hospital Aka made a beeline for the staff lounge that the janitorial staff used, stashing her lunchbox in the fridge and positioning it to where her name would show clearly. Once done she headed out, searching for her supervisor for the day and finding him down one of the many halls of the hospital, helping to fix a floor scrubber that didn’t seem to be working right for a fellow employee. “Ah, Aka. Good to see you again. Here are your keys, and your assignment map for today. You’ll be cleaning the rooms of patients who’ve been discharged to prepare them for their next patient. I’ll probably be down in the maintenance department working on this thing if you need any help, so don’t hesitate to come find me if you need me,” her supervisor explained while handing over her set of keys as well as the map, the janitorial closet where her cleaning cart was located being marked down as well as the rooms she was assigned to clean.

“Alright, sounds good. See you later.”, she responded before heading back down the hallway, eager to get started. With the map in hand, and having a basic idea of the layout of the hospital due to a tour during orientation some time ago, she was able to find the closet easily enough. Unlocking the door she flicked the light on before heading inside. She found her cart to be fully stocked already, and quickly filled up a mop bucket with water and cleaning chemicals in a proper ratio before grabbing several mop heads and a handle and adding them to her cart. Wheeling her cart out of the closet after ensuring no one was in the way, she locked the door behind herself and then wheeled her cart to the first room she would clean, starting from the furthest from the closet so that she could work her way back towards it in case she ended up running out of anything along the way - not that she thought she would.

The first room she had to clean was a simple enough affair, the bed having been stripped and the linens removed already. She started with the surfaces after putting on a fresh set of gloves, spraying them all down with a chemical agent meant to kill off ninety nine point nine percent of germs according to the label, before wiping them off. From there she did the same to the bed, as well as the sink located in the room itself. Following this she headed to the bathroom which just like the room looked clean but still needed to be sprayed down and sanitised. She started with the mirror before moving on to the sink, cleaning the handles and facet, the bowl itself as well. Afterward she cleaned the toilet with the same kind of thoroughness as everything else before switching gloves and moving on to sweeping and mopping the floor, ensuring to put up caution signs as she worked so that no one would walk in and accidentally slip.

The next several rooms were done in much the same way, requiring basic sanitizing with nothing actually wrong with the room minus maybe a too full garbage. As she finished with her third room she found herself about to walk out when a civilian popped her head in looking for her father. After directing the woman to the nurses station for an explanation on where her father had been moved to she headed to her fourth room and put on a fresh pair of gloves, ready to get started. Unfortunately this room was a little worse for wear, and she could only assume that children had been visiting when the patient had been discharged, evident by the child like drawings on several parts of the walls. Thankfully, everything she needed was on her cart, and she was able to remove the crayon from the wall, erasing all traces of the drawings so that the next patient wouldn’t have to look at the eye sore. After the fourth room Aka took a break, washing her hands for what was likely the hundredth time that day thoroughly before enjoying the meal that she had packed herself - a light but filling one with a giant cold bottle of flavored water to go along with it.

Aka passed the rest of her day with cleaning, finishing up with her rooms and returning her cart to the janitorial closet. After emptying both her mop water and garbage she ensured to toss the used mop heads in the nearby laundry cart that was also in the closet, making sure that they could be cleaned by the laundry staff whenever they got around to it - and considering the cart was empty she assumed they did their rounds regularly enough. With that done she made sure to stock her cart back up, leaving it in the same pristine condition that she had received it in so that the next person to use it wouldn’t have to waste time in preparing it. Finished with that she went and collected her wet floor signs after making sure that the floors had dried, returning those to the storage room as well before locking it up for the final time. Finished for the day she handed the map and keys back to her supervisor before heading out to pick up her payment and spend the rest of the day relaxing - well, after a nice hot and long shower to clean the smell of chemicals and such off of herself.
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1,414 / 750
Ryo Owed: 150 + 150 (Double Payment WC) = 300 Ryo


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