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Red Turnt Yellow:
Mission name: Red Turnt Yellow.
Mission rank: S.
Objective: Locate and Liberate Chūnin Hopeful.
Location: Hi no Kuni Border.
Reward: 2000 Ryo + 5EP
Mission Description: There are a number of entrants missing from their bracket matches, with no discernible pattern in village or other behavior to explain the multiple dropouts. Considering the lack of any correspondence, foul play is suspected.
Mission Details: Cults present in the Land of Fire have taken to indoctrinating the Genin who have traveled to the exams, and are doing so by force. Deep in the wilderness of Hi no Kuni, an S-ranked cult leader in golden robes commands a mixture of A and B-ranked non-ninja worshippers who have forcibly kidnapped entrants. All are equipped with A and S-ranked weapons and the Leader is a Raiu Clan member with all library techniques for his Suiton and Raiton elements, as well as Ninjutsu. This mission can be taken to rescue a PC contestant in the exams as if it were an opposed mission, counting as if both players had completed this mission twice.

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Evening had set upon the vast forests of the Land of Fire, casting a warm orange glow over the technicolour foliage and cooling the mid-autumn air to a chill, nearing the cusp of nightfall when darkness would overtake the woods and hills and the air would grow frigid and bitter. Winter had not yet taken its hold on the illustrious land of shinobi, yet the lands were at the edge of seasonable change, indicated by the shimmering mantles of frost cast across the harlequin forest floor.

Serene as it seemed on the surface, the Land of Fire was not at peace. Amidst the festivities lay a sinister detachment working to the detriment of the village. Saboteurs were hidden within the crowds, poking their heads around where they didn’t belong, and digging their paws into matters that they had no place doing so.

Clad in the garb that covert operatives of Konohagakure donned, Takao’s attention fell upon the presence of two such shinobi as they leapt from the buildings above and landed just a few meters shy of where he stood. The duo greeted him with their piercing gaze upon him from behind their porcelain masks, remaining in this knelt bow, and addressing them with professional curtness.

“Commander,” said one of the duo, addressing the Jōnin uniform-clad man that stood before him.

“We followed up with the Barrier Team on the unregistered signatures in the village and discovered five Kumogakure Shinobi leaving the village. Our reconnaissance is in pursuit of them now.” He continued. Takao turned to face him, giving him his full attention.

“Are they the ones we’ve been looking into?” Takao inquired.

“I believe so,” the operative answered.

“Our scout’s last report stated that the Kumogakure shinobi slowed their pace upon reaching a section of the forest with golden Omamori hanging from the trees, and were met by men clad in robes of red and gold. These facets fit the description of the cult you suspected, though their motives remain unclear.”

“Gather a squad of medical personnel from the Iryō Corps, as well as another squad of Black Ops, and be ready for deployment. I’ll engage them myself, and nobody else is to intervene.” After instructing the Anbu operatives, he could feel a sense of tension grow in the air, borne from unease in his declaration that he would undertake the task alone.


“Have your scout return and relay the last known position of the targets. Report to Suguro directly and wait on standby until I give the order.” Takao said as he lifted his hand to the receiver in his ear, fiddling with the knob until the adjustments were correct. Their position on the streets, surrounded by passer-byes that were not shy about their curiousity in the slightest, meant that their ability to be covert was compromised.

Frequency 4-0.5-0, codeword Ōritsu.” Takao wordlessly signed to the pair and observed the operatives adjust their radios as he had.

“Seven point five kilometres west of the Hunter’s Gate, two kilometres north.” The agent said.

“Dismissed.” Cold yet efficient, his unwavering black eyes lingered on them for nought but a second longer. The pair of agents took to the rooftops again and disappeared in seconds, carrying out the curt orders they had been given.

In time with their departure, Takao leapt from street level to the city canopy, lumbering from rooftop to rooftop with long leaps and heavy bounds. The westernmost gate, dubbed the ‘Hunter’s Gate’ by the covert operatives of the village, quickly fell into view, and Takao leapt from building to road, continuing his hurried pace from the village.

His speed made a mockery of the distance that laid between the village and the cult’s last known position. The foliage bowed to his pace as he passed, slowing only when the shimmer of golden Omamori caught his attention. His pace halted, sure that he was close enough, and his eyes closed. Chakra flooded his pupils and when they reopened, the onyx hues were alight with fiery orange and red tones, matching the technicolour leafage that surrounded him. The body heat of everything within a kilometre revealed themselves to him as glowing images, and the cult that he sought out was well within the range to be seen. Their end awaited them, lurking in the trees, ready to descend and strike.



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Xiang Hyuga

Xiang Hyuga

Though it had only been a day since she had dropped out of her second Chunin Exam match, with the work of the very professional Medical Nin within Konohagakure's walls, Xiang had been stabilized and had any internal injuries that had occurred to her during the match. The significant part of this was pretty much the fact that she had ended up falling to an unfortunate heart attack, rendering her helpless to the whims of combat. It was pretty much an automatic disqualification for her, and as such she was placed in the loser's brackets. It was a sore wound to her pride, to be sure; yet again her body was too weak to take the strenuous training she always put herself through, arguably even worse than the first time, when she was put into a coma. By this point, it was really starting to piss the poor Hyuga off. She's supposed to be representing her village, not being a dainty little princess. There was nothing she could really do now, though; the doctors had at least confirmed she would be healthy by the time her next match began, but for now she was bedridden, to fatigued to fight and in need of 'babying', as she called it. Unfortunately, the very event that would rid her of her boredom just so happened to also be a terrifying kidnapping session.

When she was finally left alone by her nurses for the moment, all Xiang could remember before it all started was that she felt the sharp prick of a dart pierce into her neck. It made her give off a sharp gasp, with only enough time to see both the weapon in her body, and a cavalcade of perpetrators closing in on her before she passed out into nothingness. Indeed, that vile sticking was laced with a powerful tranquilizing agent. There was nothing even she could do to deal with it, especially since she was still a novice in the medical world. With that, at least a few hours had passed before she would wake up again, albeit in a much more uncomfortable position than before; gagged with a dirty, sweaty shirt, blindfolded, her arm, wrists, hands, feet, and legs completely and utterly bound, and a stinging pain in her forehead. It was excruciating, but since she was so weak, she could barely even manage to activate her Byakugan. She was helpless, again, except this time by the hands of...someone. Multiple someones. From the amount of footsteps, she could only guess three...

Guess her time was bound to be up sometime, whether it be her body giving out or murderers.

It was Souffle's time to shine. Yep, you heard it here folks; this little cult of screw ups were going to be really famous soon! As the glorious leader, Souffle was giddy with the possibility of power and fortune with this prize he had nabbed. She was considered the weakest of the Genin by their group, as she was the only competitor that not only won her first match off a fluke, but taken out by an ailment of the heart her second one. Not to mention, they were one of the famed members of the Hyuga Clan; although the presentation was indeed sub par, her eyes would do. Then it would be time for her to die. But they needed to cross the border first! As such, they lugged the girl along, stuffed in a bag akin to what you'd place a hog tied roast in, with her face the only thing sticking out of it. Oh, joy, joy! Soon he'd be so powerful that no one could go against his Cult anymore! They'd have to join!

Why did they not join in the first place, you ask? Well...lets just say that they partook in a cuisine that was not very tasteful for most others. It didn't stop Souffle, though. Neither did it stop his dear little brother and big sister from joining. They all wore big, fantastic robes together, with masks to match them. Little bro had bronze robes, with a silver mask - big sis had silver robes, with a gold mask; and he had golden robs, with a bronze mask. The only reason they weren't caught at this point was simply because they looked so ridiculous to be a threat. Man, were they wrong, though; he could shoot lasers, after all! Friggin lasers! Who could possibly stop any of that?

""Tomorrow is the day we become even better than the Raikage, my siblings! Let us rejoice in our victory today, when we serve Konoha its deadly confidence right to the kisser!"

"Oh, little brother...always so cute...and smart. Just remember, once we do this, there's no turning back."

"Whatever happens, I promise we'll all make it through! No one can stop the Meatsers!"

Then they hurrahed.

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Red eyes slipped between the folds of autumn waves, dipping through the canopy which rose and fell with the heave of each southerly gust, causing the leaves to twitch in unison like an ocean of fire covering Hi no Kuni. Rolling, endless fields of apricot hues gave way to the dark trunks underneath as Kirei dropped between the cascade, deep green flak jacket doing little to camouflage the boy's sun-drenched silhouette as he ran against the clock. From the Uchiha's body, waves of chakra emanated in rhythm with his steps, tapping toes calling forth a swathe of chakra to map and sense the environment as he scouted forward from the troupe of Jonin who awaited his reconnaissance. Through the forests and hills, Kirei could see and feel the heat lifting from the earth, coalescing into patterns that drifted heavenward in the shape of men of cruelty.

Two hours he had spent on the heels of these men, gritted teeth withholding the urge to ignite a flurry of fire and judgment that sought to rend them into ash for what they had done. From above, Kirei could see the unconscious shapes of Konoha's children, Genin who had put forth their names for the trials of the Chunin Exams, whose information had been stolen under cover of darkness by these men in gold, and used to track them through the city where they had been plucked for the Cloud's corrupt ambition. But the Uchiha played his role to perfection, chosen as a scout for this assignment he would watch from the shadows, awaiting the moment he discovered their secret meeting place before the Leaf would then send its finest to eradicate them, and Kirei would comply, if those were to be his orders.

The three lives of Uchiha, Kirei spun out of control where truth and lies lost themselves beneath the Leaf's heavy responsibility, making the scout drift indifferently through his assigned patrol. Pulled from the streets as he strolled through empty streets surrounding the Uchiha compound by a squad of Konohagakure ninja who had sought his aid, finding him before another scout and conscripting him for tonight's errands. With barely thirty seconds of briefing, Kirei had been off through the wall with chakra pouring resonant frequency into the cooling sunset of Fire Country's budding winter, in search of ominous figures that stalked the Leaf's streets, stealing its children for a purpose yet unknown but drenched in sordid possibility. In truth, the young sensory-ninja had been glad to have his peace torn to ruins, the luxury for most had become the bosom of crushing loneliness that embraced Kirei on his nights alone through Konoha's festival lights, and to probe the depths of any task set before him by his country made him feel more at home than any derelict mansion.

Eyes firmly on the trail of disturbed foliage and uprooted earth, the silent scout made his way diligently toward the outskirts of a lost encampment, where men in gold watched their prey with distant eyes. From afar, Kirei could see the lanterns and trinkets that marked a path toward Kumogakure's profane influence and ceased his charge as he found purchase on the arm of one of Konoha's many ancient oaks, clutching at it while he crouched and peered through narrowed eyes. Right hand rising to his ear, Kirei would speak softly, fighting the instinct to introduce himself by the codename of his ANBU cover, remembering at the last moment he prowled the sunset as Uchiha, Kirei, not the faceless operative of the Hidden Leaf's will.

"Scout zero-two, Uchiha, Kirei. I've discovered an encampment with no less than three unregistered Kumogakure chakra signatures. Shy of ten klicks northwest of the Hunter's Gate,"

"Awaiting orders."

Muffled crackles replied with hidden missives as the Uchiha rose again above the trees, feeling with the breadth of his chakra across the forest while the stoic prowess of the Sharingan observed the shadows hiding beneath rocks and trees. Trails of black ink stretched out toward the east like the fingers of giants, cutting deep trenches of obscured forest across the fiery autumn landscape, but the trio of Kirei's sensory methods and Sharingan left no darkness in which to hide, and the guards surrounding the camp stood out against Hi no Kuni clear as the setting sun. Mentally marking his location, Kirei turned on his heel, delicately traversing back toward the village, nearly a hundred meters more would do before he produced a scroll from one of the many pouches on his leg, sparks of chakra activating the smoke stored within which would rise in one burst, the cloud dispersing high above the trees for whatever party had been sent to see.

There he would wait, with his knee resting against the tip of leaves and canopy, awaiting whatever came from his report. Whether soldiers or assassins, in whatever numbers, the Hidden Leaf would not allow this atrocity to stand for much longer, and Kirei would be the first they saw as they approached, ready to execute any order given.



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Hissing static filled his ear, followed by a voice with vague familiarity, relaying terse information on the whereabouts of new targets. They were not those whom would be subjected to his charge, however, and he had decided they would be the responsibility of the voice that reported them.

“Keep weapons tight, no friendly casualties.” He said.

“Prioritize a less-than-lethal offensive if possible, if not, you’re clear for lethality. I want prisoners able to be questioned.”

“Engage at your discretion.” His orders stated clear as crystal, the dial on his earpiece was turned and the volume was lowered. The voice on the other side was more than audible, yet no longer taking the forefront of his attention. Now, his eyes were set on the fuel of his ire.

Takao’s hands came together, formed a single hand seal, and let chakra seep from his body in large, sweeping swathes. These waves of chakra, while imbued with volatile fire nature chakra, did not yet manifest as flame. The heat around him grew, drawing out and evaporating the moisture of his immediate surroundings. His orders had been given, and now it was time to do his part. He stood from the tree limb and tensed the muscles of his legs. When he leapt, he covered the distance from his standing position to his targets in a single bound, burning any foliage that impeded his descent during the fall.

He landed hard, the soil beneath him had its moisture sapped and fractured under the force of his descent. When his back straightened and his ensemble was in clear view, there was little confusion that could be made of his allegiance. The green jacket bore the infamous red swirl of the Hidden Leaf, identical emblems worn on the shoulders of his underclothing reinforcing the idea that he had come to liberate what was held captive.

Flames flickered wildly at his feet, marching steadily forward, consuming all in their path as they danced onward. He examined those who stood before him with his frigid, scrutinizing gaze, eyes black like coal boring into the core of their very being with only his gaze.

“You’ve taken something that doesn’t belong to you. You will release them,”

As he spoke, his voice cold and surly and his words dripping venom, the flames erupted forward at his will, encircling the group with a twenty-meter wide ring of bright fire. The flames rose, clinging to anything and everything that would burn, not yet encroaching upon the group that he addressed or those they held captive. More-so than that, the flames grew at his back, consuming him as they did the forest, clinging to his skin yet not imparting so much as a singed hair upon his person. The fire built and built into an inferno, turning the small portion of forest into a burning hellscape at his command, yet not spreading further than his will would permit.

“Or I will make your deaths agonizing.”


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