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1 [Mission] Gathering Resources I on Fri Nov 30, 2018 2:31 pm

Aisha Kurosawa

Aisha Kurosawa

Mission name: Gather Resources (Repeatable)
Mission rank: D
Objective: Find and gather ores, plants, or water in the desert.
Location: Kaze no Kuni
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission description: Sunagakure needs basic resources from the surrounding desert for various reasons. Find what you can and return them to the one village’s storehouses.
Mission details: The desert is a harsh and dangerous place, but a ninja, even at Genin level, should be able to survive being in it with the right preparation. Any resources you can find will be of use; you’ll need to find rock formations or caves to gather ore, search the open areas for plants, or discover an oasis for clean water. Beware of sandstorms, hot weather, and scorpions.

2 Re: [Mission] Gathering Resources I on Fri Nov 30, 2018 3:09 pm

Aisha Kurosawa

Aisha Kurosawa

"H-how much?!"
"4500 ryo, not including labour time."

Resting her arms in her neck, there was little to be done about this. Four thousand three hundred ryo was a lot to cough up. Aside from scavenging goods and saving what little there was to be found in the ruins, there was not much of an economy to talk about in a desolate region as this one. Shifting her gaze to the marilith puppet at her side, as if expecting it to speak up for its own good, her arms moved from behind her neck to her chest where she crossed them.

"I admit, it's a lot. Maybe this might help you out in earning yourself some coin?"

The old puppeteer passed her a scroll, and so her eyes would dart over its content. A request for resources. Stone, ore, herbs, water. Just about anything was welcome if it could serve as a material to get the Village reconstructed or alleviate those in suffering. Menial work. Like a vulgar peasant, no less. Aisha frowned at the idea of having to stoop to that level but she had to admit there was little else she would be given to do as the nobody she was. She was a valuable member in the eyes of the cult, sure, but to the rest of the world her name was little more than just another person in between the rest of the unknown rabble trying to make themselves useful as they rebuild Sunagakure.

"Thank you. I'll see what I can do. Don't go selling them pieces off to someone else, alright?"
"Doubt anyone will come to get them.", the man said with a shrug and returned to the back of his workshop, leaving the girl and the marilith.

Much like the man, the pair would leave the shop since the transaction didn't come to an agreement. The desert sun would greet them as they stepped out of the shop and made their way towards the origins of the job. The place to be wasn't that far off. Perhaps a fifteen minute walk or so. Nothing worth complaining about if one compared it to the hours-long trek that was required to find the Temple of the Tomb Kings.


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3 Re: [Mission] Gathering Resources I on Thu Dec 06, 2018 6:53 pm

Aisha Kurosawa

Aisha Kurosawa

"Yes, that's mine", the fore man acknowledged when his eyes rested upon the scroll. "As you can see, construction needs a lot of resources. We need stone for the buildings, iron for the nails and hooves. Need plants for food, fibres, fruit and medicine. And the water, well... No need to explain this."

He looked up to the rather large puppet sitting at rest, the eyes looking down upon the man without emotion despite their vibrancy. A soulless being, yet it moved its head as if to denote it was growing tired of the man's rude staring, folding its arms together to emphasise that. The man blinked, stepped back and faced the girl next to it again.

"She looks mighty strong. Got a couple of pickaxes laying around, you could take one or two with you should you find some solid ores."
"I'd prefer scroll and ink, if you don't mind. We'll map the environment as we are used to long treks through the desert. Should we find water, we'll carry what we can as such a resource is rather scarce."
"Uh, yeah, that works."

The man scratched his head and gave her the requested items a bit sloppily before he continued with his own job. Overlooking plans, delegating tasks, supervising incoming caravans. Aisha and the marilith left him to his work and started their own task.

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