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N'Jobu Aburame

N'Jobu Aburame

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NAMEAburame, N'Jobu
DOBNovember 8
CLANIgnore  Senju_Symbol Senju Ichizoku - 千手一族 (OOC only)
VILLAGEIgnore  Konohagakure_Symbol Konohagakure no Sato - 木ノ葉隠れの里
RANKChūnin - 中忍
C-RankIgnore  Water11 Suiton - 水遁
D-RankIgnore  Earth11 Doton - 土遁
D-RankIgnore  PnPDvhA Mokuton - 木遁
S-RankIgnore  Nin1010 Ninpō - 忍法
S-RankIgnore  Medica10 Iryō Ninpō - 医療忍法
Insect MasterBeing born into the Aburame clan, N'Jobu shares a unique affinity for taming and utilizing insects as companions. This SC functions identically to the Animal Affinity SC.
Will of FireThe individual has unmatched bravery. They overcome their fears easily and are very difficult to break. The individual cannot be easily interrogated and can overcome their limits with sheer willpower. If the character hits their lethal threshold limit they can persevere for 1 additional post before the threshold takes effect.
Six Paths BodyAfter splicing the cells of Hashirama Senju into his own, N'Jobu now shares the unique strength afforded to the decendants of the Sage of Six Paths. This SC functions identically to the Stamina positive SC.
PervertedThis person has a condition where the pressure of their blood pumping through their body is exceedingly high. This is debilitating for the individual, as he/she becomes excited be it by sexual stimulation or by high-level physical exertion. If a subject attempts to stimulate this ninja sexually and are within their preference type, or after using their maximum strength, it will result in the individual erupting into a bleeding nose which will persist for 3 posts or until healed. This reduces the ninjas endurance stat by -1 as they're vulnerable.

Hesitant (Specialization)This person has a comfort zone that he/she doesn't like to venture out of. Learning a new field of techniques can be scary, and this ninja puts it off, ignores it, or lacks the affinity. This individual cannot have a fourth specialization.

Protector of KonohaThis individual is incredibly overconfident in their abilities as a shinobi, to the point where they think it is almost impossible for them to lose against a foe. Because of this, shinobi with this special characteristic are unable to flee from combat in any capacity other than as a dodge in reaction to an attack except from foes which exceed their own Ninja Rank by two or more ranks (i.e - a C-ranked shinobi could only flee from an A-ranked or higher shinobi). This includes using bodyflicker to flee a thread thread before their Lethal Damage Threshold is triggered.

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HAIR COLORBlack hair styled in medium length locs
EYE COLORLight hazel with hints of green

N'Jobu is a slim and lean bodied young man with a rich caramel colored skin complexion and dark black hair in meticulously styled locks that sway in the wind. The sides of his head are shaved down to offset the dark locks on top of his head. He wears his facial hair in the form of a small beard and mustache which is trimmed and styled fastidiously just the way he likes it. Upon his face he has several white markings including two large marks on his cheeks, four smaller dashes on his forehead above his eyebrows and one just below his bottom lip. He will also normally wear a pair dark black round circular eyeglasses or black goggles that cover his eyes in the signature Aburame style.

His muscular yet slim body is adorned with ritual scarification across his chest, back, and arms which he usually covers with his clothes when in public. After his induction into root, he tends to wear mostly dark clothing, replacing his old cloak with matte black cloak draped over his shoulders. Underneath his cloak, he wears a baggy long sleeves black shirt and baggy drop crotch black pants allowing him freedom of movement while parkouring about. His black boots are minimalistic with very small thin soles for more feedback when running. Atop his head, he wears a black Konoha forehead protector with a matte black plate and black headband.
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N'Jobu is what most would consider an introvert. He often stays within the solitude of his own mind, contemplating the infinitesimal complexity of the world around him. N'Jobu is incredibly analytic and often gets lost in his own thoughts trying to analyzes the world around him and connect the various random and seemingly unrelated pieces of the complex machine that is reality. While he often presents himself as reserved and quiet, when confronted with a topic he truly enjoys or has interest in, he perks up and speaks with eclectic enthusiasm. In conversation, N'Jobu speaks with honesty and straightforwardness that some may consider a bit blunt or insensitive but he refuses to bite his tongue for anyone. He finds that objectivity and truth are more important than sparing the feelings of others and expects people to be truthful when they speak with him. He speaks quickly and tends to get straight to the point to alleviate the need for small talk or talking for the sake of hearings one's voice and will often get agitated by those who have a tendency to be long winded.

When off the battlefield, N'Jobu normally keeps to himself as he very rarely trusts anyone into his inner circle. He tends to avoid getting to close to people and has a habit of pushing those away who may truly care for him, although he, on occasion, has been known to let few through his emotional firewall. With his induction into ROOT, he has developed a new found sense of being a protector of Konoha which makes him a bit more open to forming relationships with his follow leaf Comrades. His solitary nature translates well onto the battlefield where he thrives as a lone wolf combatant with little need for teamwork or worry for the safety of teammates, sans for his beloved insects. This allows him to carry out solo and clandestine missions with great effectiveness. He fights using a very strategic and methodical style of guerilla combat which incorporates parkour for high speed movements with his clan's insects techniques. He wears down his opponents with tactical strikes from distance, constantly on the move to strike from various positions. He is very methodical but also likes to take some risks that could net him the victory to keep his enemies off guard. For him, nothing is off limits in combat and he pushes the boundaries when it comes to trying to obtain and learn techniques which could be regarded as kinjutsu by the elders of Konoha.

N'Jobu is an avid practitioner of parkour which he finds to be incredibly freeing but mentally challenging. Analyzing the terrain while in dynamic motion to find the most efficient and quickest route between two points provides him with great satisfaction but also sharpens his combat skills. He will often spend hours sprinting through the terrain trying to find the fastest way to traverse his surroundings, focusing intently on getting faster and faster to the point of forgetting to eat or rest. As he has grown, hes become more confident in his style, adding more fluid motions and acrobats into the mix.

When he's not out and about hunting with his bow or being a traceur, N'Jobu enjoys dancing and listening to music. He is quite fond of music that has heavy bass notes with melodic tones that he can move to. Music is something that gives him tranquility but also helps him to focus on a task at hand which he relates back into his other favorite pastimes. N'Jobu is very intellectual and enjoys learning new things and tinkering with gadgets and inventions. He'll often sit in his workshop, listening to music while tinkering away on his arsenal, thinking up new parkour techniques, or learning about his kikaichū and figuring out new breeding techniques.

N'Jobu is fiercely competitive and continually pushes himself to be the best at his craft. He spends many hours practicing his techniques and learning the intricacies of the kikaichū so that he can breed stronger iterations of his prized insects. He is very much in tune with kikaichū and will defend them fiercely when they are attacked or disrespected by other shinobi. His fierce competitive spirit translates into his desire to one day become the leader of the clan and eventually to become the strongest shinobi in the Village Hidden in the Leaves with his glorious kikaichū. Whether that means obtaining the title of Hokage is something yet to be determined, as N'Jobu is fully aware that titles mean nothing if you aren't strong enough to defend it.

Although these lofty goals may seem high for most, these are not N'Jobu's ultimate goal. Above all else, N'Jobu wants to find a way to make his kikaichū the ultimate weapons of the shinobi world and use them to become the most renowned hunter in the world. He continues to seek out prey worthy of hunting and seeks out the strongest and most fierce prey to take as trophies for his collection. N'Jobu is fiercely loyal to the clan and will do whatever it takes to maintain the honor and prestige the Aburame name holds. By finding a way to breed the perfect kikaichū or even find a new breed of insect, N'Jobu hopes to elevate the Aburame clan to the pinnacle of the shinobi world beyond that of just the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

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Early Childhood

The circumstances of N'Jobu's birth were quite distant from that of a normal birth. His mother, N'Shan Aburame was in labor with him for over 48 hours and required some of the Aburame clan's most talented medical shinobi to deliver him safely and keep his mother alive, albeit just barely. Given that N'Jobu breached himself in the womb, he had to be surgically removed via c-section which nearly killed his mother due to her already low levels of chakra from Abrume's insects feeding off of her body. After recovering for a few hours, N'Jobu was given back to his mother so that she could perform the Aburame's clan traditional of offering their newborns to be host nests for their insects. With her newborn in tow, she attempted to offer the baby up as a host for the Aburame clans insects which began to burrow into the young boys skin. As the insects burrowed into the boy, they began feeding off of his chakra to the point of nearly killing him. Shocked and startled by the effects of the insects had on her son, N'Shan immediately recalls the insects back into her body and leaves the boy without the clan's signature parasitic insects. After recalling the insects, the boy strengthens back up to her relief. Terrified that future attempts would kill the boy, N'Shan decided to leave the boy without the insects. Fearing the boy would be shunned, she keeps this event under wraps and takes him home without mentioning the mishap to other's in the clan, even his father Utu Aburame who was out on a high ranking mission at the time.

Given that the insects which are nested in newborns don't really manifest themselves until the child has come to puberty, N'Shan was able to hide the fact that N'Jobu lacked the signature parasitic insects. Knowing her son would need to be able to defend himself and unsure if he would ever be able to harness the power of the Aburame's parasitic insects, N'Shan insisted her boy learn how to use weaponry and trained him herself unbeknown to his father until he hit puberty. N'Jobu quickly became infatuated with the Kyujutsu and began to practice every day in the families training grounds. Concerned that his son had yet to take control of the insects as normal Aburame clan members and focusing too much on his weapon training, Utu began to train N'Jobu himself and tried everything he could to try to "awaken" the nonexistent insects in N'Jobu's body. After several weeks of frustration, Utu decided to give the boy some of his own hive so that the boy could finally be a true Aburame. Utu shares his insects with his son which quickly burrow themselves into N'Jobu. The insects quickly feed off the boys chakra, dropping him to his knees and nearly killing him once more. Unlike his mother, Utu allowed the insects to continue as an Aburame without their insects was no Aburame at all. Writhing in pain and agony, N'Jobu passes out from the pain and his father brings him inside to his chambers where his mother finds him. She reveals the events of the days of his birth and sends Utu into a fit of rage at her deceit. He storms out of the room while N'Shan tends to N'Jobu, this time unable to recall the insects from his body. N'Jobu awakens his mother looking over him, quickly hugging him with tears in her eyes as she embraced him.
His father would return later that evening, drunk off of sake from the bar downtown in the village. As he stumbled through the door, he became irate at N'Shan for deceiving him about their son and bringing shame to the clan. In his drunken stupor, he attacked N'Shan for her deception and reached back to strike her with the back of his hand. Without thinking, N'Jobu outstretches his arm to commanded his insects to restrain his father slapping his mother. The insects reach Utu just before he connects with N'Shan, leaving him surprised at the young boy's prowess having just acquired the insects only hours before. With another quick flick, N'Jobu flings his father into the wall behind them which knocks him out cold. Exhausted and drained N'Jobu passes out once into a deep slumber. The next day the boy awakens to both his father and mother staring down at him with tears in their eyes. His father apologized for his actions and his mother just glad her baby boy was alive. Happy to be alive, N'Jobu embraced his parents and decided to get back to his training and make his family proud. Although a late bloomer to gain his clan's signature insects, N'Jobu would soon become a prodigy at controlling the Aburame insects, specifically the kikaichū. N'Jobu would train with his father to incorporate his bow skills with the clan's hiden techniques to create a signature style all his own, a true Aburame after all.

Face Claim: Drifter - DotNova

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