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Clan Name: 油女一族 | Aburame Ichizoku
Location: 木ノ葉隠れの里 | Konohagakure no Sato
Specialization:忍術 | Ninjutsu
Elements: N/A

Clan History: Regarded for centuries as one of the Four Noble Clans of Konohagakure, the Aburame are among the very oldest shinobi clans in Konohagakure. Originally an ally of the Senju during the Warring States Period, the Aburame have been respected and feared for centuries by friend and foe alike and were founding members of the shinobi clan alliance that would eventually become the Hidden Leaf Village. Since that time the Aburame have enjoyed a steady position at the highest levels of shinobi society and have regularly produced outstanding shinobi, never ceasing to fortify their reputation as one of the most capable and fearsome shinobi clans in any nation.

Despite their high status as pseudo-nobility amongst shinobi clans in Konohagakure, the Aburame are without a doubt the most reserved and low-profile of all remaining founding clans. As per tradition the clan rejects opulence, despite being quite wealthy, and most members are quite introverted, preferring the company of the insects they keep and study to humans when not on assignment. For this reason, despite their status, there has historically been a lack of larger than life, legendary Aburame figures in the shinobi world. Those who have experienced the power of the Aburames hiden jutsu in action, however, will never question their worthiness of their status.


  • Muta Aburame ⋆
  • Shibi Aburame ⋆
  • Shikuro Aburame ⋆
  • Shino Aburame ⋆
  • Tatsuma Aburame ⋆
  • Torune Aburame ⋆
  • Yōji Aburame ⋆
  • N'Jobu Aburame
  • Kanro Aburame

Hiden Name: Parasitic Destruction Insect Technique | 寄壊蟲の術 Kikaichū no Jutsu
Hiden Description: Shortly after an Aburame's birth the clan offers the child's body to a specially bred insect species, the kikaichū, to use as a nest. One this process is complete, the Aburame and its insects enter a symbiotic relationship, typically until the death of the host, in which the insects are allowed to nest inside the clansman's body and feed off of their chakra in exchange for the ability to command and control the bugs with impunity by releasing them through their pores and various other openings on the clansmen's bodies. This symbiosis is the foundation of the Aburame's hiden techniques and shinobi abilities that have been passed down for centuries. Due to the Aburame Clan's affinity for insects they are also seemingly capable of communicating with all insects, not simply their breeds. For undisclosed reasons, all members of the clan seem compelled to keep most of their body, especially their eyes, covered at all times.

The kikaichū are extremely small, beetle-like insects which are bred and utilized exclusively by the Aburame Clan, serving as the primary vehicle for their hiden and the basis of their Parasitic Destruction Technique. Due to chakra being the kikaichū's food source, this insect species possesses the rare ability to consume and drain chakra from other living things. This amount can equal to a maximum of 1.5x the activation for a single hit or an amount equal to the maintenance cost per hit for a technique of the techniques rank. In addition, the kikaichū are capable of flight and are completely silent in combat, making them, as well as their hosts, well suited for stealth and espionage.

The females of the species produce a distinct scent that other kikaichū can track with ease, making them a useful tool for tracking by attaching them to a target. Due to the Aburame Clan's ability to communicate with insects, this also enables them to send out kikaichū as scouts to survey and report on surrounding areas. While useful, given the fact that the lifespan of a single kikaichū is only a few hours, this is not an effective method of extremely long distance or duration tracking or scouting assignments. In general, small, non-combative applications of the kikaichū such as these do not cost any chakra to utilize.

  • Masterful Trackers
    When members of this clan take the Sensory Ninja major positive special characteristic, it counts as a single positive Special Characteristic, only requiring it to be balanced by a single negative instead of the usual 2.

  • Selective Breeding
    Kikaichū are noted to have short lifespans which are advantageous to Aburame: if some of their kikaichū possess a mutation that makes them well-suited for a particular task, the mutation can be cultivated, spreading it to the rest of the colony within a few generations.

    Aburame clan members may breed unique traits for their insects. At each Ninja rank, an Aburame clan member may breed a custom trait for their insects up to a total of 4 traits at S rank.


  • Creatures of Habit
    Aburame clan members tend to focus on their usage of their insects and tend to neglect chakra nature transformation. Due to this, Aburame clan members must take the Hesitant (Element)negative characteristic, which cannot be balanced.

  • Easily Forgotten
    Aburame clan members require two additional social threads in addition to their normal requirements.

  • Kill it with Fire
    All Aburame techniques utilizing insects interact with Katon or Yōton techniques at 1 rank lower

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