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1Round Three: Sakamoto vs. Iwazami Jukei Empty Round Three: Sakamoto vs. Iwazami Jukei on Sat Dec 01, 2018 9:12 pm



Round Three: Sakamoto vs. Iwazami Jukei T9LeFaL

Covered with a specialized glass dome that allows spectators to watch without allowing light to enter the arena, contestants will find themselves in a black room, unable to see at all without the aid of techniques or items which provide vision in pitch black. However, the arena contains five torches, one in the center, and four at points 20m away to the left and right of where each contestant enters. These torches provide 10m radius light sources by which shinobi can navigate and detect one another. Curiously, though each of these light sources and all within their radius can be seen from anywhere in the arena, their light does not spill past the zone prescribed to them.

1 - Sakamoto
2 - Jukei



Round Three: Sakamoto vs. Iwazami Jukei Sagahikasig

2Round Three: Sakamoto vs. Iwazami Jukei Empty Re: Round Three: Sakamoto vs. Iwazami Jukei on Sun Dec 02, 2018 10:41 pm



'Round 3‘

Sakamoto had recovered from his last bout, the tingling sensation that had been shooting through his limbs for the past day had dulled to little more than a soft numbing sensation that he could still feel in his paws. The medical ninja of the village hidden in the leaf was something to be marveled at, though it was a shame that there was no veterinary medical ninja corps that was available to take care of Sakamoto's particular needs. The afternoon before the match took place Sakamoto had been preparing, training, working out his strategies and the combinations he was able to perform for the upcoming battle. His room was filled with vellum scrolls scattered to the walls with writing scrawled upon them hurriedly. When Sakamoto had run out of paper he had moved to the walls and floors themselves, but only after he had used the sheets of his bed. The revelation that all of the arenas were of practically similar size in being around a 50m radii had been news to him of the grandest order, and greatly narrowed the amount of stratagems he was able to employ, emphasizing some others in particular.

When the proctor knocked and opened the feline's chamber door, he was struck with the unholy mess of it all, it looked as though the cat had gone mad, literally writing up the walls, charts, directions and more. There was little order to it, merely streams of consciousness that without the cypher of the mind of the feline itself it would take a code-breaker to decipher half of it. The small panthera's eyes and ears would raise to the direction of the disturbance which broke him out of his trance-like state, as he was led to the arena in which this battle was said to take place... The hallways were dimly lit, fare more so than the other halls, shadows leapt from the corners of the eye as the cheering of the crowds could be heard in the distance. The feline would prepare as he entered, before even moving into the arena, placing a pawprint seal on the top of each of his two paws, invisible against his shimmering black coat. But sure enough the gates would open, and Sakamoto as his name was called would be bought into the arena from one of the two opposing doors 100m apart from one another

The arena was pitch black, each of the two competitors would be bought out into the darkness save for five points in the dim lighting. 5 candles gave off a light that almost made it seem like it was day within the deep shadow. Sakamoto had flashbacks of the tall grass arena he had fought his first opponent in, and knew exactly what method he was to take, but, yet again, he needed line of sight to use many of his cat-style techniques, which made this darkness a double edged sword. Even his feline low light vision was negated totally by the darkness... meaning that it must be chakra related in some way shape or form. Eliminating the candles would be the perfect way to cloak the entire arena in absolute darkness. If his opponent had no sensory ability that alone would merit a massive advantage. But for now such a tactic wasn't on the cards... Unlike the other arena which amplified another sense to be used in place of sight, this arena offered nothing. Which was purrrfect for the Ninneko.

Sure enough, the battle would be marked to begin, and with the two ninja staying in complete darkness from one another, Sakamoto would once again wield the duplicat technique to his advantage. Letting off a low meow in the darkness, which would seem to echo off the walls of the arena should it still remain quiet. Around Sakamoto, yet shrouded in the darkness, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange, blue, white, black, grey and finally the tie died feline wearing the same multi coloured backwards facing cap and large glasses emerged in a squad from around him. Each of them would place a pawprint on their fore-head and chest, and without a word nor a sound they would scatter in teams of 2. Yellow and orange to the far left, pink and purple left between the two lights. Blue and green to the far right with grey and tie to the right between the two lights, mirroring pink and purple. Then finally, to the left and right of Sakamoto himself, moving forward with him were black and white as they would move into the light of the center candle, revealing themselves as the others would prowl silently in ambush to surround them.

'So round three would begin.'

It would be immediately apparent that Sakamoto flanked by his two allies would at least have something to do with the ninja that his opponent faced. Whether they be the ninja, few could say, though Sakamoto walked in the center of the two as 8 lurked in the darkness, the identical nature of the cats save for their coloured scarves, Sakamoto simply being 'red' among all the colours and shades of the rainbow. If anything tie looked the most conspicuous, being the one that was the most out of place... though in actual fact sakamoto splitting his attention in more ways than he had lives just wasn't something he was particularly good at...

Saka could remember that playing coy in the midst of a battle had not served him well last time against the water nation ninja. So, perhaps another approach was necessary to make this deception whole. Sakamoto would step forward, ahead of the other two and announce himself to the darkness ahead of him where he could only assume that his opponent would be. His piercing amber-gold catseyes burning brightly in the reflections of the candle-light. "Ninja, let us not skulk in the shadows, my name is Sakamoto, and I am no familiar or conjuration. I am your opponent." Sakamotos voice would be its always stern and cold, its deep and monotonous seriousness betraying a ninja with experience beyond his years.

235 Chakra:

Name: Nekojutsu: Tegaki kigō | 猫遁: 手書き記号 - Cat Style: Art of Pawprint Seal
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: E
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: Touch
Specialty: Fuinjutsu / Ninjutsu
Duration: Passive
Cooldown: N/A
Description: [-10 chakra permanently]
Due to Sakamoto's unique physiology, he has devised an equally unique method for preparing his sealing formula for his Jutsu. By using this method, he can place empty shells of a generic Fuuinjutsu symbol resembling his paw-print on any surface, imbued with a trace amount of his own chakra with a tap of his paw to await its activation. Any of Sakamoto's Fuinjutsu techniques or 'Cat Style' Techniques can be activated from these pawprint seals remotely at the cost of -5 additional chakra by first using the applications of ninjutsu to first fill the empty vessel of a seal with the intended technique and then releasing the jutsu rapidly. Ninja who also know this technique may utilize or hijack these empty seals, making it a potential double-edged sword.

Name: Jūfuku Gijutsu: Neko | ネコ重複技術 - Duplicat Technique
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Offensive / Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: N/A
Specialty: Ninjutsu / Fuinjutsu
Duration: 4 Posts
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Description: Sakamoto prepares his chakra in his throat for a moment before letting out a single meow as the visual effect of an intricate pawprint seal flashes underneath him. After activation Sakamoto forms 10 Duplicats, clones that look similar to Sakamoto save for their varying different colored scarves but have no chakra or chakra natures meaning they can't exist longer than 4 posts, but can travel as far as the user wishes. The Duplicats have -4 tiers in their stats compared to their user and any equipment they would carry and cap at C rank in both rank and damage. Also, although they have access to all the user's jutsu like a shadow clone, they have no chakra in which to use their master's active abilities. Duplicates can be dispersed at any time so long as they can be sensed by the user in some form. Should a Duplicat be dispersed or destroyed, it leaves a 'Pawprint Seal' on either the object that killed it, or a surface it was in contact with or over as it vanished.


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3Round Three: Sakamoto vs. Iwazami Jukei Empty Re: Round Three: Sakamoto vs. Iwazami Jukei on Tue Dec 11, 2018 2:45 am



Official Ruling wrote:Jukei is not present.

Sakamoto advances.


Round Three: Sakamoto vs. Iwazami Jukei Sagahikasig

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