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1 Poop Party [Mission/Alexa] on Mon Dec 03, 2018 1:17 am



Mission name: Every Party Needs a Pooper....
Mission rank: D.
Objective: Bounce.
Location: Konohagakure -> Construction Site or Shushaya Pub
Reward: 150 Ryo +1 EP.
Mission Description: That's why they invited you. Festivities can get a little wild when spirits are high and...spirits are flowing. Be sure to keep people from disturbing the other guests too much and escort any of those who incur property damage or start fights off the premises.
Mission Details: There's bound to be an incident or two, from some poor ninja uncontrollably emptying their stomachs from too much sake to shinobi duking it out over a bet that got personal. Luckily, they're rarely belligerent enough to require actual combat. You might be tasked to help clean up the place after hours, though.

Joe looked at himself in the mirror as he adjusted his little uniform. He was dead tired, the exams were draining the life out of him it felt like. The rosey tint of youth in his cheeks were fast paling into a corpse like white. Tired bags were under his eyes. He had been achieving success so far in his matches, but at what cost? He felt exhausted in every sense of the word. After a long day he had finally been able to come home and sit in the peace of his small one-room apartment on the edge of town. It was a run-down place that probably wasn't worth the hassle to pay rent for. Still, now that he was a Genin, perhaps soon a Chunin, he couldn't live in the Konoha orphananage any longer. He had to stand on his own two feet both in combat and out of it... He just... Well, he was having a hard time with the latter part these days. He couldn't help it. His fight with Yoh had shaken him to his core and made him question all he thought he had known. He had won technically, but it hadn't felt like that at the time. If anything, he felt lost in the woods right now, trapped in a non-existent genjutsu.

Joe sighed, rubbing his eyes before wrapping his shawl up and over his shoulder. He was going to be pulling an all-nighter it seemed, his newest mission would see him be a night owl. He exited his room and walked down the grimy hallway of his three story apartment complex before reaching the streets. Everywhere was crowded right now, it stunk, Joe hated crowds. So many tourists too. They came with their cameras and their tour guides, it was a madhouse. Trying to do missions whilst simultaneously competing wasn't easy either, it certainly wasn't ideal. He couldn't complain to much though, it was still his job to do what was asked of him, exams or not. It helped that he knew his partner for once, Alexa Hyuga. She was an interesting girl, one whom he had had a rather complicated first meeting with. Thankfully, he had no reservations about her abilities or quality as a shinobi. They'd do this little side job and be back on their merry ways.

Joe reached the downtown streets of Konohagakure, a single store in particular drawing his attention. Shushaya Pub was packed tonight, he could see crowds filling the place through the stained windows running along its exterior. It was filled elbow to elbow with people drinking, laughing, or talking about the most recent matches. It was a hell of a party. Not so happy though, were the people waiting in the long line running down the sidewalk to be let inside by the Genin acting as bouncers for the establishment. At seeing Joe, one of them gave a quiet nod whilst the other greeted him hastily, "Thank the kami you're here, I was starting to lose it with these people. The ratio of happy drunks to angry ones is skewed heavily" the standard Genin stated, looking down at the line of would-be-drunkards. Joe frowned, "Skewed which way?" he asked, earning a snorting chuckle from his counterpart, "You'll find out soon enough" he stated, looking to his partner before walking to depart. Joe and Alexa would be working until close, 2am. Once that magic hour hit, they were both free.



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2 Re: Poop Party [Mission/Alexa] on Mon Dec 03, 2018 12:47 pm

Alexa Hyuga


Party. Pooping. Party pooping. Two words that should never be thrown together. Granted, the rogue shinobi might not be the finest example when it came to partying as she was found back drunk and disastrous more often than not during parties but even Alexa was not the sort to enjoy party poopers. Where she usually went, a brawl was common place. Where she'd go now, she'd have to scrap most elements of a 'good party' to make sure she didn't overdo it. Turn it into a boring place, in other words. Not exactly what she was looking for after a stormy night at sea - literally - but a good swig to celebrate her own ship was not the worst of missions to come home with.

Dusting off her tricorne against her thighs, she'd put it back up and march towards the place of meeting. Leaving the 'Rogue Revenant', her newfound home, behind in the docks. What was left of the crew was free to do as they pleased, each of them in need of some stress relief their own way after what had transpired at sea. They were overworked considering the schooner had slightly less than the bare minimum on hands to be sailed. Some had need to overwork, and on top of that there was the necessity to catch fish as most of the provision had sunk to the depths of the seas. Robbed by the cruel mistress they so revered. Everyone was tired at this point, but unlike Alexa they didn't need to work any longer.

Shushuya Pub would come in sight, the jolly sound of merry-men-with-one-drink-too-many drowning out most others. Not surprisingly, a few customers left in annoyance whereas promising patrons decided to spend their coin elsewhere. A place where it wouldn't be as rowdy as here. Already bored at the prospect of coming here again, there was little to be said about an establishment that didn't allow a good-natured tavern brawl to take place - but they had good fish dishes. Alexa would step into the pub, the expression of fatigue upon her face already telling she was not quite in a mood for jokes, and was promptly greeted with a man being pushed in her direction. A swift side-step later, he'd tumble backwards and out of the pub under her watch before her matte red eyes turned to observe the assaulter. She'd tap briefly against the Konoha-headband around her neck with a meaningful stare, a sign that proved sufficient for the man not to continue his personal struggle with the man laying uncomfortably outside.

Making her way to the barkeep, she'd tap her hat as a greeting and receive a nod in return. As she ordered a bottle of his finest rum for herself, she noticed the other genin she was supposed to meet up. Reconsidering, she asked not for one but two glasses.

"Ahoy, lan' lubber. I can see yer all dressed up and done bathing. Ye ready for some rough-handlin' when the times arise?"

Two glasses and a bottle brought, a string of ryo would be returned in payment before she filled both glasses with a layer of rum, making the ice cubes clink as they danced under the brown-golden shower. She'd keep Joe's glass on the lower end, not believing the boy would be able to hold up his liquor if he had too much, and richly filled her own in comparison to that. As she awaited his answer, she'd clink glasses and take a good swig, feeling the refreshed burn in her throat left behind by the rum.




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